December 4, 2020


Mind blowing palace

Sex slave episode 26

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🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE🔪💰





🔪 Uncle Joe’s POV🔪

I started racking my brain over the stature of the guy I saw under Princess’s bed.He looked so familiar, I paced aroubg my living room until I remembered I have seen some one like him in that small boys house.

I need to ask him somethings, I hope it isn’t what I am thinking. I pulled him into another warehouse of mine very far from the street.

He kept struggling with me but I didn’t give a f**k. I sat him on the floor tieing his hands backwards.

“Uncle what did I do this time?” He asked fearfully.

“I am yet to know” I said when I noticed he wasn’t wearing my bracelet anymore.

“Where is the bracelet I gave you?” I asked frowning.

“I am sorry.. I.. Removed it when I was about to sleep so I forgot to where it this morning” he said nodding.

“Who owns this wristwatch?” I asked raising it up. I saw a great shook on his face.

“I….i .. I don’t know” he said stammering and I felt suspicious.

“Do you have an elder brother?” I asked sitting in front of him.

“Brother?? Errr… Rrrrnn No, no I don’t” he said stammering.

“I saw a guy that looks so much like you yesterday and I have seen him in your house before” I said.

“My house? You.. You are mistaken.” He said shaking his head.

“Don’t fool my boy” I yelled standing from where I sat.

I started searching his body for any useful thing I may see. I touched his pocket and I felt something in his pockets.

I deeper my hands in it and I saw it was his phone. I took it out and pressed the power button, the phone had a password in it.

“Open it” I said pointing it to him.

“What?? That is my privacy” he exclaimed.

“Open it now!” I said bringing out a knife. I saw him swallow hard as he looked at me.

“My password is logical, I need to type it myself. Can you please release my hand?” He asked turning slightly showing me his hands.

“Fine” I said sighing as I released his hand. I released them and stretched the phone to him.

He collected it from me and looked at me.

“Be fast” I yelled and suddenly he sprang up and hit me on my torso. I groaned in pain and before I knew it he started running to the exit.

“Ryan!!!” I yelled in pains but he didn’t listen. Shit! I made a mistake of not drugging him on our way down here.

I struggled to stand and started running after him. He is a kid I will catch up with him very soon.

💋 Ryan’s POV💋

I ran as fast as my leg could carry me. If I had opened my phone, he would have seen Eddie and I on my wallpaper and to worsen the case, check my call history.

I knew the way we came so it wasn’t hard for me to know. I started dailing Eddie’s number as I ran. It rang and he picked up immediately.

📲 Eddie I was captured by Uncle Joe but I have escaped *panting*

📲 What?? Captured? Where was dad?

📲 I sat outside waiting for him but before he arrived I had been captured by him *still running*

📲 Where are you now?

📲 Royal palace *looking around*

📲 Royal palace? It is very close to our house. Hold on and hide in a safe place, I will be there very soon. I will call papa too.

📲 Okay, please make haste, I am so scared I had to hit him on his torso.

📲 Oh God, I will be there right away.

He hung up and I kept running, I looked back abs I could see him closing up on me. I increased my pace but I was feeling very weak already.

“Eddie please come” I prayed silently has I kept running. My heart kept beating very fast and I felt I was going to breakdown soon.

I got to a turning and I rushed quickly into the back of a building hiding behind the wall. I heard foot steps approaching and I knew it was Uncle Joe.

I held my mouth with my hands so I won’t make any noise. I could hear my own heartbeat. I was glued to the wall and I saw his shadow approaching slowly.

It didn’t look like he was running anymore, it was like he was searching for me.

“Oh God help me I don’t want to die” I prayed as my heart kept beating very fast. I felt sweat roll down my forehead and my tummy, my clothes were glued to my body because of my sweat.

I watched his shadow and I saw him stop, he was moving his head right and left, of course looking for me.

I saw him turn and started walking away. I sighed in relieve and then my phone rang, I quickly switched off my phone.

My eyes widened as I saw his shadow turn back to where I was.



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