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something about us Episode 39

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 39🥀.


“Aigoo! Tck! Tck!–Alexa cli-cked her ton-gue loudly playfully snapping her thumb on Flora’s forehead.
“Instead of losing that 2kg..You ended up gaining more weight” Alexa tea-sed.

“Whatever. Now, I can eat the food I wanna eat, or am I wrong?” Flora smiled

“Not at all.. Enjoy all you want” Lizzy ch!pped in.

“I’m still happy you didn’t go to the U.S” Alexa said staring at the table.

“What?” Flora asked. As suprised,Elizabeth faced her. Alexa slowly shifted her gaze to Flora and smiled.

“3 years ain’t no joke. God knows I’m gonna miss you. What if you change when you come back to Korea. What if you forget us after mixing with the American blood?” Alexa sniffed. Flora looked at her and a warm smile formed on her face.

“Don’t worry I’m here” Flora whispered

“Though I feel sad you had to suffer this way. I can’t believe your h@rd work didn’t pay off. Your labour went in vain. I’m sorry, Flora”
Alexa added with a teary voice.

“She’s right. I’m with her” Lizzy said sighing de-eply. She had sadness in her voice.

“Aiish! What’s this huh? What with this atmosphere? St©p the mood alre-ady! Let’s just talk about the good things in life, huh?” Flora smiled trying to cheer them up.

“What good thing do we have in life? Nothing. I can’t further my dreams cause my parents doesn’t approve. You can’t also do ballet like you used to. Alexa is a house keeper who has failed 5 times in her entrance college exams. She has even given up alre-ady due to this. What’s going with us seriously?Nothing is going well as we planned. Do you think we sinned in our previous lives. It’s annoying seriously!” Lizzy whispered. The girls stared at her and began to think h@rd. Sadness filled their eyes.

“Guys…I have something to tell you” Alexa whispered cutting off the thick silence.

“Huh? What’s that?” Flora asked. Alexa had to tell them she had decided to take another exam. She tried h@rd to talk but words couldn’t simply form from her mouth. She kept staring with her mouth slightly opened.

“Hey? Won’t you talk?” Flora’s voice woke her.

“Huh… Actually, Ken knows now!” She finally blurted after thinking too h@rd.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Elizabeth asked wi-dening her eyes out of curiosity.

“He knows I’m a girl!”

“What?” Flora yelled

“How?” Lizzy questioned

“It was a mistake. Actually, I had an unexpected menstruation in their place–

“What?” The girls simultaneously asked. They were surprised and shocked.

“Ssh! Shut up. You guys are screaming! Infact, I’m not gonna tell you guys anymore!” Alexa sm-irked.

“No! Tell us! Tell us!” They pleaded holding her. Alexa struggled from their f0rç£d grip and started running around playfully. Flora and Lizzy ran after her with laughter now in their hearts.


“What the–Sir, Do you see that?” Alicia asked now moving her face closer to the screen.

“I need my spectacles for this but I can see a hand on the steering wheel. It’s quite blurry. Can you see it?” Murphy asked narrowing his eyes.

“A bit…I can see a handband…The driver is wearing a handband” Alicia whispered

“Handband? It’s nothing new. I’m sure Laura got lots of Hand bands at home”

“This isn’t Laura. I’m sure of it. Wow!” Alicia exclaimed. She was so excited now.

“What? Do you see something sweetie?” Her father asked. Alicia looked at him and smiled. She nodded quic-kly and ran her hands into her purse. She brou-ght out her note pad and a sharpened pencil.

“Huh? Smallie.. Do you see something? What’s that?” Murphy tea-sed. Alicia ignored him, sat down on the chair opposite the l@pt©p. She placed the note pad on her l@p and looked at Murphy.

“Sir, Zoom that a little bit and place it more on the right”

“Okay.. Okay–Murphy replied as he pressed a key. He st©pped halfway and turned his gaze to Alicia who looked back.
“Wait a minute? Is this smallie now ordering me around? Aiish. I can’t believe I almost obeyed that!” Murphy scoffed

“I’m so sorry, Sir… Can you just do as I asked. plea-se?” Alicia asked sweetly. Murphy chuckled and nodded. He eventually did so.

“So what did you find so special on this hand band that you’re about to waste your time drawing?”

“This is big evidence sir–Alicia smiled.
“The hand band is unique… Can’t you see the logo drawn on it? It’s quite blur but I’m gonna try and get something from it” She added still drawing.

“There’s a logo? Oh.. You’re done with it… Can I take a look?” Murphy asked.

“Sure…Here you go sir” Alicia replied giving him the note pad.

“Your drawing is quite funny… So, Is this a white dove?” He asked pointing at the drawing. Alicia nodded.

“I’m not so good in drawing but you’re gonna un-derstand it at least. The logo had a dove on it…and a fig leaf too above 🌱–🕊” Alicia explained pointing.

“Oh.. Yeah, I can see that”

“So, Do you know what that means?” Alicia asked. Murphy smiled and looked at her.

“I guess.. We have to find any place, building or company with this logo” Murphy smiled.

“Yeah. It will lead us to the real culprit” Alicia chuckled. Mr Lynn watched his daughter quite proud but he was also a bit worried too.


Flora heard the loud alarm clock ring and buzz. She sprang to her feet with her eyes still half-closed.

“I’m re-ady for ballet cl@ss” She smiled saying. She was still slumbering. Suddenly, She opened her eyes shocked.

“What this? What did I just say??” She asked aloud. She gro-an ed angrily and embarrasedly, laid back on the be-d.

“Darn it, What have I been thinking! Ballet? You got to be kidding me?! Hey! Flora, You had better pu-ll yourself together and plan on losing some weight!” She shouted at the t©p of her voice turning and twirling on the be-d. She covered her face with the be-d sheets and placed the soft white pillow on her back head.

She heard her phone vibr@ting which jo-lted her. She fell on the ground quite shocked.

“Oouh!” She gro-an ed painfully. She t©uçhed her back and traced her hand to the phone on the table. Without looking, She picked it.

“Hello!” She yelled angrily placing the phone close to her ear.

“Huh? You should place it close to your face and not your ear” The voice replied.

“Who’s this seriously?” Flora thought still very pissed off. She decided to look at her phone screen in order to see the unknown caller.

“Aaahhhh!” She screamed immediately flinging her phone to the other side. She was so shocked that her heart was nearly gonna bur-st out. She crawled to the phone which laid helplessly on the floor and looked at the screen.

“Were you shocked? Sorry” The caller said. It was a VIDEO CALL after all. Flora scoffed loudly.

“What’s wrong with you? I said you shouldn’t talk to me ever again!” She yelled.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry but plea-se, can you give me a chance. One last chance. I’m gonna make it up to you, huh?” It was Ken.

“Make up for what? My dead past? Never call this number again. I’m hanging up!”

“Wait.. Wait! Flora,… I like you!,I like you!” He exclaimed quic-kly. Flora looked at him shocked.

“What?” She asked suprised.

“I like Flora. So much..huh, No matter what people–

“You’re crazy” Flora interrupted.

“Can you just listen to me–

Beep! Flora quic-kly cut the video call off. She stood up, kept her phone and changed into a jersey uniform. She wore a white Sneakers and went out.

“Dad? Mum? Good morning. I’m leaving now” Flora greeted.

“Good morning Hunny. How was your night?” Mrs Brown asked.

“I had a nightmare” Flora replied

“Nightmare? About what darling? Are you alright?” Mr Brown, her father asked worriedly.

“I’m cool now”

“I see. Do you wanna join us for breakfast?” Mr Brown asked.

“No. Not now… I’m just gonna exercise for a bit first”

“Darling. Aren’t you tired of exercising alre-ady? I told you we can help. You just need to see Dr. br@ndon in U.K, Trust me, He’s good.. He’s gonna help with your b©dy shape. No surgery needed” Mrs Brown spoke with sadness.

“No. I’m fine. I can do this”

“I know you are holding down because of your friends–


“No. It’s fine. When you are re-ady, You can always tell us” Mr Brown smiled

“Hmm.. Okay then”

“You must have heard the news alre-ady” Mrs Brown ch!pped in.

“Huh? About?”

“Dana Willy? She’s back in Korea. Oh.. She checked on you yesterday but I guess you were busy with your friends” Her mother replied

“What’s all this about that nut job of a human?. You guys should st©p talking about her.. I’m tired alre-ady. Why did she check up on me, anyways… Do I look like her friend or do we have some sort of attachment?” Flora asked.

“She said she wanted to say “Hi”…that’s all” Mr Brown said. Flora sighed and began to walk away.

“See you later!” She exclaimed and left the house. She walked out of the premises, locked the gate and jogged for a while.

Now, While trying to start a Run,, She heard a feminine voice.

“Hi” The voice said. Flora slowly turned behind to see the unknown.
To her greatest surprise, It was her. Dana Willy. She was shocked but maintained her cool. Dana smiled at her ,brushed her hair to her ear in a girlish manner and began walking to Flora.

Flora looked at Dana’s feet. She was wearing an expensive ballet shoes which was glittering blue. To her utmost surprise, Dana was strangely walking on her toes. Flora scoffed loudly.

“Is she trying to show her skills or what? Ballet my foot!” Flora thought. Dana ti-p toed to her and she did that really fast without feeling hurt. Seems, she was damn good now!, Even more than a Pro!!.

“Long time, Dearest” Dana smiled

“What? Dearest?” Flora asked with a stern face.

“Yeah. That’s how we do in the U.S ,Don’t you think it’s cool?” Dana smiled

“Cut it out. So, What are you doing here? In front of my place?” Flora questioned

“I c@m£ to say Hi.. I know you’ve missed me so much.. By the way,,
– Nice shoes you’ve got there” Dana chuckled wickedly.

Flora’s eyes went to Dana’s ballet shoes first. Then, She moved her eyes slowly to her own very shoes. Her exercising shoes! Her purely different shoes! Her sneakers!. Her eyes ba-lls struggled not to form tear crystals. She sniffed loudly watching the different shoes below her.


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