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June 15, 2021


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Sexual assault Episode 6

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Sexual assault

Episode 6



Hey Ann why are you sleeping in my class?’ Mrs

busayo asked while she wrapped her hands on

my shoulders mildly. ‘ma I’m uhm’ I tried to explain

but it failed suddenly I covered my mouth and ran

out of the class to the school toilet and I vomited

on the bathtub then after I washed my mouth and I

made my way back to the class with pains all over

my joints.

‘Ann are you okay?’ Mrs Busayo questioned my

arrival back to the class

‘Yes Ma its just a slight fever’ I replied her.

‘See me after this class’ Mrs Busayo demanded

I went to my seat and sat down relaxing my

head on top of my desk and continued sleeping.

The school bell ranged and I woke up meaning

I’ve been sleeping while three subjects were taught

because health since was the first subject followed

by three other subjects before break.

I left the class to Mrs Busayo’s office.

‘Good afternoon- Good morning Ma’ my voice stammered

‘Ehen Ann you’re here. Sit down’ Mrs Busayo

permitted while she dropped her pen to give full

attention to my presence i drew the chair that was

under he table and i sat down.

‘Ann you know i was once a girl like you now tell

me are you? . .’ Mrs Busayo asked while she made

a sign language with her hands

‘Ma me? no oh.’ I stated out of fear

‘well give

me your mother’s phone number’

Mrs Busayo ordered.

I gave her the phone number and she excused me

for the day. after school hours I went home and

acted like everything was normal the next morning

I was set to go to school when my Mom announced

I’ll be going for medical check up after the

announcement was made my heartbeat changed

totally, at this stage I was not aware of what my

Mom and Mrs. Busayo discussed on phone many

thoughts passed trough my mind while boarding my

Mom’s toyota camry. We arrived early at the

hospital at about 7:45 am and we waited for the

doctor’s arrival.

The doctor arrived the hospital at about 8:15 am

that morning.

Series of tests were conducted on me since my

mom was running late for work and me also late

for school we couldn’t wait for the results of the

test my Mom exchanged phone numbers with the

doctor and pleaded with the doctor to send the

results to her as text message when it’s ready my

Mom drove off the hospital giving me money to

board a taxi to school since we were not going the

same way I arrived my school and the day’s

activities went normal when the bell for closing

was ranged sudden fear overtook me knowing my

Mom was going to skin me alive when I get home.

When I was at a far range to my house my heart

was about falling as the beat rate of my heart

increased, when it remained a foot to the gate I

said to my self ‘since my Step father is behind

everything no need to fear’ I smilled and


the gate and I walked trough the compound and

then to the main house i opened the door and I the

first person I saw was my Mum…….




To Be Continued…

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