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💋Episode 14💋
Gracie’s Pov:
I buried my face in the pillow and sulked bitterly.
Why does my mother hate me so much?
How could she disgrace me right in front of that girl Cas-sandra?
Why was she so kind to Cas-sandra instead of her daughter?
I sniffed ha-rd and wiped off my tears.
I heard a loud knock on my door.
“Gracie! Gracie….!!” That was mother’s voice.
I kept mute and continued crying.
There is no point opening the door for her.
Not after the humiliations I received from her today.
I got up from the be-d and walked closer to the wall mirror.
Then was when I realised my bead ban-gle was missing.
I’ve always worn that on my wrist.
My jaw dropped in shock.
Where could I have kept it?
Flashback 🌹
Mother landed a dirty sl@p on my face as tears rolled down my cheeks.
I stared at her in astonishment while Cas-sandra laughed excitedly.
“Mother?” I called out in shock.
“Don’t you dare talk to my… Our guest like that” Mother said
“Our guest? She just insulted us mother” I cried out
“Oh shut up! At least someone in your poor worthless family still has a little bit of s-en-se” Lucy grinned
“Yeah… Your dirty good for nothing mother is a kind of manageable” Cas-sandra said rudely.
I stared at mother with a “Did_you_hear_that” look.
But mother only smiled at her.
I was gobsma-cked!
“What would you like us to offer you dear child” Mother said nicely.
I glared ha-rd at mother in shock.
She has never been this kind to me her daughter.
Now she talks to Cas-sie like she’s her child?
Cas-sandra scoffed.
“Offer us?” Lucy laughed as Casandra cl@pped her hands in a gossip manner.
“You are so unbelievable… Duh! I can’t breathe here talk more of eating anything here” Cas-sandra stared around in disgust.
“Oh… We could get you something nice” Mother said
“Oh plea-se… Keep your kindness to yourself old hag!” Cas-sandra said.
“Mother she just called you a hag?” I said
“Shut up!” Mother shouted at me.
I kept mute as Cas-sandra laughed.
Mother walked closer to hold her wrist but she pushed her r0ûghly to the wall.
“Yuck! Stay away from me you stinky swine… Your sight irritates me” Cas-sandra yelled at her.
As she turned to me.
“Too bad for you Gracie! Even your useless mother hates you too….” Lucy mocked me.
Cas-sandra stepped closer to me and dragged my wrist f0rç£fully.
I struggled to free my wrist but her grip was too ti-ght.
“Stay away from Jake Gracie! You’re nothing but bad luck to him” She screamed.
That was when the ban-gle un-hooked.
She took it with her as she hopped into the car and drove off.
I rushed into the house in tears.
Pres£nt 🌹
Oh no! I think Casandra is the one with my precious ban-gle.
I g@sped!
Mrs Martha’s Pov:
I walked about restlessly.
She’s all grown up now!
Beautiful 💕
Clas-sy and gorgeous…♥️
But she’s so saucy…
Anyways what else do you expect from a rich kid?
I wish I could hvg and k!ssher!
She’s so adorable!
I was still lost in thought when Regina walked in.
“Mother what was that for?” She cried out.
I quic-kly backed her busy with folding clothes.
“Mother that mannerless girl just insulted us and you had to sl@p Gracie instead of her?” Regina blurted out.
“She’s not mannerless” I defended her.
Regina scoffed.
“Like seriously mother?” She said
I nodded my head.
“Am still confused why you are siding with that spoilt br@t” Regina said.
“Oh plea-se Regina! Just go help Monica out” I said
She breathed heavily and walked away.
I sighed loudly in relieve..
Am so happy I got to see her after many years.
Mrs Charlotte’s Pov:
Cas-sandra staggered into the mansion drun!k.
She laughed crazily and belched loudly.
I quic-kly got up from the couch and rushed.
Due to the heels, she almost tr!pp£dbut I caught her.
She reeked of alcohol.
The stench of alcohol filled the whole place.
I’ve been worried sick waiting for her to come back.
Thank goodness!
Her dad travelled else he would have dealt with her mercilessly.
“Cas-sandra where the fu-ck are you coming from?” I asked
She laughed again and coughed as she threw up on me.
Gross! 🤤🤮
“Disgusting! Where is your bag?” I asked her as I helped her l@yon her be-d.
“The car…” She said weakly alre-ady asleep.
I picked up her car keys from the drawer and walked out.
🚗 🚗
I opened the car door and brou-ght out her bag.
This daughter of mine is so wayward.
I was about to close the door when my eyes caught with something.
I quic-kly picked it up.
A bead ban-gle 👀 👀 …..
💋Episode 15💋
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I rolled from one side of the be-d to another as I yawned tiredly.
My head was aching badly.
I dragged myself up from the be-d immediately.
Thank goodness….
There is no going to school for today else I would have been very late.
It’s actually a public vacation…..
I was about to walk into the bathroom when mom entered.
She was holding something.
Did she sleep at all last night?
Her eyes looks swollen and it was obvious she lost some sleep.
“Good morning mommy” I greeted
“Oh good morning baby! This? How did you get this?” She opened her palms.
It was a bead ban-gle.
Who the heck owns that?
My poor br@in thought out.
“Ohh… Now I remember! That’s the stupid girl’s ban-gle” I said
“Who?” Mom asked anxiously as I stared at her in surprise.
“Gracie…. The girl in school! But why are you being so concerned mom?” I asked
She f0rç£d a smile.
“Uhmm… Nothing! I just wanted to know cos I know this is not yours” Mom said
I shrugged it off.
“OK mom!” I said as I walked into the bathroom.
What’s so precious about that stupid old ban-gle?
I should trash that cos it’s useless anyways.
My cell phone rang aloud and I quic-kly rushed back to the room.
Oh it’s Kiara…
📱Hello Kiara…. I said excitedly
📱What’s up girl? Let’s go multi-ple call” She said.
She quic-kly connected Lucy and Joann to the call.
📱Hi girls…. Joann and Lucy skrie-ked in excitement
📱What are you guys doing today? Let’s go shopping together…. Lucy suggested
📱Good idea… Cos I’ll be bored as hell…. I said
📱Alright girls…. Time?…. Joann asked
📱1pm will be perfect…. Kiara said
📱Sure girls…. See you guys later! I gotta go take a shower… I said as we hung up after saying goodbyes.
Mrs Charlotte’s Pov:
I walked restlessly up and down my room.
Oh God….
What’s really happening?
This bead n£¢klace is mine!
It has been missing since the day I gave birth to my daughter Cas-sandra.
How come it’s with the strange girl Cas-sandra?
Why do I feel like there is more to this?
I have to find out who that girl really is and why my bead ban-gle is with her.
I can’t tell Cas-sie this because she might misun-derstand the whole issue
Gradually, I will uncover all this mystery.
I continued thinking as I l@yheavily on my be-d.
Gracie’s Pov:
I quic-kly sneaked out of the room.
I have to go get my ban-gle from that witch Cas-sandra.
plea-se don’t let mother see me.
I rushed out of the house.
As I heaved a sigh of relief.
I hurried down the street and flagged down a cab.
It was almost 2pm alre-ady.
Mother had earlier asked me to sell the fishes on the bowl.
I have to get my ban-gle first then I can come back for any other thing.
The cab driver drove on as I prayed silently within me.
I just hope they don’t notice my abs£nce.
Just then, my eyes caught with someone.
We just drove pas-s a mall.
I think I saw Casandra and her friends.
“Sir plea-se reverse the car back to the mall” I said sharply.
“OK miss” The cab driver said
He quic-kly turned back.
I got down from the car.
Now I was sure it’s really her.
As usual they were chatting and laughing so loud.
I quic-kly paid the cab driver.
“Thank you sir” I said as he drove off.
“Cas-sandra! Cas-sandra wait!!” I said sharply as she turned around.
She quic-kly frowned her face on seeing me.
They bur-st into laughter ma-king me feel embarras-sed.
“What’s the poor slum garbage doing here?” They mocked
“Am not here for trouble Cas-sie! plea-se just give me back my bead ban-gle” I pleaded
She laughed.
“That trash….” Joann laughed
“Yes! The trash is important to me” I said
“Sorry but I alre-ady trashed the junk” She said as she climbe-d the stairs.
I quic-kly followed her pleading.
She turned around in annoyance.
“Shoo! Scram…. You pest” She said as she quic-kly pushed me off the stairs.
She couldn’t hold herself as well.
Both of us rolled down the stairs as blood oozed out of our mouths and noses.
“Cas-sANDRA!”! Her friends cried out…….
💋Episode 16💋
Lucy’s Pov:
We walked restlessly up and down.
Oh lord….
I just hope they are both going to be fine!
Actually, we rushed our friend Cas-sie to the hospital while the people in the mall took the slum girl.
“Oh Lucy…. Am so scared right now! I just hope Cas-sandra and Gracie would be fine” Joann said
“Gracie? Don’t tell me you girls are worried about that thing?” Kiara sneered
“Come on Kiara! Joann is right…. I don’t want to get my hands stained with blood” I said in anxiety
“But we didn’t push Gracie… Did we?” Kiara said
“We didn’t yes but how are we going to explain to the public…my dad is a s£nator Kiara, I wouldn’t want to soil his image” Joann blurted out.
Kiara breathed heavily.
“You’re right!” Kiara said
“Have you called aunt Charlotte?” Joann asked me
“Yes! She will be here anytime soon” I said as we continued waiting in anxiety.
Mrs Martha Monte’s Pov:
I walked out of the kitchen with a tuber of yam.
Good heavens!
Where could that good for nothing girl be?
“Gracie! Gracie!!” I yelled on t©p of my voice.
Yet no one answered.
Did that crazy girl leave the house?
“Arrrghh….. She’s really trying my patience, I told her to sell the fishes in the bowl” I said in annoyance.
I heard some noises outside the house and stepped out.
Just then, I saw Naomi the neighbors daughter.
“Tch… Naomi….Hey! Come” I called as she walked to me.
“Yes ma’am!” She said politely
“What’s going on outside there?” I asked anxiously
She stared at me in surprise…..
“I was about to sympathize with you ma’am” She said as I rolled my eyes in confusion.
“Sympathize with me? And why is that?” I asked
“You don’t know?” She said
“Oh shut up Naomi and go straight to the point…. I won’t be asking if I knew” I said irritated
“Well it’s the Salvador’s daughter and Gra….” She said
“What? The Salvador’s daughter? What happened to her?” I asked anxiously
“Uhm… It’s her and your daughter Gracie… I had they fell from the staircase and was bleeding profusely so they were rushed to Central hospital” She said as I flin-ched in shock.
Oh my gosh…..
The Salvador’s daughter was among?
I quic-kly rushed into the house.
I have to go to the central hospital.
I quic-kly dressed up and rushed out of the house.
Off I went to the hospital.
Charlotte’s Pov:
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I drove along.
My poor baby…..
What could have been the cause of all this?
I sniffed ha-rd trying to control myself as I dialed the number.
“Oh pick up alre-ady!” I hit the car steering wheel.
Luckily, the call was picked up.
📲Hello baby….. I cried out
📲Love? Why are you crying?….. Sam asked anxiously
📲Baby it’s our daughter…. plea-se come back alre-ady! She is at the hospital… I cried
📲Hospital? What for?…. He asked
📲She got into an accident baby… I think it’s critical…. I wept.
📲OK love! I’ll take the next available flight…. He said as I hung up.
I bur-st into tears again as I drove into the hospital.
I got down from the car and rushed into the ward.
Suddenly, I bu-mped into someone.
It was a lady.
“Oh am sorry…” We chorused
Just then, the doctor walked up to us.
“Who amongst you is the mother of Cas-sandra Salvador?” The doctor asked
“I am…..”
“I am…..”
The both of us said again as I sh0t her a glare.
“Uhmm… Doctor what I meant was that am Gracie Montes mother” She said as I smiled at her.
“So we are here for same case” I said as we shared a laugh.
“Am Mrs Charlotte Salvador by the way” I said as I brou-ght out my hand to shake her.
“Am Mrs Martha Montes” She said as we shook hands.
“plea-se follow me ladies” The doctor said as we hurriedly ran after him.
Fear gr!pp£dme as we sat on the chair at the doctor’s office.
“Doctor plea-se how is the girls?” We asked
The doctor breathed heavily before forcing a faint smile.
“Uhm… Well you see ladies, the girls lost a whole lot of blood” The doctor said and paused
“So?” Mrs Martha asked
“So they really nee-d blood transfusion for each for them to increase their chances of survival” The doctor said.
Our husband’s arrived on time.
They were going to be the direct donors for the girls.
But according to the doctor, they had to run some tests on them first.
I just want my baby to be alright. This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
Martha’s Pov:
My heart skipped a beat as I bit my f!ngersin anxiety.
“What are you talking about Martha? Don’t you want that stupid daughter of yours to survive?” Fred said
“Fred! Let’s just buy a pint of blood from the blood bank” I said
“And why? When I can donate my blood? Woman just be s-en-sible” He said and walked away.
I scratched my head in confusion and my heart kept racing.
Shortly after the tests we were summoned in the doctor’s office.
I sat with my husband Fred as my heart kept jumping.
The doctor cleared his throat and took off his glas-ses.
My anxiety grew the more.
“Doctor plea-se don’t keep us waiting… The children’s lives are at stake” Mr Sam Salvador said
“Now plea-se don’t offended but I just want to know… Is there a miss up somewhere?” The doctor said
“Mix up? How?” Charlotte asked
“Alright… It’s complicating! Who is the real fathers of the kids?” The doctor said as we exchanged glances at each other.
“What do you mean doctor?” We chorused
“The thing is Mr Sam Salvador…. Cas-sandra Salvador’s blood doesn’t match yours, it matched with Mr Fred’s and Mr Fred Gracie Monte’s blood doesn’t match yours, it matched with Mr Sam’s” The doctor said.
We glanced at each other again.
“WHAT?” We screamed almost the same time….
To be continued….
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