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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Songs of my heart Episode 21 & 22

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( Can’t Help Falling In Love )


Episode 21



💖 Norah’s Pov 💖

” Angel? That’s her name?? ” Mary asked still checking the picture
” Yeah,, that’s her name ” I replied
” I really feel sorry for her ” She said and I sigh

” There is nothing I can do about it Mary,, that’s her fate ” I said
” The truth will be revealed no matter what,, you should confess now before it’s too late ”
” Mary,, it’s not that easy. I’ve kept this secret for 20 years now,,, nobody will find out. Okay?? ”

” I hope so Norah,, but I’ve you tried meeting with Vivian?? ” She asked
” Not yet,, am just going to meet her. Touch her,,, for the first time ” I said wiping my tears off
” I feel your pain Norah ” She said hugging me

” Thank you ” I whispered

I know am not doing the right thing,, but I have to make sure my baby is okay. Angel, am so sorry that my daughter Vivian is the one taking your place.
But I have my reasons,, am so sorry. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me,,,,

🎻 Joanna’s Pov 🎻

( Teddy’s Sister 😏)

I drove out of my mansion,, I don’t know why but I missed Angel a lot. I will just go to her school,,.

My phone rang again and I groan,,
” Why can’t you just leave me alone??!! ” I yelled at no one in particular
But am damn tired of him calling me,, can’t he understand that am f**king not interested in him???

Damn, I hate this.
I ignored the call and continue driving,, I drove into the school and came out of the car,,,

💋 Wow,, it’s Joanna Unnie!!!
💋 She looks so beautiful!!
💋 I love you!!!
💋 Why is she here?? Teddy is not even in school today

I smiled and waved at them,, but why is Teddy not in school??

I walked into the band’s class,, was surprised that Angel is not one of the band. But why??

” Joanna Unnie,, it’s great to see you here ” Vivian said with a smile walking to me
” Yeah thanks ” I replied checking the others out

” Hi,, am Nicole ” One of them said
” New right?? ” I asked
” Yeah ” She replied and I smiled
” Nice meeting you ” I said

” Jasmine ” I called
She walked to me and hugged me,,
” I really missed you a lot!! Where have you being?? ” She asked

” Just decided not to come here ” I smirk
” So why are you here?? ” She asked
” Do you know any girl called Angel?? I actually

thought she will be here, but she’s not ” I said and sigh

” Wow,, she’s my friend. Why are you looking for her?? ”
” Are you kidding me?? She’s my brother’s Girlfriend ” I smirk and turned to Vivian

I can see she’s burning with Anger already, I laugh inwardly.

” We are her friends,, let’s take you to her ” Jasmine said holding Nicole
” That will be great ” I said and we all went out of the class

” Are you guys best friends?? ” I asked
” Of course,, really good friends ” Jasmine replied

” You can stay here, I will go call her ” Nicole said running off

🎻 Angel’s Pov 🎻

Gosh,, am so bored right now. I took my bag and walked out of the class,,
” Girlfriend!! ” Someone yelled at my back,, that’s Nicole’s voice

I turned back and faced Nicole beaming with smile
” Hey,, ” I said

” You have a guest ”
” Guest?? Who is it?? ” I asked looking confused
” Teddy’s Sister ” she said and I gasped

” Joanna?? ” I asked
She nodded,, what?? Why is she looking for me right now??
” Let’s go ” I said
” I can’t believe she came all the way, just for you. You must be so special to her ”

” Hmm,, you think?? ”
” Of course ”

I saw her standing with Jasmine,, she smiled the moment she saw me

” Hey ” She said.
” Hi ” I replied with a smile
” Thank you guys, we will talk later ” She said it Nicole and Jasmine as she drag me with her.

I turned to them, but those idiots only smirk at me,,

” Will you go have some fun with me?? ” She asked as we got to her car
” I would love to ” I smiled

” That’s great!! ” She said
I look out,, damn. Am so shy around her, will I even get used to this???

🎻 Vivian’s Pov 🎻

” Did you see that??!!! She came for Angel not me!!! She likes her because she’s Teddy’s girlfriend,,what the f**k? Why can’t it be me??? ” I shouted
” Come on Babe,, you always have the best solutions to problems right?? ” Lily said and I smiled

” Trust me girls ” I said
” I just hate that girl with my whole heart ” Briana said making me smirk

I will make sure you regret ever coming into Teddy’s life, trust me.

I dialed a number,, he’s the one handling the plan.

📲 Hey Vivian, any news??

📲 No,,, Liam please you are making everything slow. I told you to make sure you get down with her. Why is it so hard to do??

📲 Am trying my best,, just give me more time. Anyway I was able to convince her to being my friend, just trust me okay???

📲 I will be waiting,, don’t act anyhow I don’t want anyone to suspect you

📲 trust me

📲 Thank you Liam

I ended the call and smile devishly 😂




😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

We entered into the shopping mall,, I wowed. But what are we doing here??

” You can’t stay there forever,, ” Joanna said dragging me inside
I chuckle at the action,,, she’s just a darling.

💋 Omg!! It’s Joanna!!!
💋 Unnie!!!!
💋 She’s so beautiful!!

She waved at them,, they gasped like they are surprised. That’s cute.

💋 Do you know who that girl is??
💋 I don’t know,, but she’s cute

what the fuck,,,

” Don’t you think you guys have to make your relationship public right now?? ” She whispers
” Is that really necessary? ” I asked
” You don’t want anyone to flirt with him right?? Then do what I say ” She said and touched my cheek softly

I sigh out loud

” How may I help you mams?? ” A lady in her early thirties said with smile
I guess she also know who Joanna is, who wouldn’t know her??
” Want some sexy clothes ” Joanna said with a wink making me laugh

The woman nodded and lead the way while we followed,,, we got to the clothes section and Joanna started picking some stuffs.
” Are you just gonna stand there?? Pick something you like ” She said

” Am sorry, but I didn’t bring any card with me ” I said
” Are you kidding me?? Am paying for everything, and besides. I can just take it from my brother later if you don’t wanna owe me one ” She winked
I nodded in agreement,,,

I took some clothes and smiled inwardly,, am sure Teddy will love it when I put these on. Such a pervert I got as a boyfriend.

I checked the men’s section, wow so beautiful. My eye caught with a bracelet, he love putting them on anyway. I got two,, HEARTS was written on them, am gonna take one and he will take the other.

I saw some head tie,, he also love using them. I got two, red and white. So am trying to be a good girlfriend now?? 😂😂

After we left the mall,, we entered the car and she started driving to somewhere I don’t know.
” You must be hungry ” She said
” I think I am ” I replied making her grin

” So,, how is my brother doing with you?? ” She asked and I gulped into nothing. Why will she bring this up??
” Good,, we are doing good ” I replied somehow nervous

” Have you guys done it?? ” She asked and I faced her almost immediately


” done what?? ” I asked
” Are you kidding me?? You don’t understand?? ” she asked
I shook my head lightly

” I can’t believe this,, okay I mean have you guys,, like,, had sex already?? ” she asked and I gasped
” What?? Of course not!!,, oh no ” I said

She laughed at my nervousness,, damn am becoming shy already.
” Well, I guess he really love you a lot. No guy will be able to resist your sexy body ” She grin

” Thanks for that ” I said
” Can’t believe my brother’s girlfriend is a shy type,, you still have a lot to learn. Don’t worry am always here, anytime ” She said
I nodded

👑 Teddy’s Pov 👑

I walked out of the car,, the guards all bowed their heads as I walked in. Damn, I don’t know how many times I will correct them. I hate those bowing down of a thing.
Am not God, am just a human like them.

” Hi sir ” The maids greeted
” Thanks,, is Angel in?? ” I asked
” No,, she’s not back ” They replied

” She’s not back?? ” I asked again to be sure
” Yes sir ”

I went upstairs and checked her room,, she’s not there. It’s late already,, where is she right now??

What if something bad happen to her?? I won’t be able to take that.

I tried her number, what?? Switched off?? Why did she do that??
I rushed downstairs again,, I maybe I should go to one of her friend’s house, she may be there.

I was about going into the car when a car drove in,, Joanna?? I waited until she came down,, and then Angel followed.
I breath out immediately, I was damn worried.

” Worried about her already?? ” Joanna asked
” Where are you guys coming from?? ” I asked
” DO you have to ask me that?? Ask your girlfriend not me ” She winked and drove out

That crazy sister of mine,,, I turned back to Angel. She walked to me and hugged me. I heard the guards clearing their throat 😂
” How much do you miss me?? ” I asked still hugging her
” Hmmm,, 100%” She replied

” I missed you more ” I said unlocking from the hug.
I lean closer to her face,,, I turned back at the guards

” Close your eyes ” I said with a smirk causing them to laugh
” Are you kidding me?? Let’s leave ” She said dragging me in
” Did you get anything for me?? ” I asked pointing at the bags a maid was holding


” Yeah ” She replied
” Can’t wait to see them ”

” Thank you ” She told the maid who dropped the bags as we got upstairs
She bowed and left immediately,,,

I sat down on the bed and watched as she brought everything out,, such a cute girl 😋.

” Here ” She said showing me two bracelets in her palm
I took one of the two and read what’s on it,,
” My heart or yours?? ” I teased
” Our hearts 💚 ” She replied

She tied one around my wrist and I also did the same,,,

” Promise to love me forever?? ” She asked ,, I smiled and wipe the slow tears coming out of her eyes
” I promise with my life ” I said and hugged her
” I love you ” I whispers in her ear



TBC :::::::

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