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Seven gangster episode 13 & 14


( we are RASCALS )

Rated 🔞🔞

written by Toyin Jimoh

don’t copy or repost

Episode 13

writer POV

“come on girl you have to get used to it now” Bella said.

“but I, stop it and let’s talk about another thing” Bella interrupt her.


Scott room

“hey you what are you trying to do”, Scott said.

“I was just trying to help you arrange your wardrobe for you” the lady said.

“Arrange my wardrobe or trying to steal something, I brought you here as a bitch not has a girlfriend, you are such a fool thinking you can come here and steal”, Scott gr0@n and hold the lady by her hair and head to the living room

“Am sorry” she shouted in pain all the guys heard her screamed and leave run out of their room. Scott push her on the sofa angrily.

“Am sorry” she pleaded. the guys rushed their and was amazed to see what’s going on.

“what’s going on here” Ryan asked.

nothing just teaching this bit*h a lesson Scott said.

“what has she done” Andre asked.

she’s trying to steal something from my wardrobe Scott said.

“I promised I was only trying to help him arrange his things properly” the lady said.

you always ruin everything for us trying to be nice, I don’t know why I brought you with us this time”, one of the bitch said coming out of a room.

“you ladies should get out of here right now” Steve said.

they all leave. “Scott I don’t think that girl has a bad intention” Andre said. “here will go again that the guy over here will start preaching for us like he is not the same Andre will know” Scott said.

“why are you being so rude, I was only trying to tell you you shouldn’t treat a lady like that, I even thought you drop that attitude of yours but you can’t just stop being nasty”, Andre replied.

“what’s going on with you guys why did you start fighting over what is not necessary” Ryan said.

“I think we should find something else doing” Steve suggest. “that’s a better idea”Andy said.

“I wanna go to bed sleep” Scott said. “you don’t have an excuse” Liam said. “sit” Andy said and make him sit.

“am sorry guys”Andre apologize. “no need to be sorry, I misunderstood you Scott said.

is nothing guy Andre said and they shake hand. what can we do to make here more lively Ryan said.

let’s Andy crack jokes for us Steve said. “no you should sing” Andy said facing Steve. “we would do the two but jokes before music” Cole said.

cool guy Andre said. “we are waiting for you” Liam said. Andy was scratching his head thinking of what jokes to tell. hmmmm he started.

“listen am going to say something and you will tell me the answer, it will be fun I promised” Andy said. “no problem we are here with you” they chorused.

“there was a guy who was very spoil until he came across a lady, you have fallen for her, his friends will always say.

I don’t have love in my dictionary I was only trying to do my job who his that person”? Andy asked making his face like a baby.

“Andre” they all chorused and burst into a round of laughter except Andre. “I promised I don’t have feeling for her” Andre said.
“I promised I don’t have feeling for her who is that person” Andy asked. Andre they chorused and laugh so terribly. “what’s going on with you guys and you Andy you are a bad guy” Andre said.

“I was only telling a joke nothing else” Andy said. “stop laughing guys I have something to talk with you all” Andre said. “really it seems you finally what to confess to us” Cole said.

“it seems does girl are l£sblan” Andre said. “are you surprised by that” Ryan said. “did you know that before” Liam asked. “no, but is obvious, so am not surprised, leave them let them enjoy there life is their problem not ours” Ryan said.

“which enjoyment is in being a l£sblan where they are still more d*ck available for free finding someone to dig” Andy said. everyone burst into laughter.

you are surely a RASCALS Andre said. ‘but let’s be sincere how do they enjoy it, two flat thing coming together” ouch Liam said feeling irritated.

“you guys can’t change, why don’t you let us be like them using our joystick on each other” Scott said.

“you aren’t serious why will I do that when there are still more ladies waiting there for me Ryan said.

“that’s the point guy there are still many holes to dig my thing in” Steve said. “Guys let go on with our jokes Andy said”. Andy tell them different jokes and they laughed like never before.

Steve sing a romantic song for them. “wow it caught me in my heart” Cole said holding his chest.

“I really love the music, you are so talented guy Liam said. “Steve I was thinking of something, why don’t you perform in the concert coming up soon Ryan said.

“yeah that’s a great opportunity atleast you will be able to meet some celebrity not been a merit RASCALS singer” Cole said.

I once thought about it money is the problem” Steve said. “should I say am really disappointed in your, why will you be thinking that money is the problem when you have us here” Ryan said.

I feel like strangulating you” Cole said. “sorry guys I don’t want to inconvenient you all” Steve said.

“it okay, the Reason why we are together is to share our problem together Ryan asked. Andy dad called me to tell me you comedy was chos£n,

so you are among the top three, you should get ready for the next audition Ryan announced.

we are moving somewhere very soon there will see that rascals are not only after pu**y but planing something great” Liam said.

“yep that’s why we are RASCALS” they chorused.

after a week

guys I will see you later Andre said when he spot Bella. I think you have fallen for her just tell us” Liam said.

Andre leave to meet Bella. hi girl is being a while Andre said. what’s up Bella answered. I told you to leave us alone are you so dumb Nina gr0@n.


( we are RASCALS )

Rated 🔞🔞

written by Toyin Jimoh

don’t copy or repost

Episode 14

writer POV ✍️✍️

Andre leave to meet Bella. hi girl is being a while Andre said.

what’s up Bella answered.

I told you to leave us alone are you so dumb Nina gr0@n.

“calm down down girl, and mean no harm” Andre said.

I said you are not needed here” Nina said angrily.

“you don’t look good when you are angry you should atleast smile” Andre said.

Bella glare at her to calm down but she left angrily.

“why is she being difficult to relate with” Andre asked.

“she is no that difficult, just don’t like relating with guys” Bella said.

“I have to go and meet her” Bella said.

“can I come with you” Andre said.

“really” Bella said. “are you surprised” Andre asked.

“not really but I was still wondering if it’s one of those rascals that am speaking with right now” Bella said.

‘yeah” Andre said. “don’t you think your friends will be waiting for you” Bella said. “I told them am coming to see you” Andre said.

“but I heard and seen it myself since have been in this school that the RASCALS don’t make friends with anybody not to talk of a lady” or that’s all lies?” Bella

asked. “yeah you are right” Andre said. “then why do you want to become my friend?” Bella asked.

“just trying to give it a chance” Andre said. “what are you trying to give a chance?” Bella asked.

“making friends except from the RASCALS, yeah the RASCALS has been the best ever life without them is so boring, but am trying to make new friend and they are aware of it” Andre said.

“you still haven’t answered my question” Bella said. “your friend will be waiting let go meet her” Andre said to cover up the question.

“thanks for reminding me” Bella said and start walking away, Andre follow behind her.


what are you doing with this girl?” Bella asked. “and what are you doing with this jerk” Nina asked pointing to Andre Andre looks at the back pretending Nina was pointing to someone else.

“Nina what all this about he only wants to be a friend and nothing more” Bella said.

“she also want to be my friend, is equal now he is your friend and she is mine” Nina said.

you know this girl is a bad girl and also a cheat, you know how she has been unfaithful to everyone Bella said holding Nina.

“and this guy is also a jerk, a RASCALS who slept with different ladies everyday” Nina said.

“I just want to give him a chance” Bella said with tears in her eyes. “am also giving Preet a chance and she’s is my new girlfriend if you don’t know, you said you don’t want to be a l£sblan again but that’s what I get joy in, and Preet being my new girlfriend shouldn’t be your problem” Nina yelled.

“stop this Nina if is all a trick just stop it” Bella said. “is not a trick and one more thing she’s moving into our hostel” Nina said.

“are you cr*zy?” Bella asked. “am cra*zy and tired of you” Nina said.

“I will call aunt if you don’t stop all this” Bella threatening. “i don’t care I hate guys and that all, get it”

Nina gr0@n and drag Preet by her wrist and take her from there.

Bella look at them as they walk away, Preet looks back and give Anabella a deadly glare then smile.

“that girl is evil” Bella said with tears in her eyes she sit on the floor dejected everyone was staring at her.

Andre move closer to her and help her up. the gang came there and see Andre helping her up.

wow!!!! the RASCALS are here even one of them is helping a girl, the girls started whispering Bella manage to stand up resting on Andre shoulder.

the gang come closer to him they find a table to sit. Bella look shattered that she couldn’t stand on her legs. Andre help her to sit in a chair.

she rest her head on the table in front of her. “what are you going to do with her now” I will be looking after her till she’s her real self again” Andre said.

“I can’t believe that the girl that could beat up a man could be so shattered like this” Liam said.

everyone has a weakness Cole said. you need anything a waitress come to asked. yeah give us beer Scott ordered.

the waitress didn’t take time to bring the beer, before he could drop it Bella already took a bottle. “opennn” Bella roar and the guy quickly open the bottle of beer for her.

she smiled and drank everything in the bottle she took another one and open it herself and empty the bottle.

the gang was looking perplexed. she was about to take another bottle of beer but Andre take the beer from the table.

please let me have more she pleaded joining her hand together like a child begging her mother for something.

“this girl is really something else, she still want to take more wine after drinking two bottle” Steve said.

“I think she’s really hurt, seeing the person you care so much about betrayed you is so hurtful” Andre said. music was play in the background.

Bella stand and start to jump around she was about pulling her top but Andre carry her away from there and took her to the car.

“was she trying to strip herself, this girl is really dramatic” Cole said.

“I think we need to go” Ryan said. “why” Scott asked. “should we leave Andre to face that girl trouble alone” Ryan said.

“he is her friend so let him take care of her himself” Cole said. “I think we need to stop thinking in that way Andre is also one of us and we promised to face h@rd time together”, Ryan said.

“this nothing compared to h@rd time,he choose to help so he should do that alone” Liam said.

“guys I think Ryan is right” Andy said. they all go out and see Andre trying to makes her sit in the car.

Ryan phone ring. he picked it up. “you mean Smart escaped. hope he didn’t hurt anyone nor take anything with him” Ryan asked.

“you guys don’t need to worry nothing will happen and if he try to do anything funny I will delete him from the picture and make sure you guys are careful” Ryan said and hang up.

who was that and what’s happening?” Scott asked. “smart my dad opponent, I caught escaped” Ryan said.

“I think you guys need to be more careful cause he can strike at anytime” Liam said. thanks.

“Liam i think you should go for detective officer since you don’t know what you are going to become in future” Andy said.

they drove home Ryan and Andre help Bella to get down, she couldn’t walk and was speaking gilberish.

Ryan carried her in his shoulder and take her inside the guest room. they have the biggest apartment in the school. Andre follow him they help her sleep then leave for the living room.


Nina was outside the hostel waiting for Bella. “why are you so worried?” preet asked. “why won’t I be worry Bella is not back yet” Nina said.

“I don’t know you care about her this much but why do you insult her when you do care about her this much?”

Preet said. “I was only angry seeing that jerk with her, I pool my frustration on her, that’s really so bad, I shouldn’t have said such things to her Nina said sadly.

“I don’t think she will be back today” Preet said. how was that possible she doesn’t make friend or has someone to stay with in this college except me Nina said.

what if I say she would sleep with the RASCALS today”, preet said.

“shut the heck you I will be back let me check her at the club” Nina said and run to check if Bella is at the club. “I don’t know what is special about that girl that they care so much about each other” Preet said and goes to the room.


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