S-x slave episode 24 & 25

Episode 24&25
🔪 Uncle Joe’s POV🔪
I struggled to get open from where I la-id.I moved to where the guys wristwatch fell to pick it up.
I held my left eye in great pain as I moved out of the room with the aid of my right eye.
I moved down to my room tracing the path with my hands because I couldn’t see the way clearly, blood had stained all my face even the second eye.
I manages to get to my room and I moved to the bathroom. I lowered my head over the basin and started rinsing my bloody face in it.
“Arrrrrrgggghhhh” I gro-an ed as I t©uçhed the eye while I rinsed my face. After rinsing off the blood, I took my towel to clean my eye and face.
I raised up my head to look into the mirror that was right on t©p of the basin. I looked at my eye and I saw it was bur-sted alre-ady.
“I willfu-cking kill you!!!” I yelled in anger as I looked at how damaged my eye is and the wrist watch in my hand. I never knew that princess had someb©dy visiting her.
And he even had the guts to use my knife against me!!!! I hate the fact that I couldn’t picture his face well before he hurt me.
But he looked so familiar. He looks like someone I have seen before, I tried recollecting but my br@in was dormant that very minute.
One thing I am sure of is that if I see him anywhere I will recognise him instantly. And as for Princess I will kill her the same way I killed her miserable mother.
I looked at my eye once and all I saw was haterd, blood shed, crying. I moved out of the bathroom and went to my living room.
I nee-d to find how I will keep people from staring at my eye. Once I settle that, Princess and her so called friend is gone for good.
💋 Ryan’s POV 💋
I woke up the next morning with an urgent urge to pee. I ran to the toilet without opening my eyes. I eased myself and walked back to the room yawning.
I looked at Eddie’s be-d and I didn’t find him there. “Did he go to school alre-ady?” I thought moving to my own be-d.
I shifted my gaze to Princess’s window and I saw ot was wi-de open, the cotten was ap@rt revea-ling the entire room.
“What happened?” I thought moving closer to the window. I then stood on my toes peeping into the room when something caught my attention.
There were red substances on the floor. “Blood!” I yelled remembering that Eddie went to her at midnight.
“Oh noo!” I whispered shaking my head as I felt tears heat up my eyes.
“Princess” I called but I heard no response. Hope it isn’t what I am thinking, I nee-d to check if he is down the stairs before I conclude.
I moved out of the room as soon as possible running down the stairs. I saw mama cooking in the kitchen.
“Morning mama” I said trying to smile.
“Morning baby, your night?” She asked smiling.
“Mama, have you seen Eddie this morning?” I asked ignoring her question.
“No why?” She asked looking at me.
“Maybe he went jogging before we all woke up. He isn’t in the room” I said itching my head as different thought rushed into my head.
“Maybe, but son you look worried” she said looking at me with suspicion.
“Ohh.. I.. I am okay, I just woke up so I am tired.” I answered walking out of the kitchen.
“I will be In my room” I said and ran up the stairs. I can’t let mother know anything, I am sure she will kill herself if she hears about it, she won’t be able to handle it.
“Oh God safe Eddie and Princess” I said shaking in fear. I picked up my phone and failed Eddie mobile. I pray he picks up.
It started ringing and I heard his phone vibr@ting on his be-d.
“Oh No, he didn’t take his phone” I said in tears.
“Eddie, princess where are you! plea-se come back” I said and sat on the floor weeping profusely.
💗 Eddie’s POV💗
I watched Princess sleep in my arms throu-ghout the night. I couldn’t st©p thinking about what happened yesternight.
She sle-pt soundly but I couldn’t, all I want is to see that bastard behind bars. I stood up from the be-d carefully so as not to wake Princess.
I went to the kitchen to make coffee for both of us. I heard someone at the door trying to open it, then I remembered father was to come here today.
I summoned courage to open the door and I saw him holding his fists alre-ady.
“Eddie???? What are you doing here?? When did you get here?” He asked confusingly.
“Daddy it is a long story plea-se come in and let’s talk.” I said opening the door wi-de for him to come in.
He moved in and sat on the couch waiting for my explanation. “Dad, I c@m£ here in the midnight” I said sitting opposite him.
“What!!!! Midnight!!” He said in shock.
“Father it was an impromptu situation. I would have been killed by Uncle Joe yesterday” I said and I saw his eyes wi-den.
“How??” He asked.
“I decided to pay a visit to Princess in the midnight when I know he will be fast asleep. I got there and was still there when the uncle c@m£ in, I ran un-der the be-d so he couldn’t see me. Unfortunately he was looking for his knife he left in Princess’s room which was right beside me, he decided to look un-der the be-d and that was it..” I said sighing heavily.
“That was what?.” He asked impatiently.
“I had to thrû-st him in the eye with the knife so he wouldn’t see me” I said shvggering my shoulders.
“What!!!! You destroyed a criminals eyes!!!” He exclaimed in shock. I nodded slowly trying not to look at him because I know he is a furious as anything.
“Don’t you know you have endangered our lives and the life of Princess” he added standing up and pacing in front of me.
“Princess is fine.” I said bowing slightly.
“How do you know that??? Do you think he will spare her!” He yelled, and when I was about to talk I heard Princess call my name from behind.
“Eddie” she called and I saw father look at her in shock.
“OMG” he said shooting me a disastrous look.
Episode 25
💞 Princess’s POV💞
I got to the living room to see a man looking so much like Eddie. I am so sure they are related, he looked so handsome too.
“You brou-ght her here?” The man asked furiously.
“Father, I had no choice. I couldn’t help it, I can’t just leave her there, he will kill her” Eddie said to his father.
“Oh God you won’t kill your mother and I” he said holding his head in his hands.
“That’s true. plea-se don’t tell her about this yet, plea-se help me cover up.” Eddie said sadly.
His father looked at him, then shifted his gaze to me. “Good morning sir, I am so sorry to pur you in all this problem.” I said sadly bowing my head.
I heard him sigh heavily. “Are you okay?” I heard him ask. I looked up to see if he was talking to me and to my suprise he was.
“I am sir thank you” I replied trying to smile. He nodded before looking at Eddie who was smiling too.
“You know it is ha-rd to his this from your mother.” He said looking at Eddie.
“I know father. plea-se take care of that for me” he pleaded.
“Hmm okay. And what of Ryan?” He asked Eddie.
“Ohhh… That is true, I forgot about him totally.” He said tou-ching my pocket looking for something.
“$h!t, I forgot my phone at home” he said looking at me.
“I am so sure he is worried” I said sadly.
“Father plea-se can you call Ryan for me, help me tell him Princess and I are safe” Eddie said. His father nodded.
“Can’t he come stay with us?” I asked wishing he could. Eddie looked at his father, and so did I.
“Hmmmm that is if he wishes to come and I don’t think involving him is s good idea” his father said and I felt sad instantly.
“Just help talk to him father. And lest I forget, dad plea-se I nee-d you to help me bring some if my stuffs. There is nothing for me to wear, neither is my ATM card with me” Eddie said asking me to sit.
“I will get you some stuffs and what about Princess. You don’t expect her to wear your clothes right?” His father asked.
“Once I gave my card with me, I will settle that” Eddie replied smiling.
😍 Ryan’s POV😍
I sat in my room still thinking about Eddie and Princess when I heard a knock on the door.
“Eddie dear breakfast is re-ady” I hears mother say from behind the door.
“I will be there right away mother” I said cleaning my eyes. Can’t let her know anything, I took my phone from beside me and moved downstairs.
I got to the dinning room trying to be okay in front of mother.
“Why is Eddie keeping so long? Isn’t he hungry?” Mama asked chewing her food.
“Well.. I.. I guess he is enjoying his excerise” I said nodding. She was about talking when my phone rang and I saw papa calling. I picked up almost immediately.
📲 papa
📲 Eddie are you okay?
📲 Yes *nodding*
📲 I called to tell you Eddie is fine, he asked me to tell you.
📲 Ohhh
I said standing up from the dinning and moving upstairs away from mother.
📲 Where is he!! What of princess?? I saw blood in her room *whispering*
📲 He is at our former site and princess is here with him.
📲 Thank God *relieved*
📲 He asked if you would like to live with them.
📲 Really? Sure I will. I miss them alre-ady.
📲 Hmm okay. What of mam, doesn’t she know anything?
📲 No papa, didn’t let her notice but she is asking about him alre-ady.
📲 Tell her he is with me. She didn’t see me leave this morning.
📲 Okay, but when will I join them? *happily*
📲 I will come pick you, pack your stuffs and Eddie’s own.
📲 Right away!.
I hung up happily. I can’t wait to see princess and hvg her. I packed it as soon as possible and ran back to eat.
“What took you so long?” Mama asked narrowing her eyes.
“I had to use the toilet. You know, some crazy stomach upset” I replied smiling as I sat to eat.
I finished eating and I dad haven’t arrived. I decided to wait for him in front of the house, I sat on the pavement in front of our house looking down the street to see when papa will appear.
I was still watching when I saw Uncle Joe walking towards me really fast. He had something cover one of his eye.
I tried to stay put, I smiled at him but he didn’t smile back. I then knew it want funny anymore, I stood up and was about running into the house when he pu-ll-ed me using his hand to cover my mouth.
I tried struggling but he was more powerful and he ended up pu-lling me away.
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