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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 22

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Shayne POV continues
I really couldn’t believe Lexy will go that far to hurt Sofia. I was really mad at myself ..
“ I caused all this”. I said holding my chest, if I never had sex with her, none of this would have happened.
I could now understand the feelings of the the ladies I slept with in the past, I regretted ever seeing then as sex object
Lexy went to far and I will make sure she learns her lesson.
I released Donna after she promised she would testify against lexy.
I drove to the station and the cops started hailing me as soon as I walked in
“ I nodded as I walked straight into the head of the cops office
“ Shayne”. He called
“ Mr Oscar”. I greeted him
“ I have got the lead on my wife case”. I said bringing out a record tape
“ cool”. He said as he listened and played it …
It was the record of Donna confession
“ we will make an arrest now”. He said
“ I don’t only want an arrest, I want her to suffer greatly”. I replied gritting my teeth
“ Shayne”. He called
“ Mr Oscar”. I

interrupted him. You either do as I say or I will do it my own way
“ Good day”. I said and took my leave..

Sofia POV
I was in the room sobbing when Shayne mother called me
“ Sofia,
“ Sofia”. She called again
I stood of from the bed and headed downstairs grudgingly
“ what is it again?”. I thought
I saw her in the sitting room with Isabel and Clara
“See”. She said pointing to the television as soon as he saw me
I stared at the television in disbelief, I saw the same lady who claimed to be pregnant for Shane being led to the Police van in handcuffs
“ what!, I exclaimed, she was behind everything..
Why did she frame me up? I thought. Tears were pouring down my eyes……
“ Sofia”. Shayne mother called walking towards me
“ I am sorry”. She said hugging me
I nodded as the tears kept flowing , she held me in a warm embrace…

Shayne POV
I was a little relieved as I watched the news..
“I will make sure she rots in jail”.
I got home and headed straight to the room , Sofia was sitting on her bed bowing her head
She looked up at me as I walked in
“Shayne”. She called
I ignored her
She walked towards me and got down on her knees
I stared at her In surprise
“I am sorry”.she pleaded , I know I hurt

you but I don’t want to loose you”
“ get up”. I said
“ Shayne pls……..
“ I said get up”. I barked at her
She immediately stood up
“ I can’t believe you had the gut to lie to me”, I can’t believe you prefer clubbing to staying with me”. I said . “ I believed you , I trusted you and I gave you my complete heart, but yet you took everything for granted…
“ Shayne, please”.. she pleaded shaking her head
She walked towards me and held my hand,
“ I thought I warned you never to touch me”. I yelled at her
“ I love you Shayne”. She said crying
I scoffed at her
“ Love, did you say love? You love me and you lied”. I said to her , your tears won’t move me this time around “. I said and turned to leave
“ Shayne. She called. You promised not to hurt me
I looked back at her
“ I didn’t hurt you , you hurt yourself”. I said and left the room
I was really confused as I saw her tears but I hate lies and she lied to me……….

Lexy POV
I sat down on the prison floor, I stared at the handcuff on my wrists
“ what the hell just happened?” and who the hell is Donna that testified against me?
I was confused, I didn’t plan anything against Sofia
I mean I was still cooking up a plan but this one was not my doing…
“ who the hell framed me? Who is behind this ?……….



This thing is confusing, who is behind it ?


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