Pl@ymy heart Episode 1

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💕💕
🥀Episode 1🥀
“Don’t you get it Lola? It’s over. re-ad myl-ips. O-V-E-R.” I said with all finality.
“But…but…but…” She whimpered but I cut her off.
“Enough with the buts L. That was practically the only thing good about you.” I said aloud for all to hear in an attempt to further embarras-s her.
“Look L, I’m sure somewhere out there is the guy for you but it’s not me. So start looking for him and pray he’ll still want you after this goes viral. Catch ya…never!” I said sm-irking as I walked away, leaving the crowd that had gathered around us in awe and surprise.
I don’t blame them. Just a week ago, Lola had been “the girl who lit up my world” and just now, I’d broken up with and embarras-sed her in public. Then again, it’s just what I do.
The name’s Andre Simmons. I own one of the biggest construction firms in the world ma-king me one of the riche-st men in America and the world as a whole. To compliment my financial status, I’m handsome and happen to be very good with the ladies.
Women never cease to flock me and I never cease to take advantage of my God given talents and be-d whoever’s available. I pl@ywith said person until I tire of them and dispose of them publicly like you saw above.
Some call me a pla-yer, others a se-x machine, a babe magnet etcetera etcetera but I say it’s just me being me.
“What do you mean it’s over Cleo? You broke our k!ssto tell me it’s over… You’re joking right?” His voice showed how uncertain it, was ma-king it even more fun.
“No I’m not Chad. You heard me loud and clear Chad. It’s over between us.”
“But why? Why now?” His voice was alre-ady breaking.
“I don’t know Chad. I guess it just was never meant to be.” I said sadly, placing my hand over his.
“Shhh! No buts Chad. Take it like a man. Bye now.” I said standing up from the be-d.
“No Cleo. Wait!” He said pu-lling me back towards him by my hand. I landed on the be-d beside him.
“It’s not over yet Cleo. You can’t be hoping to turn me into another one of your achievements.”
I smiled innocently. “I have no idea what you’re talking about Chad… Would you mind getting off me? I have somewhere I nee-d to be right now.”
“You’re not going on anywhere.” He said menacingly, hovering above me.
“Are you sure about that?” I sm-irked, using my free hand to punch him in the face.
“Ah!” He screamed, rolling off me.
I rolled my eyes and stood up from the be-d, straightening my dress as I gr@bb£d my bag and headed to the door.
“But I love you Cleo.” I heard Chad say behind me in tears.
“Your loss buddy!” I said in reply before heading out the door, a sm-irk on my face.
“Hey babe. Where have you been?” My best friend, Kyla asked as I sli-pped into the booth she was seating in.
“Breaking up with Chad.” I replied like it meant nothing.
“Cleo! Why would you do that?”
“Meh! I guess I got tired.”
“You will never change, will you?”
“Nope.” I said popping the ‘p’ at the end.
“Chad was a nice guy you know.”
“Yeah right. The moron tried to f0rç£ me to stay, wanted to sleep with me by f0rç£ I guess… Had to punch him in the eye.”
“Oops! Wrong choice.”
“Mmhmm. Very wrong choice.” I said taking a hvge bite of her burger.
“Hey! That’s mine. Go get your own.” She said taking it back.
I smiled at her, waving a waiter over. One c@m£ over and took my order.
“You know Cleo, you’ll have to st©p all this very soon.”
I gro-an ed aloud. “Come on Kyla, not this again!”
“What? I’m just saying you can’t keep up your “pl@ygirl” lifestyle forever. You know one day, you’ll have to settle down and form a family with someone you…”
“Don’t say it.”
“Love.” She said smiling.
“And you said it!”
“I’m serious Cleo. Sooner or later, love will come and even your cold heart won’t be able to deny it.”
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever.”
My order c@m£ soon after and I ate while Kyla continued her lecture.
“Okay Ky, as much as I’d love to continue this lecture, I have to go. I have a meeting with Andre Simmons in a while.”
“Wait a minute, did you say Andre Simmons?”
“He’s h0t Cleo you know.”
“Yeah and?”
“Nothing really. Just don’t make another one of your catch. The guy’s h0t!”
“Whatever Ky. Bye.” I said hvgging her.
“We’re here Sir.” The driver said pu-lling up beside a hvge building.
I nodded and stepped out of the car into the building. There were a lot of murmurs as I walked by, mostly from the ladies but I paid no attention to them as I walked briskly towards the receptionist desk.
“Hello Mr. Simmons. It’s a plea-sure to meet you.” She said smiling flir-tatiously.
“Yeah. You too. Is Miss Reynolds in?”
“Yes Sir. She is. Should I esc-rt you?”
“No nee-d. Just give me directions and I’m good to go.”
“Oh!” She frowned. “Tenth floor. Third office on your left.”
“Thanks.” I headed towards the elevator, stepped in and punched the 10 key.
The doors closed and after a few seconds opened again. I stepped out and ended towards the third office on my left like the reception said. On the door was written “Cleona Reynolds. CEO. ”
I knocked on the door and went in after a “Come in”.
“Whoa” I had to exclaim once I stepped in. Seated behind a large mahogany table was a lady with long wavy black hair that seemed to shimmer, a face like that of an angel and small poutyl-ips. As for her figure, it was nothing short of outstanding.
I could see why and how she’d earned herself the name “California’s Pl@yGirl”. No man could resist a beauty like Cleona Reynolds.
“You can have your seat Mr. Simmons.” She said interrupting my chain of thoughts.
“Oh yeah.” I said doing as she said.
She smiled and said “Gimme a sec to review the files Mr. Simmons.”
“Just call me Andre.”
“Of course Mr. Simmons.”
I smiled. pla-ying ha-rd to get, are we?
She returned to checking the files in her hands. I kept my eyes on her.
“Nice view.” I said all of a sudden.
“Uh yeah. It’s a really nice view.” She said looking towards the large glas-s wall by her left.
“I wasn’t talking about that view. I was talking about you.”
She chuckled and dropped the files on the table.
“Are you flir-ting with me Mr. Simmons?”
“Do you want me to be flir-ting with you Miss Reynolds?” I replied sm-irking.
She chuckled again and pushed her chair backward as she rose to her feet and slowly walked towards me.
She sat on the table in front of me and observed me with a smile on her face before she began to bring her face towards mine.
“This was too easy.” I thought to myself smiling.
Then with our face inches ap@rt, she paused and said “Out of my office Mr. Simmons.”
“Wait what?!”
What are your thoughts on Cleona and Andre? What do you think will happen next?
Till then 💛
Love you guys 😘