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Single mom episode 19 & 20

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 21
Note: This is what happened before Ryan walk into the room to meet Maya.
“Welcome back bro” Charlotte said when Ryan walk into the sitting room on his suit and briefcase.
“Thank you little sister” he said and klzzed her on her forehead.
“But I’m no longer a kid. Stop calling me little” she said pouting
“Suite yourself kid sis. You’ll still be my little sister whether you like it or not” he said and they both laugh.
“I have to go to my room now little sis” he said and started going towards the stairs.
I greeted him too but he just smile and walk towards his room. I turn to Charlotte not looking satisfied with the way Ryan is treating me.
“It seems Maya has started getting into Ryan’s heart” I said to Charlotte and she turn to me.
“Nah…I don’t think so. Why did you say that?” she ask
“Just look at the way he’s snubbing me. Actually I’m tired and I think that Maya is responsible for it” I said with so much bitterness.
“Its okay Piper, I understand your plight” she said
“Sometimes, I do think that you don’t care about me anymore Charlotte because you’re not even bothered that your brother isn’t talking to me” I said faking some tears.
“I’m so sorry Piper. You know that I’ve been busy. I promise to talk to my brother okay” she said
“Thats what you always say but there’s no improvement of your brother liking me” I said feeling so bittered. After that day that we spoke to each other, he never spoke to me again and I don’t know what I did wrong.
“You know what?” she ask.
“What?” I said
“I think that bitch called Maya is the reason why he hasn’t been looking at your face. Don’t you think?” she said
She might be making s£nse here.
“So what should we do to this girl Charlotte? I can’t bear her being with Ryan when I want him” I said boiling inside.
“I’ll make sure she gets fired immediately. I don’t want any body to share Ryan with you” she said and I eyed her.
“Charlotte…you can’t get her fired. Let’s get her out of the way so that Ryan will be seeing only me” I said
“So…what should we do?” she ask looking at me and I smile and brought my mouth close to her ears.
“Let’s get her killed” I said
“What? Piper…you want to…”she was about saying it loud when I quickly covered her mouth and gave her an eye signal.
“You want to shed innocent blood?” she ask in a whisper
“I was just suggesting Charlotte. I’m so frustrated right now. What would you have want me suggest when that bitch might be having some little fun with Ryan and I’m here” I said looking so dejected.
“Its okay Piper. I think its time I teach that bitch a lesson” she said patting me and I smile.
“Maya! Maya!! Maya!!!” I heard Mr Ryan’s voice and I came back from my wonder land.
“Sir” I said in shock.
“What have you been thinking? I’ve been calling you for the past two minutes and you’ve just been there no saying anything” he said
I look at Mr Ryan. He was still having his clothes on and the mop stick was still in my hand. Don’t tell me that I’ve been imagining things.
I couldn’t even imagine something good but Mr and I having s£×? So I’ve been imagining things. Mr Ryan and I didn’t have s£×. So I’m still a v!rg!n.
“What’s wrong Maya? You can talk to me” he said looking worried. I remember Mr Ryan telling me that he loves me in my imagination. How I wish it was true…I think I’ve fallen for Mr Ryan and I don’t think I can keep it to myself anymore.
But I remember a saying mum told me about that *A lady that propose to a man has lost her self respect to the man*. She said no matter how the feelings I’m having for any guy, I should always keep it to myself.
“Nothing is wrong Mr Ryan. I’m fine” I said and a tear fell from my eye. I miss my mum so much.
“You’re crying Maya” Mr Ryan said.
“No I’m not crying…” I quickly wipe the tear.
“Don’t lie to me Maya. Come here” he said and open his arms wide for me to come and I ran into arms. I really deserve this comfort.
Hus fragrance was so nice and wonderful. I felt like sleeping in it but unfortunately, I can’t do it.
We were about pulling apart when the door open and Charlotte walk into the room.
“What the hell is going on here?”She yell with anger and I pull away from the hug immediately.
“What is wrong with you Charlotte? Don’t you know how to knock before entering someone’s room?” Mr Ryan scorn.
“So this is what you’ve been doing Ryan. Even I common maid? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Must you drag our family’s name to the mud because of your lifestyle?” She yelled at Mr Ryan. Gosh I’m so scared right now. If I dare live here, then Charlotte is going to kill me with her tongue.
“How dare you talk to me in such a manner Charlotte? Have you lost it?” Ryan ask
“No brother, you’re the one who have lost it. Must you have s£× with every lady… including our maids?” she said and Ryan slapped her.
“Get out of my room Charlotte” he said
“You slapped me because of a maid? You slapped me Ryan,all because of this whore? Something you haven’t done before? Maya…you’ll pay for this I promise you” she said in tears and walk out of the room.
I quickly took the bucket of water with mop stick inside and left the room. Gosh! I can’t believe Mr Ryan slapped Charlotte in front of me.
I know that my days in this mansion are numbered and I’m ready for it….
Episode 20☔
Bryce’s POV:
I was getting impatient with the time wasted just for this interview.
I sigh and checked my wristwatch, it is already 9am and I have a meeting by eleven.
“s£nd the next person in immediately.”I spoke inside the telephone.
I stood up from my seat and walk towards the window, I stared down at the busy highways.
A small knock came on the door and it was pushed open.
I waited till the person sat down before I turned around and walked back to my seat without looking up to see the face of the candidate.
“You’re here for the post of an accountant, your files please.” I said calmly while typing on my laptop.
It was silent so I look up to see what’s going on.
My breath hitched as I stare at her.
She is so beautiful up close.
I might be with Zendaya but i still appreciate beautiful women.
She blushed and stared down at her hand.
“I…..I came for the interview.” She said, I can’t…couldn’t believe that I lost my voice just staring at her.
“Yes hum…” I cleared my throat. ” The credentials that I told you to bring.”
She opened her bag and brought out the files then dropped them before me.
I opened the files, going through each one of them carefully.
And I’ll be is really impressive. A small smile hugged on my l!p and I look to meet her eyes on me.
She was hopeful to get the job.
“If you work for me Miss James, what do you promise?” I asked her, my hand under my chin.
“I’ll be punctual with everything I do, I’ll be honest with this company. I’ll take it as mine by being diligent.” She said.
I stared at her, intentionally. There is just something about the woman that I loved…..that I liked.
She held my gaze for awhile and blushed, I saw her from under my gl@ss desk as she pressed her legs together.
I raise an eyebrow at her action.
She look away and coughs lightly.
“Do I… I have the job now?” She asked,still pressing her legs together.
I stood up from my seat and walk around the desk towards her.
I got behind her and placed my hands on her seat.
I bought my mouth closer to her ear and whispered.
“Did you just press your legs together?” I asked in a whispered. She shivered and kept quiet.
“Are you h0rny?” I whispered asked. She cleared her throat and whimpers.
“Mr…..Bryce, we should continue with the interview.” She stuttered. I chuckled and stepped away from her.
Now I am very sure that she is attracted to me.
But why?
She knows that I’m married and I am very faithful to my wife even if she is miles away.
“You’re hired Miss James, congratulations. Your salary will be $100,000 with a office car and an apartment which is already ready. Here is your car keys it is patked at the underground garage.” I told her and she smiled brightly.
“Thank you so much Mr King, you will never regret this, thank you” She told me, I hand over the car keys to her and she grabbed it.
“I hope so.” I mumbled and went back to my seat.
I picked up the telephone and pressed it to my ear.
📞Mr King📞
📞Come inside my office immediately📞
I dropped the phone and glanced at Penny again.
She still clenched her legs.
A small knock came on the door and Kate my Secretary walk in.
“Me King, you asked for me.” She said and I nod.
“Here is Miss James, our new accountant. Show her her office and the necessary things to know.” I said to her.
“Okay sir, let’s go Miss James.”
“Thank you so much Mr King, you have my word from earlier.” Penny said and made to stand up but quickly sat back.
I raise an eyebrow and she smiled.
“Sorry.” She mouthed and stood up.
She walked out with kate and I sigh.
She is pretty, very pretty. But there’s just something about her.
Something that is bothering her but she acted like it ain’t bothering her.
Penny’s POV:
The scene in Bryce’s office left me speechless.
He……..the close proximity.
The tension…..sxual tension.
You did well back there Penny.
Back there whenever he says word it goes straight to my core.
Yes, he affects me that much.
Am I going cr@zy? I shouldn’t be cru$hing or lu$ting after that man.
Kate pushed a door open and I stare in bewildment. Is this going to be my office?
“Here is your office Miss James.”
“Just call me Penny.” I told her with a smile. The blonde woman smile back and entered fully inside the office.
“Oh my God, this place is heaven. 10 times better that my previous office. No twenty times.” I said in shock.
A car, $100,000 salary, a free apartment.
What else do I ask for?
This is great.
My life is about to return to normal.
I can finally move out of Bryce’s mansion then stop working at the cafe.
“Thank you Kate,but I can manage right now. I guess I have a lot of works already.” I said and pointed to the hip of files on the desk.
“Alright then, call me if you need anything.” She said and walk away.
Now first day at work.


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