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Tender love batch 18

(High school 🏫 love)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 55
❤️❤️ Annabelle’s pov continues 🎀🎀
What a stupid life, even that Nelson, they paired hum with that useless Natasha and now she’s making mockery of me, I know he still likes her. Mtcheeew. …
I was walking through hallway still in anger when I heard whispering of different voices. ……..
“I wonder who Dave is gonna choose” a voice said
“Yes I really wonder, now that our cute Nelson is already taken by that rude Natasha” another voice said.
” Yes that’s true, am really sure Tyler is gonna go for Eva” the third voice said
” Of course, who wouldn’t know that, it is visibly obvious, I wonder would choose me”the first voice said nervously
” As for me, Dave must come for me” the third voice said nervously
“Gosh!!, In your widest imagination” the second voice replied
“What do you mean?” The third voice asked
” I mean, he wouldn’t even look at your direction, take a look at me am weigh more hotter than you,he would look at me 10 times, before taking a look at you”the second voice said and before I knew it, argument begin.
Lol, hmm, what a funny set of girls, arguing over someone who doesn’t evn know they exist
But truly I wonder who Dave would go for, cause I’ve not seen him into any serious relationship with any girl in this school
Whatever, everyone should sort themselves out.
🍡Annabelle’s pov 🌼 🎀
Jeez!!, It’s just one day to prom,I don’t even think am 5% ready, am not even prepared yet, I haven’t set my hair, prepare my shoes, dress and so many others, I don’t even think I have any clothes suitable and presentable to wear for prom…. everyone in school are already talking about their dates, everyone except me..
Eva even has two guys who asked her but she turned them down, now look at me, I have no choice
I wouldn’t have even gone, if not because because they said it was compulsory and also the testimonial stuff, jeez, how I it gonna be??
👗🛍️ Eva’s pov 💐🌻
I really can’t wait for prom night tommorow, am more than excited about it, jeez!!, How is it gonna be?
Really really fun
I even decided to surprise anna , this shopping bag am carrying now, contains a dinner gown with matching shoes for Anna, I also bought the same dress I bought for her for myself, so we could look alike that day
I just wish she would get a date
Now where can I find Anna,where exactly?.
Uhum..let me just keep on walking
On my way, I met Tyler,when we met, he said he was looking for me and wants to tell me some important things, I wonder what he wants to say
Hmmmm ….I just hope it’s what am thinking
“Uhum…Eva, can I ask a favor from you?” He asked
“Yeah, you are free go ahead” I replied
” Well, you know prom night is in a day time” he said
” Yes I know” I replied excitedly, cause I think I know where he is driving at.
“Uhum…would you be my date??” He ask nervously, and excitement filled me to the brim
” Yes of course I would” I replied.
“Really?” He asked happily
“Of course yes” I replied with smiles all over my face
“Thanks Eva, you really made my day, I never thought you would accept me this easily”he said
” Common, what do you mean”I said hitting his arm, and he chuckled in return..
” Okay, I really need to attend to something urgent, just decided to talk you up, cause I might be busy through out today ,bye can’t wait for tomorrow, promise to look your best” he said
“Promise” I replied smiling and he smiled back and walked away
Wow!!, My wish did came to pass
And where was I even going?, Oh , I was looking for Anna……
💎💎 Annabelle’s pov 🌼 🎀
I don’t understand, why is it that the class is empty?, is not that it’s break or anything, maybe is still about prom night.
I don’t even know what’s so special about prom that they are going crazy over it…………………. mtcheeew, whatever
But something tells me, I really need to leave this class now, in case anything gets missing, cause am sure they wouldn’t hesitate to point there dirty fingers at me.
I was about walking out through the door when Dave walked in, looking all smiley.
Weird!!, He doesn’t really smile, he isn’t a fan of smiles, so I wonder what’s in his mind??
“What’s up Anna” he greeted
“Hey Dave” I replied
” How have you been?, It’s been quite long we’ve seen” he said
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you seemed to be quite busy these days” I said
” Yes, that should be true, you know school stuff, blah,blah blah ” he said
” Yes that’s true” I replied then an awkward silence took over
“Anna, can I ask a request from you?” he said finally breaking the silence
“Yeah, you are free” I replied
“Uhummm….I’ve been wondering of you could go with me to prom?” He asked politely
But wait am I sleeping, did Dave just…no, it might have been a mistake
“I don’t get you, what do you mean?” I asked
“I mean, would you be my date for prom?” He asked, and I immediately got lost
Chapter 56
💎❤️ Annabelle’s pov continues 💕🌺
Am I dreaming?
Is this true?
I pinched myself stylishly to confirm if I was dreaming, but I wasn’t.
I don’t get it…………, Is Dave asking me to be his date?………….
Jeez!!, Am lost, what would I say??
“Anna,Anna,Anna are you here?” He called snapping me out if my thoughts
“Uhummm……., Yeah, am here of course” I replied kinda shuttering
” But you haven’t answered me yet” he said again
“Please,answer me Anna, would you?” He asked again
‘what are you waiting for,you should say yes, a whole Dave is standing In front of you, and you are acting like a dummy, say yes’ my subconsciousness snapped at me
“Yes” I said unconsciously
“Really, are you sure?” He asked
” Yes I am” I replied smiling to assure him that am serious about it , even though am not really sure about it, and he smiled back
“Thanks Anna, remember, it’s tomorrow, 6pm prompt, get ready, I would pick you up okay?” He said and I nodded in reply
” And also anything you are lacking that you would probably need for that day, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it” he said
” Uhum thanks Dave I will” I said
” Alright see you soon, remember don’t worry, I would pick you up Tomorrow, I hope you haven’t changed your number yet?” He asked
” No, not yet, thanks” I replied then he smiled and left
Oh God!!, This is really surprising, I never thought something like this is gonna happen so soon, when I’ve totally loosed hope in prom already, and also confusingly, am starting regret,,…………….I feel kinda cheap, why did I say yes just like that? What will Nelson say if he finds out??
Mtcheeew…….who even cares about Nelson, not that he is my boyfriend or something, after all he is with his Natasha.
Speaking of the devil himself, Nelson just walked in, oh God!! Why??, How did he even know am here
I hissed out loud to his hearing
And he sighed in frustration looking at me.
“Anna am sorry, am really really sorry” he said…
“Sorry for yourself Nelson, please can you do me a great favour of leaving here this instance” I said
” Anna would you just stop it all, it wasn’t my fault, or weren’t you there,did I ask them to call me out with her? It was also a surprise to me the way it was to you” he said
” But you didn’t say no, you just walked out happily standing beside her” I said
” No Anna, reason this, don’t talk like that, what do you expect me to do?, Do you expect me to come out shouting no no no, people would see me as no difference from a Maniac, Anna please don’t get upset, I promise after the prom tomorrow I would let everyone know we are no longer dating” he said while I was backing him, angrily folding my hands together.
I immediately turned back at what he said
“Nelson no need for that, why should I even be angry, isn’t that stupid of me?, Am not even your girlfriend, , am sorry Nelson for being so dramatic, you better leave now and go meet Natasha, she would be looking for you,and I wouldn’t want her trouble this time” I said sarcastically
” Anna please…………..
“No Nelson, no need to apologise okay?, Oh am sorry I haven’t told you yet, you know as one of my friend you have to know…………..I have a date” I said excitedly cutting him in and his mood dropped entirely
” Anna please, I’ve told you before, I……” He tried talking but I cut him in
” No problem Nelson, see you tomorrow at prom, I need to be somewhere now” I said walking out but he dragged me back
” Anna, let’s just talk this out, I promise, I would go see Natasha now, I will tell her am no longer interested just hear me out” he said and I yanked my hands of his
” Bye Nelson….and oh, don’t bother doing that” I said walking away quickly so he wouldn’t be able to drag me back, he went on calling my name, but as usual I just snubbed him off
🙄😶 Jenny’s pov 🧡
Hmm…..I can’t believe this, so Dave likes Anna?
Oh now I get, that’s why he shunned me that day Anna saw us together
Hmm, can i say am heartbroken after it all? Can I say am sad?, I thought he was going to ask me, I really hope he was going to.
I even turned down Desmond because of him.
You might be wondering how I managed to know, actually, I was about walking into the class when I saw them together, so I eaves dropped to get what they were talking about, though I know it’s wrong, but am glad I heard what they said, so I wouldn’t get my hope so high
So now I know am going to prom dateless, well it’s compulsory, and am Jenny I am strong enough to bear all this,I’ve been experiencing heart break since young…………………..


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