Re married Episode 1 to 3

💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 1
I sat on a bench near the school parking lot because I was actually waiting for my driver.
I felt a gentle tap on my shoulders and just I turned to see Austin.
my heart melted instantly because he was my crush right from my year one.
“hi angel” he said smiling and i couldn’t help but blus-h.
“geez he called me an angel” I said in thought.
“hi austin” I said shy fondling my hands.
“mj, I wanted to actually tell you how I feel, I love you so much and no word can express how I feel right now,plea-se would you be my girlfriend” he finally said those words that I wanted to hear.
“why didn’t you say it….. ” I paused realising that I was overreacting.
“I meant that I would give you my reply this evening” I said shyly.
“my driver would be here any moment from now so plea-se try to un-derstand” he hvgged me and we said our goodbyes.
immediately he left, driver c@m£ and I rushed into the car happily.
I dialed my besties number and she picked up immediately.
“angel guess what” i said happily over the phone.
“did you win a trophy?” she asked.
“nope, Austin asked me out and am so excited” I said happily.
“yes, yes it finally happened so have you given him your answer?” she asked in an excited tune.
“nope I wanted to form a little thats why”
“that’s my bestie, anyway chat you later” she said before hanging up.
I wanted go tell my driver about it, but I discarded the idea because his face looks moody.
as we were driving in, a very expensive car was driving out.
“I wonder who they are I said to myself” I went inside the house happily, dad was so happy to see me, I hvgged him ti-ghtly.
“good afternoon dad” I greeted happily just then my mum joined us but she wasn’t smiling.
I also hvgged her.
“I would be heading go my room in order to get changed” I said to my parents.
“Jane before you go, I wanted to tell you something” I st©pped halfway to listen to what my dad has to say.
“Jane you are getting married” he said and the shock made my phone fell from my hand.
“dad you are kidding right?” I asked faking a laugh.
“am not kidding, you are getting married in 2 weeks time,everything has alre-ady been prepared” I felt like melting.
“am just 18,am too young for this and besides I would choose my life p@rtner myself” I said almost in tears.
“my decision is final, no more school for now just concentrate on your up coming wedding” he left me. their and I fell to the ground.
“everything is ruined” I cried my eyes out and my mum just kept patting my back.
son I want a grandchild my mum said for the 900th time .
“am not re-ady yet” I replied her as usual
she c@m£ closer to me and fondled my hand like a baby.
“but I nee-d a grandchild,son plea-se do this for me” she begged again.
“OK mum you would have one” she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“I can’t wait to have a grandchild who would Want me by her side” I just kept staring at her.
“grandmother I nee-d milk and then I would give her the best milk. grandma I tell me a be-dtime story I want to sleep and I would tell her one” she kept talking and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I also want a daughter who would call me daddy, hvg me when am back from work and make me proud” I joined in her conversation and we both laughed.
“mum I would only get married to a girl from the village because the girls in the city doesn’t care about love but money” I back hvgged her.
“it’s not like that son, but if you say your wife must come from the village then it’s fine by me” I went to my room to check throu-gh some files.
Episode 2
I lost my appetite because of the marriage stuff, my bestie has been calling me but I refused picking the call just then my mum walked into my room.
“Jane I know that you aren’t happy but plea-se eat something” my mum begged me but I refused because I wasn’t hungry.
“mum, everything is ruined” I cried out more.
“what got ruined” she asked trying to figure it out.
“my love life, Austin finally asked me out but now am stuck in this marriage stuff” I cried more while my mum patted my back.
“plea-se just get married for my sake or else your dad would take it out on me” de-ep inside my mums words t©uçhed me because I know My Dad so well and i wouldn’t want him to hurt my mums feelings.
“I would get married for your sake”I said and she pu-ll-ed me in for a hvg
“thanks my love” she said happily.
“so would you eat dinner now” she asked and i nodded my head in confirmation.
the food was served, everywhere was silent and My Dad wasn’t happy at all, I stood up from my chair then went to him.
I hvgged him from behind as he was sitting.
“am sorry dad for behaving in such a manner earlier, if getting me married would make you happy then I would gladly do it because your decision are always right and besides am still too tender to make one so yours is perfect” he drew me forward and made me sit on his l@ps.
“thats my angel, you are now reasoning like dad. don’t worry, I would make everything so perfect and you are going to love it” he smiled charmingly and i kinda liked it.
“thanks dad you are the Best” I pe-cked him.
“you and Richie would be going out tomorrow and for the rest of the days in this week so that you can get to know each other better” I stood up from his l@ps then headed to my sit.
“OK dad, I promise to make you proud” I said faking a smile.
my mum t©uçhed my l@ps from un-der the table signifying that things would go well.
the next day.
I dressed so charmingly because I wanted dad to be happy, I wore a short blue go-wn that was fitted with a silver purse with a silver sandal hill.
when I got to our living room I saw my soon to be husband discussing with My Dad, he wasn’t bad looking, he was tall not too slim and not too fat. he wore a blue suit and i know that dad planned it.
immediately they had my footsteps they turned to my direction.
“wow that’s my princess” My Dad hailed me while Richie just kept staring at me lvstfully.
“you are the prettiest human I’ve ever seen” my soon to be husband said and it was ma-king me shy.
soon we were off to enjoy the day in other to know ourselves better.
“you didnt do your sit belt well, let me help you.
he parked his car and did it properly, he was so close to me that we could feel each others breath.
he c@m£ closer in order to k!ssme but I turned my face away quic-kly
“we aren’t married yet so plea-se don’t” I said in a low voice.
“okay, okay,okay I won’t try such again” he said lifting his two hands up as if he has surrendered.
we’ve gone to almost everywhere and i was alre-ady tired.
“I want to go home am exhausted alre-ady” I said cleaning my face.
“OK let’s go home” we were alre-ady leaving but he st©pped halfway.
“I forgot my wallet, I would be back” he excused himself after standing there for some minutes, I felt gentle tap on my shoulder I turned to see that it was Austin.
he was smiling charmingly and my heartbeat increa-sed.
“I didn’t get your answer neither did I see you at lecture today” I just kept staring at him because I didn’t know the reply to give to him.
to my surprise he knelt down.
“actually I c@m£ here to get you a ring, I want us to get married after we graduate, I really love you so much and I might die if I loose you” he held my hands and I was still speechless, I wanted to say something but nothing was coming out.
“then you better go and die because she’s alre-ady taken or didn’t she tell you that she’s getting married?” Richie asked Austin that was still kneeling, his face changed instantly and it affected Me badly.
“Austin am getting married and he is my future husband” I said pointing at Richie.
“plea-se throw that ring away because it’s out of clas-s” Richie said before holding my hands and leading me out of the mall.
my legs were shaking and my heart was Bleeding.
when I got home, my bestie called and ended the relationsh!pbetween us because she though I knew about the marriage stuff long time ago but kept lying to her.
Two weeks later
I got married today and was now in my husband’s house, I cried a lot because I was going to miss my family.
the house was big with a wi-de compound.
the garden was beautiful as its green leaves where shining.
there was a swimming pool at the other end indeed money was working.
I sat on my be-d because,i was tired alre-ady just then Richie c@m£ inside and he wasn’t smiling at all, this alone got me scared.
“why are you still putting on your nightie huh” he barked angrily ma-king me more scared.
“its what I wear at night” I said in a cracking voice.
“I see” he said cleaning his mouth. he dragged me down from the be-d and I nearly fell down, I was still trying to put my self together when a h0t sl@p landed on my face s£nding me to the ground.
he dragged me up from my hair ma-king me shout in pain.
“you are hurting me plea-se st©p” I begged crying. he didn’t st©p he just kept beating me. “you are just a toy that I bought from your father and I would use you any how I like.
he kept beating me and I was now bleeding from my mouth.
“pu-ll that nightie now” he ordered.
“am pu-lling it, plea-se don’t hit me anymore” I kept begging.
I was now just in my p@n-ties, he drew me to the edge of the be-d, pu-ll-ed my p@n-t and winded my legs.
“nice undies but the brownish substance is still there” he said looking at my un-derwear to my surprise he pushed it into my mouth I couldn’t scream anymore.
in one thrû-st he entered me fully not minding if it was my first time or not. I felt my wo-mb shift, the pains was so unbearable he didn’t mind as he just kept on going dee-per and dee-per.
I couldn’t scream because of the p@n-ties that were in my mouth but hut tears kept rolling down.
“was this how I would spend my life I asked myself in thought
finally he was done and he rolled of me removing the undies from my mouth.
I was too weak to even close my legs because my th!gh was on fire.
“fv¢k you, you ‘ve stained my expensive be-d cover with your fv¢king blood” he said angrily.
I couldn’t even move but the way he hit me on my stomach made me sit up immediately.
“am talking and you are just lying down there, now clean this mess up before I come back” he orders leaving the room.
I was weak but I just kept struggling till I was able to change the be-d cover.
Ive finally found a life p@rtner for myself and she’s so pretty.
this past two weeks has been the best to me and I would forever cherish it.
let’s go back to two weeks ago
Episode 3
finally I’ve seen someone who I love so much and want to spend my life with.
this two weeks has really been the best thanks to my mum.
two weeks earlier
it’s not been too long we c@m£ back and multitudes were drooling into our house to welcome us.
I won’t blame, because we haven’t come to the village for the past 7 years.
I was so happy.
the environment has changed a lot and many undeveloped areas were now developed.
after resting a little I decided to stroll around but I didn’t take my car with me in order not to drag too much attention.
I was looking around and I didn’t know when I bu-mped into a girl that was carrying a bucket filled with water and the bucket fell to the ground and got broken.
“oh my God, what kind of problem is this one ehh” she said sadly and I felt bad.
“am so sorry, I didn’t mean to that plea-se do not get angry” I tried begging her but to my surprise she started crying.
“my mother would kill me today ooh” she continued crying.
“am sorry, I would buy you a new bucket” I said bringing out some money.
“my mum would still know,she marked the bucket” I was shocked because i didn’t know that such things still exist.
“fine let’s go and see your mum” she was stunned by my words.
“no oo, plea-se don’t come my mum would start thinking that you are my b©yfri£nd” she started crying again and it made me more confused.
I persuaded her after a while she agreed to take me along.
things went smoothly and her mum was happy.
after settling them, I left.
“is that not the son of late chief Frederick?” amaka mum asked.
“it’s him, he has really grown to be a gentleman indeed his mum deserves a hand shake” her husband concluded.
I sat on my be-d thinking about all that happened and I couldn’t help but to laugh because she was behaving so childish.
actually my name is Jeff, am just 23 years old and the only child to my parents.
my mum wants me to get married because am her only child and she wanted grandchildren.
am not the type that d@t£s or always go after women but the angel I saw today captured my heart.
“I would go to that p@rticular sp©t I saw her today and stay in order to bu-mp into her again, I don’t mind paying for broken buckets every day.
I’ve been going there for three days now and I’ve not seen her, it made me so sad.
I have decided to see our farm in the village.
“I am on my way to the farm, arrange everything”
“yes sir” he and I hanged up immediately.
immediately I entered the farm, I saw the girl that gave me sleepless nights, she went to trash dirt and was going back to her sp©t to continue weeding.
i just quic-kly followed her.
“hi angel I greeted” and she just stared at me in a weird manner.
“my name is not angel ok!” she said angrily as she continued weeding.
“wow, you look so beautiful while working” I said trying to tease her.
“I never knew that a guy could talk so much like this, plea-se just go our boss would soon be here and I don’t want him to see me with you” I couldn’t help but to laugh.
“even if you let me help you out” I said squ-atting down.
“you want to work right? then fine clear all this places” she said giving me her hoe.
“I don’t even know how to do it” I cried in my mind.
I carried the hole smiling.
I was weeding with f0rç£ and I injured myself.
“ouch, it’s painful” I cried out.
“you are just so lazy” she cleaned my hands properly and the feeling that she’s tou-ching my hand made me happy.
all the workers gathered around to see there boss.
immediately I stepped in, she was shocked to see me.
I win-ked at her before addressing the crowd but she was still stunned to believe it.
this past two weeks has been hell, Richie beats me every single moment.
he would always look for a reason to find fault.
I’ve cleaned the house thor0ûghly in order not to get beaten.
just then I heard the sound of his car horn.
my heart skipped and it was filled with fear.
I opened the door for him and was surprised to see that he c@m£ home with some of his friends.
“get us something to eat and drink” he ordered me and like magic I flew to the kitchen to get the food.
“the food is too salty” one his friend complained and to my surprise my husband pushed the food aside walked job to me and gave me a dirty sl@p.
“Learn how to cook, st©p embarras-sing me” he barked and i couldn’t help but to cry.
just as I bent down to carry the plates, someone t©uçhed my bu-tt.
“nice as-s” he laughed i wanted to shift but my husband drew me to himself and in front of his friends he started ru-bbing my as-s just to show his friends.
I was really dying in shame.
my name is richie and am 23 years old, I got married newly and I love my wife so much just that I must show her who the boss is in order to make her obey me.
that’s what my dad taught me.