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Single mom episode 17 & 18

{When love decides
To take over}
(Strong woman Penelope)
☔Episode 17
Penny’s POV:
The day at the cafe was slowly coming to an end.
In an hour time, I’ll be fetching Christian from school.
Since Maggie was tending to the customers, i sat down on the chair and placed my head on my hands.
Who could believe…..who could believe that after everything I shared with Alexander,he still left me.
It all started on my second year in college. I came out of the library but I couldn’t find Sasha, nor my car.
The school is already lonely, we don’t live at the hotel rather we live in the city.
I was stranded, I got no money on me.
He was my good Samaritan that night. He gave me a lift back to my apartment.
Since that day we became good friends, whenever he visits me Sasha always have something to say.
She never liked him.
One day he asked me to be his girlfriend, secretly I had been wishing for the day to come and when it finally came, I grabbed it with both hands.
He was my first, my first in everything. The first man I fell in love with and still the only man.
The first man that had my body, heart and everything all together.
The love i had for Alexander was so strong.
He loved me.
Everything he did showed and convinced me that he loved me.
He was sweet and romantic, loving, supportive.
Name it.
It all ended the day I got pregn@nt.
Alex and I have always been careful while having sx.
We’re still in college and of course not ready for a child yet.
I was on mini pill but after the sx that night, I was called home by my father which made me forgot all about it.
The next three weeks was h.ell for me, especially when I discovered that I was pregn@nt.
I remembered his words very loud and clear.
“We have a whole lot of life planned out for ourselves Penny and sure not a baby!
I have nothing to do with this child, i dont want it.” He rejected his own child even before he was born.
The thought of that made me sick, the thought of the father of my baby not acknowledging him made me sick.
I loved him, well I still do.
A thought crossed my mind and I smiled.
The night he possessed the whole of me. The night he claimed my b0dy.
“Hey babe, the pizza is here.” He called from the room.
“Give me a minute.” I shout back, I dried myself up with the big towel and wrapped it around me.
When I came out of the bathroom, Alex was placing the pizza inside a plate.
I stood there, watching him.
He look so elegant and confident.
“After watching me like that, you’ll go and get dressed.” He said and I blushed h@rd.
D@mn, he just caught me watching him.
I stood there transfixed, not knowing what to do or say. I buried my eyes on the ground and started counting the Mable’s on the floor with my legs
He was soon standing in front of me.
He brought up his hand and caress my chin.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered and kssed my jaw, then my cheek before kssing my l1ps.
I kssed him back, my hands smelled around his n.eck and hold him toghtly to myself.
I loved him.
My back hit the bed and I fall back, my t0wel loos£n and i lay n@ked for his eyes to feast on.
He started staring at me, at that moment i felt so self conscious.
“What if he doesnt love my body?” I continously asked myself.
“Fk i just want to eat you up Penny.” He said and my eyes Widened. Due to my inexperienced self, i thought he is a c@nnibal.
“Eat me?” I asked. He chuckled and nods his head.
“I want to fk you r@w and ha.rd.” He said and his mouth wrap around my npp1e.
All I wanted was him.
I gave him everything, my vrgnity, my love, my trust.
How could you be so heartless to leave me Alexander?
My eyes closed involuntarily and I quickly open it.
I can’t, I can’t be needy right now.
I have survived it for few years, I can keep it up.
I wanted to grow old by his side, i still want to.
A lone tear escaped my eyes and I tried to stop myself from breaking down.
He was always there for me.
What later changed?
He begged for forgiveness and stayed with me during my pregn@ncy period.
What changed?
“You know, a strong woman is not someone who is mentally strong. Neither I it someone who is physically strong.
A strong woman is that woman who makes a decision by herself even if they are mistakes, a strong woman is someone who doesnt need to be pushed around. A strong woman is the heroine of her own story.
You’re a strong woman Penelope.” I turned around and my mouth hung open.
Penny’s POV:
I was lost in my thought, I never knew that I said that out loud.
What else did I say?
“I’m sorry that I heard such a private thought Penny.” Anastasia said and I shook my head.
“No….not at all, I was just…..just taken back.” I said truthfully.
Her words really strengthen me.
She said down beside me and keep staring at me.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked.
Do I want to talk about it? Talk about the man that left me or the family that rejected me and stay clear away from me like I’m some infectious disease.
I wipe away the stray tears on my cheek and forced out a smile.
“No. I’ll be heading out now to get Chris from school.” I said and stood up from the chair.
I walk back inside the cafe and grab the polythene that was filled with Arley’s favorites.
I didn’t see her today at the cafe, just like I promised her, I made a special ones for her.
I removed my apron and carried my bag.
“I’m heading out first Maggie.” I told her.
“Okay, I’ll face time you later.” She told me. I walk out of the cafe and quickly flag down a taxi.
“St Monica school please.” I told the driver.
The driver was quite fast, I paid him his $50 and walk through the school gate.
I got there but couldn’t find Chris, i searched everywhere.
Where is Chris?
Where is my baby? My son.
“Excuse me, please have you seen Christian James?” I asked a staff that I saw.
“No ma’am.” I gr0@ned and rake my hands on my hair…
Where could he be? I hope nothing bad happened to my baby.
📲Penny I collected Chris from school with Arley.” The caller whom i @ssumed to be Faith said.
I took a deep breath and rest my back agaunst the wall.
I almost lost it.
How did she get my number? To the best of my knowledge. I didn’t share my contact with any of them.
I stood back straight and walk out of the school compound. I walk for awhile and sat down.
To be candid, I don’t know the way to Bryce’s mansion.
I forgot the direction already, how silly of me.
I fished out my phone from my bag and dial the number that called me earlier.
“Hey Faith.”
“Miss James?”
“Yea, I forgot the direction. Can you help me?” I asked her.
“Oh, where are you right now?” She asked back.
“Along the subway station, not too far from st Monica.” I replied, she shuffle around with something for awhile.
“Okay Miss, a driver will come and pick you up.” She told me, I sigh in relieve and muttered a “Thank you”
I glanced around the street and silently pray to God.
It is getting late already and this place…..though cars p@sses by and shops are opened. I still don’t feel safe.
A car p@ssed by but later reversed and stopped in front of me.
The gl@ss was windy down and Bryce face was the first thing I saw. He was wearing a sungl@ss.
Sungl@ss at night? I’m not surprised.
“Get in.” Was the only two words that he said, I sprang on my feet and quickly opened the door then got in.
“Thank you.” I said but he just ignored me.
I closed my eyes and rest my back against the seat.
The car ride was quiet and I was nervous as hell. Even when I asked him about his day at work, he doesn’t reply me.
Why do I feel hurt by that?
“Bryce.” He whispered and the gate automatically pulled open.
He drove inside and pulled up at the garage.
“Thanks for the ride.” I told him and open the door then ran inside the house.
That was……that was one intense of a ride.
“Penny you’re back.” Martha said and I hummed…
“Bryce gave me a lift back here.” I replied her.
She nods and her eyes fixed on me.
“Good evening Mr King.” She greeted. Oh she was actually staring at Bryce and not me.
I was just thinking too much.
“Where is Chris and Arley?” I asked.
“Probably in Arley’s room.” She replied and walk inside the kitchen. I stood there, waiting for Bryce to p@ss by but he never did.
Is he still there?
I turned around and was met with his gaze on me.
“I…….I’ll take my leave first.” I told him nervously before slowly walking out.
I got inside my room, temporary room and removed my sandals the started undoing my shirt.
I was just wearing my camisole now and when I wanted to remove it too, there came a knock on the door.
Thinking that it might be Martha, I said come in.
The door was slowly pushed open by Bryce.
I g@sped and hurried to put my shirt back on.
“Sorry to intrude your privacy.” He said and I nodded.
He sat down on the couch and stared at me.
“What course did you study in school?” He asked me.
“Accounting.” I replied.
“How many years of experience?”
“Good, I’m hiring three accountants in my company. Those that could work in my different branch. Interview starts tomorrow.” He said and stood up. “Bring your files, and good luck on getting picked.”
With that final word, he walk out of the room.
Wait! Work?
At Bryce King’s conglomerate?
Why am I so lucky with him?


Penny’s POV:
I opened the Window and stared out at the garden in front me.
I can’t believe this. I smiled and wrapped my hands around myself.
Maybe I should go get some fresh air at the garden, I never noticed that before.
I glanced at the sleeping chris face and smile.
If I get this job baby, we can move out and find out own apartment.
We can continue with our lives.
I pray I get it. This is a life time opportunity and I can’t afford to miss it no matter what.
I kssed his forehead and covered him well with the duvet before walking out of the room.
It is already 11pm at night so everywhere is calm, the maids must have retired to their quarter.
I just knew today that the maids went on a leave and are back.
I was surprised, he has more than ten maids working for him.
Each wearing their blue and white uniform.
They were quite sweet to me, but I guess most of them were looking at me with disdain.
I don’t give two sht.
I opened the front door and walk out of the house towards the corner where I saw the garden.
“Miss James.” A guard called.
Oh shit, I forgot that the house is highly secured.
“Sorry for the interruption, just act like I’m not here.” I said to him with a smile.
I stare at the garden, it was really beautiful with green carpet everywhere. A tall strawberry tree was at the center and two swings.
I smile heartedly and rushed to where the swing was situated.
I sat down on it and grab hold of the robe then started swinging.
I laughed loudly at the silly play, it was really great to smile so truly after a very long time of fake smiles.
The breeze was so cool, it soothed my heart like I want it to.
“Having a great night I guess.” I heard a voice say and I stopped laughing.
“Mr King….i…..i’m sorry I just wanted to have some fresh air.” I stuttered nervously.
“Nothing to be sorry for, just call me Bryce miss James.” He said and sat down on the other swing.
“This is my relaxation center.” He said and i smiled.
“Then call me Penny.” I smiled at him.
“When should I get ready for the interview tomorrow?” I asked after awhile of silence.
“7:45am, I’ll be picking the top three best candidates.” He said.
“Thank you for your kindness Mr King…..I mean Bryce, I dont know how to repay you.” I said and stared at him. He was staring at me silently.
“When the time comes, time shall tell Penny.” He said and smiled a little.
“It is getting cold out here, let’s go inside.” He said and stood up then brought out his hand for me to grab.
I grabbed hold of it and muttered a ‘thank you’
“You got some successful in such a young age,to what do you own your success?” I asked him. He stopped for a moment and sigh.
“h@rd work miss James, h@rd work.” He said and I frowned my face.
“Does it mean that the poor ones dont work h@rd?” I asked curiously. I know that I’m getting too nosy but this is the first time we have talked for long.
I want to grab the opportunity and get to know him more.
“You sure are a talkative person Miss James.” He said and I laughed nervously.
My mouth goes dry, my heart beating erratically.
The feeling that I felt in my stomach, I can’t place my hand on it.
What is wrong with me?
Am I…..Am I…..
“You can say that again sir.” I said and he froze.
Did I said something wrong? His eyes darkened and his stare fixed on me like a hunter watching it’s prey…
“Are you alright sir?” I asked him. He suddenly broke his gaze from me and exhaled loudly.
“Good night Penny.” He said and walk away.
Did I do something wrong?
It was just a question right?
I definitely didn’t say anything wrong. If anything I’m being respectful to him.
I shrugged and slowly climb upstairs.
After bathing Chris and dressing him up, I quickly dash inside the bathroom and took turn on the shower.
“Go downstairs baby, I’ll join soon.” I shouted for Chris to hear.
I squeezed my liquid soap inside my sponge and started washing my body.
“You sure are a talkative person Miss James.”
That word, the way he said it.
The tingling that I felt when he said so.
I don’t understand what I felt last night, yes I really find him attractive but I still have Alexander in my life.
Moreover, he is married!
Penelope don’t let your stupid stomach deceive you.
I don’t have any crush or feelings whatsoever for him.
After taking my bath, I tied my towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom.
I sat down infront if the vanity mirror and b!0w dry my hair after which I tied it in a ponytail, I did my makeup and body spray.
I got inside the closet and picked my lemon colored suit and matched skirt with a black red bottom heels stiletto.
I grabbed my purse from the bed and my phone, after making sure that all I needed for the interview are ready.
I walk out of the room.
Saying a little prayer, I must get this job.
No matter what I have to do.


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