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pretty little liars batch 2

💍 Pretty Little Liars💔
(Marriage ft lies)
Chapter 6
Knock!Knock The door sounded. Nichole was busy with her pedicure.
Hey john, didn’t you hear that? Go get the door.
John stood up from the couch and opened the door. He bowed his head and left without saying a word.
Uncle is here he whispered to nichole.

Marcel, her husband held a big black bag to her face and smiled.

She shoved the bag with her hand and looked at him. What’s in there? She asked.

I bought some beer and barbeque,you know it has been long we had those? He said still smiling.

Are you happy? She asked irritated by his smile.

Huh? What?

Nichole sighed heavily.

Do you know how much I think about us!!!All you do is to smile and buy unnecessary things! Marcel…. For goodness sake ,we are still financial unstable. We will be able to get this things when the money comes.

It doesn’t mean we are poor you know he said still feeling confident.

Ahh…i see,So why don’t you get john into college then… You know that has been his long time dream.

I alre-ady borrowed a loan…he will get in soon.

What? A loan! Nichole stood up and hit her leg on the table.
What do you mean by you got a loan? So what will happen if you don’t pay them? What will happen to us? Nichole said alre-ady crying.

John shakes his head and left.

I would be so happy in this marriage if only you used your s-en-se, You are bankrupt yet you took a loan! And you can’t even give me a….. She cried loud… Give me a baby alre-ady plea-se…i’m alre-ady jealous of my friends… I can’t even face them anymore!
She held his collar as tears streamed her face.
Marcel silently stared at the wall.
I’m sorry he muttered.

Nichole shaked him virgously.

No! I want a child… Give me a child!.
(The next morning)
Nichole woke up with a yawn. She looked at the be-d and couldn’t find Marcel.
She sighed. John [email protected]£ into her room.

He left early,he thought you needed space john said.

She nodded her head.

I think I have a headache,go get me my drugs she said pointing at the cupboard.
Her brother went to the cupboard and brou-ght out some drugs.

John eyes caught some pregnancy test inside the cupboard.He sighed and walked up to her with the drugs in her hand.

Just then, Vivian and Stella [email protected]£ in.

Goodness, Nichole are you sick? Vivian asked seeing the drug.

Are you feeling okay? Stella asked.

Nichole eyes grew wi-de.

When did you guys come? She asked.

Just now! They answered simultaneously looking at the drugs john held.

Nichole traced her eyes to the drugs and smiled.

John is the one that’s actually sick,not me… Well, Ladies…let leave to the sitting room.

Oh… Alright Vivian said.

Get well soon dear Stella said with a smile.

Thank you my John replied with a twisted smile.

He glared at Nichole.

Nichole win-ked at him as she left.

Oh…. Sis,here we go again!

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft lies)
Chapter 7

The ladies sat down as Stella switched on the TV.
The TV station pla-yed a music video.
They both smiled and looked at each0ther.

It’s been so long!This was nichole best song when she was a little girl Vivian sm-irked.

Little girl? Oh plea-se…. Our 10 year age gap doesn’t mean I’m a little girl nichole laughed resting her hand on the cushion

You are not a little girl now… You are a full grown up! Stella said as she looked at her.

Nichole shyly rubbe-d her hand.

They all remember 20 years ago
🔙Flash back🔙

18 year old vivian and 17 year old Stella was seen discussing on the pavement of their [email protected] room.
They were both good friends despite being in different [email protected]
I think I’m pregnant Vivian said facing the floor.

Pregnant?you sure? Stella asked.

Why? You think I’m lying… It was positive!

So? What are you going to do about the baby? Stella asked curiously.

I will keep it if course, the father knows alre-ady… Even my parents and his parents too… We might get married! She smiled saying.

You mean Gideon? Girl! I’m so happy for you even though… It looks somehow Stella yelped like a little child.

Leave me alone! A tiny voice echoed.

So what are you going to do? Tell mum and dad? Give that n£¢klace now! A wicked voice followed.

Did you hear that? Stella asked.

Sure did! Vivian replied standing up.

Hey!? Where are you going to? Stella asked standing up walking up close to Vivian.

They both went to the place they heard the sound.

Seeing the two s£nior, the bully ran away from the little girl.

Are you alright? Vivian asked stretching her hand.

You! Are you alright? Stella asked pointing at Vivian’s stomach.

Vivian laughed as she pu-ll-ed the girl from the floor.

Thank you s£nior! The girl smiled as she bowed her head a little bit.

It’s alright they replied.

They both left but it seemed the girl kept following them.

Hey? Why are you following us? Stella asked surprised.

I’m scared, what if she tries to bully me again? And my name isn’t hey the girl said sadly.

Huh? What’s your name then? Stella asked looking at her.

I’m nichole the little girl smiled looking at them.

Oh… I see, Nichole I’m sorry but you can’t follow us, that’s my [email protected], if you need help….just come over and I will help you Stella said with a de-ep smile.

You are beautiful Nichole smiled at Stella.

Oh thank you blu-shed Stella.

Hey…. Oh… Sorry I mean nichole… How old are you? Vivian asked.

I’m 8 years old Nichole replied.

I’m 18 and she is 17…so I don’t see any reason why you should close to us Vivian said.

Nichole mood changed immediately. She looked sad.

Then….can you be my school mothers? She asked.

Vivian looked at Stella and laughed.

Only… If something magical happens Stella smiled.

Just then, a song pla-yed from a distance.

Nichole started singing along.

This is my favourite song! Nichole smiled.

Wow! It our favourite song too Stella said as she watched nichole sing.

Stella joined her as Vivian did too. They all enjoyed their singing and of course, they amazing voices.

I guess something magical happened smiled Vivian.

Oh well… Little nichole… You will be our little friend now! Deal? Stella asked

DEAL! Intention sge shouted.

Hey! Don’t shout Vivian and Stella said simultaneously.

It’s not hey…. I’m Nichole she smiled as they all laughed.

⏩Pres£nt day⏩

Ahh….vivian heavily breathed.
It was just like yesterday she added.

Stella nodded.

Nichole began to sing for music that was being pla-yed in the TV as the others sang along

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft lies)
Chapter 8

After the women discussed about lives, cracked some jokes and remembered their youth days, They heard their stomach growl.

Oops! We are hungry Vivian laughed.

Oh… Let me order for barbeque and beer Stella said

Nichole remembered last night and bit herl-ips,She wasn’t happy she didn’t eat the barbeque Marcel bought.

No, Let eat something else nichole ch!pped in.

Why? Stella asked.

I ate that yesterday night. My husband bought lots of them. I guess I’m probably tired of eating it now Nichole replied.

Oh… I see, Change of plans then Stella said.

Vivian went home and sat on the biggest cushion.
Her sons were there pla-ying games on their phone.

Ping! Michael phone sounded. He st©pped the game, swifted to mess£nger.

When he saw the message, he smiled.

Vivian noticed that and smiled. Are you seeing someone she asked not looking at him.

Michael turned to her and laughed.

No… I’m not he replied.

Who’s that then? The person that s£nt you that message you just smiled at? Vivian asked.

It’s Jimmy, he s£nt a funny GIF Michael said showing her.

Vivian nodded her head and looked at him.

Don’t you want to [email protected]£? Do you have someone in mind?

I do he replied.

Vivian eyes grew wi-de,She smiled.

Who? She asked.

It’s a secret.

Why? Okay… Just give me a hint then Vivian pleaded.

Okay…. She stays in our estate He replied.

Could it be victory… Stella’s daughter? Vivian asked.

Do you like her? Timothy, his junior brother asked.

No… But why do you care? Michael asked.

Huh? Uhmm… Never mind Timothy replied standing up.
He left them alone.

So… Who’s the lady? Vivian asked curiously.

I’m not telling you… I just want to win the lady first… But one last spoiler, She is older than me.

Vivian opened her mouth in shock.
What are do you mean? Are you crazy? You got to be kidding me! Vivian said as she left.

Michael shaker his head as he returned to his phone .


Stella stared at stiles as he messaged in mess£nger. He kept smiling as he messaged who ever he was messaging.

The worst thing was that it was very late, Yet he was still on the phone and goodness the sound of the notification was crazy.

Won’t you sleep alre-ady, This is 2am alre-ady Stella said.

Go to sleep,i will join you he said to her.

But the notification sounds are disturbing,I can’t sleep she replied.

He sighed,and quietly stood up. He left the room.


I’m back home! Marcel shouted as he entered.

He wasn’t surprised that no one wanted to welcome him.

He went to his wife and smiled.

I’m back he says to her.

She just nodded and didn’t bother to look at him.

Guess what? He asked.

Nichole glared at him.

No need, the provost alre-ady called me… She told me you cleared John fees, He will start college like the rest of his peers She said with an expressionless face.

Marcel rolled hisl-ips and looked at her.

Yh,i did… But aren’t you happy? You should congratulate me… You know right?

Why should I? That’s your job… I’m off to be-d she said as she stood up.

Oh… Your food is on the table she added leaving.

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 9

You promised you would follow us to his new college Vivian said to Gideon.

Next time darling Gideon said adjusting his Tie.

Next time… you know, Parents drop children in their first day of school.

So? Is a taboo not to go? Gideon asked.

I’m just saying it normal for parents to do so… its shows you love your family Vivian said.

Gideon looked at her.

Do you mean to say I don’t love my family, I alre-ady gave him money… that’s enough for him.

Money? Is money everything to you? You are always leaving the house early and coming very late just because you want a lot of money from your company.. Isn’t this too much? Vivian asked.

Shut up! He shouted with anger.

Wait… Did you just shout at me? Vivian asked.

Look, Vivian… Don’t let me get mad at you, Okay??! He said pointing at her face.

What happened to you… Money isn’t everything! Your family first She said with tears.

If I don’t make money, I will become like Marcel and I don’t want that!

Don’t drag Marcel into this!!

Why? Do you like him?!

Wait.. What? Are you nuts? Why would you say something like that?!

Gideon angrilly [email protected] her.
Vivian fell down immediately.

I warned you right! He said as he kicked her out of the way.
He went close to the door and sighed. Without facing back at his Wife, he said

You know why Marcel is a salary man right? He took his family first! Do you think Nichole is happy in her Marriage! As if? She isn’t… Her smiles are lies! He scoffed as he left.

Vivian sat on the ground holding her swollen face with her hands as tears flowed.

Come on! Victory… We will be late! Stella shouted.

I’m re-ady! She said running down the stair case.

What of your dad? Isn’t he re-ady? Stella asked.

He was ma-king a call Victory replied.

A call?About what?

How would I know? He was just laughing throu-ghout… Oh,He is here Victory yelled as she held her dad.

Let go! My wonderful daughter haa gotten into college! I’m so happy he smiled as they all entered the car.
Stella kept staring at stiles.

What’s going on? She sighed de-eply.

Have you seen my car Keys hunny? Marcel asked.

You call that trash a CAR? Nichole scoffed as she dried her hair with a white towel.

By the way, when will you buy the hair dryer? It’s been long you promised me that! I’m tired of using This! Nichole angrilly complained as she threw it to Marcel.

I told you I will get it soon He smiled as he went to keep the towel.

He saw the key in the place he wanted to keep the towel.
He smiled as he went to the sitting room.

Let’s go! I’ve found it He said with a smile.
John nodded as he left with them.

They entered the car.
Marcel started it but the engine knocked out.

Goodness! you didn’t check the car before you got us in! Nichole shouted as she opened the door.

John [email protected]£ out quietly.

Should we take a taxi? He asked.

Shut up! She replied.

Marcel…. Find out what’s wrong with this trash, And let leave now! We are late she added.

Marcel took his tools as he went to the engine.

Nichole sighted Vivian’s car and opened her eyes wi-de.

Goodness…. Hey Marcel! St©p working on that! John… Get in,Let pretend we are on our way! She said quietly.

But it was too late, Vivian met them.

Hey? Are you guys still here? She asked.

Nichole laughed. Well as you can see… The car was just working perfectly! Darling, What happened to it?Nichole sweetly asked.

Goodness you guys are late… Come in,Let me take you there… It’s still the same place we are off too Smiled Vivian.

Nichole smiled as she went in. She sat close to Vivian in the front seat while Marcel and John sat with Timothy and Michael.

What of your husband? Nichole asked.

Oh! Someone died in the village…. So he rushed there…It too bad that today is the day we need him most Vivian replied.

Anyways,it isn’t his fault Nichole said as Vivian nodded.

But what happened to your face, Doesn’t it hurt…. It’s kinda red Nichole asked staring at her face.

Oh…. Uhm….That! I fell from the sofa yesterday afternoon while having a little nap…. I took drugs though, I will be fine Vivian replied with a smile.

Hey john! Timothy greeted.

John looked at him without any expression and just nodded his head.

Aren’t you happy you are going to college? Timothy asked.

This is my happy face John said.

Timothy laughed.

So… John? Can we be friends? He asked.

Yes, Sure he replied.

Nichole looked at the mirror and met Michael staring at her.

He quic-kly re-moved his face.

Confused, Nichole shaked her head.


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