Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 2

Rude Mr popular (I fell for him)
Episode 2
Meeting Shayne Adams
I got to school the next day and the whole school was talking about Shayne arrival
” he is very cute ”
” did you see his dreamy eyes”
I bit myl-ips wishing I had watch it. I was almost homeless yesterday if not for the kind neighbour….
I got to my clas-s and went to my seat , a girl was seated there
” stand up”. I said to the girl
She turned to me and sm-irked evilly
“Oh dear Sofia ,I heard you now live in a chicken house “. She said and the whole clas-s bur-st out in laughter..
I bit myl-ips trying to hold back my tears when Tina c@m£ to my aid
” Donna, st©p it “. She said to the girl
” and look who is here “. Donna said rolling her eyes. Are you her mother?, too bad we know her mother is a crippled. She blurted out smiling evilly
Tina gave her a h0t sl@p . She winced in pain and was about retaliating when the teacher walked in.
Donna glared at me and went to her seat. I gave Tina a grateful look
I was the timid one and she always got my back…..
I watched the lady I justfu-cked getting dressed, I counted some money and dropped it on the table.
She took the money and counted in with a satisfied look
” when are we going to see again “. She asked
I scoffed
” get out of the room”. I shouted
She whimpered and ran out of the room
I don’t ban-g a lady more than once , who does that? . I have lot of girls flocking around me. Ladies are meant to befu-cked, nothing more…..
I looked out of the window and there were lot of fans screaming my name, how do I tell them to get thefu-ck out of here?but no, I am a celebrity and I am meant to be nice to my fans. How pathetic…
I am Shayne Adams , the most popular song artist in the country, I am 21 years old and obviously still in college. I ha-rd ly attend clas-ses but still pas-s. Nob©dy dares fail me…..
I live with my mother and my adoptive father, my mother was a who-re when she had me so I am practically a bas***d. I hated the word ” bas***d “.
My adoptive father got married to my mum when the mother to his two kids died. I never felt welcomed so I was cold to my family except my mother…..
My door opened and without looking at the person, I knew it was my mum. She is the only one that dare enters my room without knocking…
“Baby”. She called
” st©p calling me that”. I gr-unted , I don’t like that anymore
She looked at me and chuckled
” you will always be my baby”. She said
I sm-irked
” food is served”. She said and walked away..
I went downstairs and the whole family were gathered round the dining
” son”,my adoptive father greeted me.
I ignored him and sat down
I glanced at my two step- sisters, they were both drooling
” how funny”. I muttered
I signalled at a maid to pour me a drink, she c@m£ and mistakenly spilled it on me. My dress were soiled.
“What thefu-ck”. I yelled
I em er em very sorry sir”. She stammered
I stood up immediately
” I lost my appetite “. I said as I headed to my room
“Shayne”. I heard my mum calling but I ignored her..
She knows I love her so much , that is why I listened to her when she begged me to live in the family house. I have got lot of pent houses and three mansions in my name….
I dialled my manager number, he picked it up immediately
” get me a girl for the night, you know my ideal type”. I ordered
” ok Shayne”. He said and I ended the call
This is who I am, I am a S-x freak. I turned on the television and watched my arrival from the airport. I was smiling and waving
I scoffed
There is more to the fake smile……….
This Shayne is really rude…..