S-x slave finale

💞 Princess’s POV💞
….. One week later…
We were at home, everyone was looking very happy. Eddie was fine, so was Ryan. We forgot totally abouth the devil, Uncle Joe.
Eddie’s parents which ate now my parents decided to take me in, they bought clothes and shoes for me. Even mother helped wash my hair, I really loved it.
Father still continued his activities about my parents properties and he upd@t£d any time there was an information.
I sat on Eddie’s l@p in his room. Ryan excused us from the room and parked to his own room because he wanted to give us our privacy.
Eddie and I were watching a movie on his TV, so I sat in between his legs to watch it. The wra-pped his hands around my w@!st and I loved every bit of his t©uçh.
I turned my head to look at him and I noticed he was so engrossed by the movie. He looked down at me and smiled wi-dely. I kept staring at his pink littlel-ips.
“Hey, don’t tempt me.” He said and I felt his di-ck twitch behind me.
“C’mon Eddie, I want to say something.” I said giggling.
“Okay, what is that?” He asked reducing the volume of the TV with the remote. I shifted from in between his legs and sat facing him properly.
“Eddie, I don’t know what I would be without you. You made me free again by risking your life and your families. You stood by me when I had no one, you loved me tho you knew I was used and had become cheap.” I said sadly as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Oh baby, plea-se don’t think like that again. You are not cheap, you were just a victim.” He said cu-pping my face in his hands.
“Look here. I love you so much, the very day I saw you I felt alive. I have never loved a Lady Princess, you are the first Lady to steak my heart. And I won’t take it slightly with anyone that t©uçhes you again.” He said smiling.
“Thank you Eddie. I love you.” I said smiling and looking at him.
“I love you too my Princess.” He said drawing me closer to him and k!ss!ngme de-eply.
We were still k!ss!ngwhen the door flew open. “Opps” we heard Ryan say behind us ma-king us giggle.
We st©pped k!ss!ngand looked at him.
“Ryan, you love spoiling plans.” Eddie said laughing.
“Sorry, sorry ,sorry. Well, I am here to call Princess downstairs, daddy wants to see her.” He said parading like a lecturer.
“I will be there soon.” I replied giggling. He win-ked before he went out and I looked at Eddie smiling.
“I will be back.” I said k!ss!nghim on hisl-ips.
“C’mon, I am going with you.” He said climbing down the be-d and pu-lling me with him.
We walked down to see Father, Mother and Ryan smiling wi-dely.
“Here comes the lovers.” Ryan said grinning and we all bur-sted into laughter.
“Good afternoon father and mother.” I said as I for closed to them.
“Afternoon dear.” They replied as mother helped in brushing my hair down with her palm
“Sir Princess, I have some news for you.” Father said smiling. I nodded anxiously and sat on the couch while Eddie sat close to me.
My parents and Ryan sat opposite us. I couldn’t wait to hear the news.
“Princess, I am just coming back from the lawyers house and as have talked about the properties.” He said smiling.
“Okay.” I said anxiously.
“You are having all your properties as soon as possible.” Mother yelled and I leaped for joy. I was so happy and I ran to hvg father and mother.
“Thank you so much.” I said happily.
“Not so soon Princess.” Mother said ma-king me anxious. I sat close to Eddie expecting the next news.
“Your father and I thought about something. And it is, we would love you to start schooling. So you will write the necessary examinations to be admitted into Eddie college. And guess what, bills on us.” She said smiling.
“What??? School!!! Omg!!! My dreams are coming to pas-s.” I yelled jumping happily as we all laughed happily. I ran to Eddie hvgging him very ti-ght.
“And lastly Princess.” I heard Ryan say.
“Hmmm what does baby Ryan have for me?” I said smiling.
“Happy birthday!!” He yelled and flowers fell on my head. A chef brou-ght to us a beautiful c@m£ with number 19 written on it.
“Omg!!” I said covering my mouth with my palm.
“How did you know?” I asked in suprise.
“When the cops went to search your uncle’s house for some information, they found this there.” Father said bringing out a book.
“My dairy! You saw it here.” I said collecting it from him. I was so happy to talk, I stared at all of them and I couldn’t help but bur-st into tears. “Tears of joy”.
” Awwwn sweetie, no nee-d to cry. We are here for you. ” They said coming to sit near me.
“c@m£ra man you are nee-ded now.” Father said and I saw a man come close to us. We sat down well on the biggest couch to take the ph0to.
“Smile” he said and we all smiled as the c@m£ra Man took the ph0to.
What lesson have u learnt…