Re married Episode 4 & 5

💔💔Re Married💔💔
Episode 4 & 5
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I was almost done with work and it made me happy because I was going to see my lovely wife.
my phone rang and I answered it immediately because it was no other than my Sweet heart Amaka.
“good afternoon honey” Amaka greeted
“afternoon to my sweet wife, so how is she coping without her husband?” I asked scratching my eyebrows.
“you know the answer alre-ady, am really missing you so much” her words made me smile like an idiot and I can’t still believe that I could fall in love like this.
when I ended the call, I turned to see my P.A staring at me as if I was mad.
” don’t let love blind your eyes” he said sitting down.
“don’t bother because it blinded my eyes a long time” I just said smiling.
“I still can’t believe that my best friend would one day fall in love” he said resting on his chair.
“you better start believing it” I stared at my watch and the time was not moving the way I want.
“love they shake you because Na first time experience but wis£n up” he spoke pidgin this time ma-king me more surprised.
he kept the files he brou-ght and we talked about opening another br@nch etc before he left.
it was alre-ady time to go home so I parked my things and started heading home.
the feeling that I was going to see my wife made me more happy.
the gate opened, my car drove in with the new car I bought for my wife.
I entered into the house happily and I couldn’t find her. someone t©uçhed me and when I turned, I was frightened to death.
she covered her face like a masquerade just to make me scared.
“yes I got him” she said jumping.
“gush you are so silly” we both laughed together.
“welcome home honey” she hvgged me ti-ghtly and it made me so happy.
“thank you Lord for giving me the best wife” I said in my mind.
“I have a surprise for you”I said and she just stared at me.
“just come with me” I took her hand in mine as we headed outside.
when we were almost there, I covered her eyes.
“here is your surprise” I said opening her eyes and Amaka was so surprised to talk.
“I can’t believe this, you bought a car for me” she started crying and it got me confused
“did I hurt your feelings” I asked almost feeling guilty.
“no you just made me happy, it’s tears of joy” she hvgged me ti-ghtly and I was so happy that she accepted it.
“you said you wanted a shop where you would start selling things like jewelries, clothes, shoes, makeup and things for hair like weavon right” I asked her.
“yes” she replied.
“I’ve gotten everything re-ady, there was a little del@ybecause of i Imported most of the things, as for now everything is all done so we can go see it tomorrow al….” she didn’t let me speak again she jumped on my b©dy and she started k!ss!ngme everywhere
“am so happy,my husband is the best and I love him so much” she shouted it In a loud voice dragging the attention of the servants.
“I couldn’t help but to blus-h” I hvgged her also.
“this night is for us, I would give it to you in any position or style you want”Amaka said and my ears popped open.
“seriously” I asked smiling.
“yes” I was so happy
💄Jane’s POV💄
I took a warm shower, cleaned my b©dy and la-id down n-ked on the be-d because that’s one of the rule.
Richie walked inside the room and straight to the be-d. to my surprise, he hit my stomach very ha-rd I was still recovering from it when he sl@pped me on the face.
you just l@ydown here n-ked closing your legs don’t you know that you are supposed to open your legs wi-dely” he said angrily.
“am so sorry plea-se forgive me “i just said crying because I didn’t want to get beaten up by him again.
I quic-kly opened my legs and he just made his way in.
when he was done, he rolled of me.
“to me S-x wasn’t fun it was absolutely nons-en-se and wickedness” I said to myself.
“I would be going on a business trio and am going to really miss my wife” Richie said and it seems he was sad.
“really but why” I asked pretending to be sad as well
“Am going for a business, I would really miss you so much” Richie said and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“I would miss you more” I lied.
after I was sure that he had left, I started dancing for joy.
“finally I would rest” I said happily
I did all my work and for the first time since I got married I had a good rest without any disturbance.
💕Amaka pov💕
I was so happy that I was going to see my new shop.
I can’t wait to show all my friends so that they would see that levels has changed.
Episode 5
💄Jane’s pov💄
I stared at my face In the mirror and my eyes where back.
For the first time I sle-pt like baby.
I ate what I wanted walked around re-ad and sle-pt again.
When I woke up I just la-id on the be-d thinking about everything that has been happening.
“I have to rest a lot for this two weeks that’s is going to be away” I stood up from the be-d and headed for the bathroom.
💕Amaka pov💕
Indeed money is good.
I now have clas-sic and rich friends that knows life.
My dressing has changed a lot and I like it that way.
My phone rang and I picked it up.
“hi love” my husband jeff said over the phone and I didn’t like the way he was calling.
“good afternoon honey, plea-se call me back later am busy” I said cutting the call before he could say anything.
“take care of everything and do not make any mistakes” I told the girls working for me.
I headed to the salon to clean my nails and fix a new one.
I made new hair, fixed my eye lashes after that me and my friend went to a h0tel.
“are you sure he knows how to do it well” I asked my friend who was 6 years older than me.
“yes of course” I smiled and we both left together.
When I got to the h0tel room I saw two young boys about 18 years alre-ady waiting for us.
When they saw us, they stood up..
“let’s see what you got” I said smiling.
They pu-ll-ed there short and my eyes wi-de-ned when I saw the length of their d!¢ks
I bite myl-ips.
My husband satisfies me more than enough but I can’t be eating only egusi soup always.
I went to my knees as I took his di-ck in my mouth same as my friend.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
Amaka recent character was surprising.
“maybe she cut the call because they were a lot of customers” I said to myself.
After work I went to her shop that was like a mall because I was missing her.
“good evening sir” one of her girls greeted.
“evening dear, where is my wife?” I asked using my eyes to search for her.
“she went out since morning”her girl and I was surprised.
“where could she had gone to” I asked myself.
After waiting for several minutes and i didn’t see her, I decided to go home.
“when it’s time for closure, lock everywhere properly ok”
“yes sir” I left there worriedly.
***At home***
I have alre-ady eaten, taken my bath before she c@m£ back.
“good evening my love” she perked me.
“where did you go to since morning” I asked and she just smiled.
“I went to make my hair fix my nails and lashes and after that I went to my friends shop to see how she runs her business in order to get new ideas” she said smiling.
“you should have told me by calling, I was really worried about you ” I said and she t©uçhed me
“am sorry plea-se forgive me” I smiled feeling relieved.
“I wasn’t angry anymore” she took her bath and ate her food before joining me on the be-d.
I moved closer to her and k!$$£d her shoulders.
I wanted to shift her night go-wn but she held my hand
“am tired, let’s do it tomorrow” with that she went to sleep leaving me like that.
🔥Richie pov🔥
I traveled, that doesn’t mean that my wife could misbehave.
Before leaving I paid someone to spy on my wife jane incase she leaved the house.
Hmm…. Amaka is such an ungrateful girl, she doesn’t appreciate the loving and caring husband Jeff that she have, go and ask Jane how far and she will tell you what she is going throu-gh in the hand of her husband Richie.