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August 1, 2021


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Tears of a blind girl Episode 15 & 16

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💞💞(Twist of fate)💞💞

By. Humble Smith & Clara William

Episode 15



Anna’s POV

With the speed of a lightening, I drove to Amanda’s house, I am sure she would be so happy with the latest news, wow!!!

I never knew it would be this easy to convince him, well, I knew he really love me just that presh is using her blindness to affect his emotions..

It is getting so interesting than I thought, Amanda would just end presh mother while I deal with presh up there, it would be done in a way that even Victor wouldnt have anything to lay hand on..

Just in a twinkle of an eyes, the both would be a history..

The only thing Victor didn’t tell me was where presh is, I don’t know if he kept her in a hospital for treatment or she is being kept hidden..

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I don’t know of that but very soon I’d know..

I can’t ask victor or he would suspect me more..I need to tread carefully.

“Amanda!!!” I squealed in glee as I walked into the sitting room.

“You look so happy, what is the reason??” She asked immediately..

“Woah!!..just in a few days, Lara would be a history, you would be able to kill her without any suspect??” I smirked and she arched her brow..


I and Victor is leaving for India tomorrow, you would stay back and take care of presh mother till she is healthy to meet her daughter in India..” I said amidst laughter..

“Said by victor??”

“Yes!!!..get ready we are winning!!!” I screamed and we hugged tightly

“Are you sure you were able to convince Victor well, are you really sure he isn’t up to something??” She suddenly questioned

“It can’t be, Victor doesn’t play prank on me, he doesn’t and would never..” I shook my head trying to urge myself that it couldn’t be that way..

“I pray it is true, so let’s make out plans to end it immediately, we have to do all this quickly so you would get that which you aspire…very soon it may be too late..” She said and we both slumped on the couch…

I’m really happy as I could already see myself winning, its looking so easy…

Presh would see the real me, for Christ sake how would she even meet with Victor again after separating them for years ago..

Why would they even meet again?..does she knew what would happen if she see Victor..

The day presh would set her eyes on Victor I’m sure that memory I dreads a lot would be brought back and that would destroy me and Amanda..

We have to keep them apart with everything we got or else our lives would be doomed..

“Anna you are lost!!” I heard her voice and I flinched back to reality and stared at her..

“What are you thinking of?” She questioned..

“Just thinking of what would be our fate when presh sees Victor with her eyes, the memories is bound to flash back..” I sighed

“She won’t see Victor, her eyes is closed forever and Victor would be far away from her, she is meant to live a life of pain and suffering till she dies..” Her word sounded in my ear giving me some amount of hope..

“Okay…let’s go on!” I breathed and we started drawing plans..

Victor’s POV

With my face full of smiles, I sat beside presh mother, she was staring at me with a teary eyes..

“How do you feel?” I asked and she nodded a bit before shedding more tears..

“Stop those tears, be happy that you are surviving all these suffering, you are a strong woman..” I smiled and took her palm into mine..

“This is a tears for my daughter, my daughter, she must be in an intense pain now..I know her life would be a hell now..” She cried so bitterly..

“Do you even see this smiles in my face?..do you think I’d be smiling if presh is in pain?” I said and she jolted up staring at me with a raised brow..

“She is very fine right??” She asked anxiously

“She is waiting for you to be fine, she badly wants to see you, stay strong for her..” I smiled

“Thank you so much!!” She sobbed and hugged tightly..

“Its a pleasure, presh is also like a part of me..I like her so much..it shreds my heart anytime she is hurt..” I said and she smiled so sweetly making me grin..

“You love her??” She asked with a crazy look..

“Woah!!.. I think so..” I said shyly

“You are the Prince and she is a poor blind maiden..can it match??” She asked and I shrugged

“I’ll change all that soon..so tell me what happened to you?” I asked and she arched her brow deeply like someone who couldn’t understand anything..

“Oh yes!!..what really brought me here??” She asked looking around the ward..

I sneered at her like it was a prank but there was this grim in her face showing she was serious..

“You can’t recall??” I asked and she shook her head intently

“It is totally blank, all I can remember is a woman having her face masked taking me away..” She said and I pushed my hair in frustration..

“What is happening???”

“She was injected with a chemical that got her memory erased, she can’t recall what happened recently..” The doctor chipped In as he walked into the ward..

“Why?…nothing can be done??..I need to ask her something!!” I growled but he shook his head..

“The only thing that can make her recall is if she can see the face that she saw during that duration but the probability is low..” He breathed and I turned to her..

“I’m sorry for all you passed through..I’m here to make you love your life like every other woman..” I purred and she smiled..

There was a strike resemblance between her and presh, the smile made me recall presh, the way she smiled when I fed her, the way she smiled when she lay on my bed after I took her home

The smiles sends chills down my spine..

“But you are the prince right??” She asked in a whisper

“Yeah..” I replied

“Do you think you’d be allowed beside my daughter?” She queried

“Time will tell..”

“Thank you!!!” She muttered and fondled my cheek making me feel joy..

“Someone would come here and take care of you till you are healthy to fly, maybe two days or one, she would bring you to India where your daughter is..I’d be waiting for you there..” I grinned

“Who??” She asked

“You would know her when you sees her, she is a nice woman..” I sighed

“I pray she isn’t one of my enemy, I have many of them..what is her name??” She asked..

“Her name is….” I couldn’t complete my words before my phone rang..

It was from the doctor in India..

“Hello..how is everything?” I asked immediately

“Presh has woke up..we had undergone the first surgery in her eyes..there is hope of her seeing again but it would need multiples of surgery because it has been long she was blind..” He said

“Wow!!!..I’d be coming tomorrow, I’d sponsor all the bills, make her see please” I said

“We would try our best..” He sighed and hung the call..

“Presh would see again!!” I screamed and she also squealed in happiness..

Very soon…


I got home and sat on the couch feeling so great..

I have gotten enough evidence, it’s either that Anna is the one causing presh to pass through all this or she is among those doing it…

I have gotten enough evidence, she badly wants to know where presh is by making me believe she has changed but I know more than believing her, Anna can’t change over night..

I had thought she just had a natural hatred for poor and misfortunes people but I was wronged, there is something different about presh…

Its clear she wants her dead…

“Did you find her location now?” I asked the person I just called..

“Yes, she is in Amanda’s house..”

“Okay..” I hung up..

I put a call on her immediately..

“Hello..” I said immediately

“Hello victor, any problem??” She asked

“Where are you now?” I asked

“In the market, I need to get you your favourite..” She lied with a cheerful voice..

“You are in Amanda’s house..I heard all your conversation with her, guess you don’t know, I planted a bug on your body…I heard it all..” I said and I heard a loud scream from her…


I just lied but her reaction just showed me there was something they had in secret..

I think I need to take presh mother with me..

I would also leave without Anna..thank god I never told her where presh is exactly…

Episode 16


Anna’s POV

The phone in my hand fell off as my whole body shook in horror..

What did he just said????

I turned my gaze to Amanda who was staring at me with a sneer..

“He heard all we said…he planted a bug on my body..” I whispered with my eyes widened while she gasped in shock..

I quickly pulled off my cloth and started searching every nook and crane of it, I can’t believe it was true..

How could he spy on me?..I thought he now trust me??..he heard all we said that means he is now aware that I and Amanda is the reason behind presh’s agony..

Ohh no!!

This is so bad…

We both searched my body and clothes even my bag like a mad dog trying to find the chip but after some minutes we couldn’t find anything..

Bead of sweat was on my forehead as my heart beat very fast and loud, could it be that our plans has been ruined??

Victor shouldn’t hear all we said or else he would draw the conclusion which was tagging us as being evil, he would even hate me so much..

Aahhah..tell me I am dreaming..

We kept searching but couldn’t find anything,

“Are you sure he was saying the truth then, he may had just played a prank on you which you just fell in..” Amanda suddenly stated making me arch my brow..

“Could it be that he was just lying to know my reaction?” I questioned

“Yeah, that could be the case, there is no bug here, it shows he was just lying for a reason..” She added and my heart flipped..

“If that is the case then I had just fell into his taunt..like, I just screamed when he said that, he would suspect me so much now..” I breathed

“Yes dear, I think we are having a big issue now..” She sighed and plopped down on the couch..

“But why would he do such a thing?..why would he lie with that??..how did he even know I was here??” I questioned feeling frustrated

“I don’t know the answer to all that but he must have a reason and I bet you, he pulled the stunt well, now we would have to start from the beginning again” she hissed and I scuffled my hair in exasperation..

Victor is really making things very hard, he always has a way to elude every single plan we make..

“So what should I do now?” I asked

“Nothing, just make him take you to India with him, do everything possible to make that happen…if you fail to do it, then we would lose our chance of knowing where exactly presh is and that would cause a huge problem, it would be more difficult now that you have lost his trust in you with that scream..” She sighed making me get more tensed

“What is all this??..how are we gonna convince him now??..I just pray he doesn’t discover I was the one doing all that to presh, I just pray he is even lying of hearing all we said..what if he really heard us” I breathed and wore my cloth and picked my bag..

“I need to meet him, I’ll try to convince him that the scream was nothing other than being shocked that he would stalk me” I sighed and head to the door..

“I wish you luck, can’t wait to end presh mother life..she is still having our secrets, I regret not killing her the very day I caught hold of her..” She said and I took a deep breath before leaving without saying any word..

The way things are going is eating me deeply, it just seems like there was a force behind all this, an unseen force..what else should I say?

Why would my already set plan shatter in a twinkle of an eye?..how can it all destroyed..if Victor really heard everything then I’m doomed already.. If he was lying then I’d have take a week to explain the reason why I screamed and had the phone fallen off my grip..

I head home feeling agitated, I just pray victor believes the lie I had in mind, just pray he still trust me..

Finally, I got home and scurried to the sitting room

“Victor!” I called and sighted him walking down the stairs..

“What was the meaning of that?” I asked him immediately

He stared at me for some moment before moving to the couch, he sat down and sip the wine he was holding..

“Presh I’m scared of you” he said and I arched my brow at him

“I don’t get you!”

“Why did you scream when I said that???..it makes it seem like you have some thing hiding..” He said softly than I expected,

“I was just so shocked at those words, it stunned me, it was really the last thing I had thought to would do” I sighed and sat beside him very closely..

He wrapped his arm round my body and rested my head on his chest..

“Stop lying to me, why didn’t you want to tell me you were at Amanda’s house..instead you lied of being in the market, don’t you see it is too suspicious??” He said and I felt my heart glitch..

“I’m sorry..but..how did you knew I went to her house?..how did you know I was there?” I asked curiously…

“I guessed and it turned to be true..” He smiled and fondled my hair softly..

“I thought you would hate me for doing that..thanks for understanding..” I smiled and pressed my head face into his chest..

“Can we meet in my room, we need to use the bed..” He smirked making me giggle..

“I’m all yours dear” I chuckled and he carried me in a bridal way making me laugh shyly..

He took me upstairs to our rooms and lay me on the bed, I felt joy surge all through me, it had been a very long time things like this happened..

Since presh came to view, Victor had diverted his attention to her, I can’t stop my heart from thumping very fast and loud as he kissed and teased my nipple..

I really enjoyed every bit, just his deep kiss was enough to make me get really wet..

He romanced me like never before and finally he pulled down his short and thrust in after putting on a condom, he f**ked me like a b**h and I loved every bit of it…


“So we would be going to India tomorrow??” I said to Victor as I lay my head on his chest, we were both lying on the bed stark naked with the duvet covering our body..

We had just ended the sweet s*x which made me squirt like never before..

Victor is really a rare man which I can never leave for a blind wretched girl who had no future..

“We would be leaving at around 10:00pm..” He replied and I felt like bursting..

Why did I ever thought that my plan had been ruined, i never knew Victor would believe me so easily, oh yeah..I’m his only girlfriend, how can’t he believe my words..

“You don’t know how anxious I am to see presh, it has been a long time, I really wants to make friend with her, she deserves it..” I purred and he smiled and pecked my forehead..


I can’t wait for tomorrow..

“What about presh mother??…when should Amanda come and take care of her?” I asked and he smiled

“Just immediately we heads to the airport, she would look after her till she is strong enough..” He said and I smiled and closed my eyes…

I could already see myself beside presh, I can even see her wriggling in pain as I inflict injuries in her..

You can’t tell how curious I am, this time around, I wouldn’t take it easy, I would make sure I ends it all with her death..

She would have no choice than to kill herself..

I can’t stop smiling…

We both ate together, bath together, dress together and do every other things together like lovers…

I am really loving this
new Victor who loves and trust me..

Victor’s POV

It was night and we both took our dinner on bed..

I could see she was really feeling great with all these attitude I was showing her, guess she doesn’t know that it was all pretend, I don’t need a soothsayer to know that Anna is a danger to presh life…

This would be the last romance for now, I already had a plan on how to leave her here and leave for India

She got something hidden and I can’t risk presh life by showing her where she is..

“I got a special wine for you, I just saw it in the market and love to buy it for you, I think I am failing in treating you as my girlfriend..just accept this as a gift to get your love” I purred leaving her blushing

I hurried to the bar stand and took the wine..

“Here it is..” I said as I got to the room..

I poured it into the glass and handed it to her..

“Thanks for showing me love, I had always prayed for a day like this..” She cooed and gulped the whole content making me feel like jumping in glee..

She took another round before dropping it..

I wrapped my arm around her body as we both slept off..

Smiles couldn’t leave my lips when I knew what would happen the next day due to the wine she just took..


Anna’s POV

The repeated sound of my phone ringing tone finally jerked me up from the deep sleep I had went into…

I scrubbed my eyes and yawned as I stretched my hand to touch Victor but there was no one there..

I quickly sat up and my eyes fell on the clock hung on the wall..


At first I couldn’t believe my eyes..


Flight leaves at 10:00am..

I over slept and Victor didn’t woke me???

Is he gone ??

Has he fly to India??

Hell no!!!…

I grabbed my phone and made to dial his number ignoring the miss calls I saw there..

I called and it didn’t went through..

Please don’t tell me that Victor left mW behind and flew to India..is it even possible??

Ohhh…I am going crazy!!

Just as I made to call him again, a message popped in..

I clicked on it..

💌Hey..i guess you have just woken up now, just wants to inform you that I am in India with presh mother..I can’t take you with me because you are a suspect.. my prime suspect for all presh is passing through..
💌I took presh mother not minding her health condition, I can’t risk her life with you and Amanda..

I read and felt like fainting..

At first, I couldn’t understand the message till I read again and again then it dawned one that all my plans had been shattered..

Victor is gone with presh mother..



To be continued..
Anna you think say you wise abi 🤣🤣

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