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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sold to Mr rude Episode 3 & 4

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By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍧Episode 02



Nicky’s Pov:

I walked into the very large room with my luggage.

The driver handed a key to me before he left.

My heartbeat increased…. 💓

For sure I know this place is going to be terrible.

I can’t believe this… So the guy I threw my ice cream on is the one am sold to.

Tears refused to come out of my eyes as I thought of him.

He’s the most arrogant person I’ve ever seen.

Flashback 👈

“You again?” we shouted together.

“What are you doing here crazy lady?” He asked arrogantly.

“Why are you stalking me Mr rude?” I asked with my palms folded.

“Actually you are in my house you chicken” He said and my eyes popped out in shock.

“So I bought you?” He smirked at me.

I felt like collapsing…

Oh good heavens… 😇

Take my soul with you….

I kept praying within myself.

To my greatest surprise, he only told the driver to show me the room.


I sat heavily on the bed.

Woah…. It was so soft and bouncy…

I can’t wait to sleep on it.

Oh God! Please get money for my mom and sister to save me from this hell.

I breathed heavily…

Eric’s Pov:

I was still in shock….

This is quite a very big coincidence.

I laughed excitedly.

This is time to make life miserable for that bad mouthed girl

I’ll make life

unbearable for her.


The next morning….

I walked into her room….

She was still fast asleep on the bed.

I grinned wickedly….

I walked closer to her and placed the loud alarm clock on her ear as I turned it on.

It shouted very loudly into her eyes.

She flinched in fear and almost fell from the bed.

😂 😂

I almost laughed my eyes out but I controlled myself.

She stood up in shame…

I never knew she was this quiet…

“Hey! Get your lazy a** outta here” I shouted at her as she rubbed her eyes in weakness.

“Am… Am sorry” She said

“What do you think you are here for you good for nothing slut? There are lots of work for you” I said as she gulped.

“But am yet to brush my teeth” She said as I scoffed.

“And so? Follow me now” I ordered as I walked out of the room and she followed me.

We walked into the very large garden behind the house.

She was still surprised.

I threw a rake and cutlass at her.

She was able to dodge else the objects might hurt her.

I don’t care!

“What are we doing here?” She asked

I kept mute at first as I eyed her dangerously

“Clear this place” I said as I pointed at the big garden.

She looked around gobsmacked.

“What?” She cried as I sighed.

I quickly walked into the mansion leaving her outside.

I smiled in excitement.

“Very good! This is just the beginning of your suffering Nicky Romero” I grinned.

I sat by the window in my room upstairs and watched her suffering.

Nicky’s Pov:

He’s so heartless….

I mean who

does this kind of work?

I mean I can do any kind of chore but working and clearing a garden three times bigger than the compound early in the morning.

I yawned hungrily.

I picked up the cutlass and started working.

I didn’t even have any thing to eat last night.

I was feeling very famished.

I kept working and working.

1 hour 🕒

2 hours 🕒

3 hours 🕒

4 hours 🕒

I was still working….

It was almost noon when I finished.

My eyes were turning and I was hungry.


I walked into the room….

I saw him at the sitting room watching movies.

I quietly walk towards the stairs.

“Nicky…..” He called and I stood at a place.

“Yes…” I said rolling my eyes

“Get into the kitchen and prepare something for me to eat” He said with his eyes fixed on the television.

I felt like strangling him.

💭 What? After working for hours?”💭 I thought

“Am really tired” I said

He only turned around and gazed at me.

I gulped nervously.

I quickly walked straight to the kitchen with a squeezed face.

My eyes caught with the food timetable pasted on the wall.

“Chicken salad….” I yawned

I started cooking.

Some minutes later….

I was done cooking.

I quickly served the food on the dinning.

He walked to the dinning and sat.

I prayed within myself.

By then, I was so much tired.

He opened the food and his countenance changed.

He stared me and I gulped nervously.

He spooned some of the food to his mouth.

He quickly poured the plate of chicken salad on me……


🍧Episode 03🍧


Nicky’s Pov:

I gasped in shock as the chicken salad was poured on my face.

It was so hot and got me jumping in pain.

I was so gobsmacked and shocked as well.

Words refused to come out of my mouth.

On top of the fact that I was feeling very hungry and tired.

He still had to pour a hot chicken salad on my face.

“You slowpoke! Can’t you do anything right? You are so useless and you are a waste of my money” He yelled at me.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I ran out in annoyance.

I rushed into the restroom and banged the door.

I washed my face in the sink and kept crying.

“He’s so wicked! Devilish… This is all father’s fault if he hadn’t borrowed money from this monster then I wouldn’t be here” I cried bitterly.

Oh Nicky! Don’t cry you have to show him the real you so that he won’t mess with you ever again.

I quickly wiped off my tears and entered my room.

Am going to make him pay for what he did to me today.

I gnash my teeth in annoyance.

He will see another side of me…

Eric’s Pov:

I watched her run out in shame…

You don’t know how happy I am right now….

I laughed excitedly as I picked up some chicken piece on the table and ate.

“Really delicious! She’s a very good cook! I just wanted to teach her a lesson that’s all” I smiled

She looks really cute when angry.

I will continue making life unbearable for her until she learns her lesson.

I bought her so she must do everything I said.

I picked up the bottle of wine and filled it into the glass cup and drank happily.

This is just a tip of ice berg ❄

When am done with her, she will learn to respect me.

Nicky’s Pov:

📱How are you doing Nicky?… Mom’s voice echoed from the phone speaker.

📱Am not OK mother…i said sadly

📱Why? What happened? Are you sick? She asked

📱No mother! And perfectly physically fit…i said

📱So what’s the problem then? She asked

📱Mr Eric is the problem mother! He’s so rude and mean… I said

📱Oh dear! Am sorry about that… Mom said

📱I just can’t wait to get outta here and start working again… I cried

📱Am sorry for the delay sweetheart.. Actually Daniella and I are doing everything we can to get you out of there… Mother said

📱This place is nothing but hell… I said

📱Don’t worry Nicky! You will definitely come back home as soon as possible once we provide his money… Mother said

📱Alright mother… I said

📱I hope you aren’t skipping meals? Mother asked

📱Yes mother… I have been… I said

“NICKY! USELESS!” I heard Sir Eric’s voice from downstairs.

📱I really have to go mother! Talk to you later… I said as I hung up immediately

I quickly dropped my cell phone on the table as I packed my hair properly before rushing downstairs.

I rushed straight to the sitting room where he was sitting.

I stood in front of him up to 30 mins before he even noticed my presence.

Jeez! This man is horrible…

“Useless! Do I have to call you till my voice cracks before you answer” He said rudely.

“Am sorry!” I said as he rolled his eyes at me.

“I need a cup of coffee… Don’t waste my time!” He ordered

I walked straight to the kitchen.

I placed my hand on my jaw lost in thought.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head and I smiled broadly.

I quickly opened the cupboard and brought out dried grinded black chilli pepper.

I laughed excitedly.

I picked up a mug and added some milk and cafe to the coffee.

I looked around carefully before adding the black chilli pepper into the coffee.

He will learn his lesson today.

I stirred the peppered coffee before placing the mug on a saucer.

I headed straight to him.

I handed the coffee over to him…

He took the mug and stirred the coffee before taking a sip.

He gave out a loud scream….



To be continued…


Cunny man die… Cunny man burry am 😂

Serves him right 😁😁

Chilli coffee 🤣🤣

One word for Nicky…. 😅

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