S-xual as-sault Episode 5

S-xual as-sault
Episode 5
All my bones were so weak and my head was
still pounding with the br@in shaking my Kittycat
was full of dried blood all over it I reached out
for the bathroom and freshened up I searched
every where around the house for the criminal
that as-saulted me and he was no where to be
My Mum was always busy with work and she
don’t have the time to sit me and ru-b minds on
mother to daughter discussion she didn’t care
to know the type of man he left me with.
one issue that has been disturbing my mind is
who my biological father was in the locality
where I grew up some people used to say my
mum is a pr©st!tût£and she don’t even know
my real father this issue was a big problem to
me while growing up and anytime I asked my
mum all she says was ‘you’ll know him one day’.
I took some pain relieving tablets and I was
alone trou-gh out the weekend ever since my
step father disappeared, that weekend and
school mid-term break has been the most
horrific break i ever embarked on.
Since then I was lost in school as I just overhear
the lectures of the teachers I ha-rd ly go to
church ever since then all the faith I had
disappeared since Jesus didn’t saved me from
being R@p£d.
After a while my step father returned back
home with the excuse of him going to the
village for his mother’s funeral services.
My mom didn’t notice any changes in me
neither my strange attitude towards my step
three weeks later in school I was slee-ping in
clas-s which was strange and I felt horrible
with slight headache and my tummy revolving,
the Health science teacher (Mrs Busayo) was
the teacher in clas-s she is a very cruel woman
and she sees faults on students before any
other teacher she was called ‘The goddess’ by
. . .