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Puzzle of my heart Episode 19 & 20

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 19
“Maya, what’s wrong?” Lydia ask as she walk inside the room. She saw when the phone fell from my hand.
“Ly..Lydia….my mum” I said shivering
“What happened?” She ask
“My mum….my…mum. Lydia, I need to leave right now. My mum…my mum…” I said shivering with tears. Lord please, this shouldn’t be true. I can’t loose my mum.
“Why? Maya talk to me” she said looking so worried but I just ignored her and ran out of the room. I keep saying *my mum* as I ran through the p@ssage to the living room with Lydia chasing after me.
I met Ryan and his family at the living room and I ran to meet them I tears.
“Please sir, my mum…my mum is dying and I need to go and see her…please” I said crying heavily.
“Your mum is dying? So how’s it suppose to be our business…you gold digger. You’re only saying that because you want to extract money from us but you’ve failed because I know your type” Charlotte said with so much hatred.
“Charlotte,Will you shut up? Why are you being heartless?” Ryan ask
“Allow me to say the truth Ryan” she said
“…enough of the argument” Ryan’s mum said cutting Ryan shut.
“Young lady…what do you want?” She ask
“I need permission to leave so I can go see my mum…please” I said still in tears
“You may go now” she said and I stood up in a hurry and ran outside after saying thank you. I came outside and boarded a cab that took me to my house.
I paid the cab man and ran as fast as I could inside the house. I saw liam there in the living room crying profusely. Then, I saw mum lying in her own pool of blood.
I ran to meet her.
“Mum…mum you can’t do this to me Liam. You’re all we have in this world. Mum please wake up. Please wake up mum…please!!!” I said crying so bad. My mum can’t die. She’s all we have. I try to check her pulse and I found out that she was still breathing.
“Mum is still alive Liam” I said and he jump up and came to see it by himself.
“Let’s take her to the hospital” I said…
“Charlotte, what was the meaning of the rubbish you just said now?” I ask immediately Maya left.
“What was the meaning of what Ryan?” She ask
“Charlotte, when did you start becoming so heartless?” I ask her.
“You guys should calm down” mum said.
“Allow me to talk some s£nse into her mum” I said
“Oh! I see…so you now support a maid over your sister. Isn’t it?” Charlotte said
“I don’t support my sister when i see her doing the wrong thing” I said
“Ryan sit down” dad said
“No dad, I’ll not sit down” I said
“I should have known that the stupid maid will end up taking your love away from me. I should have acted fast but no…I was just too slow” she said looking bittered.
“Mind you…I have feelings okay. I choose to stop being mean to the less privilege people be….”
“…because you have fallen in love with your maid. How could you stoop so low Ryan?” Charlotte said cutting me shut.
“Charlotte, what is the meaning of the rubbish you just spilled?” Mum ask
“The Greenville’s heir has fallen in love with his maid?” Dad said.
“Common mum, dad…I haven’t taken for anyone. Charlotte is just saying what her mind tells her to say” I said
“It better be Ryan because I can’t watch you bring a lowlife into this house as your bride” mum said
“You guys can’t tell the heart to love whom it should love mum. You love dad, that’s why you married him.” I said before walking outside to my car. Gosh! I don’t even know where I’m going.
I wanted to visit Maya but I don’t know her house. I remember she has a friend here. What’s that her name again…Lydia. I s£nt a guard to go call Lydia for me. While waiting for them to come back, I log into my Instagram account.
A message came immediately. It was from a *Bryce Clifford* and I started chatting with him. He was the new CEO of “De B’s Wine Company”. He wanted to partner with us but I refer him to my secretary. I’m not in the mood to discuss business.
The guards came back with Lydia.
“Sir, you s£nt for me” she said
“Yeah I did. Do you know where Maya lives?” I ask
“No sir, she never told me such”. She said
“Alright you can go now” I said and started thinking again. Where could she be at the moment ? Gosh! I’m so frustrated right now.
I couldn’t think of any other means to reach her without calling. So I had no choice but to call her. I called her so many times but she didn’t pick up. I was about about giving up when she finally picked.
“He..llo” she said over the phone with her voice shaking and I was shocked.
“Maya,hope your mother is fine now?” I ask
“Mr Ryan…my…mum is dead. She’s gone Mr Ryan. She’s fv¢king gone” she said crying.
“I’m sorry about it Maya. Where are you now?” I ask feeling so sorry for her.
“I’m at home with my brother” she said
“s£nd me the address” I said.
She said OK and s£nt it.
I told the driver to drive as fast as he can to the address given to me.
I was so shattered when the doctor said that my mum was already before she was brought. I went dumb for some minutes.
My mum is dead..
My mum is gone..
Dad left us two years ago and now its mum.
What am I living for?
I should just die too…
But then, I heard my phone ringing…
[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 20
“Maya…I’m so sorry for your lose okay” Ryan said when we got to my house. Mr Ryan helped us to pay the bills after putting my mum in the mortuary.
Everything in my mind right now is to commit suicide because I don’t think I can I bear this loss. This is just too much for me to bear.
“Ryan…I’m tired of this life. I can’t take it anymore Ryan. My dad died just two years ago and I haven’t even gotten over it yet. Now my mum is gone” I said crying
“Take it easy on yourself Maya. This is not the end of the world” He said
“It is the end of the world for me okay. I’m sick and tired of this stupid life that’s filled with so much evil and wickedness. Just look at the condition they have put me and my brother. Where do I start from?” I said with my face filled with tears.
“Then you have to hear my story” he said
“What story?” I ask curiously
“It is about the love of my life called Amara who was killed before my very eyes” he said and a drop of tear fell from his eyes. She must be really dear to him that he had to cry because of her.
“Why was she killed? And who killed her?” I ask
“Maya…I wish I can tell you about it. But I really can’t” he said
“You can trust me Mr Ryan” I said
“No…I shouldn’t bother you with my problems Maya” he said. Yes…I shouldn’t be bothered about his problems because he’s just my boss. There should be a limit between us but I still want to know about what happened to the love of his life.
Or, does that secret room has anything to do with her? I’ll have to find out. From the look of things, I think that he’s really in pains but don’t want to say it out to the world.
But for now, mum’s death won’t allow me to do anything. Dad was murdered,same goes to mum. Someone is really after my family and I think they won’t rest till they wipe out all of us from the family.
We need to stop living in this house. I ddon’t want anything to happen to Liam. He’s the only one I have left.
I was cleaning Mr Ryan’s room when he walk in on his suit and briefcase. Mr Ryan doesn’t go for his modeling these days and I wonder why.
Actually, Mr Ryan have been so supportive to I and liam this past week. My mum has been buried in the cemetery,all thanks to Mr Ryan. I’ve already rented a be apartment for Liam. All thanks to Mr Ryan. He really like my brother so much.
I don’t know but I think I’m falling for Mr Ryan. Everything about him takes my breathe away. The day at the launch party was so much fun. Till now, people are still wondering who the mysterious lady that follows Ryan to the party is. Ryan really treated me like a queen that I forgot that I was still grieving over my mum’s death.
“Welcome back Mr Ryan” I said feeling so shy to look at his face.
“Thank you ms. How have you been?” He ask as he drop his briefcase and started pulling off his suit.
“It was good, thanks for asking” I said smiling.
“What’s making her smiling?” He ask as he walk close to me and I bow down my head so I won’t look at him.
“What’s wrong Maya?” He ask as he raise up my head to look at him. His eyes were so beautiful like the diamond in the sky.
“Not…nothing…sir” I said feeling so nervous.
“Do you know that you’re so beautiful” he ask as he caress my skin and at the mop I was holding fell off. There was this new s£nsation around me and I wanted more of it.
Gosh! I don’t know what Mr Ryan was actually doing to me.
“S..s..sir” I said nervously.
“Shhhh” he shun me and took my l!ps in his and we started klzzing. It was slow and gentle as his hands move to my waist and my hand on his neck, pulling him closer to me
It became intensed and the next thing was that I felt my back on a soft surface. His hands was everywhere.
He was removing my clothes and I was doing same to his. Gosh! The feeling inside of me was a burning s£nsation. I couldn’t just quench the burning flame inside of me. I really wanted Mr Ryan at this moment.
I lay in only my under wears which is my B.P. My eyes was tightly closed, he started looking for something,but couldn’t find it
“Shit…” He cursed.
“What’s wrong? I asked .
“Umm….I don’t have any …….
“It’s okay …”I cut him off.
“It’s okay ? He asked .
I nodded ,and he came back to me , well you can call me what ever names but I can’t hold it back anymore, I really want him.
“Your so beautiful Maya” he stare at my n@k£d body like his won a lottery and after all the body pleasure he positioned himself and pushed inside of me at once.
Oh my gosh , am gonna die , it pains alot. He noticed and stopped maybe with a surprise face .
“Maya…. are you a… v!rg!n? He asked and I nodded.
“fv¢k!”he cursed and started moving away but I pulled him back.
“I hope you aren’t planning to leave me like this … finish what you started” I said and he looked at me quietly.
“Maya …are you sure? He asked .
I nodded ,I really want him ,he can’t just get me n@k£d and leave me like this, everything flew out of my brain at this moment, his touch gave me desire I’ve never felt before, my stomach was weird
fl!pping, I want to feel it.
He stated thrusting slowly and I felt so much pain but as he goes on with the thrusting, the pain was then mixed with pleasure.
His thrust was now faster, dipper and h@rder. I couldn’t hold I anymore. I m0@n out but not so loud so nobody would hear anything.
He pull out of me when he was done and by then, my v!rg!na was hurting me. I couldn’t move my legs. The only thought that came to my mind then was that my v!rg!nity was gone.
I loose my v!rg!nity to a guy I don’t think loves me.
“Maya…” I heard him called but I pretended to be asleep.
“I’m sorry that I have to take your pride this way but I promise you this moment, that I’ll do everything within my power to see you happy. I can’t deniel the fact that I’ve fallen for you. Yes…I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. You gave me something so precious to you, its my turn to make you the happiest woman on earth. I’ll do anything for you Maya, just to see you happy again. I’ll help you fish out those people behind your parents death. You don’t have to fear Maya. I love you now and always.” I heard him say and I felt his l!ps on my forehead.
Gosh! Mr Ryan loves me…he truly loves me.
He really does!!


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