Sold to gang leader Episode 20 & 21

Episode 20
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎 [He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(So scared)

Shawna’s POV
I thought I’d be able to handle it. I thought I’ll be able to face it when he started but I realized as it went on that I might actually pas-s out if he continues.
I held unto the table more firmly as not to fall as he went in and out of me. Tears strolled down my eyes and I bit myl-ips together to prevent me from crying out. I could only whimper and sniff in.
My eyes remained fixed on the table, I didn’t want to look at the mirror. I know he wants me to see how sorrowful I look.
He wants me to learn my lessons but this is not really a punishment? What else is more hurtful than this? Is there something more hurtful than what he is really doing to me right now? I doubt it!
I didn’t no how long he spent but I know he spent a lot of time before he made me turn to face him this time.
I felt embarras-sed, ashamed, sad, bittered. I felt pains because a guy was staring and scre-wing me like he wants.
Like a piece of trash.
This time he lifted my one leg up and placed it on t©p of the chair. The chair he sits on while facing the mirror.
Then he c@m£ into me in that position, so f0rç£fully ma-king me scream.
This is the second time yet it hurts like this. I thought it was gonna end that first time.
Why does it still hurt so much?
He didn’t seem to care about my pains as he kept driving in and out. I continued crying, I continued holding myself. I continued enduring the pains until my both legs started shaking especially the one on t©p of the chair.
Even tho sweats alre-ady covered his whole b©dy, he doesn’t look like he has even started which made me feel worse.
plea-se just let him get tired. This is the only goddamn way I’ll be free from him.
But he didn’t, he continued and continued. I started getting extremely tired. My breathing started getting weaker. I couldn’t breath fast anymore and sweats has equally covered my b©dy.
My legs felt like they aren’t p@rt of my b©dy anymore, I couldn’t really feel them. My V hurts so much, even from the back.
I don’t know if he finally noticed how weak I was but he st©pped scre-wing me. He pu-ll-ed out of me. I didn’t even look at him althrou-gh. My eyes were fixed in the ceiling starting from the time he turned me to face him.
I fell completely exhausted on the chair.
I saw him walk away and I closed my eyes to catch my breath for about 10 minutes before I got up. I made to put on my clothes and saw his re-lease on my th!ghs. I ignored it and wore my clothes before staggering to my room.
I could ba-rely walk. My legs continued shaking till I got to my room and threw myself on the be-d then drifted into sleep.
*Early Next day*
I felt a tap on my b©dy and I threw my eyes opened to see a maid. She was putting on a smile.
I blinked and sat up on the be-d.
“Mr Dillion wants you to meet him in 20 minutes” she stated.
“Mr…Dillion” I asked wi-de eyes.
“Yes” she answered and left immediately.
Oh gosh, what is it again? What does he wants? I wondered and made to rush to the bathroom but felt extreme pains around my lower b©dy.
I winched out loudly recalling the reason why I’m feeling so much pain.
Gosh, where are the drugs ma’am Sandra packed into my bags? I thought and dragged my legs down to the floor.
The pains seemed to have tripled.
Oh goodness! And he asked me to meet him in 20 minutes. I don’t want to get on his nerves again. I’ll manage.
I quic-kly brou-ght out the drugs and took two pills from each packet, drank a little quantity of water then dragged myself into the bathroom.
I let water wash me. I didn’t scru-b with sponge or use soap. I guess I’ll have to bath again later.
I rushed out of the bathroom and found a short and shi-t to wear. I put them on and dragged myself out to his room.
I couldn’t walk properly tho. Just walking funny.
I knocked on his door but didn’t hear a reply. I knocked again, again and again but didn’t hear a movement.
What is this again? Gosh! Why isn’t he answering when he was the one that s£nt for me? I thought feeling so so…. I don’t even know how am feeling.
How am I supposed to feel?
I stood there waiting for him to eventually reply. He might be purposely doing this.
I kept standing there until a maid walked by and st©pped.
‘Mr Dillion is outside in the garage. He said to get you” she stated.
Oh goodness! So he wasn’t here all along?
“Okay” I mouthed and followed her out to the garage.
He looked annoyed even seeing me.
“When will you ever learn to obey?” He gro-an ed and started walking to a p@rticular side. I walked after him and we entered a different building.
It looks like a court. He picked up a tennis ball.
“Go over there” he pointed to the extreme end of the court and I obeyed.
He threw the ball up in the air and pla-yed it right at me. I kept looking at the ball coming at me wondering what I should do with it until it got to me and hit me right in the forehead.
I fell flat on the floor and my head spin.
Oh my goodness! Isn’t this death? My legs, w@!st and now my head?
“Bring it to me now!” He rasped out and I managed to stand up.
“Come on, fast!” He snapped and I rushed fas-ter and gave the ball to him.
He didn’t even wait for me to get to the end. He pla-yed it again and it’s hits me but I didn’t fall this time. It hit me near my spine in the back.
I winched and squ-atted.
“Be fast! Give me the ball” he screamed and I picked it up and gave it to him. My now tears alre-ady covered my eyes.
Maybe this is how he wants to punish me.
“I won’t ever disobey you again, plea-se st©p” I pleaded with him when he had hit me with the ball for the tenth times.
My whole b©dy screamed pain!
He pretended not to hear me and kept on going but that was just minor. I started feeling the real pain when we left there and went to another court. I don’t really know what it’s used for but he asked me to hold on to a small shade.
I held it and raised it like he instructed. He took out a gun and my heart skipped.
A gun? I thought and felt a light pain in my che-st region immediately.
He pointed it at me and my hands started shaking in the air.
I didn’t know when I threw the shade he gave me away, but not minding what I did. He sh0t! He sh0t it directly at me and I felt a my che-st shattering into pity pieces.
I fell on my knees immediately and covered my ears with both hands.
I felt scared. So scared. Does he wanna kill me this way?
“plea-se forgive me” I cried painfully on my knees.
Episode 21
I stayed with my hands still covering my ears in tears.
He kept shooting it but non of the bullet met me.
I continued pleading tho I aren’t sure he was even listening to me.
I st©pped hearing the gun sh0ts and I looked up to see him leaving.
I made to also stand up but I started feeling extreme pain in the che-st again which made me to stay put. I placed my hand on my che-st and cried out more in pains.
Oh goodness! The pain hooked me real well. Didn’t allow me to move.
I could only cry out.
I heard footsteps coming and lifted my eyes to see Luwis.
“Hey, are you okay?” He asked and squ-atted beside me.
“I’m…okay” I tried standing up but couldn’t.
I didn’t even know what happened next but I found myself in his arms.
“What? What are you doing?” I asked alarmed.
“You don’t look good” he stated.
“No…no…”I tried ma-king him st©p but he didn’t.
I bec@m£ scared. What if Dillion gets angry again? What if he sees us?
But thankfully I didn’t see him till luwis successfully took me to my room and kept me on the be-d.
“Were you that scared? That wasn’t even a real gun. It can’t kill you. He is only using it for training. You should have just held the shade like he instructed, he was targeting it not you” he asked and said.
“That wasn’t a real gun?” I asked.
“Of course. You should calm down now alright. He won’t kill you, you might die because of fear, just like the other girls he had done it to before” he cooed.
I turned over on the be-d and backed him. Didn’t wanna hear more tho I’m relieved he doesn’t have plans on killing me.
“Thanks, you can leave now” I said simply.
“But are you really okay? I could take you to the….”
“No!! I’m fine” I interrupted him firmly.
“Okay” I heard him mumble then heard the door close afterwards.
I sighed and t©uçhed my che-st. My heart is still rasing fast but not like before.
I should have been told earlier then I couldn’t have been this scared. I thought he was gonna kill me this way, really.
Naomi’s POV
I heard a knock on my door.
“What is it?” I answered.
“It’s me Sam” Sam’s voice said. The door pushed open and he c@m£ in.
“I asked what is it, I didn’t ask you to tell me your name or come in” I frowned.
“Well yeah, but I’m here now” he responded.
“So again, what do you want?” I questioned.
“Well…I’m gonna be driving you to school today, just c@m£ to inform you that” he replied.
“Yeah, you can leave….hold on Sam. I wanna ask you something” I said turning fully to face him.
He’s eyes showed excitement.
“What? You’re free to ask.”
“Well..that Shawna, is she my brother’s girlfriend?” I inquired.
“No,why do you ask?”
“Then, is she his se-x slave?” I further asked.
“You look like you’re up to something. Why do you care?” It was his turn to frown.
“Well simply because I’m his sister” I answered.
“Well yeah, I’ll be waiting for you at the garage” he added and left.
So she’s just his property? Interesting!
Few hours later.
At school.
“Well well well. Who do we have here?” I heard one of the silly s*ut yell like the bit*h she is.
I rolled my eyes at her and her friends and tried walking away but she blocked my way.
“Where do you think you’re going spoilt br@t? You told your driver to splash mud water on me sometimes ago. Think I have forgotten, huh?” She poked my che-st with one f!nger.
“Hey! Don’t t©uçh me alright bit*h! I don’t know what you’re talking about” I rolled my eyes again at her.
She raised her hand up and tried sl@pping me but someone held her hand from behind.
“I don’t like being mean to ladies, don’t try me” I heard him say.
“Andrew!!” I looked at him and called.
He win-ked at me and freed the bit*h’s hand.
I immediately ran to him and hvgged him.
“Andrew” I called as he hvgged me back.
“Hello princess, heard you started college. Your education is extremely fast” he cooed while stro-king my back.
“Yes I know. I have to help out Dilly with the company. I have to finish fast In other to help” I answered pu-lling out from the hvg.
“You’re back?” I asked.
“Well yeah, heard Dillion is around. Was just coming from the company, met Dilly” he said.
“Oh yeah. Dillion is around but not for long tho” I smiled and said.
He is the only guy I respect so much other than my two brothers. He is really cute and extremely nice but unfortunately I think he has a girlfriend tho I’m not sure he has one now but he used to have then.
“Your two brothers had to abandon school, I also did but I’m back to finish up. I’ll protect you from now on then, from those bad bi**he’s” he said and I grinned.
I smiled and felt like hvgging him again but didn’t. Don’t wanna appear too cheap and beside he looks at me like a kid, a little sis. But what he doesn’t know is that I’ve always liked him.
“Okay, lemme esc-rt you to your clas-s, seems lessons are about to start” he stated and I held his hand as he esc-rted me.
As we were about to enter clas-s Tina or Tine, I don’t really know showed up.
“Hi Tina” Andrew greeted and they both hvgged each other which made me frown.
“Wow! You’re back Andrew” she exclaimed.
“Yeah, lucky huh! Happy to see me?” He questioned spre-ading his arms ap@rt and they both laughed.
Her eyes drifted to me but she didn’t say anything.
“I’ll go now, see you later so we can catch up” she said to him and started leaving.
He kept staring at her until she vanished.
“Isn’t she looking extremely beautiful than before?” He turned to me and asked.
“She’s the most ugliest lady in the whole universe” I shouted angrily and got into the clas-s obviously leaving him surprised.
Oh Andrew! He’s really back.