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Summer romance episode 11 & 12

Saturday morning,It was a bit sunny,Block 9 and 16 were having sack race
“Pick a partner”the m.c shouted
Sandra moved to the other m.c,Cyrus moved to Mabel
“You’re interested?or you could choose another partner”he said
Mabel stared at him,he was smiling
“I’m not good at this game,hope you won’t let me fall”She said scared
“I don’t know yet”he said smiling
“Cyrus!”she cried like a baby
“At least Les start the game first”he said bringing a sack
“hop in!”he said to her.She gave him a doubt look and nodded her head negatively
“You go in first”she said.He laughed and entered the sack which reached he level of his stomach
“Now go in”he told Mabel,she first looked at the sack and then a Cyrus.Cyrus laughed again and bent the sack for her to enter,she walked into the sack slowly and Cyrus dragged the sack up back.Now both of them were in the sack.
“What if i fall you down now”Cyrus said to Mabel.she quickly turned back to hop out of the sack but he dragged her back making her body collide with his,hands on her waist,chest touching hers too,he was smiling.Mabel stared at him scared.He laughed
“It feels so good to see you scared”he said and shake the sack.she shouted.He laughed
“Cyrus it’s not funny”she said holding his shirt
“Let the game begin…In your sack…hold your sack…with your partner…and…jump!”the other m.c shouted after seeing that David is occupied with Sandra already
Cyrus and Mabel held their sack and started jumping obviously running too.Cyrus kept on smiling looking at Mabel who was scared.Mabel kept her eyes on the road as they both jumped
“Cyrus…I’m getting tired….my back”she cried
“Keep going Mabel we are the first so far”
“Really?”she tried turning back
“Don’t turn back…keep going keep going!”
“Aaaargh”she shouted in pain
“Sorry”Cyrus tried to take a look at her,she was sweating and with a frown,she looked tired with pains,the game was really stressful he knew it and the sun was doing no good.
“Few jumps to go…and sack c will be the winner”the m.c announced
“who’s sack C”Mabel asked Cyrus
“we are sack C…keep going”he laughed
“looks like sack E wants to take over
“What?who’s sack E”Mabel and Cyrus chorused together and turned to look as they saw Tega and jane.When did tega get here?Mabel wondered
“Come on let’s go”Cyrus said to Mabel as they both jumped
“Aaaargh”Mabel shouted in pain
“Few more steps to go Mabel”Cyrus said as they jumped, jumped, jumped, jumped,jumped and when the reached the finish line.Mabel fell causing cyrus to fall too
“and…sack C won…”the m.c shouted and people clapped.Cyrus and Mabel both lay on the floor panting
“We…we won”Mabel said and looked at Cyrus,he turned to look at her,she was smiling and panting,he also smiled
“Lift me up Cyrus”Mabel said raising her hands
“Who’s the lazy brat now”Cyrus asked laughing.Mabel laughed
“Okay please,my back hurts”she pleaded and felt a hand lift her up sharply. “Tega!”she shouted happily smiling
“Your back hurts?”he asked,she nodded
“Hug me”he said
“Oow-kay”she said and hugged him she wondered why he asked her to do so,till she felt his two hands gently massaging her back up and down
“Ouch”she moaned.It was perfect sweet that was her Tega
“Hey dude,aint you gonna stand up from there”she heard Bianca say to probably Cyrus
“Come lift me up love”she also heard Cyrus voice.Hmmn.Theyve gotten close for the past few days anyway.Mabel turned to take a look at Bianca lifting Cyrus up
“Cyrus don’t forget to collect our sack race award from the m.c.I worked really hard for it”Mabel said and they all laughed
“Mind to go on a lunch date with me darling”Tega whispered to Mabel’s ear.She smiled and nodded then kissed his lips
“Shall we?”he asked releasing their hug
“Sure”she replied
“Where are you guys going to”Jane approached them and asked
“Lunch date with Tega”Mabel said happily
“Can I come with you guys”Jane asked
“No problem you can….”Tega tried to talk
“It’s a date Jane not a conference meeting”Mabel cut in
“Ouch.That was harsh”Jane said
“Really?I didn’t mean to say it that way”Mabel said and gave a quick smile
“Let’s go Tega”she said and pushed Tega.
Jane stared at them as they left.Was that an insult?
Episode 12
They entered into the fancy restaurant along the
way to Tega’s office,a bit far from Summer
singles.They moved to an empty seat and
occupied it.Yega took the menu that has already
been placed on the table and gave it to Mabel
“Make your choice”he said
“Hmmmn..”she read the list over and over again
“They have a lot of Delicious foods here must
say…they have tapioca, taramasalata, Chinese
rice, ramen noodles, sauté potatoes, fish and
chips, Danish pastry….”
“Stop reading g the menu and order”Tega said to
Mabel who was smiling as she read.He knew she
was happy so happy he took her out and he was
also happy he did,he really loved her,he
does.Even when mabel said he doesn’t he still
loves her so much…but work…
“I’ll go with ramen”she finally said and Tega
waved to the waiter who came over and took
their list.He ordered for two plates and the
waiter left
“I was wondering…how can someone know how
to eat what they can’t cook”Tega said
Mabel mouth flew wide open.Tega laughed
“ I won’t take that…that was an
insult”Mabel said and Tega laughed making
Mabel laugh too
“You knew me before you proposed to me,so
don’t complain”Mabel said
“I only proposed to you so you won’t disturb me
about marrying you”Tega said laughing
“What?!Look who’s talking!You were falling for
me!Don’t you get!you couldn’t concentrate on
class after seeing me”Mabel said boasting and
laughing too
“Then agree you were also falling for me”
“You?”Mabel asked and laughed “I only agreed to
date you when I saw that you could kill yourself
in no minute”
Tega laughed “Really?..then why did you kiss me
on my birthday?”he asked
“Birthday? Birthday?”Mabel said trying to
remember “Oh I only kissed you because you
kissed me first,i only responded to the kiss
okay?”she said smiling
“You shouldn’t have responded if you didn’t like
me then”Tega said
“I only wanted to help your situation.I didn’t want
to embarrass you in front of your friends”Mabel
“Thank you”Tega said to the waiter who brought
their foods and left
“Admit you liked me Mabel”Tega said dipping
fork into the food
“I started liking you”she said with food in her
“and when was that?”
“when you saved me from falling from the school
“See!that was before my birthday”
“Really?”Mabel said and they laughed
There was silence for sone while as they both
ate.He placed his hand on her hand that was on
the table.She looked at him
“I love you Mabel… irrespective of…my job…and
my inattention…I still do love you”he said
softly.She stared at him and smiled
“Let’s not talk about the job aspect”she said
eating her food “…cause we are still not clear on
that”she said
“I’ll make changes Mabel”he said
“Make changes since last year!”she raised her
voice.he stared at her.She sighed and gave a
quick smile
“That’s why I said let’s not talk about these”she
said and leaped to kiss him on the lips
“Come on,eat your food.I’m very happy today”she
said with a smile and continued her food,Tega
also continued eating.They were silent as
different thoughts were running through their
“What do you think k of cyrus”Mabel find herself
ask.Tega looked up at her.He didn’t say a
word,he continue used staring.She bit her
lips.Has she asked the wrong question?
“Think is Cyrus?”he asked her and she nodded
slowly “Well he’s your friend…what do you think
of him?”
“Well… nothing”she said
“Then why did you bring up his topic he asked
” well…i…you…I..he…we..”she stammered. she
didn’t even know the reason she raised the topic
she just wanted to say something wanted to
break the silence between she and Tega.Tega
stared at her as she stammered
” wait.. are you jealous”she tried changing the
“Jealous?”Tega laughed “you know well jealousy
is far from my dictionary”he said
“That’s another thing I don’t like about you,Tega
come on you are a man.You are expected to be
“Expected to be jealous…”why?If I see a guy
with you…can’t make me jealous,you might be
“What if a guy kisses me”she asked.He laughed
for some while as she stared at him.
“For a guy to kiss you…I mean is he crazy..are
you his fiancee…if it’s a mistake..I won’t be
“Is kissing always a mistake?”Mabel asked
“oow-kay..I can’t be jealous if a guy kisses you”
“Yeah I mean if a guy apart from me kisses
you,wouldnt you have given him a slap,so why
would I be jealous.It will just worsen the
situation between us”
“But that does not mean you should go around
kissing a guy”he said Mabel laughed
“There’s still a tiny bit of jealousy in you love”she
cupped his cheeks.They laughed
“Talking about babies…”Mabel said and sipped
her drink “…when we get married I want a
boy”she said
“I object!”Tega said
“I object.I want a girl.Two identical twin girls”he
said.Mabel laughed
“Nah.Nah.I want a boy”
“A girl Mabel.. she’s gonna be so cute”
“He’s also Gona be so handsome too”
“A girl Mabel..who will learn how to cook at her
childhood age..”
“….so she won’t be like her mother right?”Mabel
said dragging his ears.They both laughed
Tega phone rings
“Release my ear let me pick my call please”he
says laughing.She released him and he picked
his phone
“Hey Bobby.Whats up”he said and winked at
Mabel who blushed
“He’s around?with the CEO?right now?”he
said.Mabel smile faded.All this fun was gonna
stop in no moment
“Did you finalize the deal with him?…why?..okay!
I’ll be right there”he said and hung up.One look
at Mabel.He saw she was boiling.There was
nothing he could say now that would convince
her and he really needed to ho see this client.He
was short of words.he didn’t even know what to
say to Mabel,he just kept scratching his hands
“I..I… at summer singles”he
manage to say
She raised her brow to him and gave him an
angry look.He bit his lips and sighed
“Well talk about these later.Lets give gently
stood up
“You can go I’ll sort myself out”she said in an
angry voice.He gentle sat down back
“Hun?”he asked.she looked at him
“I said leave me alone you can go”She saw in a
more angry tone
“Come on Mabel.we came together and we
should go home together..I’ll drop you at…”
“This is an eatery Tega and you won’t like me
embarrassing you”she raised her voice.Tega
looked around.Thank God nobody was
watching.If he continued arguing with Mabel.they
might end up creative g a scene
He stood to his feet,moved to Mabel,bent to
where she was sitting and kissed her.Mabel had
expected his usual short kisses,bit this one
seems longer,she responded to the kiss and it
didn’t stop.H e went gently and deeply
Aww.Tbat was the Tega she loved.She couldn’t
even bear fighting with him for so long.
Awwwwnn…I love this two


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