Sold to a gang leader Episode 18 & 19

Episode 18
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[ He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Shawna’s POV
I made to stand up because of how scared I got but was held down by Luwis.
I took my eyes to look at him immediately.
“Just pretend you didn’t see him” he mumbled.
How can I pretend not to see him? I thought with other things running inside my head.
“Just sit down, trust me” he confirmed sounding so convincing.
And I did, I took my eyes back to the booth but didn’t see Dillion and Naomi there again. Dillion had started leaving with Naomi running after him.
It made me relieved a bit but still I’m very much scared. He might be really angry.
Naomi’s POV.
“Come on Dillion, you told me you were gonna sit and watch me out. Why did you order it out? Why are you doing this me again?” I half yelled as I followed him out of the Noddles restaurant.
I had actually pleaded seriously with him to take me to this Noddles restaurant. He grumpily brings me here whenever he’s around so I didn’t want this his visit to be different. I pleaded and even refused to leave his bathroom when he wanted to take his bath.
He had gotten really angry that I disobeyed him but still saw how determined I was and then promised to bring me here when he’s done bathing. That was how I successfully did it but now….
He got into the car we c@m£ with.
I opened the other side and got in before he could drive off. He’s kind of angry now.
Not that he really shows it but I think he’s quit angry.
Why did he’s mood suddenly change? Is it because of that lady? I still don’t no why she’s following him until now.
I know Dillion won’t answer me so I didn’t even bother asking him. I have to find out. Is she working for him?
But…he doesn’t have female workers. So whats her real business or…a lady close to him can either be Girlfriend or plea-sure girl?
Oh my! It’s one of the two. I really have to find out.
I turned to stare at him as he drove out of the restaurant speedily. Within ten minutes we got to the quarters.
“Get off” he snarled unlocking the doors. He didn’t drive in.
“Um…we haven’t gotten in…”
“I said get off Naomi, you can walk the rest” he gro-an ed and I quic-kly got off.
I watched him as he reversed and started out again.
Where is he going to?
Shawna’s POV
We finished with the Noddles and without wasting of time I got up.
I didn’t wanna spend more time outside.
Luwis gaze followed me.
“Won’t you at least let the Noddles digest?” He asked with a perked up brow.
“No, luwis let’s just go. Let’s leave” I hurried him up and he also got up.
“If you say so” I noticed he looked displea-sed at my act but what can I do?
I’m not a free human anymore. I’m supposed to only be where my owner orders me to go but I’m just….
Oh geez!
He paid to the cashier and soon we were headed back. He didn’t say a word till we arrived ma-king me feel guilty.
Should I just apologize for rushing him? He is clearly angry.
He opened the car and got off. I did after him.
“Luwis” I called before he could leave.
“Thanks for the Noddles, i’m sorry for my earlier behaviour too. I’ll try to make it up to you” I mumbled the last p@rt not sure if that will ever happen.
Will I ever step out without it been ordered by Dillion. Oh I doubt that.
He smiled tho I know it’s a f0rç£d one.
“I should be thanking you. Thanks for following me to the Noddles restaurant” he thanked and I nodded then sighed and started up.
Minutes earlier.
Naomi’s POV
Immediately Dillion left, I pas-sed throu-gh the first security gate. I just had to stand in front of the gate and allow the c@m£ra scan me. It did and the gate automatically gave way.
I walked in elegantly and soon got to the second gate to see that j£rk!
Idiotic Sam! He grinned and stood up on his feet because he was formally sitting down at the front gate.
“I’ve been waiting since I saw you pas-s the first gate” he said.
“Why were you waiting for me?” I huffed and threw my face away.
“Well, let’s say…I felt like pestering you” he answered smiling.
“I don’t nee-d j£rks like you to w@!st time on, I got better things to do” I scoffed and made to pas-s him but he didn’t allow me.
“Are you sick upstairs? St©p blocking me. You’re total nutcase!” I screamed, pissed.
“I’m happy to be one for you Barbie” he win-ked which got me really pissed.
I hit his che-st with my fist severally but it’s was as if he didn’t feel it.
“j£rk!!!!!!! I’ll kill you!!!” I screamed again but he only bur-sted into a hilarious laughter.
“Geez! I hate you” I grumpily said then pushed him aside and started walk running.
I didn’t want him to catch up with me but he did.
“You remember that day you hvgged me because of how scared you were of bugs, you looked scared seeing a bud with luwis and the next you jumped on me and held me so ti-ght. Now I look at the same girl, she saids she’ll kill me??” He pointed to his che-st and laughed again which made it so irritating.
“I was only 6 years old then, st©p ma-king fun of me!” I defended tired of his mockeries but he started another round of laughter which made it so unbearable for me that I took to my heels.
Which day will he st©p his nons-en-se? Which day will he st©p pissing me off. Oh gosh I’m so dead.
Hours later.
Shawna POV
I stood outside my room restlessly waiting for Dillion’s return.
I was told by one of the maids that he isn’t around so I waited for him.
I can’t help. That look. That glare.
I can’t just ignore him totally then go to be-d. I want to know if he’s mad or not.
Without knowing I won’t be able to sleep.
I don’t necessarily have to ask him. Just his actions and words will show it.
I stood waiting. He is gonna pas-s my door before he gets to his so there is no way that I might have missed him.
Damn it’s getting extremely late. Why isn’t he coming back?
I continued waiting restlessly ignoring the time until I heard footsteps and saw him approaching.
My heart sank de-ep into my stomach as I watched him. In fear and anxiety.
I think my adrenaline is acting up too much.
Increa-sed heart beat, dilation of pupil, I get them all the time, especially when I was still with my step father.
Whenever he steps into the house drun!kI get so scared of what he will do next.
I sometimes experience pains in my che-st all because of fear and now this fear in me again and it’s too much.
It got really extreme when he got to where I was and st©pped – his cold eyes fixed on me.
😊Episode 19
Luwis’s POV
The door opened and Sam c@m£ in wearing a crazy smile on.
What is it? You’re disturbing me. I nee-d to think, I scowled.
“Why has the boss’s girl been standing outside her room?” He ignored my frowns and c@m£ to sit beside me.
“She has been standing outside her room?” I feebly asked.
“Yes. But where did you two go to? Where did you take her to?” He asked.
“Is he around? The boss?” I asked instead.
“Nope, haven’t seen him but…”
“Get out Sam. Just get out, I nee-d my space” I interrupted him.
Shawna’s POV
I took my eyes immediately to the floor. I aren’t supposed to stare back at him.
He didn’t utter a word, he started leaving.
But..I think he wants me to fellow him. He didn’t say it but I know of it.
Oh gosh! Hope he is not too angry cause now I know he is angry but I just hope it’s not much.
I sauntered behind him with my head low until he got to his door. He opened it and got in leaving the door opened.
I heaved a sigh and followed him in.
He went and stood in his of his mirror working on his shi-t bu-ttons which made me really nervous and more scared.
Why isn’t he saying anything? Should I just maybe apologize? It might be better that way.
With my eyes still fixed on the floor I opened my mouth to apologise but was met with a resounding sl@p which almost threw me on the floor.
I took a step backwards immediately as tears started streaming down my eyes.
“Don’t utter a word!” He snapped.
How did he know that I was about to apologise?
Oh goodness!
I held ti-ghtly unto my burning cheeks in so much pain.
He had sl@pped me only once but I think it’s affected my head and che-st cause I immediately started feeling pains.
Then he walked towards another door in the room and got in.
I bent my head and let out a squeak.
Oh gosh! I think am in real trouble. He looks more angry than the time I had unknowingly vomited on him.
He told me not to get on his nerves.
Geez, I shouldn’t have pretended not to see him like Luwis advised. No! I shouldn’t have even agreed for him to take me there.
He c@m£ out from the room and I perked at his face with one eye. He was holding a white towel, he c@m£ to me and threw it carelessly but thank goodness I caught it.
“Make use of the bathroom, five minutes” his voice c@m£ out ha-rd .
I immediately turned towards the supposed bathroom and got in. I faced the big mirror there and let out the tears I was trying to hold back.
The mark of the sl@p imprinted itself clearly on my face but wait….
Did he just ask me to bath?? Does that…does that mean?
Oh my goodness! And he gave me five minutes. I’ve wasted two minutes alre-ady.
Good lord!
I quic-kly turned on the shower with my clothes alre-ady off I let the water wash me. In just two minutes, I turned off the shower and made to put on my clothes back but st©pped.
Will there be nee-d to put it on? There won’t.
I tied the towel round my b©dy. Then picked up my clothes and went out to the room.
He was sitting on the be-d with a cigarette with him, smoking.
I gulped down ha-rd and didn’t no the next thing to do.
Damn! Should I just keep the clothes down? I thought then saw the couch there. I kept the clothes on t©p of it preparing my mind for what’s coming.
I will try as much as possible not to cry.
He didn’t look at me but continued smoking until about 10 minutes pas-sed. He finished up the p@rticular stick he was holding and took another one.
“Go stand in front of the mirror, your hands holding the table” he rasped and my heart skipped.
I went and did as he instructed. Why in front of the mirror? What exactly is he trying to prove?
I saw him stand up from the be-d and Immediately shut my eyes close.
Okay, it’s about to start Shawna. You can do it! I told myself trying to get rid of my fears.
My hands were literally shaking as I held unto the table.
“Why is the towel still wra-pped around you?” He asked and I snapped my eyes open.
He was standing behind me. Staring at me throu-gh the mirror.
My hands immediately went to the towel and I loss£ned it without a second thought. I made to close my eyes but he st©pped me.
“Keep your eyes open!” He ordered and I did. My heart pounding.
I tried not to look at him as he worked on his trou-ser. My eyes was fixed down on the table.
Then his hands held my w@!st and made me sh0t out my a*s.
The next was that, I felt his di-ck tou-ching my a*shole. It made me j£rk a bit but I controlled myself.
“Bear in mind that this is not a punishment. I’ll punish you at my own time” I heard him say,I raised my eyes up to stare at his throu-gh the mirror wondering what he really meant.
I only snapped out of my thought when I felt his di-ck going de-ep into my as-s-hole. Of course f0rç£fully.