Switched Episode 11 to 13

✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🌺Pinky’s Short series🌺
💋Episode 11💋
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I walked angrily towards Jake who was packing his stuff at the basketball court.
This is really true…
He’s packing his stuff!
I can’t believe this…..
I’ve never seen someone as gullible as Jake is.
I fumed in anger.
He has just ruined in my plans.
“Jake?” I called angrily as I folded my arms.
He turned around and saw me as he quic-kly backed me and continued packing.
“You’re so unbelievable Jake!” I yelled at him but he didn’t say a word.
“Can’t you hear me? St©p pretending to be deaf Jake! You are the most crazy person I’ve ever seen…. How could you admit to something you didn’t do” I shouted
“Oh really? If I didn’t do it then who did?’ He blurted out as I gulped ha-rd .
I scratched my head in confusion.
“Whatever Jake! I know you didn’t do it” I defended myself
“And how did you know that? If I didn’t do it, did you?” He said
“Jake she’s not worth the sacrifice…. You know how this is going to cause issues between you and your dad right?” I said
“Let me worry about that Cas-sandra…It’s my life and I live it however I choose to” He replied
“You didn’t consider me Jake! Am your girlfriend and we are a couple” I broke down
“You should have thought of that before setting Gracie up” He said.
I quic-kly wiped off my tears.
“Is this about Gracie again? Why are you so concerned about that peasant?” I freaked out
“That peasant has done absolutely nothing wrong to you Cas-sandra so why are you bearing grudges against her?” He asked
“Jake that girl should be the least of our problems right now… You defended her and landed yourself into trouble” I said
“Thanks for your concern Cas-sandra but it’s not nee-ded anymore! Go to hell with it…. Excuse me!” He said as he walked out on me with his backpack.
I folded my palms in so much annoyance.
That girl is causing nothing but trouble for me.
It seems she’s got nine lives but trust me I will make sure she looses all her lives.
Gracie’s Pov:
I sat on the balcony coldly as I watched Jake carry his stuff into his car.
We stole glances at each other sadly.
Am really going to miss Jake.
Tears welled down my face.
As Mona hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“Mona this is all my fault right?” I cried bitterly
As Mona shook her head in disagreement.
“Of course not friend! You did nothing and he did nothing too” Mona said
“But he saved me and now I can’t save him” I wailed bitterly
“Gracie come on! None of this is your fault OK” Mona said
“But who could have done that to me?” I cried
“Oh plea-se girlfriend… Obviously it’s Cas-sandra” Mona said
“What have I ever done wrong to Cas-sandra? What has she that I stole?” I wept
“Don’t mind her…. She’s just jealous of you” Mona said
“And now her jealousy have landed her b©yfri£ndinto trouble” I cried.
I waved goodbye at Jake as he reciprocated.
As he drove out of the school premises.
I sat at the libr@ry with Mona re-ading.
When suddenly, the other students re-ading too started trooping out of the libr@ry.
“The witch is here….” Mona whispered into my ears.
My heart skipped a beat.
I know she’s here to make trouble.
She walked in majestically staring at me angrily.
Her friends followed her.
I focused on the book I was re-ading.
Lucy quic-kly hit the book away.
“What is it Cas-sandra?” I said calmly
“Shut up you poor thing from the slums” Cas-sandra said
Mona and I gulped.
“You remain nothing but a cheat” Kiara said
“I didn’t cheat Kiara… And I know Jake is innocent! The real culprits are just feeling guilty that’s why they decided to show up in front of me” I said.
They glanced at each other in shock.
“You bit-ch” Cas-sandra raised her hand to sl@p me but I held her hand on the air.
They g@sped………
💋Episode 12💋
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I stared at Gracie in shock…. 😳😳
Did she just talk back at me? 🙄
I exchanged glances with my friends as I snatched my hand from her grip.
“How dare you Gracie?” I yelled at her.
“Oh plea-se Cas-sandra st©p blaming your misery on people! You should be sorry for the wrong you’ve done” Gracie said
“You know what? We will teach you a lesson that you will never forget in a hurry Gracie Montes” Joann said
“Tell that to the birds…. Am sick and tired of being pla-yed with by you guys” She said
I fumed in anger.
I can’t wait to get rid of this trash.
“You’ve really grown wings Gracie…. I see!” Lucy said
“I think you guys are the ones that have grown wings… Gracie and I have done absolutely nothing wrong to all of you so stay away from us” Mona said
“Just pray that Jake doesn’t get punished for this stupid risk he decided to take for you” I said as I eyed my friends.
We walked away.
🚶 🚶
I sat heavily on the chair in annoyance.
That girl…. How dare her?
Can you imagine the way she spoke to me and my friends earlier?
For crying out loud, she’s nothing but a low clas-s.
And no-one has ever talked to me in that manner.
I mean no-one in school dares talk to me like that.
I can’t let that girl go scold free else other students might start disrespecting me.
“My gosh girl! That girl Gracie have grown wings” Lucy sneered
“Can you imagine how she spoke to us? She seems so bold” Kiara said
“I can’t wait to put that girl in her place….” Joann said angrily
“The nerve of that bit-ch…. Did you see how she eyed us… How she spoke to us? For every word she said, she will pay dearly for it” I said with anger.
“I support you Cas-sie! She can’t go scold free this time” my friends echoed.
We high five and smiled mischievously.
Jake’s Pov:
I drove into our mansion and parked my car at the garage as I got down from the car.
I carried my backpack and walked into the house.
The mansion was so quiet
I guess my mom and her “SO STRICT” husband are away.
And Anita my only sibling and sister doesn’t stay with us.
She attends a boarding school out of town.
She happens to be Dad’s favorite!
Unlike me….
I was about to walk upstairs when someone interrupted me.
“Jakey! You’re back early…” That was mom’s voice.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
Thank goodness… It wasn’t dad!
“Hi mom…” I said with a frowned face.
“Jake what happened?” Mom asked
“It’s a long story mom! I’d rather not talk about it right now… Maybe later” I said tiredly
“Jake! Son are you sure you’ll be OK?” Mom asked again
“You do not have to worry mom! Am perfectly fine” I said
“Why are you home so early too mom?” I asked
“Oh! I just c@m£ to pick up a file… I was just on my way out when I saw you” Mom said
“Alright mom! See ya!” I said sharply.
I turned to go upstairs when suddenly mom’s cell phone rang aloud.
My heart skipped a beat.
Mom picked up the phone.
📱 Oh… Hello babe…. Mom said as I gulped nervously.
Mom stared at me in surprise as she shook her head still on the phone.
Oh good heavens…… I breathed heavily.
📱What? plea-se calm down babe… You know…. Mom said but the phone hung up.
Mom stood in akimbo shooting me a deadly glare.
I bowed my head in disappointment.
“How could you do that Jake?” Mom screamed at me.
I blinked ha-rd to st©p myself from crying.
“Do what mom?” I said
“You stole an answer script from the teacher’s office just because you want someone to pas-s exams” Mom said annoyed
“Am sorry mom!” I said coldly
“You’re so dead Jake cos that was your dad, the school’s principal just informed him” Mom said.
I quic-kly rushed upstairs.
It was getting dark alre-ady.
I l@yon my be-d quietly.
Dad will be back anytime soon…
My phone rang aloud.
It was my friend Mico.
I know he’s just gonna blame me for what I did.
Honestly, I don’t regret what I did for Gracie.
Am very re-ady to bear the consequences of my actions.
I was still lost in thought when I heard Dad’s bold voice ranting angrily.
“Where is that good for nothing son of mine? Jake! Jake!!” Dad yelled
I was about to get up when my door was swing open.
“Good evening dad” I said
“Shut your gutters! What’s good about the evening?” Dad shouted
“You idiot! So you have sworn to drag the family’s legacy on the mud? You stupid fool.. How dare you?” Dad screamed
“Am sorry dad!” I said
“Sorry for yourself… ” Dad shouted as he landed a resounding sl@p on my cheeks.
I wiped my tears off immediately.
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
It was on a Saturday morning.
The God damn driver drove me out of the house.
We drove into the Humphrey’s mansion.
I know that Jake must be out with his friends.
I walked into the house.
Of course they are our family friends so am very free to come anytime I want.
“Aunt Veronica! Auntie Vero!!” i called out.
“Oh who is it? Aww baby Cas-sie!” She called and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
We exchanged plea-santries.
She was at the dinning eating breakfast.
So I joined.
I applied the bu-tter on the bre-ad.
“It’s been long since you visited baby Cas-sie” She said
“Am sorry auntie! I’ve been busy lately” I said
“To busy to visit your dear auntie Vero” She said as I smiled.
“Of course not auntie” We shared a laugh.
“Uhmm.. You heard what Jake did right? The answer script he stole” She said
“He stole? He didn’t do anything of that sort…” I said
“How do you mean?” Aunt Veronica asked
“He’s only covering up for someone” I said
“WHAT?” Aunt Veronica shouted….
💋Episode 13💋
Jake’s Pov:
I walked into the house with my football on my left arm.
I was putting on a red jersey and shorts with boots. 👢
“Jake? Wait….” That was mom’s voice coming from the dinning.
Her voice was so cold.
“Oh hi mom… Good evening” I said as I walked towards her to pe-ck her but she pushed me away.
“How dare you Jake?” Mom yelled at me as she landed a dirty sl@p on cheeks.
I stared at her in surprise.
“Mom what’s happening…” I managed to say.
“You’re so unbelievable Jake! My goodness! How could you admit you did something you didn’t do” Mom said in annoyance.
I breathed heavily.
“What are you talking about mom?” I rolled my eyes pretending not to un-derstand.
“Oh plea-se Jake! Spare me that creepy attitude of yours right now… It was Gracie Montes right? She’s the godforsaken girl you dragged our family’s legacy on the mud for?” Mom said as I bec@m£ very surprised.
How the hell did she find out about Gracie?
What really happened?
I scratched my head in confusion.
“I don’t un-derstand you mom!” I blurted out
“Oh yes… You won’t un-derstand! But you admitted to that cheat’s crime just to save her reputation thereby risking yours” mom fumed in anger.
“Mom! Who told you about Gracie?” I asked anxiously
Mom grinned as she cl@pped her hands in a gossip manner.
“You think I won’t find out! Well you are mistaken Jake… Cas-sandra told me everything!” Mom screamed.
Cas-sandra? 🙄
I knew it!
That desperate bit-ch……
“Jake I can’t believe you are this foolish! Your dad sl@pped you, shouted at you and said very mean words to you just because of that girl and a crime you never committed” Mom said
“Mom she didn’t do it as well” I defended
“And how are you so sure that she didn’t?” Mom scoffed
“I think you should ask your announcement minster Cas-sandra…” I said
“Huh? What has Cas-sandra got to do with your craziness?” Mom yelled
“If you must know mom! It was Cas-sandra who stole the answer script from the teacher’s office just because she hates Gracie” I said
Mom stared at me in confusion.
“Cas-sandra?” Mom asked
“You heard me mom! Your righteous Cas-sandra” I said
“And so what Jake? Cas-sandra hates her because she’s of the low clas-s and I think you should do the same…” Mom said
“Hell no! Mom Gracie has been of help to my studies lately… So this is just like a payback favour” I said
“Shut your gob Jake! What payback favour? You saved her as-s from being expelled and now you are on suspension” Mom said
“Mom I’d rather not talk about this” I said as I turned to leave.
“You are nothing but a coward son” Dad’s bold voice almost swept me off my foot.
I quic-kly turned around.
I gulped nervously.
So he overheard the conversation…..
I kept mute as I backed.
We’ve always been like this ever since!
He seems to prefer and choose Anita over me all the time.
Sometimes I wonder if he’s truly my father.
“Chris… Welcome love” Mom said as he pe-cked her.
“I’ll be upstairs mom!” I said as I tried stepping an inch.
He quic-kly held my wrist ti-ght.
“Jake Humphrey? So you ruined in my image because of a mere poor girl?” Dad said
I bec@m£ very angry.
“Dad plea-se… I’ve had it up to here and I can’t bear it any further! If you would excuse me, I would like to go to my room” I said
My gosh!
I can’t believe I just spoke back to my father.
He quic-kly let go of my wrist and I rushed upstairs.
That Cas-sandra!
I will teach her how to bridle her ton-gue.
Mrs Veronica Humphrey’s Pov:
We watched Jake rush upstairs.
I quic-kly turned to my husband Mr Christ©pher Humphrey.
“Chris when are you ever going to st©p yelling at the boy?” I asked as I backed him.
“Honey! That boy brings nothing but trouble for me and for my legacy” He said
“Oh plea-se… That happened ten years ago, why can’t you erase that from your head! Christ©pher he was only a child then” I said
“Vero he almost ruined in my life” He said
“But he’s still your son Chris… Your flesh and blood” I defended
“He just behaves like a coward! He admitted to a crime he never committed just because of a slum stinky girl?” He clenched his fist.
“That’s enough! Just go freshen up darling… Dinner will be served in a while” I said as he k!$$£d my n£¢k.
He walked upstairs majestically.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
As I walked back to the kitchen.
Gracie’s Pov:
I poured out the fishes in the basket on the leaves spre-ad on the ground.
The sun was shining and it was really h0t.
Sweats rushed down my face and b©dy as I continued pouring the fishes out.
“Hey! Lazy as-s if you don’t dry those fishes and sell all today then no food for you” Mother’s coarse voice echoed.
I only rolled my eyes.
“Hey Gracie! You’ve been really scarce these days” Naomi the neighbors daughter asked as she helped me with the basket.
“Oh Naomi! I’ve been busy with school lately” I smiled
“Wow! You’re lucky Gracie.. You got a scholarsh!pto attend a big school like St Paul high school” Naomi said as we shared a laugh.
We were still chatting when a flashy car drove into the compound.
We bec@m£ visibly scared as mother rushed out of the kitchen.
The car’s door opened and to my greatest surprise, Cas-sandra got down from the car with her friend Lucy.
My eyes popped out in shock.
“Cas-sie? Cas-sandra Salvador?” I called out in astonishment.
“Salvador?” Mother muttered to my hearing.
Why is she behaving like she knows her?
Mother stared at her so lost and in admiration.
Cas-sandra looked around in disgust.
“You are not only a pauper but also a pig” Cas-sandra scoffed.
My other siblings rushed out too.
I gulped ha-rd .
“This is nothing but a hell hole called a house…” Lucy added
“I feel like am being feasted on by mosquitoes….Gross! you are nothing but a piece of trash from the garbage can!” She said rudely
“That’s enough Cas-sandra! you have no right whatsoever to insult me in my very own….” I said as a dirty sl@p landed on my face.
Tears gradually dropped down my face.
Mother sl@pped me…..
To be continued….
Like mother like daughter 🚶
Imagine the insult right in front of Cas-sandra… 😢😢