On the lioness tail episode 7

Episode 7.
Opa moved uncomfortably on her chair as she watch Zain, her co wife feed her daughter who was alre-ady a year. She was ranting non st©p and all Opa could do was to listen.
“…He makes it seem is my fault. He doesn’t look at me or come to me as a husband supposed to. What exactly is my offense…as if the gods put a son in my wo-mb and I end up giving birth to a daughter.
“You don’t have to blame him, he’s going throu-gh so much right now. Give him time and he will come around.
Opa said, trying to calm her down. Zain snapped at her.
“I can’t believe that you will defend him. How will you defend his behavior? Is it because women aren’t valued or their feeling considered? My Lady, our husband is not the only one going throu-gh challenges. If he wants a son so badly then he should mould one himself. I just hope he isn’t thinking of marrying a third wife… because I hate to share my husband with another woman. If not that he is a Chief I wouldn’t have married him. When he told me that he has a wife back home and was only seeking for a woman to bear him a son. I almost said no to him but I have always wanted to be a wife to a Chief…it was that reason alone that made me accept. I thought the gods will favor me with a son so that I will be his favorite but they disappointed me. Sometimes, when I look at my daughter, Lili I start wishing for…
Opa felt she has heard enough of the whole talk.
She stood to leave.
“My lady, are you leaving alre-ady? Hope you didn’t take offense with anything I said? All I said is nothing but the truth and I hate to apologise whenever I’m right….
Opa interrupted her again before she could start another long talk.
“Lady Zain, no offense was taken. I nee-d to run ahead now. I only st©pped by to check how you and little Lili is doing. I’m glad you are coping throu-gh. Give Dre time, he may come around…
Zain was about to say something else but Opa was alre-ady at the door going out.
Opa decided to visit her mother inlaw.
As she got there, she saw her talking with Kaya.
Opa sat down after greeting her mother inlaw.
She listened to them without interrupting.
“… the day is near, I can smell it grandmother. The day were women will no longer be oppressed. I went round the village, did you know most women are unhappily married. You wouldn’t un-derstand what I’m talking about grandmother only the gods does. Since Mama is here, let me go and look for father. He has not been seen almost the whole day…
Bambi pat her shoulder gently.
Opa said to Kaya as she was about leaving
” I suggest you leave your father alone Kaya. Go and help Maya select the clothes she will wear for her dhaki exchange of kola night before the main wedding. Remember after your sister is married you are next. Try to stay home, spend time and learn things that will benefit you when you are married.
“Yes Mama”.
That’s all she cold say as she ran off.
“That granddaughter of mine seems to have the ear of the gods. Haven’t you notice that she isn’t like every other child? She told me the week that chief Pasi fell ill that so will happen and it was exactly as she said it. The villagers say she fights like a man and none have been able to beat her down. There’s something unique and special about her. Pay a close look at her and you may see what I’m talking about.
Opa knew that her mother inlaw was right.
She did not want to pay attention to Kaya’s strangeness. She was more worried about her husband who desperately wanted a son.
Kaya checked on her sister Maya before going in search of her father.
When she found him, she walked quietly, and stood behind his back.
He s-en-sed someb©dy was standing behind him and turned slowly.
Kaya smiled as he looked at her but he didn’t return the smile.
He was not in the mood for petty talks or smiles.
“Can I sit with you… plea-se? You nee-ded someb©dy to talk to…
He turned and stare at her surprised.
“,I nee-ded some b©dy to talk but not a girl… what kind of advice will you give me? You will only contribute to my worries. I’m better off alone. Beside…how did you know that I wanted to ba-re out my troubles with someb©dy? I never told anyone…
She didn’t reply. She stood waiting for his approval.
He turned again, looked at her and said.
“….Don’t you have better things to do, maybe helping your mother and sisters. I really want to be left alone…
She went straight and sat beside him on the log without him approving.
He turned and looked at her, breathed de-eply before returning his look to the trees.
She didn’t say anything. They both remained silent.
After sometime he spoke.
“I wish I know the mind of the gods… I wish I can see what the future holds. I wish I can undo somethings that I did in the past. Hmmmm! I wish the gods never count on my wrongs to punish me. The gods punishment got into my marrow. They hate me for reasons I don’t know. That is the only explanation why they refused to bless me with a son…
She didn’t say anything as she listened to her father talk. Pouring out his pain and demonstrating with his hand.
She later spoke.
“, Father, the gods has placed a heavy task on your shoulder. Get re-ady to rule this land. Remember, you have to leave all your worries aside and focus on more important thing… because in two months from now you will be on the throne. They are giving you time to get yourself together…
Dre stare at her…
” Your mother told me that you usually say alot of crazy things. I guess is because you spend more time running to the wood, swinging from tree to tree like a monkey… instead of helping out in the house. What is more important to having a son who will rule this land after me?
“,I hope you are not thinking of getting another wife? Father…the gods forbids it. They said you alre-ady have what you nee-d, you just have to open your eyes and embr@ce it. Father, you are blessed in disguise but your quest for an obvious blessings is blinding you”.
Kaya said boldly while staring at him.
Dre turned and looked at her before saying.
“Go back to your mother and leave me alone Kaya. You are not helping with my worries. Your sister is about to be married’ you have to stay close to her…
Kaya stood and left as she entered the royal hood, she saw Zain going towards the back house field.
“Have you seen my husband? I nee-d to see him urgently…
Kaya responded.
“Do you mean my father or there’s another husband?
“You are a very rude girl. I don’t care if he’s your father or not. You don’t really count neither does your sisters. Your sister is getting married soon, you will be next followed by the last. All of you will be gone and I will remain here with my husband. That is why you don’t count. Back to my question… did you see my dear husband?
Kaya breathed out before saying.
“He’s thinking of getting a third wife who will give him a son because you don’t really count after giving birth to a daughter. And don’t try to convince him to get you pregnant again because it will still be a girl.
Zain bec@m£ so angry.
“You are untrained child and your father is an ingrate. If he is truly thinking of getting a third wife then he is opening a can of worms in this family. I hate to share my husband with another woman. Sharing with your mother is still very annoying but I’m trying to cope with it. But I can never cope having a junior wife. where is he?…I nee-d to see him urgently.
Kaya did not bother telling her.
She walked pas-s her.
Zain cursed un-der her breath as she went about looking for Dre.