Taming Mr j£rkface episode 42




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An Overbearing billionaire


Racheal Dennis.

Chapter 42



Debby’s pov


Lucas’s ap@rtment….!

I press the door bell and wait for Lucas to open up… A minute or so, the door open revea-ling Lucas.


I smiled. “Hi!”

He makes way for me to come in.. I walk and head straight to his fridge.

I took an orange and head back to the living room.

“Not that I’m complaining about you being here.. but what brou-ght you to my house? Why did you suddenly come?” He asked.

I sat on a chair and he sits next to me.

“Do I nee-d a reason to be here?”

“No! No!”

I nod and look around… It’s been a couple of months since I last c@m£ to his ap@rtment.

“How are you feeling now?”

“I’m fine!”

Then there’s an awkward silence.. there’s never been an awkward silence between us. I don’t like it.

I suddenly remember I haven’t apologise to him about the Spain incident.

“Lucas… I’m sorry about what happened in Spain, I… ”

“No, it’s not your fault!” He cuts me off. “I should have guessed he’s your…..” He cuts himself off.

He got up and head towards his fridge, he takes a bottle of chilled water and finish it in one gulp.

He closes his eyes, take his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair and sigh.

“Debby, tell me the truth..are you in love with him? Are you in a relationsh!pwith him?” He asked from a safe distance.

I don’t know how he’ll take it if I tell him the truth…I don’t want to destroy our friendsh!p.

He and Anna are the only friends I have.

But I guess I don’t have a choice, I must tell him the truth to avoid further conflicts.

“Tell me the truth, do you love Andre?”

I nod slowly…he closed his eyes and inhaled de-eply.

“I’m sorry Lucas…I should have told you earlier and….”

“No it’s my fault!”

I simply stare at him in silence. He sits on a chair.

“I was too late… though I’ve being with you for a long time…I met you before him but I was too late to confess, I hide my feelings for too….and now it’s too late”


He laughs shortly.

“I guess it’s fate… we’re not meant to be lovers” he paused and smiled at me. “I’m happy for you… congratulations on finding your love!”

Wait…ok, like seriously this is not the reaction I was expecting from him.

I thought he’d fl!pand maybe attack me…f0rç£d me to k!sshim and vow to take me away from Andre…like how they do it in films.

Wow… reality is so different…but let me confirm if he really is not angry.

“Lucas..are you not angry at me?”

He frowns a little but smile.

“Why should I be angry? I mean, we can’t f0rç£ love…we can’t choose who our hearts should love”

He’s right…I didn’t mean to fall in love with Andre but I did. I tried so ha-rd to deny my feelings for him but at last, I suc¢v-mbe-d.

“Debs, love is a natural feeling and who we love is not up to us…. If Andre is the one you love, I’ll let you go and be happy for you”

I smiled.

“You’re like my elder brother, Lucas… no, you’re my elder brother”

“I didn’t noticed… but after that incident at the fashion cu-p, I realized I’ve lost you”

“No, you didn’t lose me…I’m your younger sister, right?”

He nods and smiles….though I can tell he’s sad but trying to put on a br@ve face.

“Right, you’re my younger sister. And don’t forget to tell me if your b©yfri£ndbullies you…your brother will teach him a lesson for you!”

I nod. I got up and throw my arms around him… pu-lling him in for a ti-ght hvg.

He hvgs me back and pats my back….I just realized how matured minded Lucas actually is.

My respect for him just increa-sed a hundred folds.

Then I remembered what his mother’s doctor told me, I pu-ll away from the hvg and stares at him cautiously.

I don’t know if this is the right time to talk to him about his mother…I mean, he doesn’t want us to know that’s why he hide it from Anna and I.

“Is there something you wanna tell, Debs?”

I clear my throat and adjust in my chair…I push a strand of hair behind my ear and chew on my lowerl-ip.

“Debs, speak”


He tilts his head and nod encouraging me to go on.

“Your mother…..” I trail off.

He frowns and clenched his jaw.

“What do you know about my mother?!” He growled…his demeanor change.

Uh-oh…I guess I just crossed the line.

“How did you know about my mother?!”


He ban-gs the table and I flin-ched back…he saw how startled I am…he sighs and take de-ep breaths to calm himself down.

“A-are..you ok?”

He nods.

“Yeah..but I don’t like talking about my mom, I don’t want anyone to know about her”

“Why? What happened?”

He stays silent for a brief moment.

“My family issue is complicated… I’ll tell you when I’m re-ady not yet!”

I wanted to tell him what his mother’s doctor told me about transferring her to a psychiatrist hospital….but I don’t think I should.

Like he said, I’ll wait until he’s re-ady to talk to me about it.

At that moment, my phone beeps…I checked and saw a message c@m£ in.

I opened it and my phone almost fell off my hand…not again!

A ph0to of Andre with a half n-ked woman…. ri-ding him?

There’s a little note un-der.


I squee-zed the phone in my hand and grits my teeth… Lucas notice my expression and frown in confusion.

“What’s the matter?” He asked me.

But my mind ain’t here anymore…right now I’m alre-ady imagining myself in that h0tel.

So, this was the so-called business meeting he’s having…what is he trying to say?

That I’m not enough for him? He’s the first man I ever knew…why does he always have to hurt me this way?


I snatched my purse from the table and head towards the door ignoring Lucas who’s calling me.

“Debby, wait… what’s going on?”

I open the door and bu-mped into Anna…she gro-an s loudly and glare at me.

“Debs, can’t you watch where you’re walking?” She scolds me.

I ignore her and pushed her out of the way….I hear her asking Lucas.

“What’s with her?”

“I don’t know!” I hear him reply before I was out of hearing.

Thankfully, a cab just dropped someone…I board the cab and told the driver to take me to GLAMOROUS LIFE!

Well, it’s gonna be GLAMOROUS DEATH very soon!



Writer’s POV

Andre lies on the be-d with a smile on his face…the woman un-bu-ttons his shi-t and ru-bs his che-st.

“Hmm… Angel that feels so good!” He m0@n s.

The woman giggles and crash herl-ips on Andre’s, k!ss!nghim like she can’t get enough of hisl-ips.

Andre is an expert, so it wasn’t difficult for him to keep up with her pace…he took control of the k!ss.

He fli-ps them and gr-ab her right hand, dragging it towards his di-ck. The woman gr-abs his di-ck and stro-ke it throu-gh his p@n-ts…and he gro-an s into the k!ss.

He trail k!sses down her jawline…her n£¢k and svçkon her collarbone. He st©ps and frown.

“Angel….your scent… it’s different….”

“I changed my perfume!” She replies.

Andre nods…and attack her n£¢k, trailing k!sses down her che-st. Just when he’s about to gr-ab her brea-sts, the door bur-st open and a very furious Debby stands by the door.

“Andreeeee!!!” Debby roared.

Andre tensed and pu-lls away from the woman….he look towards the door and a frown appears on his face.

“Two Angels?” He asked in confusion and look between them.

Debby marches inside and puts her hands on her w@!st.

“What are you doing, Andre?!”

Andre frowns more and look at the woman he’s been R0m-ncing.

“Who are you? Can’t you see I’m having a pri-vate time with my man?” She asked Debby.

“Your man?!” Debby scoffed and points at Andre. “He’s Mine!”

“He’s yours? Then what is he doing here with me?”

Debby opens her mouth to speak but was rendered speechless…she thinks the woman’s question makes s-en-se.

Andre simply look between them… trying to figure out why he’s seeing two Angels.

The woman gr-abs Andre’s face, “let’s continue, baby?” and crashes herl-ips on his.

Debby balled her fists and look around as if she’s looking for something.

She smiled when her eyes zeroed on a bucket of water at the corner of the be-d…she carried it and tears Andre ap@rt from the woman.

She pu-lls the water on Andre and throws the empty bucket on the woman…and dust her hands.

“fv¢k!!” Andre exclaimed and quic-kly sprint off the be-d.

He blinked ra-pidly…. he’s suddenly sober. He look around and realized he’s still in the h0tel room.

“Andre? Are you ok?” Debby asked in a overly sweet tone.

Andre turns and sees Debby standing besides him…he quic-kly look at the be-d and frown de-eply.

“Chloe?!” He asked rhetorically.

“Chloe?” Debby huffs. “Oh! She does look like a Chloe!”

Chloe got off the be-d and walk flir-tatiously towards Andre…she placed her f!nger ti-p un-der Andre’s chin.

“Baby…why did you st©p? We were having a good time!”

Andre pushed her hand away and glare at her.

“What the fv¢k did you put inside the champagne?!”

She simply laugh and faces Debby.

“Why did you come and spoil our fun. If you hadn’t come, I’d have fv¢ked him so ha-rd and…..”

Debby cuts her off with a very loud resounding sl@p… Chloe holds her cheek and glare at Debby.

“You’re gonna fv¢king get it h0t from me!”

She raised her hand to revenge Debby…but Debby caught her hand midway. She leans forward and whisper in Chloe’s ear.

“This is the last time I wanna see you with my man! Don’t think I don’t know you were trying to s£dûç£him!”

Chloe snatches get hand from Debby. “Let go of my hand you crazy woman!” She ru-bs her hand gently.

Andre turns to Debby with guilty eyes.

“Angel, I can explain, I….”

Debby smiles very sweetly at him and shake her head.

“There’s nothing to explain honey… I believe you!” She embr@ces Andre and whisper in his ear. “Safe your explanations until we get home… let’s not disgrace ourselves here!”

She pu-lls away and turns to Chloe.

“Cleo or whatever your name is… Don’t let me see you anywhere near my Andre or I swear I’ll break your legs!”

She gr-abs Andre’s hand and drags him out of the room… She re-leased his hand when she noticed they’re far away from the room.

“You’re gonna explain why you decide to have your meeting in a h0tel room when we get home!” She sneered at him and begin to walk ahead of him.

Though Andre didn’t fall behind… He rushed after her.


To be continued.