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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Switched Episode 7 & 8

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✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️

💋Episode 07




Cassandra’s Pov:

I kicked the table roughly and the mug fell on the ground as it noisily broke into pieces.

“Unbelievable! For the first time Cassandra you were beaten by someone!” Lucy said

“Not just someone but a lowlife piece of trash” Kiara added.

I scratched my head in confusion.

“This is really hard to believe” Joann tapped her feet on the ground.

Girls… I think that girl cheated during the test because there is no way she can have the highest grade without cheating” I said

They nodded their heads in agreement.

But then Lucy disagreed.

“You know what Cassandra! I don’t think she cheated… She looks brilliant” Lucy said

“Lucy is right!” Kiara agreed

“And guess what girl…. Next week is the last test” Joann added.

I smirked wickedly.

“I have an idea” I laughed

“Idea? What idea?” They chorused

“Don’t worry girls but I assure you, she will be thrown out of this school once I unleash my plans” I said as we high five happily.

I will put that b*tch in her place.


I sat on my large bed with the test results.

I flipped the pages with anger burning through me fiercely.

I can’t believe am a second to that girl.

That poor wretch….

Hmm…. Gracie Montes!

That girl is a big threat to me for sure.

I was still lost in thought when mommy walked into my room with a


“Hi baby….” Mom’s voice smacked me back to consciousness.

“Oh mommy” I forced a smile

She hugged me tightly

“What’s that baby?” Mom pointed at the paper

“Our test results in school” I said

“You don’t look happy” Mom asked concerned

“Someone got the highest grade instead of me and that’s unbelievable” I said proudly

“Who’s that?” Mom asked

“A new girl from the slums” I said in disgust

“Oh come on Cassandra… That’s rather too harsh” Mom said as I gulped hard.

“What’s her name?” Mom asked

“Gracie Montes” I said

Mom only shrugged it off.

“Don’t worry baby! All you have to do is to put more effort and am sure you will surpass her” Mom said and I smiled.

“Here baby! I got some banana split for you… It’s your favorite right?” She said as I smiled.

“Thank you so much mommy” I pecked her

“So baby….. What about we go do some shopping tomorrow together” Mom said as I screamed in delight.

“Oh my goodness mommy! I love it!” I said as I jumped up in excitement.

“It’s been a long time since we did some catch up together and your daddy is going to come with us” She said as my face countenance changed.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Listen Cassie! Daddy loves you so much too” Mom said

I breathed heavily as I rolled my eyes.

“Duh! His presence is only going to irritate me mommy…. What has he ever appreciated me for? He doesn’t see anything I do as a good thing” I said angrily

“Oh Casandra! He only wants what’s best for you” Mom


I scoffed in disbelief.

“Oh really? He does? Is that why he took my credit card from me?” I yelled

“Cassandra…? He’s still your daddy” Mom said

“Whatever! Just drop the package on the drawer mom and you can use the door if you choose to” I said as I lay on the bed and covered myself with the duvet.

Mommy only sighed as she got up from the bed and walked away.

I breathed heavily in relieve.

Gracie’s Pov:

Mona rushed in with a shrieking scream.

“Oh my gosh girlfriend… Am so happy for you” She said as she hugged me tightly.

I smiled broadly.

“Thank you so much Mona!” I said

“I can’t believe you got the test so right even the peacock couldn’t get at the top” Mona said happily.

“Oh girl! I really missed you yesterday….” I said

“Me too! I had to go home early… Family emergency” She said as she ordered for a glass of strawberry 🍓 juice🍷and cake.

“You know Gracie! Everyone would want to be your friend now” Mona said as I chuckled

“I don’t think so” I said

“Why is that?” Mona asked anxiously as she ate some cake.

“Well because am not rich right?” I said

“But you’ve got brains” Mona said as we shared a laugh.

Our little chitchat was cut short when a group of girls walked to us.

they looked absolutely gorgeous and rich too.

And they were carrying their trays of lunch.

“Oh hi Gracie….” The other one said

I smiled at them and waved.

“You know my name already when I don’t know yours” I joked

“Who doesn’t know the name of the only girl that won over the peacock” She said as we shared a laugh.

“Hmm… Amelia please don’t put my friend in your issues with Cassandra” Mona said as she scoffed.

“Whatever! Gracie am beginning to like you a lot…. Keep defeating that good for nothing girl Cassandra” Amelia said as her friends smiled at me and they walked away.

I turned my gaze to Mona puzzled

“Who is she Mona?” I asked anxiously

“She’s Cassandra’s rival” Mona said as I shook my head.

“That reminds you cheated in the game… Rock paper scissors game” I said as Mona burst into laughter.

“No… You cheated” She argued.

Mrs Charlotte’s Pov:

I drove into the school garage.

I have to pick up my daughter for the shopping I promised her.

I got down from my flashy car and walked towards the school premises.

My cell phone rang aloud.

It was my husband Mr Sam Salvador.

📱Hello honey…. I said

📱Baby? Where are you and Cassie?… He asked

📱I’ve gone to pick her up at the school… I said

📱Alright love… am just leaving the office right now… He said

📱OK baby… see ya… Love ya… I said as I hung up.

Just then, I bumped into someone.

It was a very beautiful young girl of about Cassandra’s age.

She almost fell on her butt but I held her tight.

Our eyes met and I felt like I’ve known her for ages.

“Mommy?” Cassandra screamed in annoyance…..


💋Episode 08💋


Cassandra’s Pov:

I backed mommy in annoyance as she kept driving.

That good for nothing slum girl.

So it has also gotten to the extent where she had to also want to steal my mom from me.

Mom was staring at her eyes like she have seen her before.

“Cassie! Why are you so annoyed?” Mom asked as I sighed loudly.

“Oh really mom? What were you doing with that girl? I don’t like her” I half yelled

“But she looks really nice” Mom said

“And what about me? I looked devilish right?” I blurted out

“Cassandra I taught you better than this… You can just wake up and dislike someone just like that” Mom said as I gnash my teeth in annoyance.

“You know what mom? Am really trying so hard to find out what’s so special and good about that poor slut” I said with so much hate.

“Enough! Enough Cassandra…. Don’t refer to your fellow human being like that” Mom screamed at me.

For the first time in my life, mommy yelled at me.

Tears dropped down my face.

Because of that thing!

That girl is making life unbearable for me.

I stared at mom with so much anger.

“Stop the car….” I cried out as the car screeched to a halt.

“What is it baby?” Mom asked as I quickly took off the car’s seat belt

I opened the car door.

“Just leave me alone… You can side with whoever you want! And thanks am not interested in any form of family outing” I said as I quickly got down from the car.

Mom stared at me in astonishment.

She also got down from the car

“What are you talking about Cassandra? Your dad is waiting for us at the cinema” Mom said as I shook my head.

“I don’t care mom! You guys can have fun, am not interested anymore… And you can take your favourite Gracie along if you want” I said

“Cassandra what is the meaning of….?” Mom tried to speak.

But before she could finish her statement, I already flagged down a cab and hopped in.

“Enjoy your get together” I said as the cab speeded off.

She stared at the cab in confusion.

I can’t let that girl ruin in what’s mine.

My mom has never shouted or even raised her voice at me.

But she almost slapped me today because of Gracie.

Hmm… I have to put that girl in her place.

I tapped my feet in annoyance.

Mrs Charlotte’s Pov:

I sat heavily on the chair opposite my husband.

He looked visibly annoyed.

He has been waiting for us.

“Swthrt…. Where is Cassandra?” He asked anxiously.

“She went home” I managed to say.

“What? She what?” He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“She cancelled baby…. She cancelled and went home” I said

“Excuse me! You mean Cassandra cancelled our family date” He asked

Oh no! I know he’s so angry right now.

“Honey please calm down OK” I said coldly

“You know sometimes I wonder where that girl keeps her manners, no daughter of mine can behave the way she does” He said

“She was just furious and…” I said but he cuts in.

“Oh please Charlotte! You know this is all your fault, you over pampered and spoilt her” He said as I backed him.

“I was also surprised…. I never knew she could do that just because I talked nicely to her rival in school” I blurted out

Sam scoffed.

“Just that? That brat is going to learn her lessons today and you are not going to save her because I will make sure she will be grounded for a month” Sam said as he got up and walked away.

I breathed heavily as I scratched my head.

For the first time, I support Sam because I’ve had it up to here with Cassandra’s ill manners.

“Sam wait! Baby please wait” I said as I rushed out of the hotel reserved for us.

Because the movie at the cinema was finished.


Sam and I walked into our huge mansion.

“Swthrt please you have to calm down Cassandra is just a child” I tried calming him down.

“Enough of your quotes already Charlotte” He sneered at me.

“Cassandra! Cassandra Salvador!!” He called furiously.

But there was no response.

We searched around and she wasn’t there.

“Where did she go?” I queried the maids

“Ma’am she just dressed up in a skimpy dress and left the house… She didn’t tell us” They answered

Good heavens!

I can swear that Cassandra is so dead right now.

I turned around and looked at Sam’s face.

He was burning up in annoyance.

“I think I know where she went to” Sam said as I flinched.

“Where?” I asked anxiously

“I warned that daughter of yours… I refused her permission to go to a night party with her friends and I just hope she didn’t go there against my wish” Sam said as I inhaled sharply.

Oh my gosh…. 😳

I think she went there……

We kept waiting for here.

🕒 01:56 Am 🕒

We were already dozing on the couch.

She sneaked into the house holding her heels on her hand as she tiptoed in.

“Where do you think you are going to Cassandra?” Sam quickly sprang up and I also got up.

She flinched as she stood at a place with her face bowed down.

“I said where the fvck are you coming from?” Sam yelled at her.

“Sam please…” I whispered into his ear as I tapped his shoulder softly.

“Isn’t it obvious daddy? I went for a party” She half yelled

“Cassandra you are really tasting my patience” Sam screamed at her.

“Whatever dad! I told you I wanted to party… Why the hell are you being as boring as hell” She scoffed.

“Cassandra?” I called as Sam gave her a resounding slap.

“You are grounded” Sam said as he pushed her away.

She fell on the couch in tears.

Cassandra’s Pov:

I walked downstairs to pick my car keys but I didn’t see it.

“Where are my car keys?” I yelled angrily.

Just then, Mr Davis dad’s driver walked in.

“Ma’am your dad said you are no longer allowed to drive yourself to school… I’ll drive you to school” He said.

I groaned angrily.

I stared at my wrist watch and I was already late.

I walked out with the driver in anger.

I wonder why dad hates me so much.

We drove into the school compound as I carried my schoolbag.

I walked away.

“Ma’am your lunch box?” He said

“Go to hell with that” I said as I eyed him angrily.

Today is the final test on physics so the whole student were busy reading.


“Everybody get into the classroom… The exam is about to start” The announcement was made.

Students trooped into class room.

As the paper was being shared.

I grinned wickedly at my friends.

No-one messes with me and goes scold free.

Few minutes later…

A student shrieked in shock.

“Teacher! Teacher..!! She’s cheating” The student shouted.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the direction she was pointing at.

It was Gracie……



What’s happening? 😶

Cassandra is really a witch 😈

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