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January 28, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 23

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Sofia POV

I was really confused, Shayne left without forgiving me. I was very sure no one raped me , I am very sure of it

I remained upstair without going down to eat lunch or dinner, I had no appetite

I was really down and weak, I stayed up waiting for Shayne

I glanced at the wall clock, it was already past midnight and Shayne wasn’t back

“ Sofia, see what you did to yourself”. I said sobbing and hitting my chest..

I kept on waiting hoping Shayne would come home but he never came …:




Shayne POV


I stared at the man begging in front of me, he is the owner of the Luna club& suites

“ Shayne , pls I know nothing about it”.he pleaded

I scoffed

“My wife was framed in your club and you don’t know anything”. I said eyeing him

“I swear with my life, I know nothing about it”. He continued pleading

“ Then you can say bye to your club”. I said , I will make sure it remained closed

“Shayne don’t do this to me”. He said going on his needs, remember I am like a big brother to you ..

I glared at him coldly

“ That is the only reason you are still alive”. I said bending down.

“ what else do you want Shayne?”. He asked, the culprit have been arrested.

“ do you think I am only interested in the culprit, I want to find the idiot in bed with my wife”. I shouted

I brought one of the framed pictures and showed it to him

“ Do you know this man?”. I asked him

He stared at the picture for a while

“He is not a worker at the club but I do see his face around the club”. He said

“ really”. I asked , tell me more

“He is a friend to a waiter in the club, you can get a lead by questioning the waiter”. He suggested

“ what is the name of the waiter and where can I find him?”. I asked

“His Name is Andrew and he lives behind the club”. He said

“ Good”, you can go”. I told him

“ Shayne, please promise me when you find out everything you will open my club back”. He said

“ promise”. I said

He signed in relief

“Bill”, Get Andrew here right now. I ordered one of my boys

“ yes sir”. He replied and left….

I won’t be able to rest until I get the whole truth . I decided to stay in my private mansion.

I need to distance my self from Sofia for sometime so I won’t hurt her…


Sofia POV



I could not go to school the next day. I was scared of what people might say..

I was so weak, My phone suddenly rang.I checked the caller ,it was Tina

I picked it after the second ring

“ Helo”. I said

“ Sofia “. She called , I am very sorry

“ it is not your fault Tina”. I said assuring her, I could never have trusted Donna”. I said

“Shayne is still mad right?”. She asked

“ yeah”. I replied and started crying

“ babe don’t cry, it will be fine

“ Sure”. I said wiping my tears

“ what of Donna, is she in school?”. I asked

“Oh! no, she has been expelled”. She said, That girl is evil

“ Yes, she is . I replied as I ended the call

i just want Shayne back, I just want him back……..




Shayne POV



“Please please please”. Andrew pleaded, he was screaming

“ Continue beating him”. I instructed my boys

I watched as they beat him up and when I was satisfied I ordered them to stop

“ where is your friend?”. I asked yelling at him.

“ he is laying low for now”. He replied whimpering

“ really”. I asked

“ do you know where he is?”. I asked

“No, yes .. I mean no”. He stammered

“ I see,maybe you want me to pluck your eyes out before you talk”. I asked

“ No please, I will write it down for you”. He said

I signalled the boys to bring a jotter and a pen and gave it to Andrew who quickly wrote down the address.

“ Good, so tell me everything you know about it”. I said to Andrew

I listened to him as he explained everything to me in details, how Sofia drink was drugged, how he was made to distract Tina by feigning interest in her,how a man purposely led Sofia to a room when she was feeling dizzy and how he took the pictures of Sofia and his friend…

“ Did he rape her?”. I asked

“ No, he didn’t, we didn’t do anything to her. We were instructed to fake everything……

She was not naked under the blanket, she was wearing her pant and bra. He explained

I signed in relief

“ Sofia was not touched”

“Who instructed you?”. I suddenly asked

“ it was Donna”. He said



I drove to the police station to know if there was any new update on the case

I walked straight to Mr Oscar office

“ Shayne”. He called as soon as he said me

“ Have the b***h confessed”. I asked

“ No, she is still saying the same thing that she is innocent”.

“ let me see her”.i said

He nodded and led me to the cell that lexy was kept.



I stared at the woman in front of me, she looked unkempt

“ b***h”. I called

She turned to look at me and started screaming immediately her gaze met mine

“ i did not do it, I did not do it, she kept on screaming

I looked at Oscar

“ is she mad?”. I asked

He chuckled

“ That is how she have been since the day we brought her here”. He said

“ don’t be confused by her act”, I said to Oscar, Keep on interrogating her till she says the truth

He nodded

My phone suddenly rang and it was a call from Bella

“ Shayne”, she called as I picked it up

“ Bella, how are you?”. I greeted

“ Shayne I want to see you,can you come over?”. She asked

“ sure”. I said , I will be there in an hour time

“ okay, she said and ended the call…



I drove to Sofia’s mum mansion and I sighted Bella

It was obvious she had been waiting for me, she ran to meet me immediately I got down from the car

“Shayne”. She said running to hug me, I wrapped her in a warm embrace and she held my hands leading me inside

Sofia’s mum was in the sitting room weaving a basket when I came in

“ hello ma”. I greeted her

“Shayne , how are you?”. She asked

I am fine . I replied

“ how is Sofia?”. She asked

I remained quiet

“ Shayne in a relationship, it is normal for challenges like this to be present, it is normal for mistakes to be present but what matters is the way you settle it”. She said , I believe love can conquer all

I stood there thinking about what she said when Bella tugged my clothes

“ I want to show you something”. She said, let us go

I followed her and she entered a room, it was obvious the room belongs to her.

“Sit”.she commanded and I sat down wondering what she wanted to show me. She searched through a book shelf and brought out a small diary

“ here, she said , this is Sofia diary, you can read it”.

I took the diary from her and opened it slowly, I read the first page , it was all about me.

The second , the third everything was all about me

I got to the place where she wrote

“ Shayne gazed at me and I am sure to be the happiest person in the whole wide world”

I laughed as I continued turning the pages

“ I love you so much Shayne, I wish I can wake up in your arms, but It is just a hopeless dream as I am a poor maid”……

“ you were her dreams before she met you and you are still that dream”. Bella said, i always thought she was crazy because she loved you even when it seems impossible for you to love her back”. She continued

I stared at the little girl in surprise, she was so brilliant

“ so Shayne I am begging you to forgive my sister”. She went on her knees pleading

I took her up and wrapped her in my arms ..

I thought of Sofia , I really missed her, I really do………


Aww Bella is such a good sister


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