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January 23, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 24

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Forgiveness 2



Shayne POV.

I watched the ladies as they wriggled this waist while dancing .

” come over here”. I signalled to one of the ladies, she walked seductively towards me and continued twerking , I hit her buttocks as she kept on twerking

“I guess you missed that right?”. Ben asked

” yeah”. I said . I was in a club partying with Ben

” what do you intend doing about Sofia?”. He asked

“Nothing”. I said

” you mean you will let her be”. He asked raising an eyebrow..

” Sure, she is my wife after all, I really do miss her and I have come to realise how much she really loves me”.

” I see”. Ben said as he continued with his drinks

I squeezed the lady ass

” let’s get a room”. I whispered in her eyes

” sure”. She said squirming in delight..

I stood up holding the lady ass

” I need a good f**k”. I told Ben who just nodded…..





I watched Shayne holding the lady ass as they went towards a room . I expected him and Sofia to be separated by now , I never expected their love to be this strong..

Despite all this , he is still protective of Sofia, he still thinks and care about her..

” Shayne”, I despise you ……..



Shayne POV


I was so horny, I needed good sex. I watched the lady remove her clothes ..

She was soon stark naked and started twerking to a music

I remember the way Sofia dances and smiled, she was a bad dancer..

“What the f**k, I am thinking about her again…..

I walked towards the lady  pulling her towards me and kissed her hard

I broke the kiss and pushed her to the bed, I went on top her and started caressing her when the image of Sofia flashed in my mind

“Damn”. I cursed

” what is wrong?”. The lady asked

” Nothing”. I said just put on your clothes

She looked at me in surprise

” Sir Shayne”. She called, am I that horrible in bed

” No sweetheart you are amazing”. I said chuckling

She still had a confused look when my phone suddenly rang

” hello bill”. I said as soon as i picked it

” boss , we have found the guy in the picture”

” Good”. I said , take him to the torture room, I am coming . I replied as I ended the call

” I will be on my way”. I said to the lady and stormed out of the room

I got to the bar and Ben was till there drinking

” What happened?”. He asked , you came out so fast

” I couldn’t do it”. I replied

” why?”. He asked

” I love my wife “. I said as I left

” Sofia what exactly did you do to me”. I asked myself…..



Sofia POV


Shayne had not been back for three days now, he never called nor received my call also.

I was seriously worried

” does he hate me now?”. I asked myself

I laid on the bed crying… The door suddenly opened and Shayne’s mum walked in

” baby. She called as she sat down on the bed, you need to eat

” I am not hungry”. I said

” you can’t tell me that “. She said , you hardly eat this past few days

” How do you expect me to eat when my husband is angry with me” i said in tears

“Hush”. It is alright, I will tell you where you can find Shayne once you eat

” really, I said excitedly

She nodded

” is that a promise?”. I asked

She nodded

I immediately stood up from the bed and headed downstairs..



Shayne POV



aaaaaaaaaarh, I watched him screamed

you should have thought about the consequences before doing it”. I said.

” I am sorry”. He pleaded

” you dare touch my wife, you even stayed under the blanket with her, really you don’t need mercy

” please i did it because of money”. He said

I scoffed

” break his bones”. I ordered my boys

” yes sir ” . They chorused as they gathered him beating h  He was covered with bruises

I dialled Oscar number

” we have got the idiot in the picture “. I said as soon as he picked

” really”. He asked


” send your boy to come remove this trash away from my house”. I commanded

” we will do that right away”. He said and I ended the call



Sofia POV


I glanced at the paper Shayne’s mum gave me

It was the address of Shayne mansion

I Went over to my car and handed the letter to my driver

” drive to this place “. I commanded .

He nodded and soon drove off


The car stopped in front of a very big and beautiful house

” is this paradise”. It was really beautiful

I got down from the car and walked towards the big gate

I saw two men standing guard outside

” hello, I greeted. Is Shayne in?. I asked

” is he expecting you ?”. He asked me

” I am his wife”. I replied

” I know but is he expecting you “. He released

I shook my head negatively

” I really need to see him”. I said

” fine , we will put a call through to him. He said

I nodded

He dialled a number and Shayne picked it, I missed his voice

” Any problem”. He asked

” your wife is here to see you”, should we let her in?. The guard asked

Shayne remained quiet

” Sir”. The guard called him

” let her in”. He said and i signed in relief..



Shayne POV


I was surprised when I was told Sofia was looking for me. She looked for me, she must really miss me so much…..

I really wanted to see her, I missed her greatly



I watched her as she looked around the house, she was beautiful as usual

” Shayne “. She called as soon as she saw me and ran towards to hug me

I smiled

” how are you ?”. I asked hugging her back, she looked pale

” are you  sick?”. I asked

She shook her head

” I just miss you , Shayne I am sorry , very sorry . I have realised my mistakes and it won’t happen again”. She pleaded crying

I stared at the woman in front of me, the woman I love …

” I love you Sofia “. I said

” I love you too” ………….




Donna POV


What have I gotten myself into?, I regretted ever making a deal with that beast

I was jealous of Sofia , she has everything , she had every single thing..

See what greed led me to, I just want to be free , I really want to be free…….



They are Back together



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