Pl@ymy heart Episode 2

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 2🥀
“Are you flir-ting with me Mr. Simmons?”
“Do you want me to be flir-ting with you Miss Reynolds?” I replied sm-irking.
She chuckled again and pushed her chair backward as she rose to her feet and slowly walked towards me.
She sat on the table in front of me and observed me with a smile on her face before she began to bring her face towards mine.
“This was too easy.” I thought to myself smiling.
Then with our face inches ap@rt, she paused and said “Out of my office Mr. Simmons.”
“Wait what?!”
“You heard me right Mr. Simmons. I want you to get off your bu-tt and get the heck out of my office.”
“You’re joking right?” I asked, still unable to get over the idea that she was literally throwing me out of my office.
She stared at me for a few seconds before ending back to her seat and picking up the phone.
“Hello Security. Can you come up now and get someone out of my office?”
My jaw dropped at that moment. She was really throwing me out.
Deciding to avoid further embarras-sment, I got off my seat and walked out of her office, my mind still reeling from the b!ow she dealt me.
Who was that lady? No one, absolutely no one could resist my charm but she just did. She didn’t even look like she cared.
For the first time in my entire life, a lady refused me like I meant nothing. It hurts…my ego, that is.
I stepped out of the elevator and walked to the car, in a daze unable to think well.
“To the airport Sir?” The driver said turning the car around.
“No. Not yet. Take me back to the h0tel.” I said, my mind still abuzz.
I can’t believe she rejected me….
“You don’t mean it!” Kyla said amidst her laughter.
“Of course I do. You should have seen his face. It was like…” I did a face still to that of Andre’s face when I ordered him out of my office.
Kyla’s laughter increa-sed even more.
“I’m not really surprised though. No lady ever refuses Andre.” Ariadne, my other friend remarked.
“Well I’m no lady now, am I?”
Kyla snorted while Ariadne laughed.
“No kidding. Cheers to that.” Kyla said clinking our sh0t glas-ses together before downing her.
Ariadne and I did same.
“Waiter, bring us more sh0ts.” Kyla asked, her voice slurring.
“Maybe you should ease down on the alcohol for now Ky.”
“Why? I’m not drun!k.” She hiccu-mpped.
I rolled my eyes.
“That hiccu-p says otherwise Kyla.” I snorted.
“Whatever. I’m just so tired waiting for Scott.” She mumbled.
“Did someone mention my name?” I heard behind me all of a sudden.
“Scott!” Kyla exclaimed turning to hvg him only to head up falling into his arms, mumbling incoherently.
He glanced at Ariadne and I with a “What’s up with her?” look.
“drun!k.” I mouthed to him.
He nodded in un-derstanding as Kyla struggled to stand up right only to fall into his arms again. She was alre-ady dozing off by now. Scott lifted her into his arms and said “Bye ladies.”
“Bye Scott.” Ariadne and I said together before we returned to our drinks.
We pas-sed the time by chatting about our respective lives. It was fun to hang out with her like this since I’d been busy with Chad, the last couple of weeks. We always kept getting interrupted though by guys who either wanted to buy me a drink or have a dance. It was always a harsh NO from me.
I’d just s£nt the last guy away and turned to Ariadne again.
“Sorry about that Ari. You know how men are.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Yeah I know. Especially around you… You know you’re lucky though.”
“Lucky how?”
“You know, men are always attra-cted to you despite how much you hate them. You pl@ywith their feelings at will. I wish men were always as attra-cted to me as you are to them.”
“Come on Ari. Don’t talk like that. You’re pretty and you know it. Half the men in this club are drun!kand won’t even realize true beauty when they see it.”
She smiled. “Thanks Cleo.”
We resumed our discussion while drinking like there was no tomorrow.
“Hey beautiful.” I heard someone say beside me, interrupting our discussion again.
Wh!pping my head, I glared at the guy beside me.
“Beat it loser.” I said harshly.
He chuckled. “I actually wasn’t talking to you.”
“Wait you weren’t?”
“Yeah. I was talking to the lady beside you.”
“Wait me?” Ariadne asked, her voice indicating her disbelief.
“Yes you. Care to dance?”
“Uh sure.” She said thanking his hand as he led her to the dancefloor.
I smiled as I watched them leave to the dancefloor. That’s someone who actually has eyes.
I continued drinking still refusing offers from guys. Ariadne and the guy returned awhile later.
“c@m£ron offered to take me home. Will you be okay?”
“Of course. Go on. Have fun… Don’t forget to use protec-tion though.” I said with a wi-nk.
“Whatever Cleo. See you later.” Ariadne said walking away with c@m£ron.
I smiled, before returning back to my drink.
“Mind if I buy you a drink lady?”
I sighed before turning to look at the guy who spoke.
“No. I’d rather you leave me alone.”
The creep chuckled. “No nee-d to get feisty Missy.” He said, placing his hand on my arm.
“What are you…” I slurred, my head buzzing from the alcohol.
“The lady said you should leave.” A much dee-per voice said behind me.
I wh!pped my head to see the origin of the voice. I couldn’t see his face well but I knew who it was immediately.
“What’s it to you punk?”
“You’re the real punk around here. Now get away from here before I mess you up.”
“Why you little…” The creep beside me was saying, attempting to punch Andre but he dodged it and landed a good punch in his stomach and face.
“Okay okay I’m going.” He said scrambling away.
I took my eyes away from him and swiveled back to the bar.
“You’re welcome.” Andre remarked sarcastically, taking his seat beside me.
“No problem.” I replied nonchalantly, not even glancing at him.
“I was being sarcastic.”
“I know… Why are you here anyway? Are you stalking me?”
“Yeah you wish.” He scoffed.
“Then why are you here? To get humiliated again, no doubt.”
“Yeah, that’s very funny.”
“I wasn’t smiling now, was I?”
I downed my last drink and asked the waiter for bill for Ariadne, Kyla and I.
“Add it to mine. I’ll pay.” Andre said behind me.
I wanted to argue but I didn’t. I was too drun!kto anyway. Instead I gr@bb£d my bag and headed for the exit but I found it ha-rd to walk since I was very drun!k.
“Easy there, will you?” Andre said, pu-lling me to his side by my arm, just before I tumbled into another table.
“Let go of me.” I yelled, tearing away from his grip and heading towards the exit myself.
It wasn’t long before I felt my legs give way again and my b©dy fall to the floor only I didn’t land on the floor. I fell into someone’s arms instead with Andre’s eyes being the last thing I saw before going unconscious.
I woke up the morning with a monstrous hangover. I managed to sit up and get a layout of my surroundings.
One thing I realized though was that I wasn’t in my room. Question was, where was I?
My attention was quic-kly diverted to the figure beside me. He looked like… ANDRE!?
I realized something again. I was in my un-derwear un-der the blanket which meant that….
Holyfu-cking moly!
T B C 😜😜
What do you guys think? Did Andre really sleep with Cleo or is she just misun-derstanding the whole situation?