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Single mom episode 5 & 6

{When love decides
To take over}
(Search about him)
☔Episode 5☔
Penny’s POV:
It is a Saturday afternoon and I decided for Chris and I to visit the park.
After taking my bath, I opened the bathroom door and walked back inside my room.
Chris was sitting on my bed pressing my phone, I’m sure he’s playing angry bird again.
I ignored him and did my skin routine before going towards my closet. I pick up a gray shirt and a black sweatp@nts.
The park isnt far from Ana’s cafe so I might drop by. After wearing my clothes I b!0w dry my hair and put some makeup on.
I grab my purse from the bed and my car key then sl!pped my leg inside my sandals.
“Let’s go baby.” I told Chris, he look up for the first time since I git inside the bedroom and flashed me a toothy grin.
“Okay mom.”
He stepped down from the bed and walked to where I was standing, she had over my phone and went walk out hand in hand.
“We will drop by at Ana’s cafe, what would you like to have there?” I asked him. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned to look at me.
“Who is Ana mom?” He asked. I widened my eyes in realization. I just mentioned Ana’s name meanwhile Chris still believe that I work in Brownie Inc corporate.
“Baby….there is something mom will like to tell you.” I said nervously. I don’t want my baby to cry.
He literally hate seeing me suffering, the last time he cried was when he walked in on me crying when I saw a picture of his father online.
I missed him.
“I…..I lost my job baby, but don’t worry mom now works in a cafe. You will see the place in few minutes.” I said. He stared at me for awhile and his eyes instantly became redden.
“Don’t cry baby, I told you mommy is fine. I’m fine my love.” I told him.” Stop crying now, big boys don’t cry.” I tease.
He smiles at my word andnods his head.
“Mommy, can you afford my school fees now?” He asked. I smile at his innocent question and nods.
“I’ll do anything for you baby.”
We got to the front porch and got to my car. I unlock the car and Chris got in.
I hit on the accelerator and drove out of the neighborhood, hitting the highway I took a sneak peek at Chris.
“What are your plans for Xmas sweetheart?” I asked him. He shrugged and pursed his l!p.
“I’ll just like to spend my time with you……….and dad.” He said, mumbling the last word under his breath but i heard anyway.
I froze at the thought. The thought that he really miss his father.
His incoherent father.
I sigh and drove inside the park.
I got down from the car, immediately Chris came down as well.
He look around the place and smiled.
“Mom I want that candy.” He whined, i followed his gaze and saw the candy stand.
“Okay baby, but only one. I don’t want you falling sick on me.” I told him and he eagerly nodded.
After buying the candy for him, we cross the road and headed towards Ana’s cafe.
I opened the door and stare inside, there were lots of customers today.
“Hey Penny, you came.” I heard a voice say beside me. I turn around to see Maggie smiling widely at me.
The both of us have bonded quite well this past week, we have become good friends. I’m excited about it. She and Ana are the only friends/family that i have othersare fake.
“Yes, I came to the park with chris but we decided to drop by.” I told her.
“Penny your baby look like Adonis in real life.” She pushed and I saw Chris blushed h@rd.
“Stop! My baby is embarr@ssed baby.” I said sternly, she rolled her eyes and winked at Chris before walking away.
I walk around to the counter and saw Ana making some drink.
Anastasia cafe is quite big,it has a pizza stand and bakery.
“Hi Ana,” I greets and she look up to stare at me.
“Thank goodness you’re here Penelope,please help me make this coffee while I check on the strawberry shortcake inside the kitchen.” She said and I nods.
She walk away to the kitchen and I turned to face Chris.
“Baby take a sit at that booth, I’ll get you something to eat.” I told him before walking around the counter.
After making the drink, I took it to the owners which happens to be some bunch of high school teenagers.
I make a cappuccino for Chris with some pancakes.
“Eat it up, mom will be busy for awhile.” I told him.
“Okay mommy.” He stared at his food happily and smiled at me.
I walk back to my business and when I was done it was already 5,00pm.
I watch as Maggie carry him off to the resting lounge and I sigh.
Grabbing my phone from the counter, I log into my social media account and read through the daily business news.
The first news that faced me was that of Bryce King.
I stared at the pictures for awhile and felt my breathing pick up.
He is hot!
Oh stop it Penny.
I don’t feel a crush or anything towards him but when I see a good thing I do appreciate it.
I search his name and series of his picture came out.
He is quite older
Episode 6☔
Bryce’s POV:
I walk out of the meeting room, my eyes fixed on my phone typing a reply back to my mom.
“Mr King, your next meeting starts in ten minutes.” My secretary said and I sigh.
“Cancel it.” I told her and made my way back to my office.
Getting to my office, I open my laptop and continue with my leftover works.
After working on two different files, I sigh heavily rubbing my hand on my temple.
I closed my laptop and grab my wallets.
Walking out of the office, I dial the number of my driver.
“Daniel, get the car ready.” I said to the phone then hang up.
“Mr King are you off for the day?”Katie my secretary asked.
“Yes, cancel every other appointment.” I said calmly and walk inside my private elevator.
I pressed the first floor and watch as the numbers go down one after the other. I squint my eyes and closed it.
The elevator stopped and I walk out of it, heading for the door. The car was park close so that i can get in without stressing much.
“Mr King.” Daniel opened the door for me but I opened my palm instead.
“Hand over the key.” I said coldly.
He nods and hand over the key to me.
“You can take the day off.” I told him and walk around to unlock the car and get in then drove off.
I just felt like having a lone time to myself.
I drove towards the park and stopped the car there.
I stepped down from the car and removed my sungl@sses.
Staring at the children running around the park my eyes wavered from there normal cold self.
I may be a cold in the outside but I’m very much close to young children. They gives me joy.
“Mama, when are we going home?” I heard a voice said behind.
I turned around and my eyes met that of a woman with a young boy. Her eyes widened when she see me, it feelslike though we’ve met before.
I furrowed my eyebrows and try to recollect where we met. Then I did after so many thinking.
“Mom?” The young boy called.
Is she married? I inquisitively glanced at her f!ng£rs but there was no ring.
“We will be leaving soon baby.” She said and smiled down at the little boy then walked towards me.
“Good day Mr King, I’m Penelope James. You might have forgot but you saved me sometimes last week.” She said, her cheek tinted in a shade of pink.
Is she blushing?
“Uhmmm,” I mumbled and watch as she fidget with her f!ng£rs.
Penny’s POV:
On monday after picking up Chris from school, I decided to take him for an ice cream at the park.
I never expect to see him there.
He clearly didn’t recognize me, why would he? He is the third richest man on earth but I’m just Penny.
I mustered some courage and walk towards him.
He stare at me coldly after introducing myself, his eyes fixed on me. It looks as though he was thinking about something.
“He is your son?” He asked, I was slightly taken aback by his question but I nodded anyway.
“Hum.” He hummed watching me keenly while I squirm because of his uncomfortable gaze.
He wore his sungl@sses, shedding his eyes from me.
“Nice meeting you again Mrs James…..”
“It is Miss sir.” I cut him off. I blushed furiously, I fixed my eyes on the ground after causing myself such embarr@ssment.
Not like I’m interested in him or anything, he just have this intimidating persona.
Yes he is hot and s*xy, rich and cold but, I’m not interested in a man right now.
At least not any man.
“Goodbye.” He said and I nods, he p@ssed me by, his scent rushing through my nose and I found the urge to sniff it in.
“Shall we go now mom?” Chris asked, I cursed under my breath and nods. I momentarily forgot that he us here with me.
“Let’s go.”
We got inside my car and I fixed his seat belt and drove off.
“What would you like to have tonight baby?” I asked him dropping my bag on the table.
“Just cereal mama.” He said and I nods.
“Go inside your room and take your bath, I’ll make you a gl@ss of cereal.” I said and he walk off.
I walk inside the kitchen and wash my hand inside the washing basin and open the cabinet. Bringing out a white gl@ss cup and the golden morn I hit up a warm water and the condense milk then start preparing cereal for both of us.
“He is your son?”
Does he think different of me now? Maybe he see’s me as a wh0re.
Who cares what he thinks though, I might never see him again.


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