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Oceane episode 40

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
Melvin yanked Lovane’s hand off “… I don’t know” and shut his eyes.
Lovane sighed in frustration and got up “I’ll just wait till you die before leaving” she said and walked into her room.
The next morning, Melvin woke up and found himself lying on the floor in the leaving room. He tried getting up but his head was hurting.
“Am getting a migraine” Melvin said to himself as he pushed himself up. Dragged his feet up the stairs with his hand on his head.
“You’re awake” Lovane said when the met at the landing
“was I supposed to be dead?” Melvin asked rhetorically and proceeded to continue climbing the stairs
“you’re the last person I wasn’t dead” Lovane said
Melvin scoffed “I need to rest” and continued climbing
Lovane followed him behind “what do I prepare for breakfast?”
“you can’t cook”
Lovane rolled her eyes “but am trying to learn”
“is that a way to bribe me to give you the necklace?” Melvin paused and whirled around to face her
“am not trying to get the necklace” Lovane stated
“good for you Melvin turned and climbed up to his room. He took out his phone and placed a call to Kyle.
📲 Good morning Melvin
📱There’s nothing good about the morning
Kyle chuckled
📲 What’s wrong?
📱Is Océane a mermaid?
📲 Who told you that?
📱It’s true right? And you’ve been hiding it from me all these while
📲 Am sorry
📱Sorry? How could you Kyle?
📲 Am sorry. Lovane told you right?
📱Yes and she said she’s also a mermaid
📲 Yes
📱You knew?
📲 Bro and sorry
📱You’re not forgive. What do you plan on doing now that you’ve found Océane?
📲 Elope
📱You can’t just elope. What about Ninon?
📲 What about her?
📱Her father disowned her
📲 Well.. I don’t know what to say. You’re the mastermind
📱Anyway, let’s forget about her and talk about you and Océane. You can’t just elope
📲 My parents will find us soon and I don’t want that to happen
📱Where do you plan on going?
📲 I don’t know yet
📱Or you don’t want to tell me
📲 I really don’t know. I was planning to ask you
📱Alright then. Am hanging up now
📲 Wait! What about the necklace?
📱I’ll bring it to you
📲 Thanks. Goodbye
Melvin ended the call and kept his phone on the table. “So they’re really mermaids” he thought “weird!”
Océane was in the living room when Yasmine walked in.
“your dad wants to see you” Yasmine said sitting on a sofa
“what for?”
“I don’t know. You should see him”
Océane nodded and stood up to her feet “where is he?”
“In the yard, he’s wetting the plants”
Océane nodded again and walked out to the yard. She got to the yard and found Leo wetting the plants with his back to her. She stood for a while wondering how she responded going to sought his attention. Calling him dad was wayyyyyyyy too difficult.
“You should join me in wetting the plants” Leo said without turning. Guess he had noticed her presence.
Océane took a water can that was lying on the ground then filled it with water from the rain barrel.
“There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you” Leo said when Océane joined him
“what is it?”
“who’s Kyle to you? you didn’t mention him in your story”
“He’s the son of the family I work for. His details are really important that’s why I didn’t include them”
“But you both are in love”
Océane was silent before she said “I don’t know”
Leo smiled and tapped her shoulder “I want you to be happy but falling in love with a human should be the last thing you should do. I admit I was wrong but you can’t make the same mistake. What about the repercussions?”
“What repercussions?”
“you can’t make human babies unless you break the broke. You’ll keep making merbabies just like I did and you’ll get banished from Oceania just like I was. You won’t get to see your children grow”
“What’s it going to take to break the bond?”
“a lot that you can’t risk because of one man”
“Tell me”
Leo heaved a deep sigh and asked “do you really love him?”
“I think I do”
“you think?” Leo knitted his brows “you’re not even sure”
“I love him and…” Océane trailed off “I didn’t realize it until now and am sorry am making the same mistake you made”
“I understand how you feel as long as you’re happy”
“Tell me about the bond. No one ever mentioned it in Oceania”
“That’s because it’s forbidden for a merperson to break the bond”
“I want to know”
“Breaking the bond means separating you from the water. You become a full human and every memory about your life as a mermaid but she wiped”
“I won’t be a mermaid again?”
“You won’t be part of us.. you won’t be my child and I won’t be your father. There’ll be no more Oceania for you. But if you choose Oceania then every memory about your stay on land and Kyle would be wiped”
“is that the only way out?”
“That’s the only way you can be with a human unless you want to keep making merbabies”
“Kyle?!” Océane breathed out slowly
“what’s your decision?”
“I’ll have to think about it”
“Am making plans for us to return to Oceania. You have to decide fast”
Océane nodded in understanding then kept the watering can on the ground and walked out.
“Océane?!” Kyle called trailing behind Océane
“Kyle?!” Océane paused and whirled around to face Kyle
“I heard everything you discussed with your dad. Am very sorry”
Océane chuckled in pain “you don’t have to be sorry” she said and they walked into the living room
“what are you going to do now?” Kyle asked when they were sitting on a sofa
“I don’t know”
“I really love you Océane and I don’t think I can let you go” Kyle took her hand in his
“I don’t want to ever thinking of leaving but what about my father who has loved for 20 years without his family in pain and agony”
“what about us?”
“Kyle… ” she trailed off shaking her head “I don’t know what to do”
“I was thinking.. why not we elope?”
“Elope? That would break him the more”
“This isn’t going to be easy but isn’t there a way to make me a merman, then we could live together”
“I don’t think so” Océane’s eyes drifted to his neck and he wasn’t wearing the necklace “where’s the necklace?”
“Melvin is with it but it’s safe”
“Melvin? How did he get it?”
“Am sorry about that but I’ll get it back”
“my dad wants it”
“I’ll get it as soon as I can”
“you shouldn’t have taken it of”
“am sorry”
Océane sighed “our future depends on the necklace. I hope Lovane doesn’t get it first”
“she won’t” Kyle assured and there was an awkward silence as both stared at each other
“I wish you didn’t have to go” his voice fell to a whisper as he leaned forward
“Oceania is my home” Océane said in a whisper
Kyle held her head between finger and thumb and brought his lips down to hers “I want you to make a promise to me” he said softly brushing their lips
“what promise?”
“That you’re going to choose me and break the bond– promise me that”
Océane swallowed a sudden lump in her throat and looked away but Kyle turned her face to his again.
“promise me”
Océane held a firm stare with Kyle for a long while. She was caught between the devil and the blue sea and she didn’t know what choice to make. She couldn’t forsake her people neither could she leave Kyle.
“I understand” Kyle said into the silence and kisses her.
Leo walked in and saw them kissing but he didn’t stop them neither did he announced his presence. He watched them for a while and walked out unnoticed.
Kyle wrapped his arms protectively around Océane with her hands deep in the softness of his hair. He pushed her back on the sofa and spread her legs apart making them snake around his torso. They continued kissing as he carried her to the room Leo had given him to stay. As soon as his door was shut, Kyle placed her on the bed with him on her. He slid his hands between her legs, positioning fingers and thumbs and she shuddered.
“you’re untouched” Kyle said looking at her
Kyle chuckled and continued kissing her. He reached kisses down her neck and bite her softly there causing Océane to let out a soft moan “Kyle?!”
Kyle stoke his hand into her blouse and brought it out immediately as if he had been burned. He rolled off her and laid on the bed facing the ceiling.
“why did you stop?” Océane asked disappointedly
“am not going to defile you till you make your decision and we get married”
“we’re adults. There’s no big deal in talking about marriage”
Océane chuckled “it felt good” and rolled into his chest
“do you want us to continue?” he asked nibbling on her ear
Océane opened her mouth to talk when a knock came on the door. They kept mute and waited. for whoever it was. to knock again.
“Kyle?!” Yasmine called knocking on the door
“it’s Yasmine” Océane said
“I’ll go get it” Kyle got up from the bed and went for the door “Yasmine?!” he called when he opened the door
“is Océane in there?” Yasmine asked
Kyle looked into the room and Océane signalled him to tell Yasmine she was with him.
“I guess so” Kyle said turning back to Yasmine
“Hope I wasn’t intruding anything” Yasmine said and brushed pass Kyle into the room
“Yasmine?!” Océane called as she sat up on the bed
“Guess am an intruder” Yasmine said “your dad wants to be sure that the two of you aren’t locked in here together. Guess I wasn’t the only one who saw what happened in the living room”
Océane and Kyle exchanged glances “don’t tell him she was in here with me” Kyle said
“I know– you don’t have to remind me” Yasmine said and dragged Océane out of the bed “I have to steal her now”
Before Kyle could say Jack Robinson, they were out of the room.
Yasmine dragged Océane into their room and they sat on the bed.
“what were you both up to?”
Yasmine asked “Nothing”
“Then what took you so long to answer the door?”
“we wanted to be sure of who it was”
“Why? Guilty feelings h-uh?”
Océane laughed “we were just talking”
“about what?”
“The bond”
“What bond?”
“The bond between me and the water that prevents me from being with Kyle”
“Tell me more”
“There’s nothing much to say– all I have to do is choose between Kyle and Oceania. If I choose Oceania then there’ll be no Kyle and if I choose Kyle then there’ll be no Oceania”
“That means losing everything”
“Everything including my family”
“This isn’t easy but what’s the connection between the bond and you both kissing?”
Océane frowned “what do you mean?”
“you were talking about the bond and ended up kissing.. was it all about the bond?”
“you’re crazy” Océane laughed
“yeah I know! And am jealous. you both remind me of Nelson and I”
“am sorry”
“it’s no body’s fault”
“it’s difficult losing the one you love”
“Hey! Don’t tutor me, I know but I don’t want anyone to have pity on me”
“Now tell me what you going to do”
“Kyle thought of eloping”
“Eloping? you can’t just elope, that would mean cowardice”
“Am not agreeing to that”
“you better don’t”
“Then advice me”
“am not a love doctor, am a victim– a patient actually”
“so who’s the doctor here?”
“The one who has been kissing” Yasmine teased and tickles Océane’s sides
“stop it!” Océane guffawed but Yasmine didn’t stop.
Melvin searched his bathroom cabinet for the necklace. Kyle had called earlier to tell him to bring them necklace
Melvin found it where he had kept it and shoved it into his pant pocket. He walked out to the living room an found Lovane watching the television.
“I’ll be out” he informed but she said nothing and he walked out of the mansion.
Melvin walked to his garage. He got into his car and drove off to meet Kyle.
Melvin drive past The Hernández mansion and sighted Adele walking down the street carrying a duffel bag. He pulled his car to a stop beside her.
Adele turned to his direction and looked into the car “Melvin?”
“Where are you heading to? I could give you a lift” Melvin offered and alighted from his car
“am going to the train station”
“are you traveling?”
“yes. To Philippines”
“And you’re not going to return again?”
“For a short while. I need a vacation to calm my head”
“is it about Océane?”
Melvin took her duffle bag and kept in the backseat them helped her get into the passenger seat.
“I have a surprise for you” Melvin said when &e got into the driver’s seat. He turned on the ignition and drove off.
“Do you know the way back to Oceania?” Océane asked Leo when they were alone in the yard
“It’s in The Philippines”
“so when are we visiting?”
“we’ll take a train to Philippines the we can easily located Oceania”
“Are we going to return?”
Leo forced a smile “I know you care about the ham so we’re going to return while you decide and I also come up with a plan to get the people to forgive me”
“what if we don’t return alive?”
“we won’t let them see us. We’ll just spy on them, see what Coral turned the Merpeople into then return to land”
“That sounds easy”
“I hope it’s going to be that easy”
“There’s a…” Océane paused when they heard a car horn honk. They walked out to the front to see who it was.
Melvin parked his car before the apartment building and alighted.
Adele alighted immediately, looking as dejected as ever but immediately she saw Océane, her face brightened.
“Océane?!” Adele called and the two ran into a warm embrace. “where have you been?” Adele asked cupping Océane’s head in her palms
“I’ve been with him” Océane looked over her shoulder and pointed to Leo
“who is he?” Adele asked
“my father”
They walked closer to Leo and Adele gasped “Leo?!”
“Have we met before?” Leo asked looking closer if her could recognize her
“it’s really you”
“Elsa?” Leo gasped
“do you know each other?” that was Melvin
Adele felt tears trickle down her cheeks as she hugged Leo.
“She called you father” Adele said pulling from the hug “is she….”
“she’s out daughter” Leo said
“my baby” Adele hugged Océane in tears


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