Omolara’s faith Episode 22

Omolara’s faith Episode 22
Tony stole glances at Lara as they ate breakfast,
she seemed interested only in the choco she
drank, her toast was still intact.
“Madam, you are not eating…” he said without
looking up.
“anything wrong?” he asked again, since she kept
“What i’m thinking…does it matter?” Lara toyed
with her scambled eggs.
“It does, it matters to me…tell me.” Tony urged
“Do you have to go to work every morning?”
Tony smiled, he was expecting that.
“I stay at home-alone everyday, till you come
back by evening, and.. And…” Lara complained.
Tony laughed.
“You are laughing? If you laugh again, you won’t
go work today!” she pouted
“you see..that’s why I said you start following me
to the office, there’s a chair for you! You could
sit and gaze at me all day!” Tony said smiling.
“No thank you.” Lara laughed.
“you said you’d be going out today.” he stated
rather than asked.
“Yes, yes, I’d be going to see my mother, its been
long since I saw her.” Lara explained.
“aiit! But…be very careful.” Tony intoned picking
up his jacket.
“bye baby..” he gave her a pe-ck.
“bye…” she laughed.
“hehn! Omolara, so you remember me today.”
Funke said as her daughter flopped on a settee
beside her.
“Mummy, don’t start o! I’m too tired!”
“so you won’t even eat in my house, ehn?” Funke
gestured at the tray she placed on a stool.
“Mum, not like that! I don’t have appetite…” Lara
said slowly.
“hehen!” Funke cl@pped and looked her all over.
“you are looking so fresh! Enjoyment right?”
“Enjoyment ke! Mum I c@m£ to discuss
something serious o” Lara sat up.
“hmm, go on”
“Mum, I think there’s something wrong with my
b©dy, I’m becoming fairer, changes
everywhere…my bosom, my h!ps…my…mum you
won’t believe I now have a protuding ñ@v£l…”
Lara explained.
“Seriously mum, I’ve lost taste for food, even
Tony is becoming worried.” Lara concluded.
“Wonderful!” Funke said abs£ntmindedly.
“When last did you menstruate?”
“Errmm, I think Two months ago.” Lara informed
“Wow! How did you become pregnant? I thought
your husband was impo…”
“Mum plea-se! Lets not talk about Tony!” Lara
st©pped her.
“I have a doctor friend, we shall go and see him.”
Funke said giving her a searching look.
“I’ll call to tell him we’re coming.” Funke walked
into her room, to make a phone call.
Lara watched her closely, she wasn’t expecting
such kindness from her troublesome mother.
“Thank you Doctor.” Funke smiled as Olakija
walked into the office carrying some papers.
“Omolara right?”Olakija asked Lara who nodded.
“From our test, you are seven weeks pregnant.”
he informed her.
“Wow! Oh my God!” Lara jumped happily, hvgging
her mother.
“Thank you Almighty God! I’m so happy! Mum
I’m pregnant! You’l have a grandchild!” she shook
her mother excitedly.
“Oh my! I nee-d to call Tony…” her hands
scrambbled throu-gh her bag for her phone.
“Errm…there’s no nee-d for that.” Olakija said
“Oops! Its prohibited to make calls in your
hospital?” Lara quipped.
“No…its..its just that..that..there is a
complicative issue.” Olakija sighed.
Lara’s face dropped.
“The foetus is not formed properly…”
“Yekpa! My grandchild! Haaa!” Funke threw her
hands over her head.
Lara kept a straight face.
“I…I..don’t un-derstand…this..this..” she
“Well…” Olakija exhaled sharply
“For your safety, you nee-d to ab-ort it, else it
might get more complicated and ..worst of all,
cost you your life.”
Funke began to sob.
“what have I done to deserve this ehn? Can’t I
have a grandchild ehn? Awon Aje! Those witches
are responsible.”
“I…errm…doctor…let me go home, and inform
my husband.” Lara said quitely.
“Noo…we can’t let you go now! We have to do it
now, since your mother is here. We can call your
husband later. If we let the baby stay anylonger,
it might cost your life.” Olakija protested.
“Noo…” Lara began to say.
“omolara, I prefer your life to a million
grandchildren o! Doctor plea-se help us, if
possible re-move her wo-mb so that she won’t
have complicated issues again o!” Funke said
holding her daughter.
Lara s-en-sed trouble.
“but doctor…why the hurry? What if I’d not even
see you today.” her voice wavered