Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 3

Rude Mr popular(I fell for him)
Episode 3
Mr Rude
Sofia POV
I got to school really late because I had to go on an errand for mother .
I walked throu-gh the hall way and it was quiet as all the students were in their respective clas-ses.
“Good morning ma”. I greeted the teacher. I was standing at the entrance of the clas-s….
She looked at me and signed
“You are late again”What is the reason this time?. She asked
“ I am sorry madam, I had to go on an errand for my mother”. I replied bowing my head.
She shook her head
“ I am only allowing you into my clas-s because of your academic performance”. She said
I nodded. I might be poor but I am really brilliant.
“ go sit down”. She ordered
“ thank you ma”. I greeted and walked to my seat..
I sat down in clas-s during lunch hour, I was thinking about lot of things
“ how will I get a job that pays well, I nee-d money to support my mother. The odd jobs I do was not paying well….:
I was hungry, I had no food or money..
“Aren’t you going for lunch”. Tina asked me
I was lost in thought and did not see her coming
“I am not hungry”. I replied
She smile knowingly
“ let’s go, the bill is on me”. She said
“ really?”. I asked
“ sure we are friend right”. She said
I nodded
We held hands as we headed to the cafe
We sat down after ordering our lunch, I was rushing the food , I was so hungry while Tina was going throu-gh her phone.
“Wow”. She screamed
“What?”. I asked
See, she showing me what made her screamed
“OMG”. I said excitedly. Shayne would be holding a music concert this Friday…
I am surely gonna be there
“ but how am I going to get there”. I asked
She looked at me clearly confused
“ what do you mean?”. She asked
“ I meant em er the money “. I stammered
“ Don’t worry”, I will come pick you. She said
I gave her a grateful look
I can’t really wait to see Shayne perform live…..
I sat down in my music studio with a friend arguing with my manager
“ This is going to be your first concert in this town, it is important “. He said
I was seriously angry , he took a decision like this without informing me first..
“I don’t see a nee-d for this concert”. I said. I mean I don’t see myself singing and entertaining a bunch of commoners. I said
“They are called fans “. He corrected
“Whatever”.i scoffed
He shook his head
“Shayne”, I am your manager and I want the best for you “. He said
“You will have to do this and that is final”. He said
He turned to my friend
“Ben, prepare for your interview this evening”. He said and left..
Ben nodded
“Do I really nee-d to do this “. I asked Ben
Ben is a friend of mine who was recently signed to my label record.
“ yes, you have to”. He said shrugging his shoulders
“Fine, I will do it “. I said aloud after giving it some thoughts ….
I drove into the compound with my b©dyguards coming behind me….
I got down from the car and walked into the building, I met Clara, the elder of the step sisters in the sitting room..
“Shayne “. She called
I turned to look at her
“ Why are you unfriendly to everyone?”. She asked
I scoffed
“ you really want to know?”. I asked moving towards her
She nodded
“I do that because I don’t want to have anything to do with all of you”. I yelled
She g@sped in shock and was obviously in tears
I ignored her climbing the stairs. I don’t give a damn, I really don’t…………
Which kind of rude guy is this?