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January 23, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 25

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Donna POV continues

Flash back

I wished I never met that beast, I met him when I went shopping for my birthday, I never planned for a big party, I just wanted to celebrate it in a little way…

“Helo pretty”. He greeted

I looked behind me to check if he was really talking to me. This guy is damn cute…

” I am Ben”, he introduced himself

” yeah , Ben, I know you”. I screamed in delight, he was an unpopular singer but he is still a celebrity….

” I can see you attend the same school as Sofia”. He said assessing my uniform

” oh, Sofia I know her”. I replied

” sure, everyone knows her”. He grunted

” You came here to shop right?”. He asked me

” yeah, I am having my birthday on Saturday, you are invited if you want to come”. I squealed

He became quiet , he was obviously lost in thought..

” I want you to invite Sofia”. He said

” what. Sofia, That can’t be possible. She is my number one enemy”. I grunted

He smirked

” really, I will pay you big for it”, he said bringing out a wad of cash

I widened my eyes in shock, I have never hold so much money like this

” I will pay you triple of this if you invite her over”. He said grinning

” I will try”. I said

” I don’t need you to try, I want you to do it”. He yelled. You can start by being friendly to her..

I nodded

” Good”, he said , let me have your contacts

I immediately gave him

” I will call you”. He said as he turned to leave when he suddenly stopped

“Make use of Luna club for you birthday”. He instructed

I nodded but what will happen to Sofia if I invite her offer? I asked

” Nothing baby”. Just want to give her a little surprise….



I did as he instructed, I became friendly with Sofia and invited her over

He called me that evening and I told him of my success

” Good, He said , I will send you the money now

I smiled

“I also found out Sofia lied to her husband , she told him she would be having a sleep over with her best friend

He was quiet for a while and soon began laughing…..

” This will make it more interesting”. He said

” happy birthday in advance “. He said and ended the call…



I was really scared when Tina came over to me to tell me Sofia was missing..

I became alarmed, I tried calling his number but it was not connecting

I became scared knowing I will be a suspect when my phone suddenly rang

” who is this ?”. I asked Immediately I picked it

The caller started laughing and I knew immediately it was the best

” where is Sofia ? What have you done to her?”. I yelled at him

” relax girl”. He said , you don’t need to panic , you will be fine

” how?”. I asked, the police will soon come after me..

” you really don’t know Shayne , do you ?he asked

” Shayne, what does Shayne have to do with this? I asked

He laughed out again

Can you please stop laughing and tell me”

” Fine, Shayne will torture you for the truth and he is a beast when he suspect you are involved in hurting someone he loves “. He explained

” what will I do?”. I asked clearly frightened, i will tell him you paid me to do it “. I said

” do you think he will believe you? You will just give yourself a death sentence if you tell him that .He said , I am his best friend

” what should I say then?”. I asked

“Good”, tell him Lexy paid you to do it and he will let you go”. He said assuring me

“Who the hell is Lexy?”. I asked

“You don’t need to know”. Just do as I say and he ended the call



I stared at my phone when It beeped, it was a message from the beast

I clicked and it reads

” Let’s meet at the usual venue”

I bit my lips trying to control my tears , I am really tired…

I have become his sex slave every since, I have been expelled , all my friends and families are  disappointed in me

” I really have to end this, I really do…..



Shayne POV



“Sofia , you really need to go to school tomorrow”. I said

She was circling her hands around my chest

” I just want to stay with you”. She said pouting her lips

I laughed

” you will always be with me, I won’t let you out my sight”. I assured her

She looked at me with a puppy eyes

” people will say mean thing about me”. She blurted out

“No, they won’t, your name had been cleared, it was all a frame up.I said pecking her lips

” ok, I will”. She said

“Good”. I nodded

” Shayne”. She suddenly called

“Yes”. I replied

” I don’t want us to go back to that house, I just want it to be me and you alone. Can we not just stay here?”. She asked

“Is that what you want?”. I asked her

She nodded

” fine, let’s do that

She jumped in delight and I watched her smiling

My phone suddenly started ringing, I checked the caller , it was Oscar

” Oscar”. I called as soon as I picked it

” Shayne”. He said , his voice was wavering

” what is it Oscar?i asked

” it is lexy”. He said

” Lexy, what about her?”. I asked

She escaped, Lexy escaped




Poor Donna

That witch has finally escaped


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