On the lioness tail episode 9

Episode 9.
After the second glance, she rolled her eyes disappointed.
“I know you? I thought it was something more when I saw the bushes moving… Maybe like strange animals. You are the Chief’s daughter. What in the gods name are you doing here by this time?
The baby in her hand began to whimper. She dropped the bundle on the ground filled with dry leaves.
“I was s£nt here to warn you. Desist from every form of evil and blood shed because soon your cu-p of wrong doing will be overfull…
The woman laughed it off.
She took another step closer to Kaya.
“In this village i do whatever plea-ses me. I have a higher authority. This strong Calibre of men will protect me if things goes wrong. Your father, the Chief can not do anything to me. What exactly will happen to me?? Why do you think you can come here and threaten me. Your father’s reign will soon be overshadowed by the man that we have been waiting for. Romo, Lord Mario’s son will take over soon and there’s nothing your father can do about it…is unfortunate he doesn’t have any male child to succeed him. Isn’t that sad for your entire family…
Kaya watched her talk but did nothing.
The woman continued talking.
Kaya later interrupted as she moved close to where the baby who has quiet down from crying lay.
As she looked into the weaved basket she said..
” Who’s baby is this? Where did you get the baby from?
Kaya asked angrily as she bent over to pick up the baby but the woman st©pped her.
“How and where I got the baby is none of your business. I’m here to carry out my as-signment and you are too little to st©p me. I know the day that your mother, lady Opa, gave birth to you. I was there…I and one older midwife foresee the delivery. Your mother laboured all night till morning. You gave her a tough time. Everyone thought you were going to be a man. Villagers stood outside delivery house, singing and dancing as they waited for your arrival but unfortunately you were cursed from birth. After the whole stress and sleepless nights that you gave not just your parents but others too, you c@m£ out as a baby girl. I was as angry as hell…I told your mother that let’s strangle you with the cord because of all the whole disappointing faces that will greet you when they hear that you are a girl. She refused…I gave another suggestion that they should switch you with the village town crier’s baby boy, his wife also gave birth same day but your stubborn mother refused. She held you very close as if you mean anything to anyone. You were just another baby girl who doesn’t count. Your sister is married, very soon you too will follow her steps. Rumor has it that you are seen in the wood, resting on trees or settling an unsolicited score in the village. You are lucky that you haven’t crossed me, I’m not an easy meat to chew. I would have bury your pretty face to the wall and see what your father will do. Mario is my backing and he has given authority to all his supporters, he asked them to do whatever they want…no harm will come to them. So on that note… I’m very free to do as I plea-se neither you nor your father can st©p me.
Kaya smiled and began to stretch her arm dramatically.
” I wonder why mother or any one never told me this interesting story concerning my birth. I applaud you greatly for such a nice tale… mainly how you wished to strangle me to death all because I wasn’t what the villagers wished for. I guess that’s what you c@m£ to do to this sweet innocent soul… mainly because she was also a disappointment to you and her foolish parent… either to her mother or father who allowed this. I didn’t get your name my Lady.?
” My name is lady Didi. Your parents probably didn’t tell you because they were afraid that it will make you sad but who cares. You are still useless as when you were born… your mother failed you. She refused to give me the privilege of putting an end to you. You are causing more problem to the villagers. Some actually applaud your br@very while others like myself condemns the stupid thing they called br@very. Is mainly foolishness for a girl child to be acting like a heroin… like a man. Only men deserves such honor. Quit all this nons-en-se before it lands you into serious problem. Anyway, I’m glad we had this conversation…now, let me finish up why I’m here, the night is covering up the surface.
Kaya g@sped out and said.
“Unfortunately… as much as I do not count in the world of men I’m still the female child who will beat a follow female for cruelly trying to dispose another female. Isn’t that ironic? Lady Didi I will flog you so long and ha-rd untill you plea for mercy…
Didi sighed and ignored her. As she bent over to pick up the baby who started crying again something strong and ha-rd hit her w@!st.
She quic-kly fell over and held her w@!st in pain.
Kaya didn’t leave, she hit her again with a stick and repeatedly untill Didi started screaming for help.
Kaya began to laugh sarcastically
“Oh…oh what was that? Are you in pain… do you nee-d help? I should leave you here like you c@m£ to do to this baby but I won’t, you know why? Because I’m the first of my kind. I’m the kind of lady you should never mess with. Pas-s this warning round and let those giving you a backbone beware because I will soon get to them. Pick up the baby, wra-p her up properly and Carry her like she is your only hope to life.
Didi try to protest but Kaya lifted the stick, threatening to hit her again.
“Her mother doesn’t want her. She alre-ady has a daughter and said her husband will be mad and may take another wife if he finds out that she gave birth to another girl. We have lied to the man that the baby didn’t survive after birth. His wife is enjoying his comfort as we speak. everything will change if I take her back…. I’m not doing this on my own accord, her mother approved of it. I’m only helping her save her face from shame.
Kaya looked at her angrily.
“Since you have alre-ady started with helping women save their faces from shame by disposing their female children, I think is time to take this”help” thing to a different level. My lady, you will help in training this baby girl since you as-sumed that her parents doesn’t want her. You will have to complete this whole helping plans by bringing up this child like yours. Carry the baby right now… and do it like she is the most valuable thing that you ever posses in your entire life. Do it now”
At Kaya’s command, Didi carried the baby up.
she stood and almost fell back as she held onto her knee.
“…Since you can’t carry the baby due to your almost broken knee, I will help you out by carrying this child to your house while you lead the way. I will keep a close check by showing up in your house surprisingly, when you never expected just to make sure the baby is doing fine. Mind you, if anything dares happen to her, you will have me and the gods to answer to. I will even expo-se your evil acts to the villagers after I must have given you enough dust to take as meal. Don’t worry over the baby’s supplies, I will be helping out with that.
Didi remain speechless as she lead the way.
After the encounter with Didi, Kaya began to keep a closer look on the villagers especially the female child.
She was able to save more children who were either about to be sold off or married off at a tender age.
She took some of the children to Didi to take care of with more supplies.
Kaya involved Lady Rigi and another woman who has no child of her own
She asked them to work with Didi in taking care of this children and they gladly accept.
Kaya continued to put the villagers in order.
Those who went against her were thor0ûghly dealt with.
She didn’t spare the men among them.
None could beat her down no matter how they tried.
Her news was flying round and even got to the chief of Zukumo, her father.
Her mother spoke to her one-day
“Kaya my daughter. You can’t be going round the village acting like a hero. Such title is befitting men. There have never been a female heroin that we know or can relate with. You are a woman not a man. Quit acting like a man and st©p all this rumour I’m hearing every where…
“Mama, I’m not doing this to receive an applaud from anyone or to be a heroine. I’m doing what many failed to do. I’m doing what is required of me. I’m doing this because I can’t watch evil go unpunished or a girl child mistreated. Zukumo failed it’s people in the past, which is why a female is not valued. The gods put it in my heart to save the girls from further trouble roaming around them…. and that is what I must do Mama. Nob©dy can talk me out of this….not even father.
Opa was trying to hold back her smile, she gave in to it as she watch her daughter spoke out boldly
“I…I must say I’m very proud of the woman you have become. Relentless, bold, strong, kind and having the favor of the gods. I pray the gods guide you at all time. I will give you more supplies to take to the girls camp that you started. You are doing great Kaya but be careful or your father will give your hand in marriage to a man more quic-ker than usual…
Chief Dre called his daughter to speak to her
“What do you think you’re doing Kaya? Because I’m a chief doesn’t give you the right to go round the village doing what is not required of you. It has been brou-ght to my attention that you are settling scores that doesn’t concern you and even has a girl’s camp. All of this your stories must have been caused by idleness… not having anything to engage yourself with. I’m still in search of a good man to marry you off so that by the time you start having children you won’t have any more time to waste…
He was still talking when Zain c@m£ and interrupt him.
“Her age mates are alre-ady in husband’s house. What is she still doing here… I thought by now you would have handed her over to a man for marriage. I hope the man that will marry her gives her a black eye because she is stubborn, stiff-n£¢ked, arrogant, disrespectful and the list goes on. Still seeing her here is begining to irritate me…I must confess.
Chief Dre turned to her and said.
“She is my daughter Zain. No Man dares t©uçh her or give her a black eye. Having said that… plea-se don’t get involve whenever I’m having a personal conversation with any of my daughters. Don’t interrupt me next time. I hate to be interrupted…
“But I’m your wife. What concerns you also concerns me. Since Kaya is giving the entire village trouble which you aren’t happy neither am I. is better we scold her together since her mother failed as a mother to bring her up properly…
Zain said while rollin her eyes at Kaya.
Dre cautioned Zain immediately.
“Don’t talk about Opa like that. She is a good mother and a good wife. She is your s£nior in everything….give her the respect that is deserving of her.
“I’m also your wife. And I feel hurt when you don’t applaud me like you do for opa. How can you even be scolding me in front of this spoilt br@t when you know I’m carrying a son for you. I’m pregnant with a son and you don’t feel the nee-d to mind what you say to me. I’m giving you a male child, what lady Opa failed to give you and the best you can do is to scold me instead of loving and supporting me at all times. I’m out of here…
She walked away leaving Dre and Kaya . Dre tried calling her but Zain ignored him.
Kaya also turned and was about going but her father’s voice halt her.
“Kaya… do you see how you are bringing problem between your step mother and I? She is pregnant and carrying a son… she confirmed that alre-ady. What your mother failed to give me, Zain is about to make it happen. All I require of you is to always make her happy until my son is finally born….
Kaya waited until her father was done talking before she took a bow and said.
“,…I didn’t want to say this before so that I don’t squash your little hope but let me tell you father. Lady Zain is not pregnant, she knew what will keep you gumed to her so she c@m£ up with this whole pregnancy thing with a male child. Few weeks from now she will claim that she suffered a miscarriage and will blame it on Mama. Father, you are a good man and will make a great Chief if you applied wisdom to your leadersh!p. You can’t make a great leader when you fail to rule well as a husband to your wives or father to your children. Your home is where leadersh!pstart from. helping to organize things in the village is what is required of you father…. I’m only as-sisting you. If you are not strong or careful your uncle will kick you out of the throne with just a snap of his f!nger. He’s gathering followers and poisoning their minds towards you. Father you nee-d to do more than having a large appetit for a male child. You have to rule well like your fathers did in the past. Your worries for a son distracts your leadersh!pand you are begining to fail even in the little things. But the gods has favored you by bringing me for such a time as this. You may not un-derstand all of this yet but eventually you will…. you will definitely un-derstand soon father.
Kaya turned and left him standing.
Few weeks later, Zain started carrying face for opa.
She doesn’t greet her or respond to her greeting
She complained to few people that she miscarried few months pregnancy that was supposed to be a boy.
Zain said it was Opa that made her lost her baby.
Dre was begining to see that everything Kaya said was coming true.
He started paying attention to her more than before.
Zain didn’t fail to paint Opa bad with any given opportunity.
She continued to cry about miscarrying her baby boy that supposed to be heir to the throne of Zukumo kingdom.