Taming Mr j£rkface episode 43




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An Overbearing billionaire


Chapter 43



Writer’s POV

Lucas’s ap@rtment…!

Anna applies a redl-ipstick to herl-ips and sma-cks them gently against each other.

She takes out a small mirror from here bag and stares at her reflection… she smiles.

“Lucas, how do I look?” She asked Lucas.

He drops the book he was re-ading and stares at her.


Anna wi-nks at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Are you going somewhere?”

“Yeah.. I’m going on a d@t£!” She replies.

Lucas sighs heavily and leans back on the chair.

“And finally, I’m the only single soul among us” he said.

Anna keeps the mirror in her bag and move a little closer to him… she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Debs alre-ady told you?”

He nods.

“Lucas, don’t blame Debby… It’s not her fault to fall in love with Andre”

Lucas smile. “I know, I’m not angry just a little bit sad”

She nods and reaches for her phone… she checks the time.

“My d@t£ wi soon be here to pick me up!”

Lucas narrow his eyes.

“You are letting your d@t£ pick you up from your male friend’s place?”

“Yeah.. to test his temperament”

Lucas shakes his head.

“Sister, no man will take it easy seeing his woman in a man’s house.. ” he paused and pu-lls her cheek. “Is it your plan to get me hospitalized again?”

Anna hits his hand to let go of her cheek.

“I don’t have any plans, if you don’t come out he won’t hospitalize you…. besides it was your fault back then, you shouldn’t have k!$$£d Debs”

He sigh.

“Right.. but can we not talk about that anymore?”

“I…. ”

A car honking interrupts her… She looks throu-gh the window and breaks in a smile.

“He’s here!” She giggles.

“Oh.. go on, don’t keep him waiting”

Anna scoffs and makes herself comfortable on a chair.

“Let him wait a little longer.. if I show up the minute he c@m£, I’ll look so desperate!”.

Lucas frown.

“What?!” He sighs. “I’m kinda happy I’m single now!”

She glares at him and scoffed…and looked away.

After continuous honking, Anna her handbag.

“Oh! You finally have mercy on him!”

She wi-nks at him and head out…she catwalk towards Sean’s car.

Sean rushed out when he sees her and runs to welcome her with a k!sson her cheeks.

“Hi!” He says.

“Hi..sorry I’m late, I was trying to look good!”

“No, no, no..you aren’t late at all” he said quic-kly.

He takes her hand and leads her to the pas-s£nger side…he opens the door and she got in.

He quic-kly rounds the car and got in the driver’s seat.

He stares at her face.

“You’re beautiful tonight!”

Anna blu-shed.

“Thank you!”

He simply smiles and wi-nks at her, increasing her blus-h. She look away from him.

“Let’s get our magical d@t£ started!!” He said and steps on the g@s.


Meanwhile, immediately Andre and Debby left the h0tel room.. Olivia comes in.

She hands Chloe a jacket and look at the empty bucket on the be-d.

“Sorry, Livia, I failed”

“It’s not your fault.. it’s that Debby fv¢king Ryan!” She growled and balled her fist.

“Yeah…that lady is crazy!”

Chloe gathers her stuffs and wear her shoe.

“I’m off!” Then she leaves.

Olivia kicks the table angrily.

“I guess I un-derestimated her…” She scoffs. “She gave me no choice then… getting to be her friend is the only way out now!”



Debby’s pov

Andre’s mansion….!

I paid the cab driver and marches into the mansion… Andre running after me.

We met Natalie in the living room, changing the fruits on the table…I slumped onto a sofa and toss my purse and phone on the table.

I kicked off my shoe.

“Welcome back, Mr Knight.. ma’am!” She greets us.

I simply nod in acknowledgement cause I couldn’t speak…I’m patched.

I’ve drowned all my energy getting angry at Andre.

“Natalie..a bottle of chilled water plea-se!”

“Yes, ma’am!” She rushes off towards the kitchen.

Andre takes slow, cautious steps towards me and sits on the sofa next to mine.

He faces me and stares at my face carefully….I can see his reaction from the corner of my eye.

He look scared and slightly shaking…like a kid who’s scared of his mother scolding him for stealing a candy.

I sm-irk mentally.

Natalie comes back with the water and hands it to me.

“Thank you” I told her politely.

“You’re welcome!” She picks up a tray and excuses herself.

I open the cover and bend the bottle towards my mouth…. until I finished the water, I didn’t take it off my mouth.

I threw the empty bottle on the table and lean on the sofa…and take de-ep breaths.

“Angel, can..can we talk?”

My harsh glare shuts him up instantly.

I got up and head upstairs…I hear something fall and turn back… it’s Andre trying to gather my shoes, bag and phone in his hands.

He smiles at me nervously but I simply shake my head and continue going upstairs.

I walk into our room… Jumped on the be-d and la-id on my stomach…I hear the door open and knew it’s Andre but I didn’t get up to acknowledge him.

I feel hands on my shoulders.. mas-saging them softly. I closed my eyes and sigh in contentment.

Being angry doesn’t mean I’ll reject his services.

“Angel.. y-you..you must be tired” he choice his words carefully.

I ignore him… he continues mas-saging my shoulders… After a few minutes of silence, I cleared my throat.

It’s time to address our issue.

“St©p!” I order him.

He quic-kly st©ps and move a little away from me. I sit up and glare at him.


I turn in my phone and brings out the ph0to that was s£nt to me…I threw it at him.

“Mr Knight, explain the meaning of this to me?”

He catches the phone and stares at it with a de-ep frown.

“Angel, I swear it’s not what you think…. It’s not my fault….”

Ok, this world provoked me.

“It’s not your fault? Then is it my fault?!”

“I.. we… she…”

“Can’t you speak clearly?!”

He gulps and nods.

“M-my.. my drink was spiked.. and when she c@m£… I didn’t know what happened.. I thought she was you… and.. you know the rest”

His drink was spiked?! Thinking back I remember I saw a bottle of champagne on the table.

“Fine… your drink was spiked but how do you expect me to believe you thought she was me? Do we look alike in any way?”.

“No…. ”

“Right… Or you are tired of me and wanted to taste something new!”

His mouth hangs open and he frowns.

“What are you saying, Angel? How can I ever get tires of you?”

“Well, what do you expect me to think?”

He stays silent and stares at me…. Just like a kid who wants to cry.

“Yeah…seeing my b©yfri£ndR0m-ncing another woman in a h0tel is not a plea-sing sight at all”

“But you said you believe…”

“That’s because I don’t want Chloe to think she succeeded in causing discord between us!”

I got up from the be-d and angrily march to the sofa…oh, I didn’t tell you guys… there’s a small living room in our be-droom.

“I didn’t fight with you back then because I wanted to show Chloe that nothing can separate us….but that doesn’t mean I’m not angry!!”

He walk towards me and sits next to me…he holds my hands and ca-ress them softly.

“And you’re not showing any remorse…if I was the one in that room you wouldn’t take it easy with me!”

“Angel…I swear I can never cheat on you, I was drugged and I started having illusions…I thought she was you!”

“Why in God’s name did you decide to meet with her in a h0tel room? Aren’t there any other place to meet with her?!”

“It was a last minute change…I couldn’t refuse her because we nee-d her in our project”

I scoffed mentally.

“Then you should have known something is not right!”

I snatched my hands from his and look away from him. I hear some shuffling and I turned.

It’s Andre kneeling down.

“It’s my fault..I’m sorry, I wasn’t careful enough. I’m really sorry Angel”

“Sorry? You think a simple sorry can make this right?”

My heart is breaking…I expected him to tell me I’m his one and only…I expected him to say sweet things to me.

“I know it’s not gonna fix anything but I’m sorry…I swear it wasn’t my intention. I should have been careful, I shouldn’t have drank the wine…I’m sorry”

“I don’t nee-d your sorries!”

“Then what do you nee-d? Tell me, I will do anything to prove my sincerity”

I scoff but smiled when his statement registered in my head.

“You’ll do anything?”

“Yes…yes, anything”

I cl@p.

“Well, they are two things!”

“Tell me”

I sm-irked.

“First, you’ll lend me your credit card!”

“Lend you my credit card?”

I nod and wi-nk at him…but his next comment made me frown.

“If I lend it to you, can you pay me back?”

I balled my fist.

“Are you saying I’m poor?!”

“No! No! No! My Angel is very rich…super rich!”

I crossed my arms across my che-st.

“Punish your mouth now!”

“Yes ma’am!” He starts sl@pping his mouth.

I couldn’t hold back my laughter…he look so cute right now.

Wait…why am I laughing? I’m angry at him!

“That’s enough!”

He st©ps.

“Are you giving me your credit card?!”

He nods and de-eps his hand in his pocket..he brings out his wallet and drags out his credit card. He hands it to me.

I smiled and k!$$£d the card.

“Take it as you paying me my salary!”

I’m working for him.. he’s my boss…my landlord… and my b©yfri£nd.

Aren’t I lucky? Yeah, speaking about work..I don’t remember when last I went to Andre’s company… whatever!

“What should I do next?” He asked.

I sm-irk..I drop his card on the table and lean back on the sofa…I spre-ad my legs and bite my lowerl-ip.

“fv¢k me and prove to me that I’m your one and only!”

He frowns…though his eyes stay glued to my pu-ssy.

“fv¢k you?”

“Yes! No forepl@yof any sort”


“Turn me on and fv¢k the $h!t outta me!”

“How should I turn you on? You said no forepla-y!”

“Get up and undress yourself slowly in front of me!”

Yeah…. don’t be surprised, I was a badas-s vir-gin.


He got up and begin to undress…I pu-ll-ed my p@n-ties and start pla-ying with myself.

“stro-ke your di-ck!” I command him when he’s done undressing.

He nods and does as I commanded him…when I noticed he’s ha-rd enough, I called him with my foref!nger.

He walk towards me slowly..he thrû-st into my entrance and I g@sped loudly.





40 minutes later….

Andre pu-lls out of me and falls on the sofa next to me… we’re both breathing heavily.

I can’t believe I’ve turned into a S-x freak!

“Angel…did I prove myself? Did I prove you’re my one and only?”

I nod and pe-cks hisl-ips, I rest my head on his che-st… drawing imaginary lines on his che-st.

“Yes, you proved yourself!”

“Thanks, Angel”

I frown.


“Yeah…you un-derstood me, I thought you wouldn’t listen to me and give me the silent treatment”

I chuckled and shake my head.

I yawn sleepily.. Andre k!sses my forehead.

“Let’s sleep, you’re tired”

I got up with my n-ked b©dy and faced the be-d, but he pu-ll-ed me back down and rest my head on his che-st again.

“Sleep here!”

I nod and shut my eyes… that’s how I went to my own wonderland.


To be continued