S-x slave episode 29

🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE 🔪💰
Episode 29
💞 Eddie’s POV💞
The cops rushed close to us as soon as Princess dropped her weapon. Father c@m£ in running to both of us.
“Are you guys okay?” He asked as they carried the bloody uncle Joe out. My pierced hand hurt so badly and blood kept dropping from it.
“Yes father” we chorused tiredly.
“The ambulance will be here in a sec” he said smiling.
“Where is Ryan” I asked looking around.
“He is here” he said moving aside revea-ling Ryan.
“Eddie!” He called running to me I opened my hurting arms as I hvgged him ti-ghtly.
“We did it Eddie” he said dis£ngaging as he looked at Princess and I. We both nodded as he hvgged princess too.
“Thank you Ryan” she said smiling. We all heard the siren of the ambulance and we all tried standing up.
We all moved down the stairs to the last floor. The nurses rushed to me tieing my blood dripping arm.
They led me to the ambulance while they used the first aid kit for Princess’s minor injury. I still have a feeling that not telling Princess about her uncle killing her parent isn’t fair.
I didn’t want to tell her then, I didn’t want to see her sad anymore or even try doing anything stupid that could make him kill her.
I nee-d to explain to her, I can’t help it if she is angry with me. We got to hospital and I was taken into the ward to be treated.
💕 Princess’s POV💕
As Eddie was led into the ward by the nurses, I stood outside the ward with father and Ryan. I kept thinking about what Uncle Joe said.
He was after our property? What of now, has he succeeded in having it?
“Princess are you okay? Don’t worry Eddie will be fine” he said smiling.
“Yeah I know, it is not that.” I said sadly.
“What is it dear?” He asked furrowing his brows.
“My uncle said some things before the cops c@m£ for the arrest.” I said looking at him.
“Yes?” He said paying ra-pt attention.
“He said he killed my parents because of our properties. Now, I am wondering if he has gotten hold of the properties.” I said bowing my head as I wept silently.
“Princess you don’t nee-d to cry. You are a strong woman, I knew that today. And about the property I will do something about it” he said smiling.
“Really? You will?” I asked happily.
“Yes I will, I deserve a better life now” he added tapping my shoulders.
“Thank you for everything Sir, I really appreciate it. Thank you for taking me as your own daughter” I said as I cleaned my tears face.
“Anyone Eddie loves, I have no choice than to love that person. I know he goes for the best” he said and I nodded shyly.
“What of mother?” I asked with my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Oh $h!t, that is true” he said bringing out his phone.
“47 missed calls!!” He exclaimed hitting his forehead.
“This is not good” I said shaking my head.
“I will handle her. Excuse me” he said and moved outside the ward. Ryan c@m£ closer to me sitting on the chair his father sat.
“I saw your work on Uncle Joe’s b©dy as the cops moved him out. You really a good fighter.” He said smiling.
“Oh Ryan, I am a fighter to those that deserves to be dealt with. Uncle Joe deserved what I did to him and I pray he rots in jail” I said firmly while he nodded.
“Princess will you start living with us?” He asked happily.
“Ryan, I don’t know yet. Your parents have the say over that” I replied holding his hands.
“But if you are allowed will you stay?” He asked again
“Yes i will Ryan, I can’t wish nothing more than a family where there is love” I said smiling.
“Thank you” he said hvgging me ti-ghtly.
“No Ryan, thank you. You were endangered because of me, thank you so much” I said patting his back.
“I did it because you are my best friend and most importantly Eddie’s lover” he said wi-nking.
“Common Ryan, you are still a small boy” I said giggling.