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Sold to Mr rude Episode 5 & 6

🍧Episode 05🍧
Nicky’s Pov:
I almost died as I saw the mug of pepper coffee….
Sombori help 😪😪
This wicked man want to kill me…
I looked at him gobsma-cked but he wasn’t even showing any of his teeth.
He frowned brutally…
I gulped nervously.
Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.
I quic-kly started sneezing uncontrollably to his surprise.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked as he stepped back.
“Sir… (sneeze) I actually…. (sneeze) am allergic to… (sneeze) to coffee..” I kept sneezing.
I quic-kly stood up and trickishly threw the mug down before running out of the room.
The mug broke into pieces.
I rushed into the toilet and ban-ged the door.
“Oh thank God! I don’t know what would have been my fate if I had drink that pepper I called coffee” I breathed heavily.
But that boss of mine is really very wicked.
So after all the fainting, he still wants me to drink the pepper coffee?
Thank goodness I thought of this plan.
I washed my face.
Eric’s Pov:
I walked into my room and sat on the be-d.
“What kind of a person is she? Who on earth is allergic to coffee?” I said to myself.
I will make sure I get back at her.
She can’t outsmart me.
The next morning…
I walked downstairs still on my pyjamas…
I got to the sitting room and saw her cleaning.
She was too busy and didn’t notice my pres£nce.
She looked extremely beautiful in her curvy h!ps.
Her night go-wn was revea-ling so her shape was seen.
I couldn’t help but drool.
💭 Oh plea-se st©p this for once.. 💭 I thought as I smiled
“Good morning Sir!” She greeted
“Good morning..” I replied immediately
I have to make this girl realize that am her boss and she should listen to me
I walked into the kitchen.
Suddenly, the door throw open and my cousin brother rushed in.
He threw the door open and walked in.
He kept looking at Nicky.
All his eyes were on her big a**…
She gave out a sweet smile on my cousin.
I [email protected]£ very jealous….
🍧Episode 06🍧
Andrew’s Pov:
I win-ked at the S-xy girl cleaning in my cousin’s sitting room.
She’s so beautiful…
S-xy! 😍😍
And her h!ps are so curvy….
She smiled at me revea-ling her white sparkling teeth.
She’s an angel.
She walked out of the sitting room with her bucket.
I kept staring at her till she left my sight.
Just then, I saw my cousin coming out of the kitchen.
He was actually frowning but why?
“Hey man!” I said as I brou-ght out my hand to shake him but he only eyed me as he sat on the couch.
What’s wrong with him? 🤔
Why is he being snaky?
“Uhmm… Bro who’s that S-xy girl cleaning?” I asked as I walked out of the kitchen with a packet of crisps.
“Will you mind your business? Just let her be!” He said angrily.
I rolled my eyes…
“Now I get! She’s your girlfriend isn’t she? My goodness dude! She’s so h0t” I joked
“She’s not my girlfriend! She’s my maid” He said and I wi-de-ned my eyes in shock.
“That damsel? A maid? I can’t believe this man… Do you know how h0t that babe is?” I scoffed
“Well she’s my maid” He said with his eyes fixed on the television.
“Thank God! So I can shoot my sh0t” I said inaudibly
To my greatest surprise, Eric heard me.
“Just delete that thought of yours” He said more grumpy.
I shrugged it off.
And we continued chatting.
Nicky’s Pov:
I just on my be-d excitedly….
Awwnn… 😍
That guy is so h0t…
He’s really handsome and kind.
He even smiled me unlike that ungrateful cousin of his.
He win-ked at me.
I think I really really like him a lot.
I can’t wait to know his name!
I need to see his face one more time….
I grinned happily as I rushed downstairs.
I walked into the sitting room pretending to come pick up a mug.
I could see his eyes all over me.
He li-cked hisl-ips as I swayed my h!ps out of the room.
I laughed within me.
But the weird thing is that Mr rude looked annoyed.
He was angry….
But why?
Why is his face like that?
“Whatever! I don’t care about him” I sighed.
Eric’s Pov:
I [email protected]£ uncomfortable as Nicky walked out of the room.
What the hell is wrong with that girl?
Must she show off?
But why am I hurt seeing my cousin’s reactions towards her?
Oh Eric! She should be the least of your problems right now….
I scratched my head.
“So bro how was the [email protected]?” Andrew asked.
I was alre-ady very angry with him.
I sighed as I walked away angrily.
I walked straight to Nicky’s room.
“How may I help you Sir?” Her tiny voice said
“Nicky! Take off that skimpy clothes” I ordered
“What? I beg your pardon sir” She said alarmed
I gulped nervously.
“I said take off that cloth… It’s too revea-ling” I said looking backwards.
“What for Sir? With all due respect Mr Eric, this is my b©dy and I choose what to wear on it” She replied.
“Why are you being so stubborn? I can’t bear my cousin looking lvstfully at when… It makes me so jealo….” I said as I flin-ched.
“It makes you what?” She asked
“It makes me despise you the more” I lied
“Am sorry to disappoint you sir but I won’t take off this cloth” She said
I looked at her from head to toe.
And like seriously, she’s got it.
The h!ps were killing….
Her b©©b s…😱.
So firm and round!
She’s very very beautiful I must confess.
But I have to comport myself.
I only eyed her as I pushed her aside r0ûghly.
I walked downstairs in annoyance.
But why? 🙄🙄
Andrew’s Pov:
I really need to find that beautiful girl.
I walked outside and luckily I found her in the garden.
She was flowering it.
I waved at her with a warm smile as she [email protected]£ out of the garden.
“Hi babe! What’s your name?” I asked
“Am Nicky!” She smiled
“Nice! Well am Andrew and am Eric’s cousin” I said as she smiled.
“How about I get your contact so that we’ll talk” I said
She nodded in agreement as she took my phone to dial her number.
Just then, the door was ban-ged open noisily.
To our greatest surprise, it was Eric.
He stormed in and dragged Nicky by her wrist out of my sight…..
To be continued….
Jealousy get level oo…. 😁😁
he couldn’t bear it 😅
One word for Eric 🤣🤣🤣

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