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She’s my twin episode 28 & 29






I opened the door to my new home. wow! it’s so amazing.

dad, finally struck the deal and I got my house. although mom

never wanted me to go but sadly I had to. and I’ve been

turning Derek down for that date. told him I needed to think

about it first and he gave me time.

I packed my things inside and did some renovations. it took

me three hours to get everything arranged. I called dad some

minutes after taking my shower to let him know that I’ve

settled in perfectly. Alexis also talked to me on phone but I

later made an excuse that i was feeling sleepy so I could

finally end the call.

it was 2: 00pm in the morning when I heard a, tapping sound

on the door. I thought it was the rain cause it was raining very

heavily before I lied down to sleep but sadly it wasn’t. the tap

on the door increased and at irregular intervals. I stood up. I

was already shaking. what if some kidnappers are around the

area and traced me here. OMG!

I took a bottle from the kitchen counter and walked stealthily

towards the door. I was super, in fact mega afraid. I quickly

opened the door knob and I froze when I saw the person

staring at me.

“Can I stay here for the night. I went to the bar and it’s raining

so I can’t go home now or dad would get mad”

somehow he made his way inside

“Hey Derek come out. I never said you could go in”I followed


inside after shutting the door

” don’t worry I won’t get in your way but please at least just

until the rain stops please” he said sitting down. he was really

drenched and soaking wet.

“how did you know where I live?” I asked

“were you trying to run away from me?”


” then no need to know that ” he rubbed both his palm together

to generate heat and warm himself but clearly it wasn’t


I went to my room and brought out a towel for him. I threw it

on his shoulder.

“here wipe yourself dry”

he stared at me in disbelief

“I’m just doing this for humanity so don’t think I’m doing you

any favours”

he nodded and replied “can I use your bathroom?”

“yeah sure. it’s that way”

he walked past me to the bathroom. why is he here? I could

have any guy in this house but not just him. is my heart some

sort of toy to play with?

He came out wearing a T-shirt. maybe he brought it from

home. he went to the bar and poured a glass of whiskey for

himself then came to sit down in the living room.

“don’t just stand there. come and join me”

he’s literally trying to take over my house

“do you realize it’s only some minutes past two which means

that people are sleeping now?”

“oh okay. so that’s why you wanted to kill me with that bottle. I

get it now”

this guy is plain foolish

“I’m going to sleep” I announced

“and leaving me here, not good princess”

I turned to go when the power supply suddenly went off.

“what just happened?”

“looks like the rain took out the electricity. you know what this

means?” he moved closer and almost in a whisper he said

“sweet weather for two”

I found some candles in the shelf and lit them. I hate the dark.

I was so scared to go to my room.

“aren’t you going to your room? you said you wanted to sleep

right?” he asked but I just ignored him and sat down

“great let’s have our date right here” he sat down on the

couch. taking another glass he poured some for me

“try it. it’s good for the weather”

I only took a sip

“let’s play a game truth or dare” he sat up excitedly “ok ask me


“Alright. truth or dare?” I asked

he seemed to think for a while before picking


“ok are you in love with Alexis? yes or no?”

why did you ask that Alexa. he stared at me and smiled.

“No” he replied sharply


*your turn. truth or dare?” he asked. I thought for a while. I


want to pick dare because I was scared of what he might

ask me to do

“I pick Truth”

he cleared his throat “tell me all about you Alexa from the very

beginning and nothing but the truth”

“Derek that’s a sensitive topic. it’s my personal life”

“but you just asked me if I loved your sister and I said no.

don’t you know that’s my personal life as well?” he asked

taking a sip

“you don’t have to know anything about me” I stood up but he

grabbed my wrist.

“I don’t have to because I need to Alexa. please tell me?”

I sniffed. I really don’t want to go back to the past.

“why did you go out with Alexis?”

“I… ”

“you did it to hurt me. do you know how much she’s stolen

from me up until now?” I half yelled “you think I’m just one

annoying girl but you don’t even know the half of it. do you

know what it feels like living under someone else’s shadow?

being second best to someone? Letting someone take the

spotlight and having a mom who only Loves you for selfish

reasons?” he wanted to say something but i stopped him.

“you have no idea do you?” I gave a weak smile.

“Alexa I don’t understand”

“what don’t you understand? that my birth was an unlucky


“Alexa Don’t say that” he tried to hold my hand but I moved

back and folded my hands across my chest.

“ever since we were little, mom had always loved Alexis more.

she never cared that I existed. my own mom saw me as a

stranger. she always says she loves me when she needed

something.” I felt the tears roll down “I did everything I could

to impress her. I had to read my books and make her proud

but nothing. all she saw, was, Alexis and the day she asked

me to donate my kidney for Alexis, was the day she crossed

all the limits. I almost died trying to save her and after that, I

knew i was on my own and I had no one. there is no love for

me in this world” I cried more

“that’s not true princess”

“please let’s not talk about this any further” he nodded and

pulled me close to him.

“let it out Alexa. just let it out” I cried on his chest. and after a

moment I stopped. he carried me in his arms and we sat down

on the couch. my head still placed on his chest.

“it’s okay princess”

was the last thing I heard before I closed my eyes and drifted

to sleep. his muscles engulfing me tightly. I felt a light kiss on

my head and somehow I knew I was in the right place….


I opened my eyes blinking them to adjust the rays of sunshine
passing through them. I felt his breath on my shoulder. I
turned to look at him, his hair all messy and across his face. I
was still in his arms.
so this is what it feels like?
I tried to break free but he tightened his arms around me.
something told me he’s awake.
“C’mon Derek. you can’t fool me. I know you’re awake” he
giggled and nibbled on my neck
“I love your skin it’s so soft”
I pinched his elbow and he jerked up.
“hey that hurts” he groaned freeing me from his grip. I stood
up stretching myself.
“I told you to get up but you didn’t. you brought it on yourself”
I looked at the wall clock. it was 8: 00am. damn it. I can’t I
slept in all thanks to him.
“I need to shower I’m already late for work” I turned to go
upstairs but he pulled me towards him and we ended up on
the couch. he seems to be enjoying this… hey who am I
“Stay for today” he pouted giving me puppy eyes. he looks so
cute. I felt like kissing the hell out of him… what? he said it
himself that he’s not in love with Alexis too.
“I can’t Derek. I’ve got a business meeting with the Ellie’s and
a project to finalize.”
“can’t you call in sick?”
“please you want dad, and the entire doctors in Miami to
come running round my house” I seethed . “just let me go”
“after I kiss you” he says bringing his lips closer to mine. I
shoved it away.
“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet”
“I don’t mind”
“well I do and let me go” he let go and I stood up. what a guy.
“OK Princess”
“Oh and have your shower and go home. your dad could be
looking for you”
“alright” he stormed inside and grabbed my towel
“hey that’s mine” I half yelled
“come and get it” he smirked.
“you can have it. I’ll get another one” I waited for him to use
the bathroom. I prepared hot tea and blueberry muffin for
he came out few minutes later. the beads of water dropping
down his chest to his torso. God those abs are to die for…
“are you trying to seduce me?” I asked walking past him
“so what’s for breakfast?”
“make do with whatever you find on the table” I said and got
into the bathroom. when I came out, he was already done. I
wrapped my towel round my chest. I sat down to apply my
lotion and got dressed. I wore a jump suit and heels and
headed down.
“Hey you’re still here. you better leave. dad would flip if he
found out I let a guy sleep in my house the first day of moving
“alright Princess. Bye” he kissed my cheeks “see you later. let’s
grab ice cream at the fair”
he winked and went outside. finally he’s gone but I’m starting
to miss him now.
I went inside the kitchen to grab my tea but it was already
cold so I thought of heating it up a little. just them my phone
“Yes Bernadette” I called “what?… they can’t wait much
longer?… OMG they want to meet me… just handle it, I’m on
my wa… I know… alright keep me updated and tell the Ellie’s
I’m expecting them soon… yeah… ” I kept going on. I poured
my tea into my cup but I accidentally placed my kitchen cloth
close to the fire. I forgot to turn off the fire.
I took my tea and sat down to eat. few minutes later I started
smelling smoke. I sniffed the air, it was smoke…. I rushed into
the kitchen only to find everywhere covered with smoke. the
burning had increased drastically taking the curtains down as
“Aaarrrggghhh!!! ” I screamed trying to turn off the fire but it
only kept on getting worse. I tried to run outside and call for
help but I was trapped inside with no where to go. I had
already started coughing. my eyes went blurred and I fell
Derek’s POV
“there all fixed” I wiped the sweat off my face.
I stood outside Alexa’s apartment. I was about to ride out but
when I started the engines, it keeps on giving me disturbing
sounds so I decided to check out what’s wrong with it.
after fixing it, I mounted on it, ready to ride when I smelled
smoke. I thought it was coming from a nearby factory but
there’s none around this area so where could it be coming
I was about to ignore when I heard a scream coming from
inside. OMG!! Alexa
I jumped down and ran to the front porch. I tried opening up
the door but it was completely shut. I broke in only to find the
house covered with smoke.
I ran inside dodging the flames as they fell down. I went
upstairs but she wasn’t there. I ran into the kitchen and I was
surprised to see her lying on the floor unconscious.
I rushed inside, taking her in my arms and rushed back
outside. her cloth was a bit burnt and her she had bruises on
her body.
“Alexa wake up” I called but no response. I checked her pulse
and it was weak. I quickly brought out my phone and called for
an ambulance…
they arrived some minutes later and took her inside placing
her on oxygen. Oh my world. my eyes were all sweaty by now.
I don’t want to loose her. we just started the first stage in our
relationship which is getting to know each other and she
wants to go…
I took her phone to call her parents. I didn’t have their
contacts so I called Alexis instead. she wasn’t answering.
“what the fuck. pick up the damn phone” I yelled into the
device. we arrived at the hospital and she was taken into the
ICU for quick treatment
I called Alexis again and this time she answered.
“oh hi D….
I didn’t let her finish the statement
” Alexa just got admitted into the hospital ” I broke the news to
“what?… ” I could hear the shock in her voice
“Derek what happened?”
“can’t explain now… come quickly” I urged
“what’s the name of the hospital?” she asked her voice
breaking down. she was already crying.
“I’m on my way” she said immediately and cut the call.
OMG Alexa please be okay…. I thought to myself…
. by tz Jackie


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