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July 23, 2021


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Songs of my heart Episode 23 & 24

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( can’t help falling in love )


Episode 23 💜💛💚💙




😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

” I love you ” He whispered into my ear
” More than you do ” I replied and unlock from the hug
I don’t know why my heart is beating fast,, like something bad will happen. I hope everything will be fine oh lord.

” What are you thinking about?? ” Teddy asked removing the hair strand from my face
” Nothing,,, ” I replied
” You should join the upcoming competition, I don’t want Vivian to win this time. I can trust you right?? ”

” What?? Do you think I can beat Vivian in that?? ” I asked somehow nervous
” I will help you with your voice ” He said

I took my lips in and nodded,,
” You can do this, trust me ” He smiled
” Yeah ” I said

He lean closer to my face, I bite my bottom lips immediately. He smirk and kissed my cheek, whaaat!!

” Stop being naughty ” He said
” You won’t do that ” I said and pulled him to myself
” What are you doing?? ” He asked

” What do you think am doing?? ” I asked and smirk
He smiled and touched my face softly,,,,, I grin sheepishly and laid beside him resting my head on his chest.

I went into my dream world immediately,, so tired.

❤ Vivian’s POV ❤

” What do you mean?? ” I asked angrily
” A woman is at the gate,, she’s asking for you ” My pA repeated

What the h**k?? This is my private Mansion and no one knows about this.
I only come here whenever am worked out , so how did this woman finds out?? And who is she??

” Okay, let her in ” I said and sigh out before resting my head back.

Soon he came in with a woman around my mom’s age, am sure she’s here for money. Nothing else

” My daughter ” She said trying to touch me, My PA stopped her immediately
” What do you want?? ” I asked

” I don’t want anything my daughter,, seeing you this way is my joy. Am,, glad you made it. Am so proud of you ” She said wiping her tears
” What are you talking about?? ” I asked looking confused
” You will understand someday ” She said and walked out

What was that all about??

” Find out everything about that woman,, everything!!!! ” I shouted at my PA
” Done ” He replied and walked out

I think she know something about me,, am very sure about that. Her words are strange, and why the f**k did she call me her daughter??
I have a mother, and I don’t want a poor mother like her.

I scoff and sip my juice,,, I took my phone and checked the ongoing rumors.

Omg!!! Angel will be competing in the upcoming competition??? This is bad!!! Oh no, I didn’t plan this!
What do I do?? I can’t go down this way. If she win then my fame will become low, I have to win this no matter what.

A call came on my phone, I picked up

📞 Hey Lily

📞 Hi,, have you seen the news?? Angel will be competing, do you have any plan??

📞 I don’t have for now,, but I have to win this in every way

📞 Yeah I know,, we will talk about this tomorrow.

📞 Okay sure

I sigh and dropped the call,, Angel, why do you always wanna frustrate my life?? You took Teddy from me,, now you wanna bring me down too??

I won’t allow that,, never

🎻 Nicole’s Pov 🎻

” Omg!!! I can’t believe this!! So,, Vivian only have a tiny assurance of winning The best female artist this year?? ” I shouted jumping around the room

” Yeah!!! Am so happy ” Jasmine replied
We both faced Angel who look worried

” What’s the matter?? ” I asked and sat beside her
” Am somehow nervous,, what if I don’t win?? I don’t want to disappoint Teddy ” she replied
” Angel, I know you can do this. And besides Teddy is gonna help you, so don’t be scared ” Jasmine said and I nodded in agreement

” I hope so ” She sigh
” Let’s do something fun!!!! ” I shouted
” What?? ” Jasmine and Angel asked
” Let’s sing ” I said

” That will be fun ” Angel said making me smirk
” Choose ” I said
” 7rings by Ariana Grande?? ” Jasmine asked and we all nodded

” That’s great,,, someone should start ” I said

Jasmine :: 🎵 yeah, breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles
🎵Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble
🎵 Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines
🎵 Buy myself all of my favorite thing
🎵 Been through some bad s**** I should be a sad b***h
🎵 who would’da thought it’d turn me to a savage
🎵 Rather be tied up with calls and not strings
🎵 write my own cheque like I write what I sing!!!


😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

” See you in school tomorrow bitches ” I said with a smirk
” Yeah,, my regards to Teddy ” Jasmine said
I gave her a killer look,,,,

They went in,, I entered the car,. The driver was about taking off when I saw a lady, who is she?? I noticed she always show up sometimes,, but she never spoke to me.

” Stop ” I told the driver
” Okay mam ” he replied

I got out of the car and walked to the lady

” Hi mam ” I greeted with a smile
” Beauty ” She replied

” Do you need any help mam?? ” I asked
” I don’t need anything my beauty ” She replied

Why did she keep on repeating the word beauty??

” You don’t know anything about yourself daughter ” She said
” What do you mean?? ” I asked
” Do you know who your mother is?? ” She asked

I shook my head negatively.

” You should find out ”
” I was told she’s dead ” I said
” She’s not dead,, ” she said and walked away

I stood there speechless as ever,,,,

Mother is alive???




❤ Vivian’s Pov ❤

” Mam,, ” my PA came in
” Any information?? ” I asked
” yes mam ”
” go on ”

” According to what i found ,,she gave birth to a child 20 years ago ,a girl actually. But now ,no one is with her, I don’t know where her daughter is” he explained

So where is she calling me her daughter?? How did I become her daughter and why did she said that am going understand in the future???

” Find out more about the child she gave birth to,, I need it in the next 24 hours ” I said and took my car key
” Done ” He replied

I walked out and entered my car, I drove off immediately. I am not thinking straight right now,,, am I her daughter?? Did mother adopt me??

But that can’t be true,, I was not adopted. I was not damn adopted!!!!

Just calm down Vivian, wait for your PA to bring the information, yes. Okay let’s calm down a little.

😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

I got back into the car,, who is this woman?? And how did she know that my mom is alive?? Am confused,

But how is she expecting me to find out who my mother is?? I should inform Teddy about this.
” Mam,, where are we going right now?? ” the driver asked
” Just take me home please ” I replied with a sigh

Everything is just different,,,,, I will be 20 next month,, why is all these happening now???

” Mam we are home ” The driver said jerking me out of my thought
” Thanks ” I said and got down from the car

I carried my bag and walked in,,,,

” You are welcome mam ” The maids greeted with smile on their faces
” Yeah, thanks ” I replied and went upstairs

I went straight to Teddy’s room,, he’s not even back. I dropped my bag and laid softly on the bed, am damn tired.

Teddy, where are you?? Please just come home already

I felt a hand on my head, I opened my eyes,, he’s trying to check my temperature. I smiled inwardly.
” Are you okay?? ” He asked
I sat up and embraced him,,,
” Am not fine ” I replied within the hug

” What’s wrong?? ” he asked stroking my hair
” I met a woman today,,, and she said something about my mom. I think she’s alive ” I said and unlock from the hug
” She’s alive?? ” he asked and I nodded
” What do I do right now?? Even if she’s alive,, I can’t even recognize her, I don’t know how she looks like ” I said sobbing silently

” I hate seeing your tears, ” He said and wipe my tears off
” But,,,,, ”
” I will help you,,, I will help you find her okay?? ” he said and a smile escape my lips
” Thank you,,,,, I love you so much ” I said and hugged him again

” Smile for me ” he said into my ear

Mom,,, please just stay strong for me. Am gonna find you soon,, just be strong. I love you so much

❤ Jasmine’s Pov ❤

Someone knocked on my door,,, Who can this person be?? I sigh and opened the door, I gasped immediately I saw the person.

Max!!!!! Oh my God!! What is he doing here?? This is not good, oh no
” You actually thought you can run away from me right?? ” he asked in his ever cold voice

I stood still bashing my lashes in fear,,,,
” Max,,,, what,, what are,,, you doing here?? ” I managed to ask him

He slapped me straight in the face,,

” Ouch ” I groan in pain holding my face
” Max please stop,, am not running away from you!! You are the one hurting me,, just stop all these if you really love me please ” I pleaded in pain

” Hurting you??? Am showing you love and you think am hurting you??? ” He asked moving closer to me

” Come here! ” He shouted and grab me
” Max!! Stop!! ” I shouted

He slapped me again dragging me into my room,

” Strip right now!!! ” he commanded angrily
” Max please, don’t do this ” I pleaded
” I said strip!! ” he yelled again

I started pulling off my clothes,,,,

He smiled coldly watching me naked,,,

He moved closer to me and pushed me on the bed with force, I can’t dare to resist him. He’s gonna hurt me more.

I watched as he took off his trouser,,, I sob inwardly. He came on top of me and forced his d**k into me

” Oh no!! ” I screamed
I’ve never experience a soft s*x in my life!! Why is my life so hard?? Must he always force himself on me??

He keep on thrusting into me with all his power,,,

” Max!!! Please,, easy,, please!!! ” I screamed

All fell on deaf ear,,, after he’s satisfied he left me helplessly on the bed.

I cried bitterly,,, I managed to pick my phone. I can’t believe am going to expose my secret right now. But I can’t hold the pain any longer.

I called Nicole,, I can’t tell Angel right now,, she’s too soft hearted to know.

📞 Hey girlfriend!! What’s up??
Nicole asked happily

A tear dropped from my eyes

📞 Bess,,,, I need,, your help please

📞 What’s wrong,,?? Your voice is,,,

📞 Come here please,, am gonna die

📞 What??!!!!!! Am coming right now!!!!

📞 Please,, don’t tell,, Angel. She’s gonna cry

📞 Okay,, just hold on. Am almost there!!!!

I dropped the call and everything became black



TBC :::::::

Jasmine 😭😭😭

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