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pretty little liars batch 1

Title – pretty little Liars 💔
Genres – Friensh!p, Betrayal, [email protected]ç£

Three best friends who has known each other since their youth days becomes neighbors after getting married
38 year old Vivian lives with her nagging husband alongside their two sons.

36 year old Stella lives with her cheating husband alongside their only daughter.

While the youngest, Nichole who is 28 year old lives with bankrupt and impotent husband alongside her brother.

Although they smile, they manage to hide their tears that comes from their different marriage with lies.
But what will happen when these three best friends marriage clash together and are brou-ght by a twist.

💍 Pretty little liars 💔
(Marriage ft lies)
-Chapter 1-

Vivian looked at the time again. She squee-zed her face this time.
She left her room and opened the door angrily.
Mum! Why didn’t you knock first her son, Michael said almost in a whisper.
She ignored him.
He isn’t home yet? She asked.
And he still hasn’t picked up his calls.
Mum! Why are you worried anyways, he might be at work.
At this ungodly hour of the night she retorted almost yelling.
Mum… plea-se, he will… He paused after they heard the door bell.
Vivian opened her eyes wi-de and looked at him.
Tell him I’m asleep… Okay? She said.
Alright he replied as he left the room
Vivian ran to her room,and la-id on the be-d closing her eyes.
Dad welcome Michael greeted.
He replied with a soft smile.
What of your mum?

Uhmm… She is asleep.

Oh okay… He nodded as he left.

He went to the freezer and took a bottle of wine. He opened it and poured it in a wine bottle.
After drinking,he left to the room. He opened the door and found Vivian asleep.
He went to be-d and stared at Vivian.

Are you really asleep? I thought you would be waiting for me?

Vivian turned her face to the other side and opened her eyes.
Why were you late? She asked with a cold voice.

Seems you weren’t asleep after all

Answer me!

Geez… I was at work okay….i just had somethings to run you know?

Okay she said as she closed her eyes.

Is that all? He asked surprised.

Yeah… I believe you she said as she faced him.
He smiled and pe-cked her forehead.
She placed her hands around him.
How was work then? She asked.

Good but today was tiring….Goodness, I thought I might suffocate he laughed.
She smiled at him.

Did you meet with your friends today? He asked.

Yh… We talked a lot today, we didn’t even know when time flew.

What did you guys talk about?

Why would you want to know? She laughed.

Oh… Yh, I forgot What of Tim? He asked.

Come on, don’t tell me you forgot…he said he went to a sleep over at a friend’s place

Oh alright…Goodnight hunny, I’m sleepy Gideon said yawning.
Morning [email protected]£ fast. Vivian stood up and went to brush her teeth.
She went to the kitchen and prepared a nice meal for the family.
Wake up guys, it’s time to eat she yelled at the t©p of her voice.
Both father and son went to the dinning table.
Mum and dad, Good morning Michael said.
Morning to you Micky, how was your night? Vivian asked.
Good he replied.

💍 Pretty little liars💔
(Marriage ft lies)
Chapter 2
Vivian smiled as he dug into his food. Michael was 20 alre-ady.
I wonder when you grew up she whispered.
The door bell rang and she ran to get it. Oh dear,Tim you are back she said as she opened the door. Mom, good morning he greeted…. I’m home! He shouted with a smile.
Stella ran thel-ipstick on her littlel-ips as she watched her daughter from the mirror pressing her phone.
Her daughter smiled as she used it.
Are you seeing someone alre-ady Vic? She asked. Hell no! It’s just a friend 18 year old Victory stated. Alright, no need to get agitated Stella laughed. Just then her husband [email protected]£ in. Uhmm, Vic can you leave us in pri-vate he said pointing at Stella.
What’s it? Stella asked.
Did you go throu-gh my phone?
Stiles! I thought we have been throu-gh with this… I alre-ady apologized.
Seems you don’t trust me!!
It’s enough stiles, I do love you or else… We wouldn’t have been married or would we? Don’t let victory hear this plea-se… I made breakfast alre-ady…it’s on the table and plea-se take victory to school.
Are you busy? Can’t you do it, I’m late he said staring at his wrist watch.
I’m kind of busy, I’m sorry Stella stood up and pe-cked him on his cheeks.
I guess you want to hang out with those your gossip friends again he angrilly said.
Stella scoffed. Anyways,bye hunny.
Stella met Vivian alre-ady outside.
They both wore glamorous expensive clothes.
You are here alre-ady? Stella smiled.
They both looked at their friend’s door, Nichole.
They knocked together at the door and laughed.
Knock knock! Nichole heard loudly.
Damn it!!They are here alre-ady? She grumbled.
What’s up sis? A young guy asked.
Is there wine?Goodness we don’t even have a single grain of rice? What am I going to offer them… John,just go open the door she said to him waving her hand.
He left to the door almost immediately.

💍 Pretty little lairs 💔
(Marriage ft lies)
Chapter 3
Why are you guys still standing? Sit…let me get you something Nichole said with a smile.
Urrgh… We just ate so no need Vivian retorted.
Oh no… I want to you guys to take something, Uhmm… Do you guys want wine? asked nichole.
Sis? John said in a whisper.
Shut it alre-ady Nichole said quietly pinching him by the side.
Owww gro-an ed John.
Uhh,I will be right back then smiled nichole sheepishly.
John followed her to the room. Nichole opened the fridge but didn’t find the yoghurt.
Her eyes grew big.she [email protected] as she faced John.
Don’t tell me you drank that?.
So… It’s mine and you didn’t ask for permission first he glared.
So did you drink it? She asked.
Well, not yet he replied
Give it to me, I will pay you later.

Nah, Just go buy yours.

Oh goodness, do you prefer me disgraced, I just walked into the room to get something for my friends and you now expect me to walk outside to get… Are you serious or just stupid?

Are they guests, They are your friends. I’m sure they un-derstand your situation.

Nichole glared [email protected] at him. Isn’t this too much, Just asking for a…

Then get it yourself john interrupted.
Goodness, I can’t believe you just lied to your friends he continued harshly.

Lied? Did you call that a lie?

What would you call that then? He snarled.

It just a little lie! She replied sharply.

Don’t you know that even little lies hurt.
John shakes his head as he went to his table and opened the locker and brou-ght out the youghort.
Here! He said stretching his hand towards her.
She scoffed angrilly.
Look at you calling me a liar and all… You still expect me to take that?

Should I keep it? Okay sis, I’m sorry… Actually didn’t mean to get on your nerves… Come on, Take it…my hands hurt.
She just glared angrilly at him.
You are keeping them waiting for too long,you know?

Oh my God! I totally forgot.
She quic-kly [email protected]£d the youghort and rushed to the kitchen.She took a white tray and placed two [email protected] on it including the youghort.
Oh I’m sorry guys…i kept you waiting she said smiling.
The ladies smiled back and waved it off.

💍 Pretty Little Lairs 💔
(Marriage ft lies)
Chapter 4
The ladies drank from the cup and smiled at each other.
So,i heard your daughter has finally gotten into college.
Yes, I’m happy for victory… she worked [email protected] for it Stella smiled saying.
I’m sure her daddy gave a gift Vivian chuckled drinking from her [email protected]
Stella eyes blinked unknowingly.
Yeah, of course… He promised to get her a car if she studied [email protected] she stuttered.
That’s nice… Your husband as usual is the best vivian smiled.
Nichole nodded.
What about john? Did he get into college?

Well, he did… Oh.. But we are cash… less for now

Oh, you could have told us… We could have helped stella ch!pped in.

No,it’s fine… We are working on it

What of your husband,How is he? Stella asked curiously

What do you mean? Nichole scoffed.

I mean his ‘health’…Did he alre-ady checked if he’s okay to get a baby now.

Guys, let’s God time come first, his tine is the best… We are still happy that way,That’s what matters the most Nichole said showing all her teeth.
Her friends smiled.

What of Timothy? Did he get into college too? Nichole added.

Oh my, Tim got into college because if his brother, Mike Vivian said with a hiss.

Why? What happened?

He was sick to go to the exams, his brother went on his stead

Oh I see Stella did nodding her head.

*That night*
Timothy?!Don’t you get it? You are going to college for Christ sake, St©p with this your phone thingy and get into study Vivian snapped at her son angrilly after seeing him on his phone very late at night.
Mum… At least, It my life he retorted.
Do you want to get grounded! She shouted.
Mum! I never said I wanted to go college, you could have talked to me instead before you allowed Michael to write on my stead! He said dropping his phone.
Vivian stared at him with her sharp eyes. Her eyes were alre-ady red and w€t.
Leave, I want to sleep alre-ady he added as he turned to the other side of the be-d.
She gently sighed and left.
She went to the kitchen and began to drink the alcohol she took from the freezer.
She looked at the time and snarled, it was alre-ady 3 am and her husband had not yet returned from work.She had called him alre-ady but he rejected her calls. She also s£nt him bunch of messeges but he clearly ignored it.
What happened to my family? She said silently as tears flowed from her eyes.

💍Pretty Little Liars💔
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 5

Stella bit her f!nger sharply as she watched her husband,stiles at the other side of the be-d laughing. He had been on his phone all day, probably texting.

Who are you chatting with? She asked not looking at him.
Stiles faced her and sighed. His mood changed immediately

What do you take me for? Here! He said showing her his phone.

She curiously looked at it and saw he was re-ading a joke he saw online.

Stella looked at him [email protected]
I’m sorry She muttered.

It’s okay he replied looking at his phone.

Victory alre-ady saw her results She said with a smile.

When did she apply for college? He asked.

What do you mean by that statement? Did you alre-ady forget?

Oh Goodness!I’m so sorry babe,i totally forgot.

Why won’t you forget, you never have time for us, you never remember my birthday not victory’s….you have never even bought her a gift. All you even know is to leave the house unnoticed and come home without notice too… And then you take your phone and keep on smiling all day!!

Stella! I thought we have been throu-gh this! He stormed.

I need to get a cup of water she said as she stood from the be-d. She went outside and met victory by the door.

Vic… What are you doing here? Stella asked with a smile.

Liar! Victory said with a weak voice. She ran to her room, [email protected]£ out with a designer’s bag and threw it on the floor besides Stella.

What do you think you are doing? Stella asked dejectedly.

I should be the one asking you that!Mum…what do you think you are doing? Did you pity me as bad decided to [email protected] me? You said dad bought this designer’s bag for me congratulating me because I did well on my college exams… Can’t believe you lied!

I can explain Stella said trying to get close to her.

Don’t t©uçh me! I should blame you now instead of dad! She said with tears as she left to her room.

Stella stood dejected.She sat on the floor as she held her [email protected] ti-ght.
h0t tears flowed from her eyes.
What happened to us? What is happening to my family? She asked sadly to no one in [email protected]


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