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pretty little liars batch 6

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 16

Come on? Say it! What are you waiting for? You are indirectly calling my mother, your friend a bit-ch! But does your friends know?

Nichole breathed heavily.

Michael laughed.

They must be disappointed in you,You are having a secret affair with one’s husband and you are planning to have an affair with the other’s son.

He laughed.

It’s funny right? Michael asked still laughing wickedly.

Who said I’m going to have any affair with you? She thun-dered.

He smiled.

You know… He paused as he moved to her ears slowly.

I really do pity your husband, that poor guy doesn’t know anything yet he loves you so much…. So funny he whispered.

He looked at her face and couldn’t help laughing.

Are you scared? That your husband might leave you? That’s not even the case…. You aren’t scared because you don’t love him.

Shut up! Nichole angrily said as she [email protected] him.

He t©uçhed his face.

He began to laugh again.

Nichole worriedly looked at him.

Are you sure you haven’t gone nuts? You think everything is funny right? You are a psychopath! She thun-dered.

It’s funny… Your face, I don’t even know your emotion right now…. It just too much fun to stare at you, Are you angry, sad or scared? Michael asked with a very low wicked tone.

She moved closer to him, Shifted to his ear and whispered.

Pretend you don’t know me…. It’s best for my family and of course yours!.

She turned to leave.

Nichole…. Don’t forget, I give you a week to reply me…. I want a positive response.

Michael smiled as she left.

Nichole entered the [email protected]

I’m sorry guys but I gotta go… I feel unwell all of the sudden…. She carried her bag as she talked.

She faced them and traced her eyes to John and Marcel.

Let’s go She said.

Why? It…..

Let’s go…. plea-se she said as she left.

I’m sorry that this happened, come on John… Let’s go Marcel said.

John looked at Victory.

I’m sorry babe,We will talk later he said as he held her hands.

John ran out immediately.

Wait… Can you take it easy? No one is coming after us Marcel said trying to keep up with the pace.

Nichole hurridly held her go-wn as she walked fast.

She st©pped,took off her heels and walked fas-ter.

Mr Marcel? A voice called.

Nichole st©pped. She looked back and saw Michael with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Marcel waited as Michael [email protected]£ forward.

Darling… Let’s go Nichole said.

John looked on.

You left this while you were coming Michael said as he gave Marcel his wallet.

Oh my? Thanks Michael Marcel said.

It’s okay… Oh Mrs Nichole? Are you off? Michael asked as he moved closer to her.

She stared at space,She couldn’t Move, she felt she was alre-ady glued on the ground.

Michael [email protected]£ near her ears and whispered.

Guess what I put in there? I mean your husband wallet?.

Nichole turned to him.

See you around later he shouted as he waved to them.

He left soon enough.

Nichole ran to Marcel and quic-kly [email protected]£d the wallet.

Without wasting time, She poured the contents inside the wallet on the floor.

There was nothing suspicious.There was just his phone, ID card, ATM card, Some cash and a perfume.

Her eyes were red alre-ady.

That [email protected]? How dare he trick me? She thought in anger.

She bent down on the floor and started crying.

What’s the matter? Babe…. Talk to me Marcel said as hurriedly moved to her holding her hand.

John looked as she cried.

He bit hisl-ips angrily.

What’s that sis? He asked.

My stomach hurts… She lied. I think it’s my period.

She left Marcel arm and struggled to stand.

She cleaned her tears,wore her heels and walked slowly.

Marcel and John watched her from a distance.

What’s wrong with her? How does she change easily? John asked.

Marcel laughed. I guess it’s mood swings.


Stiles secretly met with Nichole that night.

Why didn’t you tell me? Nichole asked.

What? Stiles asked back.

The flowers… The letters, You didn’t tell me you weren’t the one who s£nt them.!!

Nichole, You were the one who @ssumed things for yourself.

Why did’nt you correct me then? You made me look like a fool!

You never gave me the chance to do that, You were always the one talking or interrupting my statements.

Nichole looked at him and hit her head angrily.

So? What do we do now? She asked.

I don’t know, I think we have to st©p now… Michael caught us alre-ady right? What did he tell you? Stiles asked.

Nichole coughed.

I took care of that…dont worry, But why don’t we elope?.

What?Elope? Did you even think before you talked? What about my family? My daughter?.

Do you know… You can leave your family for the one you love? She asked.

And do you know you can leave the one you love for your family? He asked.

I don’t care, Let leave alre-ady…. Who knows, I might be pregnant alre-ady? She said.


Why? You don’t like it? She asked.

Nichole, When did we even sleep together? He asked.

Nichole angrily stared at him.

I can’t stay here any longer, It not safe…. And make sure they break up! Nichole blurted.

“Break up? Who?”

“Your daughter and John” She replied.


Timothy rushed to his room. His mom quic-kly followed him.

plea-se leave mum… I want to be alone! He said angrily.

Talk to me sweetheart… Huh? Talk to me Vivian said softly.

I don’t want to go to College… He said.

“Why? Huh? Why not? It’s my dream to see you go to college”

Timothy started tearing up.

Come on…. Son don’t Cry?.

Timothy bitl-ips [email protected] and he started to bleed.

Son… St©p that, you are bleeding She said tou-ching hisl-ips.

Timothy re-moved her hands.

Are you really a mum? He asked.

Tim? What’s all this?

Your dream? That’s your dream? He scoffed.

“Tim? What has come over you? ”

Did you ever care about my dream? Did you ever asked what my dream was? Did you? Huh? Answer me… What you wanted was to achieved that sick dream of yours! I have a dream too mum! I do…. But you never asked and never wanted to know… I wanted to tell you then,But you asked Michael to write my exams? You are going too far! You registered me without my knowledge!And you think this is a dream? It’s a nightmare! He said as heavy tears flowed from his eyes.

Vivian looked quietly as tears left her eyes.

He cleaned his eyes but the heavy tears poured like water fall.

His crying sounds [email protected]£ louder.

I’m… Sorry Vivian said looking at the rooft©p trying to hold the tears that formed on her eye ball.

Timothy walked to this be-d holding his face as tears escaped freely.

Leave… I want to be alone he said quietly.

Vivian went outside and began to cry proudly.

Her husband had left to work so it was easy to cry all she want.

I’m sorry mum Timothy said quietly as tears filled his eyes.


Knock knock! The door sounded gently.

Come in a sweet voice said.

Vivian went inside and saw a woman wearing white coat.

She was at the counselor’s office.

You look dull Mrs Vivian…. Is everything all right? The counselor,Mrs Becca asked.

Come on… Sit she added.

Vivian sat down and placed her leg on her [email protected]

Do you want coffee? She asked.

No…. I’m okay she replied.

Mrs Becca sighed as she sat opposite her.

What’s it Mrs Vivian? Intention She asked.

Mrs Becca…. I think I destroyed my family She started.

“Oh no…. Come off it, Let’s start with the positive aspects”

Vivian shaked her head.

I don’t think my family is at the positive side, I ruined them… I didn’t bother to talk to them, I only pushed them to what I de-sired or should I say lvsted for” Especially my poor son, Timothy Vivian said as h0t tears ran from her eyes.

Mrs Becca sighed.

My marriage,My Children and My husband…. Even I? Why are we different from the others.

plea-se…. Don’t think like that Mrs Becca said.
You know sometimes We can all break…. But that what also makes us.

My husband doesn’t have time for us anymore, My First son lvsts after elder women While I pushed my Last son to what I lvsted for without asking him what he loved to do.

I can still help you, Your family can still get back together…. Atleast,That’s why you are here.

Vivian shaked her head.

“That’s not why I’m here”

“So? Why are you here? ”

“Help me…. I want to file for a divorce”

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 17


“What are you talking about… Shouldn’t you think about this first, What do you mean by Divorce?!…. Come on, Vivian…. plea-se think twice for the sake of your kids?” Mrs Becca asked.

“I didn’t even care about my kids feelings, I’m a coward… All I thought about was my friends feelings. What were they going to think of me? How would I face them after lying that my marriage was smooth? I’m stupid” Vivian cried painfully hitting her che-st.

“St©p that alre-ady,You aren’t a coward nor are you stupid… We aren’t perfect,You just need to make up with your husband… Try talking to him”.

Vivian laughed cowardly.

“Mrs Becca…. You are quite funny, My husband doesn’t have time for me, So when do you expect me to sit and talk with him, He is not the man I married”

Becca rubbe-d her forehead tiredly.

“You must be tired, Let me take my leave”

“No… I..”

“Don’t bother Mrs Becca,Good day” Vivian interrupted leaving.


Stella entered the big hospital, She moved to the nurse on the counter.

Excuse me plea-se… I’m Mr Stella, I made an appointment yesterday night to see Counselor Faith” Stella explained.

“Oh… Welcome, She told me that alre-ady,plea-se come with me “The Nurse said leading her to a room.

They both entered.

Thank you nurse, You can leave Mrs Faith said.

The nurse bowed a bit and left them.

Stella sat down on the cushion.

Do you want something? Mrs Faith asked with a smile.

No…. Let get to business, I [email protected]£ for counseling not to take something Stella stressed the word ‘Something’.

Mrs Faith smiled.

She sat opposite her.

“So… Mrs, Let hear you out”

“Mrs Ste….LLA, That’s stella”

“Oh.. Pardon me, Mrs Stella,plea-se let hear you”

Stella held her [email protected] ti-ght with both hands.

“My husband… He doesn’t love me anymore”

“Why do you say that?”

Stella sighed heavily.

“There are a lot of reasons…. He refuses to have another baby,He never allows me t©uçh him, He stays on his Phone 24/27 using his MESs£nGER, He rarely talks to his daughter and there are still a lot more,I’m getting scared and uncomfortable… He isn’t the one I married, What do you think I should do?”

“Mrs Stella, You know those things doesn’t mean he is having an affair”

Stella scoffed.

“What do you mean, I’m wrong or what? Then.. Explain”

Mrs Faith smiled.

“What if he had other reasons, Just try taking to him”

Stella glared at her.

“It [email protected]… to talk to him this days, I feel he is a stranger”

“That’s it… You are also the cause, Give him a chance”

“Alright, I will see what I can do…. But if I’m right?”

“Then come for counseling again, We will discuss over a h0t tea” Mrs faith replied chuckling.

Stella scoffed.

She cli-cked her ton-gue loudly.

“No… I won’t come here, Because I alre-ady have an Option”

“What’s that?”

“I will leave with my daughter to another country”

“Isn’t that too much, It preferable to just cut ties with him”

“Like Divorce?” Stella asked.

“I don’t uhmm know,It’s your choice” Mrs Faith said with a frown.

Stella laughed heartily.

“Why are you laughing” Mrs faith asked.

“That’s just an example” Stella replied covering her mouth.

“I don’t get?” Mrs faith said.

“My friends…. That how they are going to laugh at me, I’m just showing you an example”

Mrs Faith worriedly looked at her.

“Why would they… Laugh at you?”

“I lied sweetly to them of how perfect my husband is….I can’t help myself but laugh at my stupidity” Stella said as she laughed.

Mrs Faith looked at her awkwardly.She noticed tears falling from her eyes as she laughed.

Mrs Faith sighed.

“She looks happy, But her eyes tells it all” Mrs Faith thought.

She [email protected]£d a tissue and gave it to Stella.

“Here.. Use this,Cry all you want, Don’t hold it… If you hold it, You will end up getting yourself hurt,So…Just Cry all you want”

Stella ignored her, Opened her bag and brou-ght out a tissue box.

She began to cry painfully.

Mrs faith withdrew her hand and kept the tissue.

“She knows herself better” Mrs Faith thought sadly.


“It’s alre-ady 14 hours now,Won’t you reply alre-ady” Nichole re-ad as she saw the message.

It was from Michael.

She sighed angrily.

She texted stiles.

“We need to leave here, Let’s elope together” She s£nt the message to Stiles.

Stiles phone beeped that night.

He was fast asleep but Stella heard it.

She re-ad the message on the notification.

She held her mouth ti-ght trying to hold her mouth.

She re-moved his SIM card and placed it inside her phone.

She entered the contacts and noticed he had Five contacts


– My dearest wife

-My lovely daughter

-Family Doctor



“Unknown?She was the one that s£nt the message… But why only five numbers… Does he have another phone where he stored his girlfriends numbers” She thought.

She called the number but ‘Unknown’ didn’t pick.

Suddenly, A message was s£nt.

“Later, My husband is home”

Tears escaped freely from her eyes.

She turned to stare at Stiles.

“I guess I was right after all” She thought.

She s£nt a message to “Unknown”

“Why do you want to elope?”

“Don’t you get it, I love you” The reply [email protected]£ fast.

“You know I have a wife and daughter right?”

“I told you before… I don’t care”

“Do you really love me” Stella texted painfully.

“I really do, You love me too… I know that ☺”

Stella held her che-st ti-ght she silently cried.Her heart beat was really fast alre-ady.

Her eyes opened wi-de because she remembered something.
She cleaned her eyes and moved to the message “Unknown” first s£nt her.

She re-ad the s£ntence to be sure again to be sure if what she saw

“Later,My husband is home”.

Stella scoffed.

“Huh? Who the hell is this??? …. The b_tch is married?”.


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