© Pauline Mumbi 
A breeze of calmness overwhelmed me and I la-id my head on Shane’s che-st as we danced to the rhythm.
It was 10 o’clock according to the time on my phone when I woke up.
“Mwansa you have embarras-sed yourself” I said to myself.
When I turned I discovered a plastic bag from foschini on the be-d.
“What is in here” I thought to myself as I opened it.
“Oh my God.!!!” I exclaimed.
“This man spent a thousand on a t©p and bottom. Is he out of his mind!.I exclaimed.
“No I am not” I heard Shane respond from the bathroom.
Shane walked in with a towel at the bo-ttomwhile shi-tless.
I quic-kly covered my face at the sight of his wonderful che-st
“Nothing is too expensive for you and you can uncover your face I have a shi-t on now” he said.
“Did you sleep………..”
“Yes I sle-pt here but I did nothing to you if that’s your worry” Shane interrupted.
I took a sigh of relief as I t©uçhed my dress to make sure it was intact
“But why did you sleep here?” I asked.
“Point of correction … I actually didn’t sleep thanks to your snoring” he said
” I don’t snore”.. I interrupted.
“I want to shower ….” I said as I stood up.
Shane picked a small plastic from the floor and handed it to me. Inside was 4sets of lingerie.
“This is very uncomfortable for me” I said.
“I know but I knew you would want to change” he said.
” I will finish dressing and get some breakfast” he added.
I entered the beautiful bathroom and sat by the edge of the jacuzzi.
“What is all this?” I asked myself.
As I sat there thinking my eyes noticed the beautiful bathroom and i imagined just how I would want my house to look. My own house that is.
I quic-kly showered and changed into the nice pair of Jeans and t©p that Shane was kind enough to buy for me.
After breakfast we packed up and Shane drove me home .
The coming months were busy as I had to prepare for my exam. Shane was a constant visitor and he had taken me to many beautiful places .
I cleared my second exams and with the help of aunty Bertha I enrolled to study literature online.
I still hoped that Atusaye and I would meet someday when I was done with school and no longer a dependant.
My second birthday since I joined aunty Bertha was fast approaching. Shane mentioned that he had a surprise for me but I wasn’t so excited as I was used to his many surprises. I had grown to trust him as he had proven to be a good person.
It was just two days to my birthday and i nee-ded an outfit so I asked Shane to take me into town.
After shopping we st©pped over at an Indian restaurant to get some food.
We had just ordered our food when I received a call from a friend.
“Shane excuse me I nee-d to pick this” I said.
“Sure go ahead” he replied
I was just about to answer the call when i saw Claudine. She was looking very beautiful as always but she had put on some weight. Claudine was with a baby in front and I could see the baby’s hands and legs.
My S7 fell from my hands as I stood looking in shock. Meanwhile Claudine didn’t recognise me as she bypas-sed me to enter the restaurant.
I felt hurt inside and tears gathered in my eyes. Using everything strength in me I tried to fight back the tears as I wondered in thought.
After picking my phone which had luckily survived the fall, I rushed in the restaurant and told Shane we had to leave.
“But why? We just made our order?” Shane said.
“I don’t care let’s go!” I said.
Shane gave me the car keys while he went to get a refund. As I sat in the car I shed tears, I had lost him for good and this was now a sign for me to move on.
“I’m not going to ask why you are crying or why you behaved like that” Shane said as he started the engine.
“Shane are you going to hurt me?” I asked.
Shane st©pped the engine and turned to look at me.
“Where is this coming from?” He asked me.
“Why would I hurt you?Is this about Atusaye again?” He asked
“I don’t know I just don’t know anymore. Its been over a year and I just can’t forget him. plea-se help me forget him” I cried.
“Mwansa f you love him why don’t you go back. Go and look for him” he said.
“No I can’t. I want to be with you now” I said.
“Do you mean that?” Shane asked me.
“Yes.. I have no business with my past” I said.
Shane leaned over and pe-cked my forehead.
“Promise me you will allow me love you and treat you right” he said.
“I promise” I responded.
Shane wiped my tears and held my hand.
“Let’s go and tell mum this good news” he said.
“Yes let’s go” I said as I nodded my head.
To be continued… 
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