On the lioness tail episode 8

Episode 8.
Kaya sat with her grandfather after he s£nt for her.
She looked at him and smile as he said.
“Three times I had the same dream. The gods asked me to s£nd for you my br@ve granddaughter.
“You fought well Chief, it may not be so well but you were a good man and the gods blessed your reign. They are proud of you for the reasons that you never soiled your hands with evil…
Chief Pasi was quietly looking at his young granddaughter who has the ear of the gods. He never realized it untill recently.
Could the gods be pla-ying with everyone’s mind, confusing everyb©dy with her gender.
They have showed it to him in his dreams that she was wearing a crown.
Could it be possible a woman will ever….ever rule Zukumo.
“, I’m about to join my ancestors. They beckoned on me to return home and is just a matter of time I will be going. Zukumo nee-ds a strong and active leader. Your father will lead well, I can see that but not so well. He nee-ds a strong guardian, I see danger in his front. But most of all I see you my br@ve granddaughter conquering the enemies and people’s disbelief. I see you uniting kingdoms and fighting with the host of your ancestors who will always stand behind you. When I join them…I will be your watch. My worries is how possible did I not see it coming…our zeal for a male child blinded us. I didn’t see it untill now that I’m about to k!ssthe earth goodbye. Your father is still blinded with a quest for a male, he hasn’t seen or even re-ady to believe.
Kaya listened without interrupting.
…. there’s something else I called you in here for that I want you to know Kaya. Since you have been chos£n by the gods and I’m the only one that the gods revealed this to, I want you to be careful with your my brother Mario. He’s not the type of man that you can be flexing a muscle with. Mario is ruthless and very hungry for power. He won’t rest until you and your father is brou-ght down. Trade carefully with him. One more important thing is, Mario is… well, let’s leave it at that. I took an oat never to refer to him otherwise but to always see and take him as it was meant to be. I’m not going to break such oat. If the gods chose to reveal it then let them but if not is still their wishes and not mine. All I wanted you to know is that is going to be tough… this is a man’s world Kaya. Women aren’t valued… men overshadow them. No place for a woman to be counted. that is how tough it will be but you are favored by the gods. You have the strength of warriors, a heart so br@ve, a fearless mind a relentless spirit filled with light. Your feet and hands are stronger than that of bronze, even irons breaks off but yours will remain standing. Your way is straightened and directed by the gods… even though I still have worries but your spirit is too strong for any man to deter. When I’m gone, I will join the host of other ancestors and watch over you…I don’t know the plans of the gods for you. But all I see is that you are highly favored…if they choose you, who are mine to speak otherwise. One thing I’m happy about is that i had this conversation with you before my dep@rture. Another thing is by next week I will sit and watch your elder sister get married. It will be a good farewell to me. Zukumo people nee-ds you Kaya, plea-se don’t fail them. Your father nee-ds you too, he may not know it yet but with time it will be dawn on him. You have a load on your shoulder, it will weigh on you heavily but the gods has given you strength for the battle ahead…
Kaya listened to her grandfather speaking to her. All she did was to listen and node.
The day of Maya’s marriage c@m£.
As she sat for the final wedding ceremony with her husband, she looked from face to face wondering how her journey will be like.
She has fear, her mind wasn’t relaxed. She wondered what could be the problem.
Her husband is a fine young man who loves and adores her.
She also loves him despite it was a matched make relationsh!p, courtesy of her father.
Could it be because she was going to a far away kingdom, leaving her whole family and starting a new life with her husband.
Her mother has prepared her well for such a time. There was absolutely nothing to be worried about but yet she was worried.
She gazed at her grandmother Bambi, she was looking all worried and uncertain her eyes keep traveling to where Chief Pasi, her grandfather sat on his throne.
He had been ill for sometime now, but recovering little by little.
She look towards her father, he was sitting beside chief Pasi on a small throne while her mother and step mother sat beside him.
She looked at her mother, she was smiling, she flashed her a smile and she returned it.
Lady Zain, her step mother was looking all bored and tired, something was distracting her.
She has been upti-ght lately, the other day she was exchanging words with her father. Whatever the problem is nob©dy knows.
Maya g@sped out. Something was bothering her and it is not her parents or grandparents.
Ivan, her little sister was sitting with a very cheerful face.
Kaya! could it be her sister Kaya?
Kaya is always acting strange and saying strange things and it didn’t just start now it has always been ever since she was a little girl.
She was sitting beside a happy looking Ivan. Her face was uncertain. She was neither angry nor cheerful.
Kaya was looking at either her grandfather or father. Could she be seeing something that none of them sees.
Before a husband was introduced to her by her father, Kaya told her that soon she will be getting married to a certain man.
Kaya describe-d her husband perfectly to her but she laughed it off untill father c@m£ up with the news and told mother before her mother c@m£ to inform her.
Kaya has said to her a night before the dhaki exchanging of kolanut happened and that was about three weeks ago.
She has woken up and said that her first child will be a boy and so is her second only the last will be a daughter.
She has laughed out because since mother gave birth to girls she wasn’t certain if her own will be different but it was a very nice thing to hear that morning.
Kaya has said that her marriage will flourish and her husband will cherish her but later her husband will fall ill and she will be heartbroken when the sickness wors£n with days.
Kaya said is an enemy within her husband’s house that will curse such sickness.
The person will drop a charm for her but the gods will make her pas-s a different route.
The same person will drop for her first son but the gods protec-tion will overshadow the boy.
“… Maya, the same person after seeing the charm failed twice will double and drop the last one close to your kitchen, since the enemy knows that you are mostly the person that goes to the kitchen often but that day your husband will want to help you out in the kitchen and will step on the charm unknowingly and will fall seriously ill afterwards…
Maya flashed back to the day Kaya was saying it and scaring her.
“The reason for the charm is mainly jealousy, is because of the way the gods blessed you with sons, a loving home and a husband who adores you….
Maya tried to remember everything that she was told.
“….The person will wish you barren, the person will want you to be unhappy in your husband house but you will defy that orders and flourish. This person who smiles happily with you but hate you behind closed doors for no useful reason will result to dropping charm and when she drops it, the gods will shed your path and your husband will step on it. Do not be afraid he won’t die but it will be a trying time for the entire household. You may even be accused but don’t freight. Stay strong because your enemy is watching very closely. If after the sixth week and the sickness progress, urinate into a Calabash, carry it to where your husband lay, put a drop in his two ear holes, use a fowl feather and take the urine and rob on his decaying leg. Do it three times consecutively and he will bounce back to health. Don’t panic the gods are with you and I’m with you. Your enemy will be expo-sed. The same person seeing that you have invisible strong protec-tion from the gods will come to confess. Is now up to you to do whatever you wishes with your repented “friendly” enemy…
Kaya has said this things boldly to her.
Anytime she thinks of it she will be scared.
Like right now, maybe that is why she feels so bothered.
It was what Kaya said that was bothering her.
When Kaya told her, she has forbidden it all and try not to take her words serious but she was begining to notice that anytime Kaya says something it comes to past. It will certainly happen.
It could be a mere coincidence or she truly has the ears of the gods like grandmother Bambi has said.
Even her mother was begining to see that Kaya was a special child of the gods.
“She maybe bluffing. But Kaya ha-rd ly throw jokes. She was either in the wood, all by herself at home or with grandmother Bambi. I used to think she is a weirdo but I’m clearly seeing that she maybe more than what anyone could see…
Maya said within herself as she stared at Kaya.
She has prayed to the gods to cancel such evil prophecy from Kaya.
Her husband’s people are all nice and friendly who will want to hurt her?
Her mother inlaw is friendly and loving.
her sister in-law who her husband died and she was chased away by her husband people because she has only one daughter with no son is living in her father’s house.
Her sister in-law is very friendly, she even prepared a delicious meal during the period that she paid a visit to them.
Her sister in-law, Maran gave her a grand welcoming, not just because she was a princess from Zukumo kingdom but Maran is naturally friendly and a happy person.
Her father in-law is late and her husband is the only son with two sisters.
Maran’s second sister is in her husband’s house.
Her husband’s uncle and families lives as one according to Jumo, her husband.
Maya smiled as she thought of the loving home she will be going into.
“Nob©dy will want to hurt me. Kaya said is within my husband’s house but I can’t see how possible that will be. Everyone seems to be expecting me so that they can shower me with love. Kaya maybe bluffing this time or trying to scare me.
After the wedding was over, everyone wished her all the best.
She saw Kaya approaching her, and quic-kly went to her.
Maya spoke before Kaya could say anything.
“I thought of all you told me Kaya. Nob©dy in my husband’s house will ever want to hurt me. They all loves me! what you told me won’t be happening. Even if it was going to happen the gods has forbidden it alre-ady.
Kaya nodded and said.
“I just c@m£ to wish you the gods blessings in your home. Good luck Maya… because you will be nee-ding it. Keep your eyes down, don’t be in a haste to speak. St©p calling everyone your friend because not everyone who laughs with you is truly happy with you. May the gods favor you and protect your home at all time.
Kaya walks away leaving her sister as other people c@m£ to congratulate her.
Maya tries to forget what Kaya said as she waved goodbye to everyone and rode off with her husband.
After few weeks, Chief Pasi joined his ancestors. villagers went into mourning.
Dre was later crowned Chief.
His worries to get a son after him continued to taunt him.
Mario believed very soon Romo will be on the throne since Dre doesn’t have a son.
He was the happiest man alive.