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Pretty little liars batch 5

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 14

I’m home Gideon said as he took off his shoes. He went in and looked at the sitting home.
Is she not at home yet? He thought.

Babe… Are you there? He asked. He was about walking upstairs when his phone rang.
He took it out and realized it was Timothy.

Dad? He asked.

It’s me son…. What is it?Gideon asked.

Timothy heart was beating fast as he [email protected] for breath.

Dad? Are you still at work?

No… I just arrived now.

Hmmmph! He sighed softly.

It was a sigh of relief.

Check on mom! Seems Something happened.

Huh? What? You know what I will call you right back.. Gideon said as he cut the call.
He quic-kly ran upstairs and opened the be-droom door.

Seeing him at once, Vivian ran to him and hvgged him ti-ght.

She was frightened.

Her f!ngerstrembled around his [email protected]!st.

Are… Are you alright? Gideon asked holding her ti-ght, his voice was shaky.

No…. Vivian replied alre-ady crying.

Gideon painfully swallowed his saliva.

Goodness! Who did this to my wife!He asked.

It’s that she replied pointing at the floor.

I see nothing? He said to her puzzled.

She turned back.

But it was here… Is it gone? Stay with me… What if it comes back? She asked him.

You know you are just ma-king me curious…

A… Uhmm… It was.. Uhhhh…A mouse.

What… Ha Ha Ha! A mou…..Mouse? He asked laughing loudly.

He was alre-ady tearing up due to his laughter.

It’s not funny! That’s mouse wasn’t even scared… It just stood there looking at me! You know I have phobias for those rodents… But how did that thing enter the house in the first place? She asked angrily.

You know what… I will get a mouse tra-p tomorrow.

Well, that if you arrive early from work She said as she re-moved her hands from his [email protected]!st.

Let me call Timothy and tell him everything is fine… He was scared you know Gideon told her.

Vivian smiled.

As soon as he wanted to call,He received a call.

Immediately, he answered it.

Hello? Okay I will be right there now he said cutting the call.

He took his coat and looked at Vivian.

Hunny.. I

Just go, I guess it work again she cut in sharply.

He looked at her.

I’m sorry,Just call Timothy and explain things to him he said as he took off.

Why bother? I’m still scared, How will I tell him I’m fine now? She thought.

Without knowing it, She sle-pt soundly on the beg.


Timothy bit his f!ngers. It was alre-ady 11:23 and his mom or dad still hasn’t called him.

He began to get scared.

Just call them alre-ady John weakly said from his sleep. He had noticed Timothy since with his half eye.

Timothy sighed and called his mom.

It rang but she didn’t pick up.He called her 2 more times but she didn’t pick up.

He called his father’s phone and it was unreachable.

He shivered in fear.


Timothy couldn’t sleep that night, His eyes were swollen and had dark circles around them.

John woke up and saw Timothy’s face.

Oh $h!t!… You scared me…. Are you alright he asked.

Timothy nodded.

You sure? John asked.

Before Timothy could answer, His phone rang.

He picked it immediately.

☎️Hello mum? He asked after picking the call

☎️I’m sorry if I scared you

☎️Mum! You scared me yesterday! What happened? I tried calling your line yesterday but you didn’t pick up.

☎️I was fast asleep then, I’m sorry…. About yesterday night… It was just a teeny weeny thing, Your dad alre-ady set it right.

Timothy heaved a sigh of relief.

☎️Thank God! I will talk to you later he said cutting the call.

Let get re-ady for [email protected] John said.

Don’t bother… I’m skipping [email protected] today… I’m damn tired, I’m going to get some sleep Timothy replied lying down on the be-d.


Stiles met with Nichole in the park.

He wore a dark cap.

Come on… Take it off, No one will notice us she smiled saying.

I’m not trying to hide from others… It just I… Uhmm… He couldn’t complete his statement.

Never mind he finally said.

Nichole grumbled sadly.

Is this supposed to be a [email protected]£? Huh? She asked with arms akimbo.

We will go on a [email protected]£ later he replied.

Later my foot! You said that last time, Let eat in a restaurant she said gr-abbing his arm.

They went to the closest restaurant.

They were ushered to their seat.

Come on! Take off that cap… You look ridiculous Nichole snapped.

The waitress [email protected]£ to order food and Stiles [email protected]£ more uncomfortable.He kept staring at the window.

Nichole angrily sighed.

She ordered the meal. In no time, the meal and wine were brou-ght to them.

They began to eat.

It’s delicious stiles said.

Yh… Sure Nichole replied.


Hey dude… Everywhere as been lit thanks to you Michael’s friend, Steff told him.

Michael smiled at him.

You refused all those pretty h0t girls… Why? Are you seeing someone? Steff asked.

No….. Atleast,Not yet Michael replied.

Oh… Do you have someone in mind? Steff tea-sed as he drank his beer from the cup.

But she is way older he added.

Surprised, Steff found himself pouring out the beer from his mouth.

Hey? Guy? Michael laugh.

Whaatt? You got to be kidding me right? An older woman? Sugar mommy?

Nope… Not like that Michael replied laughing.


Timothy woke up suddenly.

He checked the time.

It was 4:31 pm.

Damn! I’m late he said as he hurried to the shower.

How long have I been asleep for? He thought.

He remembered meeting Victory.

He hurriedly showered Wore his clothes, Sprayed perfume, Combe-d his hair and took his shoe.

He went to the park and checked his wrist watch. It was alre-ady 4:54.

But surprisingly, She wasn’t there.

He bought a single beautiful rose flower for her.

Minutes later, he checked the time and it was 5:17.

He kept the rose on the bench on where he sat and looked at sky.

He forgot his phone, If not… He could have called Victory.

As things could get worse,There was a strong wind.
The wind blew the rose away and he couldn’t save it.

He sighed. Checking his time it was alre-ady 5:43.

How is time very fast? He asked himself.

Time flew and ran.
He checked and [email protected]

It was 6:26 pm.

Hey! Timothy! He heard his name.

He looked and met Victory waving with a smile on her face.

She looked tired, Seemed she ran.

She was wearing a blue plain dress with her bank crossed over her stomach.
She wore a brown sandals.

Timothy moved closer to her.

In sorry I’m late… I met with John she said.

The smile left his face immediately.

Huh? John? He asked.

Yh she nodded. We tried calling you she said.

My phone was ehmmm… The battery died he lied.

Oh…. I see, No wonder.

Why were you… With John? He asked.

I met him this afternoon, He asked if I was hungry and I told him ‘YES’. He asked if we got gr-ab something to eat in a near by restaurant. While eating, He decided to call you but it wasn’t reachable.

That means you were with him since?

Victory nodded.

Yh, We chatted though for a very long time, I didn’t know when time ran… By the way, When did you come? She asked.

Uhh? Just now… I was asleep since so I couldn’t make it too.

Oh… I see.

Yeah, That was uhhmm…. It he said with a nod.

I thought I even kept you waiting…. So what did you want to say? She asked.

Timothy stared at her,He re-moved his face immediately.

Uhmm… Actually I wanted to ask you for your note He said.

My notes? Here? She asked.

He nodded with a laugh.

Goodness, You are weird! Victory said with a laugh.

Is this your first time knowing…. Let’s go, You will give me tomorrow He said as both of them walked.

They chatted on their way.


Timothy opened the door and fell flat on the be-d.

You are back? Where were you? John asked.

Somewhere Timothy replied.

John nodded as he continued writing his note.

He st©pped and looked at Timothy.

Timothy? John said silently.

Timothy turned his head to him.

What is it? Timothy asked smiling.

I… think i…. like Victory….

Timothy face changed as they both stared at each other.

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 15

Huh? What do you mean? Timothy asked looking into john’s eyes.

“I like Victory, I have feelings for her” John repeated

Timothy looked at his hands emotionless.

“So… Why are you telling me “?

“Because I know you like Victory too”

“Huh? Excuse me what? ”

“Don’t deny, It’s clearly written on your face, You steal glances at her each time we are together, Most people would have noticed, I feel bad wanting to confess my feelings to her because you like her, I didn’t want to break your heart and I decided to tell you this to clear my mind”

John looked at Timothy.
They stared at each other for about a minute.

“Why aren’t you saying anything,You are being Quiet”

“John” Timothy called with a sigh.


“Actually, I don’t know what you are talking about,I don’t have feelings for her, She is just my childhood friend so don’t get the wrong idea”

“Oh… Tim, I’m sorry… I”

“It’s okay… Well, I advise you to confess your feelings to her before it too late, Well… As for me I will go get some fresh air from the rooft©p”John said standing up.

John nodded with a smile, Timothy returned the smile. He left to the rooft©p, He sat down on the chair.

He sadly sighed.

Why not me? He thought as tears flowed from his eyes.


The next day, John confidently confessed his feelings to victory.

Victory answered ‘YES’ with a big smile on her face.

When Timothy heard this, He felt bad but still managed to hold his peace.

Why does my heart ache? He asked tou-ching his che-st as tears dropped from his eyes

Michael [email protected]£ home on Tuesday.
Everyone was glad seeing him.

He met with Nichole.

“Hello Mrs” he smiled when he saw her.

“Oh… If it’s not our birthday boy” She childishly joked.

He smiled as he scratched his head.

It’s on Thursday right? She asked.

He nodded.

“Okay… See you then” Nichole said with a smile.

As she turned to leave,Michael called her.

Mrs Nichole, Excuse me plea-se he said.

She turned back and walked to him.

She smiled.

“Yes, What is it?” She asked.

Michael stared at her and blinked his eyes.

“Never mind”

You! She shaked her head laughing. U will see you later she said waving.


John, Timothy and Victory took permission from the school head to attend the [email protected]

They were granted permission. They went to thry various houses on Wednesday.

While going, John and Victory kept holding hands which made Timothy feel like a third [email protected]

He hated his feeling.

He gently placed his earphones on his ear listening to music.


I’m home! John shouted when he entered the house.

Welcome! Nichole shouted and quic-kly hvgged him.

Marcel didn’t go to work so he was at home.

“You are here” Marcel said.

John looked at him and nodded his head. He went to his room and Marcel followed him.

John looked at him and shyly stood in front of him.

I have Good news Marcel said with a Smile.

John looked at him.

“What’s that?” He asked quietly.

“I got promoted in my workplace”!

“Really… That means everything will work out” John said with a smile.

Marcel nodded.

“Promoted to what by the way?” John asked curiously.

“The Head Manager of MINES [email protected]…. You know, My boss was quite happy because I was diligent in my job, So he offered me the post, I couldn’t hold my happiness,I hvgged him!”

John laughed.

“No wonder Nichole was happy” John said.

Huh? What? Marcel asked

John looked at him.

“Nichole?” Does my sister knows about this yet?”

“No, Not yet but I’m planning to tell her while eating dinner today”

Evening [email protected]£ and dinner was served.

Eat lots John! Nichole said with a smile.

John nodded.

He looked at Marcel suspiciously.

Marcel un-derstood immediately.

He cleared his throat.

“Nichole, I have something to tell you”

“Huh? You know what just save it for next time, I’m not really in the mood” She replied sharply.

“It’s good news though”

“Are you deaf?I said Save it! In fact, Don’t tell me anymore, I don’t want to hear it…. Your Good news all always Bad news”

John stared at Marcel and sighed.

John held hisl-ips using that as means for Marcel to stay silent.

“Sis…. I’m [email protected]!ngsomeone” John said.

“Really? Who’s the lucky guuuuurl” She asked with a smiling face.

John laughed and looked at her.

He ate a spoonful of rice.

After eating, He answered.

It’s Victory, Stiles daughter.

Nichole face changed as she stared at him.

Her eyes shaked as the bit herl-ips.


Victory kept on smiling while she ate.

Why is my beautiful daughter smiling? Stella asked.

Stiles was meanwhile watching TV.

Yes…. I’m [email protected]!ngmom! Victory replied with a laugh.

Who’s the guy? Stella asked.

Stiles ears wi-den in order to hear.

Mom… It’s John, Your Friend’s Brother.

“Oh my goodness! Really…. Wow!!” Stella said suprised.

Out of shock, Stiles faced Victory.

Victory looked at him immediately.

[email protected], He quic-kly faced the TV.


Timothy? Won’t you eat… You just [email protected]£ back, You must be hungry Vivian called hitting his be-droom door.

Leave me alone! I want be alone! He snarled.

What’s wrong darling, Who did this to you? She asked.

I don’t want to study…. Let me be, I don’t want to go to College anymore, I never asked you to make me go to College!!.

Vivian sadly sighed.

What’s wrong with him? Michael asked as he [email protected] his mother.

I don’t know she replied saying his head.

Was his heart broken or what? Michael said with a chuckle.


(The Birthday [email protected])

On the big table, Stella and Stiles sat together.

Michael and Timothy sat opposite them.

Victory sat close to Timothy.

Soon, Nichole,Marcel and John [email protected]£.

Nichole greeted the others as she rushed to seat close to Stiles.

Her husband who wanted to sit with him had to move away.
Instead he sat close to Nichole who was ofcouse close to stiles and who was in the middle of his wife(Stella) and lover (Nichole).

John hurriedly went to sit with Victory.
Victory sat in the middle of Timothy and John.

Michael who sat close to Timothy was exactly opposite to Nichole’s seat.

Won’t your parents come? Stella asked impatiently looking at the golden wristwatch on her wrist.

Vivian had to drag her husband f0rç£fully because she didn’t want to hear any exuces.

When the arrived, The MC started the [email protected]

In the other half of the event, Nichole exuced her self.

She went to the entrance leading to the toilet and messaged Stiles.

“Hurry to the entrance, Fast!”

When he got The message,He hesitated.

After some minutes, He stood up and left.

Michael followed. He wanted to use the restroom.

He went to the entrance and saw Nichole holding Stiles on his [email protected]!st.

Stiles held her face gently.

Nichole made her move by k!ss!nghim.

Stiles slowly k!$$£d back.

Michael took his phone and recorded the whole thing. They chatted for a while.

Michael took some ph0tos and closed his phone.

He angrily held his fist as he left.

Minutes later,They [email protected]£ into the [email protected] in different time.

Michael scoffed after seeing them.

Pathetic! Who are they trying to fool? He thought as he drank hi wine.

It was time to for Gideon to give his speech.

They [email protected] for him as he went out.

While giving his speech, Nichole slowly placed her hand on Stiles [email protected] and quic-kly [email protected]£d his hand.

They held each other hand below the table smiling.

Nob©dy noticed!.

Michael who actually wanted to eat [email protected]£d his spoon.

His spoon fell down and he bent to pick it.

He saw their hands clvstered together.

He smiled as he [email protected]£d his phone.

He took more pictures with his flash light on.

Nichole and Stiles noticed this and re-leased their hands.

Michael stood up and sat down.

He smiled at them and snapped their faces.

They both felt dumb.

Hey? What are you doing? Why are you taking their pictures? They all threw questions at him.

Michael sm-irked.

Nichole looked at Michael.

Follow me! She said.

She left immediately as Michael followed her.

They went to the Stair case.

Give me that! She yelled pointing at his phone.

You guys aren’t smart he said staring at her.

What do you mean? Delete that picture you took of us inside! She said.

Is that why you rejected my feelings for you? He asked.

Huh? What are you talking about? She asked.

Those letters…. From Mr anonymous? The flowers…. I s£nt them…Because I like you.

Nichole felt numb.

Are you insane? She asked.

He stared at her as he pe-cked her n£¢k.

Nichole angrily glared at him.

Michael smiled.

It’s not you…. You didn’t s£nd those right? She asked.

Michael laughed.

Who do you think did?

She sighed as tears left her eyes.

Too bad you refused me but [email protected]£ me now…. Then I will delete those pictures or if not…. All of them will know about this.

Michael…. St©p this,I’m married and your mother is my friend, I’m atleast 8 years older than you.

Michael laughed.

Well…. I don’t care, So what do you say? He asked holding the phone to her face.

Son of a b…… Nichole suddenly paused.


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