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Puzzle of my heart Episode 17 & 18

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 17
I sat on my office chair as my client sat opposite me talking about business. In case you want to know, we’re SERIEL KILLERS. We kill, steal, and do all sort bad things,as far as it fetch us money.
“So Mr Clifford, how may we help you?” I ask. Mr Clifford is very wealthy… and doing business with him has always been giving us a lot of money.
“There’s an enemy and I want her to be killed tomorrow” he said smiling
“You know that killing people is risky Mr Clifford, so the pay will be very high” i said
“Im ready to pay you anything. As far as it gets her out of the way, I’m ready” he said and gave me a cheque.
“Thats a cheque of $100,000. I’ll do more if only you can get her out of the way” he said and I smile
“I’m very ready to get her out of the way Mr Clifford. So can I get her picture?” I ask
“Of course…here’s her picture. Just help me take her away from the picture” he said
“We aren’t going to fail you on this” I said smiling after he gave the address of the woman we’re about to kill.
“Thank you very much madam Selena” he said
“You’ll hear from us” I said and he stood up smiling and walk out.
I look into the picture again and saw a beautiful smiling woman. She was an epitome of beauty…but its so unfortunate that she’ll be dying soon.
I took the cheque and wowed at the amount of money written there. The money was so much that I can’t wait for tomorrow to come, so my boys can go kill her. I trust Mr Clifford to come give me the remaining money he promised me.
Wow I’m so happy…
I watch as her expression changed the moment i told her about the launch party. I couldn’t think of any other lady going with me to that launch party.
She’s the perfect one that can go with me to the party. She’s really beautiful and it will be an honour to take the most beautiful date to the launch party.
“Sir…I don’t understand what you mean by I should go with you to a launch party.” She said
“Why don’t you understand Maya?” I ask
“I mean…you have ms Piper or you can take your sister there”she said looking directly into my eyes.
“But you’re my personal maid! You’re supposed to always follow me anywhere I go.” I said
“I know sir but…I’m not supposed to follow you in occasions like this” she said.
“Why do you think that way Maya ?” I ask
“Because I’m too local and i don’t even have designers clothes to wear. I might cause an embarr@ssment for you. What would people say about me going out with you?” She said
“You’re not local okay. Your very beautiful Maya. People can say whatever they want to say. You shouldn’t be bothered. Please just come with me” I plead. Gosh! I’ve never done this in life before. Begging a lady is not my thing.
“What about what I’m going to put on?” She ask
“I’m going to provide all you need okay. Don’t let that bother you.” I said
“Alright…fine” she said smiling
“Is that a yes?” I ask and she nod.
“Thank you so much” I said happily and I didn’t know what moved me to hug her.
“Sir…” I heard her called and I release the hug.
“Em…I’m really sorry. I was just carried away by my happiness” I said
“It’s okay Mr Ryan…I understand” she said and smile.
“I’m happy that you’re no longer the angry Mr Ryan I met moments ago” she said making my mood to change immediately and I sigh.
“Its a long story Maya” I said looking into her eyes
“I hope you can tell me about it someday. A problem shared is half solved Mr Ryan” she said
“I know but…it’s personal” I said
“Okay Mr Ryan…I have to leave now. Is there anything you want so I can bring it for you?” She ask already on her feet.
“Just get me a gl@ss of cold pineapple juice” he said
“Hmm…I can see you like pineapple juice a lot” she said smiling at me
“Yeah…so can you get it for me now?” I ask and she nod and left.
Wow…can’t believe I just spoke with my maid as if i was talking with my sister….
Wow! I’m so happy right now and I don’t know my exact reasons. Is it because Mr Ryan apologized to me? or the part that he ask me to follow him to a launch party?
I can’t believe he hugged me. The way he talk with me, it looks as if I wasn’t even his maid. This is just too much for me to hide in my heart. I must definitely tell Lydia about it but first, let me go and get him his favorite juice.
OMG..I feel good…..


Today was the day that Ryan’s parents were coming back from their travel. Actually, it was announced yesterday by Charlotte. Every maid were supposed to be very busy. A lot of them were in the kitchen.
Some were cleaning the compound and others were re-arranging their master’s or mistresses bedroom. I was actually in Ryan’s room. As his personal maid, I’m supposed to be the one to arrange his room.
I can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can walk with Ryan into that launch party. I know it will be so much fun. But my heart is really troubled right now. What will Charlotte say when she finds out that I’m the one going to the launcher party instead of her friend?
Gosh! I’m so confused right now. I don’t know who to obey in this mansion anymore. They all want to push someone from an end to another end all in the name we work under them.
As for me, I’m going to obey Mr Ryan because he was the one who employed me and not Charlotte. Charlotte is so full of herself that you’ll be wondering if Ryan and Charlotte are actually siblings.
I was done cleaning the room in no time and walk out of the room with a bucket of water with the mop stick inside. I took them to the washroom.
I was walking through the p@ssage back to Ryan’s room when I saw the secret p@ssage Ryan said I shouldn’t come close to. What is really inside that room?
I’m so curious to know about it but what can I do? I’m just a maid in this mansion and I can’t go beyond my boundaries. I stare at the p@ssage for the last time before leaving. I don’t think my curiosity would stop me from not going to find out what is there.
I walk to the main p@ssage and I came bump into Andrea. I almost forgot that a bitch is still living in this house with me.
“Are you blind?” She yelled
“No… you’re the one who’s blind” I fired back
“I can see you’ve grown enough wings” she said with an angry face.
“I should be the one telling you that ms” I said
“Don’t let this dumb skull of yours make you to think that I can’t deal with you even if you’re Ryan’s personal maid” she said
“You can do nothing okay. Stop threatening me” I said
“I don’t say what I can’t do” she said closely to my face.
“You can’t do more than a dead rat” I said to her too looking so angry.
“We’ll see to that then” she said and was about walking away when a message came into her phone. She opened it. Maybe she thought that I’ve walk away. The message says :
*Andrea be fast with that mission, we don’t have much time. Mr…..* I was able to read that be for she walk away.
What mission is she here for? Why does she keep threatening me? Is she more dangerous than I thought she would ? I must find out what her mission here is. I’m going to seriously monitor her movement this time around.
Mr Greenville and his wife just arrived and everyone was standing outside waiting for them to come out of the car.
My mind wasn’t at rest over that Andrea issue. What if she’s trying to hurt one of the Greenville? I know that the Greenvilles aren’t good people but when the need of rescuing anyone comes, someone should be available to rescue them. At least that’s why we’re been paid.
We were done welcoming them and they walk inside while we followed behind. The guards remain outside.
“I know you guys will be very hungry after your trip. So the maids prepared something before you guys came” Charlotte said
“Oh my baby girl…you really are going to make a good wife someday” Mrs Greenville said.
“I’m happy to hear that mother. I’ve missed you really bad” she said and hug her mum.
“Can we go to the dinning now?” Mr Greenville ask. Ryan wasn’t around.
“Sure dear” Mrs Greenville said and we walk to the dinning with each personal maid serving he or her master or mistress.
Since Ryan wasn’t there, I just remain standing.
“I’m so sorry I’m late…hope I didn’t miss anything?” Mr Ryan said immediately he walk into the dinning.
“No son…come join us” Mr Greenville said gesturing Ryan to take his sit.
“Thank dad” he said and sat down and I served him his meal. They started eating and laughing and it remind me of when dad was still alive. This was what we use to do together as a happy family.
Gosh! I miss dad for the first time in two years after his death. I will surely fish out the people that’s behind my father’s death and they’ll face the law.
They finish eating and the other maids cleared the table while we the personal maids left to their quarters. I walk into the room and met my phone ringing. It was Liam calling. Gosh! I h@rdly call them and I think he’s missing me already that’s why he called. I swipe the screen to the left and place the phone in ear.
“Hello kid brother” I said smiling
“Hello sis, mum…mum…” I heard his voice shaking at the other side.
“What’s wrong with mum? Did anything happen to her?” I ask with fear in me.
“Sister…i…came back from school to meet mum lying in her own pool of blood…mum is not breathing Maya” he said crying and I laugh.
“What do you mean by mum is not breathing?” I ask with my heart beating really fast.
“Maya…mum is dead” he said and my phone fell from my hand…
T. B. C


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