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Seven gangster episode 15 & 16


( we are RASCALS )

Rated 🔞🔞

written by Toyin Jimoh

don’t copy or repost

Episode 15

writer POV ✍️✍️

“I don’t know what is special about that girl that they care so much about each other” Preet said and goes to the room.

Nina reach the club and check everywhere for Bella she couldn’t find her, she dial her number many times but she wasn’t picking, she became more worried.

“where could she be by this time of the night, let me ask someone if they see her around” Nina thought.

she saw a lady and stopped her. “please do you see Anabella she asked.

“who is Anabella?” the girl asked confused.

“oh sorry, I mean a tall and slim lady” Nina try to explain but see the girl looking at her strangely.

” it seems i remember your face you are the one shouting at a girl some hours ago” the girl said.

“yes the girl I was shouting at, do you see her” Nina asked.

“she was with the RASCALS earlier but I don’t see her around since the RASCALS left, I will be on my way” the girl and start to leave.

” so Preet is right that Bella could be with those guys, I didn’t expect this from her not at all, I never expect this from you Bella” she muttered and sit on the floor with tears dropping down her eyes.


minutes later

Nina knock at the door, “who is that disturbing my sleep” Preet muttered but remember Nina is not home she quickly get up to open the door.

“Nina what’s wrong with you why are you like this, you are crying, what happened” Preet keeps throwing different question at Nina.

“just leave me alone” Nina yelled. “am sorry where is Bella” she asked pretending to care.

“I don’t know it seems she is with the RASCALS” Nina manage to talk.

“didn’t I told you, but why would she do such things, I thought she has some self respect but it’s seems am wrong” Preet said.

“I trusted her but she betrayed me” Nina said and sit on the floor.

“common stand up” Preet said and help Nina up. she took her to the bathroom.

“Bella wait as I destroy your friendship, if you had known you will not have reject me the first time I came to meet the two of you to be my friend” Preet thought and give a devilish face.

she help Nina shower then take her to the bed she was about klzzing her but Nina push her away making her fall on her b*tt.

“ouch” she growl in pain rubbing her b*tt with her left hand.

“I feel like killing you right now, do I look like I feel some sympathy for you” Preet thought.

“girl you need to pull yourself together am always here for you” Preet said pretending to care. “please let me sleep” Nina manage to talk.

“okay then, I will stitch of the light” Preet said. “I love sleeping with light ,on so no need to switch it off” Nina said.

“okay I won’t” Preet said. “she think she can be controlling me.she wants to be directing me as she direct Bella or what, it seems she don’t know the kind of person I am, I have to sleep with light on” she thought and lay beside in the bed Nina


The next morning.

“ouch” Bella said from her sleep hold her head. “Nina am not feeling well”you she said and jerked up from the bed when she didn’t hear Nina voice.

she look around and find herself in a strange room “where am i” she muttered. she picked up her phone is an see 50missed call from Nina, she remembered all what happened between her and Nina.

“where exactly am I” she said. “the time is 11am already. I need to find out where am i” she said feeling scared.

she heard some noise coming from the door. she walked slowly to the door and gently open it, she peep through the small opening and was surprised to see the RASCALS playing chess.

“Nooooo!!!!! she shouted and run back inside. the noise draw the gang attention and they all rushed to the guest room to see what’s happening.

“can someone tell me is a lie Bella shouted and quickly covered herself with the duvet when she saw the RASCALS rush into the room.

“am I daydreaming she screamed, can someone please just pinch me so I can come out from my dream” she said still covering herself with the duvet.

the gang didn’t say anything which makes her removed the duvet from her face then cover it back seeing them standing right Infront of her. “why are you behaving like a child” Ryan said.

please tell me you guys didn’t do anything to me she asked still covering herself up. “we did alot after we finish what we want to do we put on your cloth back” Andy said.

“Tell me is a joke, this joke is too expensive to believe” Bella said removing the duvet from herself. she see a mirror and run to check herself.

“my hair is scattered, no my body” she shouted holding her body. the guys shake their head and leave the room except Andre. “why are you behaving so weird” Andre said sitting on the bed.

“you mean am overreacting, when I sleep here with seven guys, not just guys RASCALS” she said and cover her face with her hand.

“I never knew that you are such a drama queen” Andre said. “how will I be sure you guys didn’t do anything to me” Bella said.

“shut up we do have some respect for girls we don’t force or rape girls” Andre said. “please just tell me how I got here” Bella said.

“you got drank yesterday and almost got strip at the club so we brought you here” Andre said.

strip!!!!!!! Bella exclaimed. thanks alot I need to go she said pick her phone and rush out of the room. she meet the rest of the gang in the living room.

thanks she said and ran out. Andre went to meet the gang in the livingroom. “Andre I can’t believe this you girl is so dramatic like this” Steve said.

I think her reaction looks real. let take a look at it, tell me how girls ever p@ss a night here and how many girls come here if not bitch, so her overacting is normal” Ryan said.
“I think she break the record” Scott said. “which record is that” the chorused.
“the first girl to sleep in the gang apartment not as a bitch” Scott said. “that’s true” they said and continue with the game.


“Nina why are you so worried about someone that didn’t care about you, you wake up early waiting for her” Preet said.

“I will wait for her till she come, I still couldn’t believe she slept in the gang apartment, no maybe she slept in one of the nearest hotel” Nina said.

“what if she said she slept in the gang apartment what we you do to her” Preet said.

“don’t asked me nor underestimate me” Nina said.

“I know she slept over there” preet thought smiling to herself.

she brought out her phone. “what!! Bella, Nina see this is the lastest gossip in school” Preet said pretending not to has watch the video she is about to show Nina.

“what does that has to do with be Bella” Nina asked not minding what Preet is saying.

“see this Preet said showing Nina the video, she read the information on the heading. “a l£sblan girl that fought with her l£sblan mate was seen flirting with the RASCALS, best news ever” Nina read it out and didn’t bother watching the video.

“you see that” Preet said knowing that if she gives Nina a chance to watch the video she might find out she’s drunk, she quickly removed the video.

Bella comes there, Nina stand up,

“what are you looking for” Nina asked.

“I don’t get that question, this our hostel, so what sort of question is that” Bella said trying to go inside.

but Nina block her way. “Nina what all this about, am not feeling okay this morning and I need to take my bath and rest” Bella said.

“you should go back with does guys you are flirting with” Nina said.

“I think I know the reason for you action let me explain” Bella said.

“no need to explain just vacate this place right now” Nina said.

“what do you mean by vacate this place right now, you must be kidding” Bella said.

“do I look like am joking” Nina yelled.

hahahaha!!! I laughed in spanish,are you really telling me to leave or is a joke, please Nina this joke is too expensive for me to believe” Bella said.

“yes” Nina said and goes to the wardrobe to pack Bella cloth in her in the bag, now leave and go meet your new boyfriend, cause you have became nothing but a bitch” Nina gr0@n.

Bella give her a thunderous slap, “I think this will make you come to your right s£nses” Bella said.

but Nina drag her out. “you should stay away from me for now on” Nina said and goes to bring her bag, this all you have here now leave she yelled.

Bella stood watching her like a dumb.

hmmm Preet chuckled.


( we are RASCALS )

Rated 🔞🔞

written by Toyin Jimoh

don’t copy or repost

Episode 16

writer POV ✍️✍️

Bella stood watching her like a dumb. hmmm Preet chuckled. “I won’t leave I also have some right here” Bella shouted barging at the door.

” you don’t have any right here and precise is my mom that pay for your school fees and everything so I can decide who will live here with me” Nina replied her from inside.

Bella moved away from door after hearing what Nina said. she leaves dragging her bag along with her. “where do you expect her to go now?” Preet asked? “how is that your business or did you want to go with her” Nina yelled at Preet.

she kept quiet. “I don’t believe my plan can work out so easily, wow I deserve an award” Preet thought.


Bella keep dragging her bag on the floor, Nina words keep flashing to her brain. she was walking abs£nt minded and didn’t notice the student are looking at her,

*look at her she’s the l£sblan girl flirting with the RASCALS
*she’s so shameless,
*she looks like a bitch
the student were throwing insult at Bella but she didn’t hear not notice them until one of them throw something at her, she come back to her her s£nses.

“what are you guys staring?” at she asked. “see this idiots who the school knew her whole story is asking us question”

a girl said. “story” Bella muttered and quickly check her phone.

what!!!! this? who on earth could do this she said with so much surprised.

“the fool does not even know that her dirty secret as been exposed, she betrayed her l£sblan mate for those guys” a girl said.

“Ew! she’s shameless another” girl said. Bella couldn’t say anything she stood watching them all insult her, she cover her ear and screamed when she couldn’t take all the insult anymore.



gang where chatting and playing Steve was going through is phone and was surprised to see the story that was posted about Bella.

“guys you all need to see this” he said to his friends “what!!!” they chorused.

“how can this be possible, who dare post this” Andre said. “am really surprised” Ryan said.

“guys let’s find a solution before this rumors spread than these, you know most of the student don’t have s£nse to think, they will believe it easily, Liam said.

we don’t need to talk too much our action will speak Scott said.

but we need to let them know that Bella is innocent Andy said. “I will right back” Andre said.

“to where” Ryan asked. I want to go and check if she’s doing fine Andre said.

“okay I think that will be better, if there is any problem don’t hesitate to call for us” Ryan said. okay Andre said and rushed out.


Bella was still covering her ear, while the student keep saying different things about her.

“I never knew some people are this jobless”

Andre said and everyone looks back. wow !!! Andre the girls start drooling and forget about Bella, while some guys where fuming that the girls are all blushing for Andre.

“you girls, you all don’t have s£nses left with you. you all are here drooling over me, and you are insulting a girl like you who has a chance to p@ss her night in the gang apartment peacefully.

tell me if it was you one of you that have the chance of sitting in our livingroom without p@ssing a night, I Know how much you will be happy.

and for you guys you are here insulting a lady while most of you are praying to have a beautiful girl to sleep with yes we are RASCALS everyone knows that, we are different from you we did it openly why you here did it secretly if you know you can face the world and be proud of what you are doing while hiding.

you are all fools if you have a word against what I said, you can come out here and displayed your skills, bunch of foolish people, and who among you can tell what happened after the scene that was showing to you guys, if you don’t know what happened why are you all commenting Andre gr0@n and everyone one of them start leaving one after the other.

Andre move closer to Bella who has been watching him the way he speaks to the student with alot of courage.

“why are you with your bag?”. Andre asked. “thanks I will go now” Bella said.

“to where” Andre asked. “anywhere I don’t care where ever it might be” Bella said and try to drag her bag.

Andre hold it back. “you have to tell me where you are going cause that’s not the way to your hostel” Andre said.

I have no place to stay so I have to leave to anywhere my destiny takes me to.

come with me Andre said dragging her bag, she followed him slowly, then sit at the stairs of the school rooftop.

“am waiting” Andre said. “waiting for what” Bella asked. “your explanation cause I don’t know the reason why you decide to leave” Andre said.

“I don’t need to explain anything since you can’t solve my problem” Bella said.

“why do you think that I can’t solve your problem, just share it and let see how things can be done” Andre said.

“I don’t like inviting people in my personal life cause I don’t want them to feel some sympathy for me or some can even used it against me” Bella said.

“just consider me as your friend and confide in me” Andre said.

“okay then” Bella said and explain what happened with her and Nina. “then why did you leave the hostel since is for both of you?” Andre asked.

hmmm!! she muttered and explain what happen to her and skip the place she ran away from home. she told him she’s an orphan

“so she throw you out cause it was her mother that’s was taking care of everything.

why didn’t you call her mum and inform her of what is going on” Andre said.

“I don’t want to cause more trouble for anyone” bella said. “I think her mum will stand by you since she didn’t like you guys being a l£sblan” Andre said.

I don’t want to be selfish, “I think she will realised her mistake someday” Bella said.

“so where are you going to be staying” Andre asked. am leaving for good” Bella said.

“you mean you are leaving school!” Andre asked. “that’s not possible, do you think I will let you go just like that” Andre said.

“you should let me go, i don’t want to disturb anyone life again” Bella said.

Andre phone ring, he checked it and see it was Ryan who was calling, “I need to make a call” Andre said and excuse himself from but stay in a place he could see Bella clearly.

Andre pick the call and explain the current situation to the guys, they all conclude to bring her to come and stay with them till everything is okay.

Andre hang the call and went back to where Bella is. Bella expression shows she has made up her mind.

“Bella won’t you mind to stay with us till everything became fine again?” Andre asked”no what do you expect the student to be saying about me” Bella said.

“do you care about what people will say or what you want!” Andre asked.

“why do you think I really want to be living with seven guys that doesn’t have a good record in the school, Bella said.

“we are very good guys if you can believe me, we are only trying to enjoy our life at early age” Andre said.

“sleeping with different girls everyday, is that what you call enjoyment!” Bella asked.

“you are very stubborn, okay just forget about our life style and let be friends, you won’t ever regret this” Andre said.

“is that a promised!” Bella asked. yes Andre said.

“alright” Bella said nodding her head positively. “am happy I was able to convince you”Andre said. Andre help her with her bag to the gang apartment.

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