Omolara’s faith Episode 23

Omolara’s faith Episode 23
“talk to me doctor! What’s the hurry all about!”
Lara said with a frown.
“We have to hurry my dear, for your life! Your
mum still nee-ds you around her! We have to
make haste while there’s yet time” Olakija
“Omolara don’t be strong headed na! I can’t lose
two things o! I can’t lose my grand child and my
only child o! Follow the doctor’s advice.”
Lara shook her head rising to her feet.
“The baby has a father, the father nee-ds to give
his full conscience, Tony has to be here, else
nothing should t©uçh his baby!” she said in a
fierce whisper.
“young lady…your husbands pres£nce would only
wors£n the situation.” Olakija tried to hold her.
“I still demand to let Tony know! He doesn’t even
know I’m in a hospital right now!” Lara pushed
him away.
“What if I died in the process? Tony would never
forgive me! Besides its against my faith to kill! I
can’t kill my baby!” she turned to face her
Funke thought for a while, she exchanged some
looks with the doctor.
“Okay, call your husband to come now.”
Lara looked from her mother to Olakija, somehow
she felt her mother was up to something.
“Hello pumpkin” Tony said from the other end.
“Hello baby…” her voice bec@m£ shaky.
“Hello…. hello…hello? Honey are you alright?”
Tony sounded worried.
“Ye…no…yes! Tony plea-se…can…you come Anukpo specialist hospital now?
“Hospital? Lara are you okay? Tony said again.
“Just come, now plea-se!” Lara ended the call.
“Excuse me….” Tony walked into the room
“G’afnoon Doc.” Tony shook Olakija.
“Good day ma’am” he greeted his mother inlaw.
Lara hvgged him weeping profusely.
“Easy now baby…don’t cry..I’m here okay?” He
whispered as he rocked her.
“Doctor, what’s wrong? I mean..what going on?”
Tony asked the doctor.
“is it that serious? How bad is it?” he asked
again after Olakija explained the situation to him.
“The situation is worse!” Olakija sighed.
“Can’t we..I mean..don’t we have time to think
about it…I have to inform my parents..” Tony
was trying his best to be strong.
“Parents ke! Were your parent there when you
impregnated my daughter? Ehn?” Funke shouted
at him.
“you better allow the doctor do his work o! After
all you did to my daughter you still want her dead
abi? Nothing should happen to my daughter o”
“Hope you know your daughter is also my wife!”
Tony glared at her.
“See who is talking o!” Funke cl@pped.
“Let them do it…I don’t want to die.” Lara said
amidst tears.
“You won’t die…” Tony held her ti-ghtly.
“Errm..Doctor..I think we nee-d time to think
about this…” Tony turned to the doctor.
“Lets go home!” he helped Lara to her feet.
“There’s no time.” Olakija protested.
“There is always time!” Tony said as he led Lara
towards the door.
“Where are you taking my daughter to? Ehn?”
Funke tried to st©p them
“To a more reputable hospital! I won’t let some
quack and ill-experienced doctors use my wife as
a sample for experiment! Besides the hospital
itself is not fit!” he sh0t at her.
“Tony plea-se…” Lara began to plead.
“Lets go.” he said holding her hand.
Lara rested her head on Tony’s shoulder, she
was tired from crying. Her in-laws were both
there with her; sitting on a waiting chair.
The hospital was “reputable and standard” as
Tony puts it.
Amara shuffled to her feet as Doctor Myles
walked in.
“Sit down plea-se.” Myles smiled taking his seat.
Lara pursed herl-ips, she was fighting back tears,
she could hear Tony’s heart pondering
dangerously against his che-st.
“Well, it still beats my imagination..I mean..what
kinda doctor would opt for an ab-ortion just like
that?” Myles adjusted his glas-ses as peered at
some papers.
“ermm…so…doctor, what have found out?” Ifiora
said gently.
“Yes..yes, oh yes!” Myles smiled looking up at
“I’m glad to inform you all that there’s nothing
wrong with this pregnancy” his smile wi-de-ned.
“Did you check well? I mean…did…did You
conduct the test properly? You’re sure there isn’t
a mistake?” Tony intoned.
“All is well.” myles laughed.
“Both the baby and its mother are in perfect
“Oh my God!” Amara hvgged Lara affectionately
“Are very sure doctor?” Ifiora wouldn’t believe.
“Very very sure! You can go check in another
hospital to confirm the authencity.” Myles
“Come over here, baby…” Tony whispered as he
hvgged Lara.
He was relieved all was well.
He shut his eyes as he savoured her hvg. That
witch! He thought.
He was definitely going to deal with his mother
in-law. How could she be so wicked?!